Game of Thrones Final Season Photos: Jon and Dany's United Front, Tyrion's Concern, Bran's Brood and More

Game of Thrones Photos Season 8 Final HBO

If these first photos are any indication, Game of Thrones‘ final season is going to be quite the stoic affair.

After all, just look at the faces that fill this new gallery of Season 8 shots. Such bravery! Such valiance! Such a crapshoot as to who’ll still have a heartbeat by the end of the season!

The images, which HBO released Wednesday, give us the broadest look at the fantasy drama’s upcoming Season 8 we’ve gotten so far. Previous glimpses included some cryptic teasers — the ice spreading across Westeros, the Stark kids in the crypt, “Winterfell is yours, your grace” — but these shots allow for in-depth perusal of a whole bunch of characters.

Of particular interest: Jon and Daenerys looking like quite the unified team, if you catch our (snow) drift; Brienne and Tyrion looking wary/concerned, as usual; and Arya and Sansa’s near-unreadable visages.

Thrones will return for its final run of episodes on Sunday, April 14, at 9/8c. And just in case you were worried that HBO might have wanted the last season to be an understated affair, allow us to put you at ease on that front. 

Click on the gallery above — or go to it directly here — to get a better look at the photos, then hit the comments: What are you most hoping to see unfold in Game of Thrones‘ swan song?

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