SVU Finale Diss: Does Stabler Deserve the Shade Benson Just Threw?

SVU Benson Stabler

Detective Elliot Stabler “resurfaced” Wednesday night in the Law & Order: SVU season finale, in an unexpected and arguably jarring way.

(Big spoiler ahead, for those who have yet to watch….)

At episode’s end, Detective Amaro (played by exiting cast member Danny Pino) revealed to Benson (Mariska Hargitay) that, having been a hot-headed magnet for inter-department controversy (and after barely dodging, but not, a bullet in a courthouse shootout), he has decided to resign from the NYPD and relocate to California, to “start over.”

As a shaken Benson processed the news, Amaro offered, “I know I wasn’t what your old partner was for you,” referring to Stabler, who exited the show at the close of Season 12 (when series vet Christopher Meloni famously parted ways with the NBC series).

“No, you weren’t…,” Benson responded — but in a good way, she proceeded to explain.

“I grew more in my last four years with you than I did in the 12 years that I was with him,” said Benson, who in recent years has risen in rank from Detective to Acting CO to Sergeant. “That relationship, whatever it was, didn’t allow for anything else. But with you, with your support, I have a family,” in wee son Noah (whose adoption is now super-official). “You helped me grow.”

Did Benson’s remembrance of her “limiting” (?) partnership with Stabler catch you off guard? Or do you see where she was coming from?

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  1. Sam says:

    All true comments. She’s now running her own squad and has a kid. For 12 seasons she was simply Detective Benson. Still, Stabler was awesome.

    • Brownin329 says:


      • mike says:

        Hell no they had a great partnership and she grew up then she still would have grown up even if he was still here elliot stabler was the best detective ever

    • cookie says:

      She’s looking real tired, and hard. I wish they would soften her looks up a bit. She Looks weathered, Like HER Skin Has taken IN Too Much sun.

      • Jen says:

        She is one of the most beautiful woman on TV. Full stop.

        • It is simply beautiful, talented and a great personality. Their success, unfortunately, bothers some. But that’s part of the trade. There will always be repressed and unhappy to try to reduce the victors.

        • Mary Utrup says:

          You may already know this, but she is the daughter of the late actress, Jayne Mansfield who was killed in a tragic accident when Mariska was just a child. Mariska represents what could have been a more credible career for her mother. Jayne was treated in much the same fashion as the late Marilyn Monroe. They were a couple of otherwise intelligent women who got caught up in the “throw away dumb blonde” persona of the mid 50-mid 60’s entertainment genre. Both Jayne and Marilyn paid a terrible price for having allowed themselves to be used that way.

      • I do not understand your comment. He flees totalmentre the issue raised in the blog. I know your intention is to decrease it, achieve it. For it is no use. Probably you are more a frustrated fan Meloni. And by the way: she is looking so bad that appeared this year in People magazine’s list of most beautiful people in the world without makeup. You better settle for her success. You will suffer less.

      • KarenJ says:

        she is a hardened detective who has seen everything for many years does she also have to have glowing skin and perhaps juverderm? I love her look, she looks real unlike most other shows where the people look like models. That is what makes her so gosh darned beautiful. Eliot Stabler dissed her by abruptly leaving without a how do you do. They were partners and close friends. Who does that? When he was there she did not even have a steady boyfriend! At least she lived with Cassidy for a season after. I think Liv felt sorry for herself with Stabler and her also grabbed all the limelight with his cop out of control crap. after he left she had to try for herself, no one to say “poor Liv” She could think clearly enough to realize she wanted a family too. That maybe it was time for her to be a chief instead of one of the Indians. It was time for her to be a woman who is a police officer instead a police officer who is a woman. I love the way we can analyze this like she was a real person because of all the years we got to know her. That is what makes a great show.

      • donnab40 says:

        Are you nuts? She’s a beautiful woman. Plus I think she looks more tired than hard. She is a new mother to a son & she’s in charge of a very busy short staffed unit.

    • sephyx says:

      She wasn’t in that situation because Of Cragen and Munch, whom were in positions she now occupies. She lucked into the kid, which is great but has nothing to do with Stabler. I really hate SVU’s attitude right now.

