Whiskey Cavalier Finale Leaves Fans Between Prague and a Hard Place — But Is Closure (and a Kiss) Coming?

Whiskey Cavalier Recap Finale

Whiskey Cavalier wrapped its one-and-done ABC run by having Will, Frankie et al doing their arch enemy’s bidding, all whilst processing a colleague’s betrayal. Did Ollerman wind up having the last, villainous laugh?

After nearly nabbing Ollerman by setting him up for a bogus transaction with Paul, the team retreated to the speakeasy . There, they found themselves under fire by a kindly pair of tourists toting automatic weapons. Thanks to quick thinking by both Paul (pouncing on one shooter from the balcony above) and Jai (grabbing an antique shotgun kept behind the bar), they fended off the hitpeople and slipped inside a safe room — only to find Ollerman’s mole, Tina, training her gun on them!

When Ollerman arrived on the scene, he tasked his adversaries with traveling to a global economic summit in Prague to steal the laptop belonging to the Russian finance minister, Roman Kirlov. As incentive for their begrudging compliance, he injected Ray with nanosomethings that, if activated by a remote trigger, would coagulate the blood in his brain (or something insidious like that). And to prove he meant business, he activated nanosomethings that had been implanted in Paul during his recent emergency dentist visit, killing him.

With Susan posing as a Spanish diplomat (with Tina and Ray as her bodyguards), and Will and Frankie as a new crew, the team got into the summit. Susan and Frankie created a diversion while Ray, sneaking into security’s X-ray station, swapped the finance minister’s case with a dupe. Later, Ray went to free Frankie and Susan from where they’d been locked up, but Tina claimed the case and locked them all up in the anteroom. Tina then went to execute the actual mission — by executing Kirlov.

Luckily, the team foresaw this wrinkle. As Tina entered the room where Kirlov and other bigwigs had gathered, one chair spun and around and it was Standish, brandishing a pistol — which he promptly used to properly “dump” his girlfriend. Frankie (revealing her reporter’s mic to be a cattle prod), Susan, Will and Ray, meanwhile, beat up arriving guards. Jai then delivered to Ray a collar that reduced the activated, potentially fatal nanothings into just excruciating pain.

Ollerman pulling that trigger also allowed Jai to track his location; shortly thereafter, Frankie and Will got the drop on the Big Bad, who was operating from the Žižkov Television Tower. Ollerman refused to not end his story on his own terms, so he leaned backwards through a shot-out window, seemingly to the ground below.

The next morning, Frankie found Will at a lookout they had passed by the day before, where he was enjoying the view “without a gun” for once. Picking up on a theme of fate, Will suggested it had to mean something that they both found themselves at that spot, at the same time. Frankie hedged, but did find herself drawn to the trdelník he was eating. Sharing in the amazing-smelling, tasty pastry, she suggested that Will knew she would show up there. “No. But I hoped,” he responded. The mood turned warm, and their faces inched closer together, when….

Cut to nighttime in New York City, where Standish is leaving Will a voicemail about Tina being Emma’s killer. No sooner does he share that intel does Ollerman emerge from the shadows to chide the lad for killing his girlfriend … before stabbing him.

Quite the series-ending cliffhangers! But at least there is this: If one of the cancelled shows TVLine readers most want saved does NOT find a new home, EP Bill Lawrence promises this:

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