Which of These 25 Cancelled Shows Most Deserves to Be Saved? VOTE!

Save Cancelled TV Shows

To quote that beloved space serial starring Jason Nesmith and Gwen DeMarco: Never give up, never surrender!

With Upfronts Week wrapped, the fate has been decided for nearly every in-season, scripted broadcast series (save for NBC’s midseason fare, which the network purposely chose not to rule on just yet). All told, more than two dozen shows met their maker over the past six months, including a few summertime stragglers.

Previously, we invited you to weigh in on the 14 shows that got the axe during that most brutal of days, the Friday before Upfronts. But now that we have a more final body count — and seeing all the sad pleas made in Comments for Netflix or Hulu or Amazon or CBS All Access or CompuServe to save this or save that — it’s time to plainly ask:

Which cancelled show most deserves that rare “save”?

There is no guarantee whatsoever that anyone will ride to a cancelled show’s rescue this year. That said, we will note that Lucifer wasn’t plucked from the ashes until mid-June of last year, while Designated Survivor‘s salvation came even later. In other words, there is always a chance, so now is the time to let your voice be heard.

NOTE: Anything that was “renewed for a final season” at this time last year is not included in this poll, since, let’s face it, the fat lady has sung.

Poll closed Thursday, May 23 at 11am ET.

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