Who Is the TV Actor You Insist You Would 'Watch in Anything'? (And Have You Ever Regretted That Choice?)

Favorite TV Actors

There are two levels of fandom: those who have a favorite actor, and those who will follow said actor to to the ends of the Earth. Or to a sitcom where they star opposite a CGI’d imaginary friend.

How far have you ever gone to check in on a favorite’s latest TV folly?

Many times, a TVLine casting scoop will be met by a smattering, sometimes a chorus, of readers declaring, “I’d watch them in anything!” In recent months alone, such support has been shown for the likes of Sarah Michelle Gellar, Katrina Law (“I guess I need to catch up on Hawaii Five-0!”), Walton Goggins, Stephen Amell (upon booking his Arrow follow-up), Lauren Graham (she was one of the Gilmore Girls, FYI), Patricia Heaton, Showtime-bound Lena Headey, Oded Fehr and Allison Tolman (now the star of ABC’s Emergence), among others.

People do have their limits, however. As one Joel McHale fan admitted in April, “I love him, but not enough to watch anything as lame as Card Sharks.” (Editor’s Note: Card Sharks is and shall always be aces.)

For which TV stars are you “ride or die”? And have you ever regretted it? Meaning, name the actor(s) you claim you will “watch in anything,” but offer an example of when you did just that, maybe with disappointing results.