Did Succession Feel a Bit Dreamy? Did Elementary Give You a Scare? Did Pose Beach Day Delight? And More TV Qs!


We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including GLOW, Succession, Suits and Elementary!

1 | Given Netflix’s penchant for snuffing shows after three seasons, were you surprised GLOW ended Season 3 with such a somber, depressing cliffhanger?

Instinct2 | Did you almost prefer Instinct‘s Lizzie as a short-haired brunette?

3 | Why did the cast of Riverdale record a “Sorry we couldn’t be there in person!” acceptance video for the Teen Choice Awards… when KJ Apa was very much in attendance?

4 | Show of hands, Succession watchers: Who thought the opening minutes of the Season 2 premiere was a dream/fantasy sequence? Did anyone suspect the summer house’s mystery stink was teeing up a murder mystery? And were you as, if not more, happy for shrewd and savvy Shiv than she was to get the big news?

5 | Will the next teaser for AppleTV+’s The Morning Show actually show the actors, but not have them talking?

American Ninja Warrior - Season 116 | Should American Ninja Warrior, like, disclose how many tries the course tester needed to successfully complete a new obstacle such as the ridiculous “Angry Birds 2”? (And if the answer is, say, “more than 20,” maybe seriously reconsider the new obstacle?)

7 | To quote many a TVLine reader: Is Season 3 of The Crown really not giving Olivia Colman blue eyes to match the actual Queen Elizabeth II as well as series predecessor Claire Foy? And based on that split-second Season 3 clip alone, should we just hand Colman the 2020 Emmy for Lead Actress in a Drama now?

The Detour8 | If The Detour‘s Nate was truly serious (and worried!) about his rooftop jump, wouldn’t he have at least taken off the heavy fur coat and clunky mukluks?

9 | How nice was it to see Pose‘s ladies cut loose and enjoy a nice day at the beach for once — and to see Blanca get a long-overdue love interest?

10 | On Younger, does Liza’s Infinitely 21 campaign (on the left) remind anyone else of the #TeamJosh ad (right) from a few seasons ago?

11 | Now that Strahan & Sara‘s Sara Haines is back from maternity leave, does the midday talker feel a bit less cozy with now three cohosts?

12 | Were you surprised Suits featured so many references to Survivor, a show that airs on a competing network?

13 | Climate change, amirite?

14 | When insurance pitchman Ken Jeong alludes to the “award-winning comedy” he was on, did you Google to see what awards Community ever claimed?

15 | Is the “Mac(kenzie) Book reviews the Surface” commercial not quite as clever as it thinks it is?

BH9021016 | Did BH90210‘s Jason receive his infertility news from his orthopedist?? And is a cinched community service vest the most Donna Martin thing the show has given us thus far?

17 | Did you fall for Elementary‘s funeral fake-out?

18 | On Spin the Wheel, would you have kept it together 1/10th as much as Angela did when she lost her $1.22 million??

19 | The Anna Torv-Michael Cerveris scene in Mindhunter’s Season 2 premiere is probably the closest thing we’ll ever get to an actual Fringe revival, right?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other Qs you care to share!

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