DC's Legends: The New Green Arrow, a Fallen Hero and More 2046 'Spoilers'

DC's Legends of Tomorrow Recap

This Thursday on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, the team happened upon a very different Oliver Queen upon crash-landing in Star City’s possible timeline circa 2046. But what became of the rest of Team Arrow?

Oliver, now a recluse who lives in the rundown lair — it was ransacked after (a new) Deathstroke outed Green Arrow’s identity — is sporting a lot of facial hair and missing his left hand. But that’s not all that’s changed.

Let’s review the episode’s other big revelations:Legends of Tomorrow

1 | Even though Oliver had been presumed dead, the Green Arrow’s legacy lived on in… Diggle’s son? (Validated!) Turns out Connor Hawke, the archer running around Star City, is actually John Diggle, Jr. He couldn’t save his dad, so he decided he didn’t deserve Dig’s name. Still, you had to smile when at episode’s end, he gave us a “Copy that,” just like ol’ Spartan.

2 | The city’s No. 1 enemy is onceLegends of Tomorrow again Deathstroke — but as in Slade Wilson’s son, Grant. (But really — Grant? We’ll assume a stubborn baby mama won that naming battle.)

3 | Connor mentions that former police captain Quentin Lance is dead (hmm, for how long…?). And as for others near and dear….

4 | “They’re gone. All of them,” Oliver reports. But maybe not everyone is d-e-a-d dead…

5 | “Felicity left after everything that happened,” Oliver says of Palmer Smoak Technologies’ CEO. Does that mean she skedaddled in the nick of time and survived?

What did you think of the Legends‘ trip to this possible 2046? And could you see why the producers at a time thought of Avatar‘s Stephen Lang to play Future Oliver?

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