Where Is The Crown? Mary Kills People? Transparent? Degrassi? Humans? Get the Latest Word on 24 'Missing' Shows

Renewed Cancelled Shows Transparent Crown

Is your favorite TV show in limbo? Or perhaps it’s been renewed, but last aired ages ago? TVLine’s here to help alleviate some confusion. 

In this #PeakTV era, it’s no longer expected that every series release a new season year in and year out. Many of them — especially those on cable or streaming services — have the “benefit” of prolonged hiatuses. (Larry David, for instance, is notorious for taking extended breaks between seasons of Curb Your Enthusiasm. And need we remind you how long it has been since the last new Game of Thrones?!?)

Other shows, meanwhile, are delayed due to unforeseen circumstances, including behind-the-scenes controversy or an unavoidable schedule change. Then there are those that have been quietly “taken to a farm upstate” (aka cancelled).

This TVLine gallery provides the status of two dozen “missing” shows, including critical darlings (such as The Crown and Transparent), binge-worthy gems (Degrassi and Search Party) and basic-cable faves (Mary Kills People and Humans).

Peruse the attached slideshow (click here for direct access) and then hit the comments and tell us which TV series you’re impatiently waiting for. And if your favorite “forgotten” show isn’t featured, be sure to check out our Broadcast, Cable and Streaming Renewal Scorecards, or email InsideLine@tvline.com to issue a BOLO.