Whiskey Cavalier 'Fully and Finally' Cancelled at ABC, Showrunner Says

whiskey-cavalier-renewed-cancelled-abc no season 2

Sorry, Whiskey Cavalier fans, but your hopes for one more mission have been dashed: Despite reports of a possible reversal by ABC, the network has passed on un-cancelling the freshman spy dramedy, according to showrunner David Hemingson. (An ABC source has since confirmed to TVLine that the show will not return.)

Hemingson broke the bad news on Twitter, saying Whiskey is “fully and finally” cancelled and thanking fans for their support:

Whiskey Cavalier starred Scott Foley as an FBI agent and Lauren Cohan as a CIA operative who bickered and bantered as they led a team of spies on a series of missions to save the world. After debuting in February with a special post-Oscars premiere, it was cancelled by ABC earlier this month and aired its series finale this week, capping its total run at 13 episodes.

The show proved to have a very loyal fan base, though. As we noted in our annual “Cancellation ‘Fun’ Facts” feature, TVLine’s original post about the series’ demise drew nearly 456 comments. The show also battled it out for the top spot in our recently concluded Un-Cancellation Mega Poll, finishing second among 25 deceased series, behind only Fox’s Star. That fan support led to buzz that ABC was reconsidering its cancellation, which the network confirmed, saying they were “taking another quick look at the feasibility of renewing the show.” But those efforts apparently fell short.

That might not be the end of Whiskey‘s story, though: After the series finale ended on a cliffhanger, executive producer Bill Lawrence assured fans that if the show did not find a new home, he would reveal to fans what would’ve happened in a potential Season 2.

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