Game of Thrones Episode 3 Photos: The Bloody Battle of Winterfell Begins

Game of Thrones Photos Season 8 Episode 3 Battle of Winterfell

If the army of the dead were on the march toward our location, we’d make like a direwolf and ghost. But the brave/crazy folk of Game of Thrones are hunkering down for a terrible attack in these new photos from this Sunday’s episode (HBO, 9/8c).

In the shots, which HBO released Wednesday, we see Daenerys, Jon and their compatriots in the North as the Night King’s army begins to lay siege to Winterfell. And while the pictures don’t lend us any clue as to who makes it through the fight and who winds up an undead freezer treat, we can glean this much: It’s going to be one harrowing episode.

The previously released trailer for the upcoming installment had already primed us for a powder keg of an episode, given the tension that builds throughout until Daenerys warns, “The dead are already here,” and Brienne cries, “Stand your ground!” to her soldiers.

After last week’s heartwarming hour, in which Jaime finally made Brienne a knight and Gendry made Arya’s final (?) night, we’re most worried about the newest ser and the bastard blacksmith — though as this show has proven since Season 1, anyone can go at anytime. (And perhaps no one understands that better than Grey Worm, Jacob Anderson tells us.)

Click on the gallery at right to see the photos for yourself, then hit the comments with your odds for who’ll come through the Battle of Winterfell alive and intact!

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