Arrow's Katherine McNamara Teases Flash-Forward Bombshells Ahead: 'There's a Massive One This Monday'

Arrow Spoilers Future 2040

As Arrow‘s 150th episode came to a close, viewers were transported to that nitty-gritty future, where Blackstar sought out Team Arrow’s hidden onetime bunker. Joining her for the trek was Connor Hawke fka John Diggle, Jr., whom Arrowverse fans previously met during Legends of Tomorrow‘s Season 1 trip to an alternate 2046.

Those new teases follow of course Season 7 flash forwards that have established/suggested, among other things, that Felicity is dead/murdered, Team Arrow splintered long ago, and vigilantes were “the death of Star City.”

To hear Katherine McNamara tell it, the CW drama has barely scraped the grimy surface of what and who is going in there in 2040. TVLine bumped into the affable Shadowhunters star at the ABC/Freeform TCA soiree, and promptly picked her brain about the reveals yet to come — starting with Episode 13, airing this Monday at 8/7c.

TVLINE | I understand we will be getting an all-future episode (Episode 16, titled “Star City 2040”)….
We are, indeed. I just finished shooting it like two days ago.

TVLINE | How many bombshells are dropped in it?
A lot. I have three fights in that episode, but there are also a lot of bombshells dropped.

TVLINE | How many is “a lot?” Three? Five?
Oh god, just thinking back, there are too many to count. But I’m in Episode 13 (airing this Monday, Feb. 11), 14 and 15 as well, and there are multiple bombshells dropped from this point forward. What you saw at the end of the 150th episode [with Mia and Connor Hawke locating the decrepit bunker] is just the beginning. It’s the tip of the iceberg. Actually, this coming Monday is a huge episode for the future storyline. There’s at least one massive bomb drop this Monday.

TVLINE | I keep trying to figure out who Blackstar is related to. Future William didn’t recognize you, so you can’t share parents unless something weird is at play. And I suggested to [showrunner] Beth [Schwartz] point blank, since Roy was conspicuously absent when first met Blackstar, she must be his daughter — but Beth said no, Roy doesn’t know her.
No, he doesn’t. Beth’s so good at keeping secrets. There are still things that I don’t know that I try to get out of her, but I can’t. It’s really interesting what they’re doing. It’s both fascinating and heart-wrenching and it really shows how dire the world has become 20 years into the future.

TVLINE | Which frankly has the fans a bit worried. How can we prevent this bleak future? But…
You can’t. It’s very different than the [Season 1] episode of Legends you saw, where you saw the future of Arrow.

TVLINE | Which is where Joseph David-Jones first played Diggle’s son, Connor Hawke.
Exactly. This is a very different future, and it’s one that is what it is.

TVLINE | It now appears that your character’s name is Mia — that’s what Connor called you — but our original casting exclusive billed you as Maya….
[Coyly] Yep! He did say that. And that’s what it was. Annnnd… I think you should talk to Beth about that one! I don’t know what I’m allowed to say on that subject. But I cannot wait for this Monday’s episode, because you see a lot more of Mia, and a lot more worlds collide…. A lot of these things that you’re asking me will be answered.

TVLINE | It’s been a minute since we last saw Roy. Will he show up again soon?

TVLINE | Lastly, talking about the episode where you have a bunch of fights. Will you maintain a perfect manicure, as eagle-eyed readers noticed in our photo from your first episode?
I mean, probably. [Laughs] The nails can be a weapon, too. But I did lose a nail shooting this last episode, so there is a part where I’m missing one. But she’s such a cool character, and you’ll learn so much more about her.

TVLINE | Is — or was — there love in her life?
That’s a big question mark. There was. And there could be. But… Mia is someone who has been hurt a lot — she’s grown up in a rough world, and she doesn’t let people in. Vulnerability is death to her. She’s a fighter, so if you show anybody your weak point, they’re going to take you down. She found that out the hard way, emotionally and physically, so she has her walls up, and it will take a lot to rip them down.

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