    • Marcia Hook says:

      amen and if stabler had of been there that dude that kidnapped her wouldn’t have made it out of that house!!!!!

    • I agree with others, the shot at Stabler “holding her back” or her “not growing” with him as her partner was a bitter way to show that they hate CM because he left the show and because SVU 2.0 isn’t as good as the first 12 seasons. If you don’t see that they are trying to recreate the old characters with new ones, you are absolutely blind.. I havent watched the last season but, i did see how they brought in a new character who has slicked back hair and talks about conspiracies just like Munch.. Really? Munch was better. Also, Amaro, all angry police detective who goes overboard, where have we seen that before? Hmm. Elliot! They are trying to make the new characters younger versions of the characters we fell in love with and it is not working.. They shouldve made the new characters their own instead of trying to recreate the magic the original cast had..

    • deb says:

      Please bring him back and them back together!

    • Kareem says:

      It has nothing to do with Stabler though. It has to do with Cragen retiring. Cragen even said in one episode since I am going to quit, the job for the leading position of the squad is available if you want to take it. She took the exam, did amazingly well. And that is how she got the role of leading her squad. If cragen did not retire, Cragen would’ve still lead the squad; regardless of stabler being there or not. Only thing I can agree with is Stabler being a mild tempered person, in which, I can’t deny that. But every detective got a set of problems. Not just Stabler. Its not fair, in my opinion. To pinpoint everything on Detective Stabler. Stabler does good deeds too that tends to get overlooked.

    • scotty says:

      Blame it on the writers, not the character.

      • samskara2012 says:

        I blame it on the producer of the show who is Mariska Hargitay. She could have had that whole dialogue struck from the script, but didn’t. Therefore it was not only shade at Stabler, but shade at Chris Meloni.

    • Eddie says:

      Um, none of it it true, it’s a TV show, it’s not real, these are actors not policemen and none of this stuff you see on screen actually happened. The read lines written by other people.

    • yeah while i liked stabler, he did kinda hold her back. when he left she became lead detective. i haven’t gotten to 16 yet i’m still catching up with season 15 but yeah .

  2. Mare says:

    Well, she’s right *shrugs* The evidence is right there in canon. I loved their partnership, but I think both had become too dependent in some ways. He moved away and she was able to grow.

    • prish says:

      If this had been real life, such a loose cannon of emotion (Stabler, my bud) would never have made it past the first year of probation. This is fantasy, folks, so just roll with it. As an aside: they are making her too harsh as a boss, in my opinion. My husband feels she was only too harsh, once, but she cares about her crew.

    • Anita Slack says:

      Agreed. They were more a couple than a partnership in a lot of ways, even though they never dated. And they made a point, in more than one episode, to show that the two of them would consistently put the welfare of the other above themselves, the rest of the team, and often the good of the case. They were a dynamic and interesting partnership to watch, but if it hadn’t broken up when it did it probably would have imploded. It was just too intense and co-dependent. I really wish they could have kept the series going the way it used to after Chris Meloni left, but the character dynamic never reached the level that it had before Eliot’s departure, especially not once they lost Munch and Cragen. The new characters just never quite fit as well as the old ones did.

  3. Tori says:

    But she has grown without Stabler. #AwkwardHeadlinesbyTVLine The SVU fandom is a bunch of cry babies that love to whine over everything.

  4. LeahD says:

    I could definitely see where she was coming from. I loved Liv &Elliott’s partnership, but walked out on her without a word. And he never looked back. Like those 12 yrs meant nothing. That hurts, a lot. Would definitely shade her perspective on their relationship.

    • I agree. I think that when she was with him there was this tension, this unspoken dimension that did not allow for her to have anything of her own because she was always wary of hurting him. It was like if she was waiting on him to decide whether they were in fact an item or not. It was obvious that she had feelings for him and did everything she could for him, even helping his wife deliver the baby. She was in a holding pattern. Without Stabler she was finally allowed to live for herself, to chase after what she wanted without fear of rejection.

    • sephyx says:

      Lame that on how the writers handled it , not to mention Hargitay was also considering leaving back then. Though I guess she saw the opportunity to take the lead for herself.

