The Masked Singer: Tantalizing Clues About Fox, Penguin, Flower and More


Here’s a thorny quandry: The identity of The Masked Singer‘s Flower can’t really be that easy to guess… can it?

After Wednesday’s episode, we’re thisclose to certain we know which legendary vocalist is underneath all those purple petals. And we’re feeling pretty good about that hunch, but really shaky about almost all the others.

The hour pitted Eagle against Flower and Fox against Penguin, with the two birds winding up in the smackdown round. Penguin won that one with an in-your-face performance of Fifth Harmony’s “Work It” — she did, indeed, work it — which left Eagle as the lone competitor on stage when it was time for the unmasking. The big bird removed his mask to reveal that he was Dr. Drew Pinsky, host of series like Loveline and Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew. (Read a full recap of the episode here, and hear Pinsky diagnose Penguin here.)

Now, it’s guessin’ time once more. We’ve updated the gallery at right with information from this week’s show, as well as with our (and some of your) thoughts about who’s hiding behind the feathers and foam. We’ll continue to refresh the gallery as the weeks pass, so make sure to make your thoughts known in the comment section!

So click on the gallery above — or go to it directly here — and let the theorizing begin!

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