15 TV Characters We Want Back on Grey's, SVU, Supergirl and More

TV Characters Returning

Paging Dr. Cristina Yang: Your presence is requested at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.

Last week’s Grey’s Anatomy was primarily a tribute to departing cast member Justin Chambers, but Alex’s exit also served as a painful reminder of all the other characters we’d love to see back in Seattle, including Sandra Oh’s Cristina, who officially scrubbed out six years ago.

And Meredith’s “person” is just one of many TV characters we’d bring back to their respective shows if we had the power to bend time and space to our collective will. To that end, we’re taking stock of current shows desperately in need of a reunion.

In addition to former BFFs like Cristina, our list also includes estranged love interests like Supergirl‘s Mon-El, retired partners like Law & Order: SVU‘s Elliot Stabler, and forgotten offspring like Mom‘s… wait, what were their names again?

(Quick disclaimer: In order to make our list, a character needs to feasibly be able to return. For example, there are countless favorites we’d gladly resurrect, but outside of supernatural shows, that’s simply not realistic.)

Browse our gallery of missed characters — you can click here for direct access — then drop a comment with your own picks below. Which M.I.A. favorites would you add to our list?