  5. Cassandra says:

    Oh please, this is just the writers being bitter (as usual) about the fact that SVU 1.0 was a vastly, vastly better show. Hey guys, sorry the previous writers were capable of making compelling, emotional drama without resorting to constant ridiculous soap opera plots. But just because you’re rightfully insecure doesn’t mean you have to badmouth SVU’s legacy all the time. While the consistent chemistry between the two leads smoothed out the occasionally spotty writing on SVU 1.0, even if Elliot had stayed, his presence wouldn’t be able to save this trainwreck.

    • justme says:

      Totally agree with you.

    • Vera DiBari says:

      There was no reason for her to dis Stabler. That was uncalled for. They had a wonderful relationship. He never held her down and in my opinion, I don’t see how Amaro helped her grow. He had his own issues

      • cookie says:

        Amaro had lots of issues, his sick wife, not getting enough nookie, the pressures of being absent from his kids lives. Liv and Elliot different story. I always got the feeling she was so in love with him. And even through their challenges she was always burning a torch for him. I’m glad he left, Chris Meloni is a very gifted actor. What was the name of the prison series he played on?? HBO? ?

      • Sheila Lee says:

        I agree…as a long fan of the LandO series,the special relationship between “liv” and “eliot”had so fancy facets and what she had with “amaro”was a good cope partnership,.so her “dishing”her former partner only showed me there were things unsaid by her like she couldn’t take their relationship to a level she wanted because he was married and loved his family..its called jealousy…..

    • Vera DiBari says:

      I agree with you 100 %. This show is no where near the old SVU shows. I’ve watched all my life, all the law n Order shows. My fav, of course, was SVU. After all these years, I’m sorry to say that I barely watch the show anymore. It’s become uninteresting

    • Let’s get something straight. NBC has been cutting the Payroll and the Budget on this show for the last 4 seasons. When you keep cutting the legs out from under your best show, it won’t be the same as when you were spending real money on it. I don’t know if Chris Meloni would have stayed when they changed show runners. There seems to be a real problem between Warren Leight and Chris. I don’t know how it started or why, but there is a major problem. it doesn’t help that Warren Leight has written or been in on the writing of most of the episodes. This is a Warren Leight, Dick Wolf and mostly NBC train wreck. Remember that Chris Meloni was making $400,000 per episode when he decided to LEAVE the show. Kelli Giddish, Danny Pino, Raul Esparza and Peter Scanavino TOGETHER don’t make $400,000 per episode, and all 4 of them were only in 8 or 9 episodes at the same time this season. That’s says something.

    • Jake says:

      This show has been a soap opera since after the first few seasons, it’s never been as clean a cops and lawyers show as the others in the series.

    • Jeri says:

      I think it came down to money, they were offered less and/or no raise. They were going to stand firm for a raise, then Mariska saw the writing on the wall. L&O cancelled, she caved, took the offer, Chris held firm & quit or got let go. I like the show better now, was tired of Stablers bad attitude toward everyone & everything on the show.

      • Hannah says:

        Agree. Also, Stabler was violent and arrogant, I grew bored of it, I actually like the show better since season 14. Before then it was %95 case and %5 character. In other words there was barely any character or character development. We’ve learnt more about Rollins, Amaro and even Carisi in 3/ 1 season(s) than we learnt about the Captain and Munch in 12, and probably the same as we did about Stabler over 12 seasons.

    • prish says:

      My husband is watching all the reruns, since he missed the original episodes due to job schedules. So, I’m seeing something of every year, just walking by and doing the family thing. This series has always been over the top with camp, imho. Obviously, lots of viewers love camp. I always thought IceT did a brilliant job, and I told my husband he should check out the series. (IceT and Munch)

    • connorbehan says:

      Exactly. Gone are the days of SVU having well researched stories. The only way I’m watching another episode is if it’s written by Neal Baer.

    • Maria F. says:

      I wholeheartedly agree with you. The show has gone down in the quality of its writing. There was really no reason to have that whole dialogue reference Stabler. Amaro and Benson could have easily had a touching moment about the last four years without bringing Stabler (whose name apparently couldn’t be mentioned) into it. If anything, the reference to him took away from the Amaro-Benson dynamic. Bad writing. Very bad writing.

