Rent: Watch Unaired, Actually Live Footage From Sunday's Show

rent Live unaired footage video table read

Page Alexi Darling, because here’s something hotter than a Buzzline exclusive: a glimpse of what really took place on the Rent: Live stage Sunday.

After the musical’s telecast, which consisted mostly of a taped dress rehearsal thanks to cast member Brennin Hunt’s injury the day before, Fox released clips of the improvised, souped-up table read held for a live audience in Los Angeles.

This “concert version,” as the network has dubbed it, made far less use of Jason Sherwood’s sprawling sets… probably because a wheelchair-bound Hunt had no chance of scaling them. Instead, according to Twitter dispatches from audience members, the cast gathered in a group to perform while the production synced pretty well with what at-home audiences watched.

Wanna see what we didn’t get to see? First up, Tinashe struts Mimi’s stuff (and playfully grabs some guy’s phone) during “Out Tonight”:

Then Vanessa Hudgens dons Maureen’s horned hat (but not the cow pants) for “Over the Moon”:

Then, like she did in the version that aired, Keala Settle takes everyone to church on “Seasons of Love:”

Then Brandon Victor Dixon gives an alternative (dare we say, even more moving?) rendition of “I’ll Cover You (Reprise):”

TVLine has reached out to Fox to see if the concert version of the show will be released in its entirety.

Press PLAY on the videos above, then hit the comments: Which versions of the songs did you like better? 

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