Will The Good Doctor's New Chief Impact Melendez & Lim's Relationship?


Daniel Dae Kim makes his debut as new chief of surgery Dr. Jackson Han on Monday’s episode of The Good Doctor (ABC, 10/9c). Will his arrival force Melendez and Lim to end their secret romance?

St. Bonaventure’s recently coupled surgeons agreed to conceal their relationship outside of work from the residents, as well as Dr. Andrews. Then in a subsequent episode, Melendez acknowledged that his feelings towards Lim had clouded his judgment in the OR.

The added pressure of a new boss on their heels promises to alter the Melendez/Lim dynamic even further, though not in a romantic sense, according to series star Nicholas Gonzalez.

“I think they’re hyperconscious of [their relationship] affecting anything at work and anybody knowing, but it’s no more a secret to Han than it is to anyone else,” Gonzalez tells TVLine. If anything, the new department head brings the formerly competitive doctors closer together. 

“There’s maybe a bit of teamwork that now exists between these two that’s further galvanized in the presence of this new chief of surgery,” Gonzalez says. “It seems to bring them together a little bit more in their mutual opposition to the way that Han handles things,” including his “intolerance towards Shaun… We’re just going to continually butt heads with him, whether it’s how something is being handled in the operating room or his treatment of Dr. Murphy.” 

Good Doctor fans, are you enjoying Melendez and Lim’s new romance? And how long do you think they can keep it a secret from Shaun, Andrews, et al.? (For additional scoop on Episode 15, click here.)

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