  6. Marcie says:

    I don’t think it was a dis , I think she was explaining how there relationship was to her . No room to grow because they were so entwined in one another . Not necessarily a bad thing at the time . Just now she is in a partnership that lends itself to growing and expanding

    • LLR says:

      I agree!

    • Mike says:

      I think you hit the nail on the head! You comment sums things up perfectly.

    • cookie says:

      If Stabler had the opportunity to promote he would have let Benson in the dust. He never prevented her from advancing, she did that to herself. She got a partner she was comfortable with and that is where she liked it. She was in love Elliott and never wanted a new partner.

    • prish says:

      She was talking about how she grew with Amaro as a partner. She was giving him comfort. He was in a hospital bed.

  7. McGee says:

    Yes, agree has grown and changed, but I did think it was worded a tad awkwardly, like “oh that….” And can they not say “Stabler” for some reason? Lol.

  8. Amanda says:

    Dumb broad. She was nothing without Stabler. Her head is just getting bigger and bigger. Won’t be watching this show anymore. Danny Pino was the only reason I watched.

  9. S says:

    I think was an example of poor writing. When Stabler left, Benson was forced to change, to grow. It presented an opportunity that brought her to new experiences. I think the choice of words were not the best.

    And let’s acknowledge that in real life, these two actors have a good relationship. Mariska Hargitay is godmother to Christopher Meloni’s daughter.

    • connorbehan says:

      Yeah. I wonder if the scene from “Inconcievable” occurred to the writers.
      Olivia: I’m single, working long hours and I don’t have an extended family. They said I wasn’t prime parent material.
      Elliot: Well they’re wrong.

  10. Stabler wasn’t the one holding her back, she was. There were times when Olivia could have gone onto bigger and better things like working with the FBI but SHE is the one that kept coming back to Stabler and SVU.

  11. alisa says:

    I loved stabker,but he took shots at her at when they were supposed to be partners. They were great when they weren’t arguing.

  12. Doreen chiapparelli says:

    It did catch me off guard but was totally true.Olivia had the job now she has had relationships and now a son.

  13. Danielle says:

    I saw where she was coming from but I didn’t like that the statement was presented in a negative way. When Chris meloni was on, it was his show- he was the star- and now it’s hers. I love them both but anyway, again, I didn’t like that it came off as an insult — but I do get it.

    • Lizo says:

      Hahahaha it was never his show; maybe season 1. But Mariska made it hers and she’s become an icon and leader for women and victims. She’s a badass. Benson is a badass. It’s her show.

      • Hannah says:

        Exactly! Wasn’t Benson voted Americas favourite female character or something? Stabler had a short/ violent fuse, plus he was pretty arrogant to any new female ADA … he was a lot worse in season 12 though, I get the feeling the writers were writing towards his departure because Stabler’s character became a little too far fetched, I mean I wasn’t surprised that he essentially got fired.

  14. sd says:

    ungrateful beach

  15. Angelina says:

    Congrats Danny Pino on leaving this awful show! You were amazing in Cold Case and you deserve to play a great character that is not a mere carbon copy of another! As for the shade – shame on all of the people involved! Wow this show has really gone down the drain. Please NBC just end it! Put it out of its misery. We all know anyway that Empire is gonna kill it in the fall, so just do the right thing and END IT.

  16. Look, I love Elliot; and what Olivia says is true she grown up more, but is not like Elliot was stopping her, I mean she went to FBI and do a lot of other things, and also she could take the sergeant exam before, so I don’t thing is Elliot fault … in the last four year things changed and so did she, it has nothing to do with the partner… but I think she is still mad because Stabler never said goodbye, and she has right to.
    I just hope this open the door for his way back to SVU, I miss him, I miss them together a lot!

  17. Jay says:

    I don’t think it’s shade. Sometimes you need to step away from the people you’re closest to in order to really grow. Ask anyone who’s moved away to college, moved town, etc.

