How Did This Is Us Not Smell Booze? Was Shameless Exit Low-Key? How Will Fuller House Evict Aunt? And More Qs

This Is Us Kevin Vodka

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including The Passage, This Is Us, The Flash and Empire!

1 | Why did Hawaii Five-0 bring on Joan Collins as Rachel’s mom for an episode in which Rachel herself did not appear? Also, if someone handed you a syringe and epinephrine, would you know how much might be too much to give someone? (Because Adam apparently knew!)

Shameless Recap2 | Was Shameless‘ farewell to Fiona quietly emotional or surprisingly low-key?

3 | Why would Supergirl conspicuously feature Kelex 2.0 in one episode, only to a week later have the AI be MIA when someone sneaks into the Fortress of Solitude?

4 | Are too many World of Dance auditioners simply groups of dancers all doing the same moves in formation?

5 | How loudly did you groan when Good Girls‘ Beth realized she forgot to remove a bullet from the clip to “prove” her kill?

6 | Since The Walking Dead (and, for that matter, Fear the Walking Dead) previously established that being smeared in smelly walker guts was what prevented the zombies from sniffing out the living, why are mere masks preventing the Whisperers from being detected and eaten right and left?

7 | What was more surprising about the Buddy vs. Duff premiere: That the Cake Boss had a pull-the-producer-aside hissy fit in the series’ very first episode… or how boring the proceedings were up to that point?

The Bachelor UnREAL8 | To those in the Bachelor/UnREAL Venn diagram overlap, wasn’t the producer who comforted a sobbing Colton a dead ringer for Shiri Appleby’s Rachel — from behind, anyway? And wasn’t host Chris Harrison’s constant harping about Colton’s virginity more than a little creepy?

9 | On The Passage, shouldn’t there have been two-step verification (or something!) on the catastrophic Elizabeth Protocol?

10 | Is there a Voice viewer alive who needs the additional cutaways to Carson Daly stating the obvious? That was “some sincere pitching from Blake [Shelton],” for instance — er, duh!

11 | Even theoretically and using any amount of “shmience,” how might Arrow‘s Felicity be able to scan a city to track someone’s DNA? (“His DNA is there right now….”) Also, is the SCPD paying Team Arrow, or at least Oliver and Felicity (who currently have no other sources of income, yet somehow have money to fix up the bunker)?

12 | The instant that The Flash‘s Cecile conspicuously removed herself from the surgery area, did you fear Cicada had a trick up his sleeve that the writers didn’t want her around to mind-read?

13 | If This Is Us‘ Kevin had been slurping vodka from his water bottle that whole time, wouldn’t at least one of the relatives packed into that cramped waiting room have caught a whiff? Also, what hospital discharges mothers and babies at four-something in the morning, like the family that left at the start of this week’s episode? And lastly, who was watching Randall and Beth’s kids?

14 | Are you glad New Amsterdam is finally addressing the Max and Helen vibes? Or do you not buy that there’s something going on there?

15 | Did Good Trouble‘s Callie forget that she has plenty of experience living under the same roof as someone with whom she shares a romantic history? And between this Tuesday’s episode and Sunday’s premiere of Now Apocalypse, was this the best week ever for fans of shirtless Beau Mirchoff?

SINGLE PARENTS16 | How did the Single Parents kids possibly sneak into and sleep over inside their school without being seen/found? And was the bit with Chris Harrison and the Bachelor mansion the perfect level of meta?

17 | On Empire, could the reconciliation between feuding sisters Cookie and Candace have been any more rushed/contrived?

18 | How exactly did The Good Fight‘s Diane walk into a major Chicago news station and make it all the way into the control room to confront reporter Naomi Nivola, all without security clearance?

Supernatural Glasses19 | Supernatural fans, who wore glasses better: Dean or Sam?

20 | Remind us — why doesn’t Legacies’ Hope have vampire hearing yet? And why is Lizzie so judgmental towards “townies”? Wasn’t she also born and raised (and still living) in Mystic Falls?

21 | Does the Grey’s Anatomy hospital have a full-time hairdresser on staff who intricately braids the docs’ hair before surgery? All of us saw Amelia and Link coming, but did any of us really expect to like the pairing so much, so fast? Also, did anyone’s heart not sink when Koracick happened upon the Teddy/Owen embrace?

22 | Before Brooklyn Nine-Nine introduced Mindy Project vet Ike Barinholtz as Nikolaj’s birth father Gintars, were you half-expecting him to reveal himself as Nikolaj’s previously mentioned half-brother Dragomir?

23 | Other Two viewers, did you immediately understand Cary and Jeremy’s conversation about “eating the pizza,” or did it take you a second?

Fuller House24 | How will Fuller House explain Lori Loughlin’s (presumed) absence during Season 5? (Is Aunt Becky visiting Michelle in New York? Is Wake Up, San Francisco shooting on location for an entire year?!?) And is it inevitable that any explanation will be followed by another breaking of the fourth wall?

25 | Will The Good Place‘s Jason now be shouting “Foles!” instead of “Bortles!” after the Jacksonville Jaguars’ quarterback switch?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other Qs you care to share!