  18. powerturtle90sdudemon says:

    The show was STAGNANT after 12 seasons of Stabler and Benson. The minute Rollins and Amaro came aboard things were dynamic again. Olivia was completely in the right to say it.

  19. Larc says:

    When a crime had been committed, Stabler thought everybody he saw who could by any stretch be the perp was guilty and treated them as if they were. He too often wasn’t altogether reasonable. Benson usually seemed to be more logical in her approach. That could have been one angle she was thinking of.

  20. Rayne says:

    I think she may not have “grown” in the same way with Elliot, but lets be real, he basically taught her everything she knew and that is the reason she’s in her current position…did him leaving allow her the room to figure out her personal life and adopt a son, sure, but I definitely don’t think that was about Amaro as a person, it was about a lack of Elliot and the accompanying Stabler drama.

  21. You posted a poll question where the answer could have meant either thing. You asked an either/or question and then gave only yes and no as the possible answers. Yes I was surprised and yes I could see where she was coming from; or yes I was suprised and no I couldn’t see…; no I wasn’t surprised and yes I could see…; no I wasn’t surprised and no I couldn’t see…

  22. Robby says:

    As for the Benson/Stabler partnership/friendship, Chrissy Hynd put it best when she said, “it’s a thin line between love and hate”.

  23. Marlowe28 says:

    It was always about Eliot’s temper and machismo. I would have kicked him out of the squad years before he left on his own. Amaro had the same characteristics as Eliot but Liv had time and experience on him in the squad and she didn’t let him push her around. That’s why his character never fit in. He couldn’t be subordinate to a woman.

  24. prish says:

    The husband watched the scene and said, “Awww”. So, it was an ok scene. I couldn’t buy into it, myself, since that would never have happened in real life, but tv is fantasy, right?

  25. Kelsey R. says:

    let’s face it: everyone loved Stabler. I mean look at him. Yes Olivia has grown a lot on the show but it is not nearly the same without Captain or Elliot. I lost interest a long time ago. I liked it way better when each episode was individual with no ties to the week before. I would much rather watch re-runs than the newer seasons.

    • prish says:

      Funny you said that…my husband was never able to watch the show because of work schedules. So he has been catching up on 15+ years of reruns. He misses Stabler, but with reruns he’s never gone, right?

    • Michelle says:

      I agree. I don’t like the tie in episodes from the week before.

  26. ludi66 says:

    Olivia became Olivia thanks to the duo Stabler-Benson. A bit less of arrogance Olivia…YOU alone are not law and order SVU…. And by the way we still miss Cragen, Dr Warner, Dr Huang and of course darling Munch. But bringing back Stabler is a good start. Although I like Danny Pino I never felt that he ever really fit in.

    • JEREMY says:

      Now might be a good time to have Alex Cabot (Stephanie March) swing by the squad and pay a visit to her old homegirl Liv, just for a few episodes.

      You know,to catch up on what’s been happening and talk about the Good Old Days.
      Looks like Liv could use that right now.


      I want to hear some feedback from you fans on this.


  27. liv says:

    What a low rent, low class thing for the writers (who’ve had a personal vendetta against Meloni since they started) to throw in just to bash him. They had no reason to even mention Stabler in comparison to Nick and did it just to insult CM’s fans, like they have been every day for 4 years on twitter.

    • prish says:

      I’ve never known writers to have such power. I hope that is not true. “What goes around, comes around.” for real.

    • justme says:

      Agreed. It makes me so sad to see the way they treat Chris & the Stabler character on social media. The fact that Hargitay agreed to say that in the show (and also the other digs at Stabler throughout the season) she has lost the little respect I still had for her.

      • brownin329 says:

        You all are taking this statement way too personally when she didn’t throw “shade” at all.

      • Miranda says:

        How is ‘throwing shade’ on a character seen as a diss on Chris Meloni the actor too? They’re not the same person! And the writers above all would realize that. ‘Dissing’ Stabler would be criticizing their own writing because the character was their creation.

        • liv says:

          These writers came after Meloni left, and have dissed him and his character and his fans nonstop on twitter since they took over the show.

          • prish says:

            The only real diss is being ignored. To get the attention of prime-time writers sounds like waking up in fan heaven. There must be a lot of respect, there, to get their feedback.

  28. Pat Jilge says:

    Benson did not intentionally throw shade on Stable, it was part of her character. It does not take a rocket scientist to recognize that while Benson, Amaro and Finn were amazing actors, without Cragen, Stabler and Munch, they were not enough to carry the show even with Chicago PD’s assistance. Amaro and Benson never clicked, or not, as Stabler and Benson did, as Munch and Finn did. Benson didn’t run things as Cragen did, she was too emotional and controlling. The blond? Why in the world did they ever add her to the cast? She’s had several flops and a soap flop! And the last Law and Order ends but with the original three actors, Finn, Amaro, and Benson it would have remained an awesome show. And of course that great ADA!

    • ludi66 says:

      You are right. Stabler and Bensen, just worked. Too many changes is never good for a TV show.

      • JEREMY says:

        Example: CSI since Lawrence Fishburne left.

        More changes than a chameleon.

        Now it’s been canceled by CBS.

        L & O : SVU will be on the chopping block by next Christmas.

    • prish says:

      The husband says the blond is all right. He hopes she gets a handle on her alcohol problem.

  29. cece says:

    I prolly won’t watch anymore since the old crew has left don’t like the new crew not the same goodbye cutie pie Amaro Danny Pink u will b missed

  30. Miranda says:

    Well what she said wasn’t untrue. We shouldn’t confuse Elliot and Stabler’s intense chemistry with a healthy relationship. They were stuck in limbo for a looong time. Stabler kept making questionable decisions because he cared, Benson kept covering up for him because she cared just as much and has the biggest heart in the world. It was a co-dependency, they loved each other but ultimately they weren’t good for one another.

    • Grace says:

      You took the words right out of my mouth. Stabler and Benson were so codependent with each other and even though I loved watching them together I was kind of glad Stabler left. If they weren’t going to be together romantically then it was just going to get more awkward th an it already was. But I have watched the show in at least 3 seasons.

    • Miranda says:

      Sorry, I obviously meant *Benson* and Stabler!

  31. justme says:

    It didn’t need to be said. They seemed to have spent a lot of time bad mouthing the character this season. Just leave it.

  32. Jennifer says:

    She was correct, with Stabler it was all about him, his wife and his kids. He never allowed Olivia to grow as her own person or as a dectective and she was always in his shadow. When he left she was able to come into her own and now look at her, she is a Mom, running her own squad and handles herself just fine with the big boys.

    • Angela says:

      Cause you know he forced her not to grow, right. She made her own choices and had chances to do other things and didn’t take them. That’s on HER

  33. Jeri says:

    I agree with her. Stabler was so bitter about life, he was never happy and did not even treat his family well. I was tired of his miserable disposition for so many years. Don’t know if it was him or the character, both I think. It’s nice to see that SVU can have lives outside of the dept.

    • sandy says:

      but you know he would of killed olivia’s kidnapper “Lewis”. Thats how much he cared for her. He was a bit of a hot head and thats why we loved Stabbler.

  34. gins says:

    Stabler made the show He brought the excitement she could have still got a family sometimes directors don’t leave well enough alone

  35. JEF says:

    This used to be one of my favorite shows but it has not been the same since Chris Meloni left and many members of the new cast are just mediocre. I enjoy the reruns more than I do the current episodes. Olivia should have made changes in her life over the course of 16 years and I don’t think this diss was necessary.

  36. Aagam says:

    I haven’t faithfully watched SVU since Stabler left. Hasn’t been nearly as good for me to watch.

  37. kim says:

    Benson and Stabler were a truly great team but I do think that the closeness kept both of them from moving forward because that would mean their relationship would change.

  38. John Scott says:

    Really people? Benson and Stabler had a deep-seeded romantic feelings. As long as you hang around with someone you dated or even want to be involved with and can’t, your life stays stagnant and you stay the same. Look at your own lives. You are more likely to change because of platonic relationships than when there is some underlying feelings with someone. And besides that, working with an angry white guy made her see the light and move away from another angry white guy that would have left her stuck in her rut. If you aren’t bright enough to understand, and judging by the comments, most of you stay in your own dysfunctional enabling relationships, it’s no wonder you are entrenched in television that isn’t real. If nothing changes, nothing changes. At least Mariska is still hireable, unlike Meloni. Angry white guy OZ, angry white guy SVU, bit parts in a few movies and a not funny cancelled comedy. When real life imitates art or vice versa.

  39. donna Huffer says:

    I have not watched the show but a couple of times Benson started as top dog.I did not like her and I have watched the show for years and now watching re-runs.With the captain ,Munch and Elliot gone the show lost a lot.Mareska made the show all about her.Weather it comes back or not I think she did a disservice to the show.IceTea and Pinto. Hope to see them again on something else. I constanly watch re-runs of all the old shows and remember all the stars and love every minute of them.I hope they keep the show on but it has to be better than this one with Mariska.

  40. Shoe says:

    I don’t think of it as an insult. I think it’s more about Olivia recognizing that her relationship/partnership with Stabler was too important to her. I miss Elliott but I feel like her character would not have evolved or grown if he would have stayed on the force.

  41. Bradster says:

    I was a little stunned until I remembered how much shade SVU always threw at Meloni. He could even save the show now. Bringing him back would be awesome

  42. Ellen S. says:

    all the previous cast, Benson, Stabler,Munch, IceTea ,Alex, the coroner and the chief werew perfect.

    this cast is ok, but Benson is not doing good, she is to hard nose, The partnership with Stabler was perfect. She came across more softer and exiting, this team now are great actors, but who ever changed the format screw up. I don’t believe that a new series could hold the show togetter for long. So many shows think, when a show is doing well, they have to bring in new faces and change the format. I have started to watch other shows. What a shame. I used to been crazy about this one.

  43. sheilafuller says:

    Yes in a way she was right cause they went threw a lot a of things in there partner ship but her and nick have been there for each threw out everything so I understand why she said what she said so it’s all good!!!

  44. na says:

    No she grew because the job opened up when the captain left and she took it stabbler or no stabbler if cap would have stayed she would still be detective Benson amaro is even a bigger hot head than stabbler smh these writers took shots via a story line at chris (stabbler) and used a friend to do it

  45. First of all, the writers wrote what she said, not her. Could she have refused to say it? That’s a good question. I’m betting she could have. I’m thinking that she thought what she said was a real compliment to Danny Pino because the show has mostly been about HER since Chris Meloni left, and her character has grown and changed a lot. Seasons 9-12 it was mostly the Chris Meloni show. I think that what I’ve been saying all season is correct. Danny was only paid for the episodes he appeared in(he missed 6-8 episodes) and I think NBC made him a ridiculously atrocious offer for a new contract. His contract ended this season. NBC continues to show us why they are probably the WORST TV network when it comes to professionalism. Thank you for everything Danny Pino. You will be missed.

    • prish says:

      No, the actress could NOT have refused to say the lines. Are you nuts? It’s always “yes” with a big smile, if you want to continue in the profession.

      • Megan L. says:

        LOL clearly you’re not on Twitter. Leight worships her. Literally. I’m betting she has a LOT of power.

  46. LA Hope says:

    I think that she was fairly correct, and I really didn’t mind the fact that with Elliot things rarely changed for her, but now, I think the show has been very interesting undergoing the cast changes – I’m curious whether they’ll replace Nick or just keep the cast as it is!

  47. krystina shumway says:

    I beleieve most people voted no bc of the simple fact they loved the relationship between Benson and stabler. If you look st the big picture. The stament is true. But not in a bad way. Benson wad happy with stabld but didn’t wanna lose him as a partner and saw what happen with him and his family. I believe she didn’t want that to happen to her and she lrobaly felt a bog deal of it was her part. I mean Kathy always brought oliva into her and ellitos relationship. So i feel like olivia didn’t want Elliot to feel it wad his fault.

  48. Kathie heckathorne says:

    I quit watching after Stabler left. He needs to come back!

  49. scotlore says:

    I liked Stabler a lot, but as his partner she was all about him and his family. With Amaro there was more balance. Partnered with Amaro she was allowed to grow and establish her own family and was still able to help Amaro too.

  50. JJ says:

    In away I agree she grew more in the last 4years as in the 12 years before. But when I watch old epsiodes I’m always surprised how good they were written, how “funny” they were with each other and how good the chemestry have been between Craigen, Fin, Munch, Stabler and Benson. All of them were so good together. I think since they all left they try to find new actors who can act up to Marsika Hargitay and it doesn’t work out. To me Nick was always a little very annoying brother to Olivia. And look at all the guys they have now in as a potential partner for Olivia and not one of them seems to fit. I think they write stuff like that cause they regrett that they did not kill Elliot and four years later all the fans cry for his comeback.

    • Oh my goodness!I cannot believe the amount of annoyance this one statement by Benson had made!I had to come back sooner because I was asked once again by reviewers to further clarify my thoughts on the issue.Before I start,let me be clear that my comments are not meant to insult or criticize anybody’s intelligence,this is only MY opinions,thank you.I already made comments on here about the whole situation,what I did not point out in the first instance was that the MAIN reason this has escalated,would be at the hands of the head honchos of the show.Mr Leight claimed the viewers MISINTERPRETED what Benson said,even if this was true,he had to know that the second half of the statement would cause a firestorm of anger among the fans,he knew the insinuation was there to cause this conflict,knowing that some of them are still salty about the way Stabler left and the whole Benson/Stabler more than partners issue.I see this move on the writers/producers part as motive to keep viewers on their toes! As a reviewer so eloquently put it and I quote” The previous writers were capable of making compelling emotional drama without resorting to constant ridiculous soap opera plots”.She went on to say that while the CONSISTENT chemistry between Benson and Stabler smooth out the occasional spotty writing,even if Elliot had stayed,his presence wouldn’t have been able to save this train wreck!I agree with her one hundred percent there.I felt the statement Benson made was WORDED wrong,YES she had grown more with Stabler’s character gone,BUT I think that this attributed to what the writers have ALLOWED and decided to place Olivia through.There is NO WAY William Lewis story line would have happened if Stabler were there because we know Elliot would not have tolerated situations like this when it came to Olivia,it was not his character,he don’t play that!Lewis would have NEVER gotten his hands on Benson.I don’t think Olivia would have become sergeant while partnered with Stabler,I felt she was CONTENTED just being his partner.So yes she has grown but it is because SHE HAD TOO!Stabler wasn’t there and she had too LEARN NOT TO LEAN ON HIM any longer.In turn,his absence gave her courage to make decisions not only about the future of her career,but the future in her personal life,end result,she became CO and a mom.There was a mutual co-dependence between Benson/Stabler,I think Elliot just hid it better than she did.Olivia’s statement on the finale made it seemed like Stabler held her back as OPPOSED to HER holding HERSELF back because of how she felt about him,and that’s what the REAL problem was,end of story!Mr Leight COULD NOT very well write a story line with Olivia blatantly saying.”Oh by the way Nick you were nothing like my partner because I never had romantic feelings for you,and this is why it was easier to work with you,move on,and make decisions in my personal life to have a family and become sergeant!” That right there is EXACTLY what Benson was telling Nick especially in the second half of the statement she made.All I am saying here in a nut shell,all the above mentioned in my opinion and millions of others is true,that is a FACT,the reality is that it was not logical at the time for CERTAIN situations to occur between Benson/Stabler,at least by the writers way of thinking,keeping in mind that Neal Baer once mentioned in an interview that they were concerned that the viewers would lose interest or stop watching SVU if they got what they wanted to happened between Elliot and Olivia!Hence the present direction they have decided to take the show.The funny thing is that millions still want Stabler to return,so this says a lot about the fantastic roll he played along side Olivia Benson for twelve years,so please DO NOT sell him short!Nick did a pretty good job as well,and I am glad he was not killed off,maybe we will get to see him again like Munch and the Captain,who knows?!So what now?All I want is the REAL SVU/Court cases/more emphasis placed on the victims to return,and to move on from this circus that this show has now become.Thank you all for your thoughts,take care PEACE OUT!BENSON AND STABLER WILL ALWAYS BE FOREVER.AMEN!