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Question: Can you make Season 3 of GLOW come sooner? Or at least gimme some scooplets? — Deann
Ausiello: I can’t speed up time, but I can give you better than scooplets — sparkly, rhinestone-covered scooplets! When Netflix’s wrestling dramedy relocates to Vegas next season, the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling will be sharing the bill at the Fan-Tan Hotel & Casino with the glamtastic showgirls of Rhapsody and a drag queen (who we can only hope will be able help Bash find his way out of the closet).

Question: Why is Arrow‘s Roy on Lian Yu 20 years from now? —Stephanie
Ausiello: That and other blanks will be filled in as more flash-forwards get sprinkled in on a “sporadic” basis over the course of Season 7. Just don’t count on the events/situations of Arrow‘s 2038 to point toward the same future depicted in the Legends of Tomorrow Season 1 episode “Star City 2046.” “This is not connected. This is our own future,” showrunner Beth Schwartz asserts. And whereas Legends as well as The Flash trade in sci-fi elements such as time travel, “We’re sticking to the grounded storytelling,” says the EP. (For more Arrow scoop, see ThisAAndThat below.)

Question: Where has Kat Sandoval been on Madam Secretary? I don’t think we’ve seen her this season. —Tina
Ausiello: I’ve got a feeling that Grey’s Anatomy alum Sara Ramirez will make her presence known in the State Department sooner rather than later, given that the show is looking for someone to play her father in a two-parter that will air later this season. I hear Kat’s dad, who lives in Arizona and who has a less-than-glowing impression of his daughter, will show up in Part 2.

the-walking-dead-season 9 episode 4 recap michonne neganQuestion: Can The Walking Dead please just let Maggie kill Negan already? Pleeease? —James
Ausiello: I don’t ordinarily answer rhetorical questions, but I’m gonna make an exception this once and say that, sure, the show could allow the widow to avenge Glenn’s murder. However, considering what we’ve been told about the jailbird’s Season 9 arc by portrayer Jeffrey Dean Morgan and EP Scott Gimple, there’s no way in hell that it will. In fact, Sunday’s episode of the AMC drama finds the Saviors’ former leader “bonding” with a popular character with whom I think he’s previously only had a single face-to-face scene. There are, however, several other characters in “The Obliged” that engage in life-or-death struggles that lean heavily on the “death” side.

Question: I need someone to tell me that the white sow will show up in Outlander Season 4. —Erin
Ausiello: I can confirm that the meddling pig, which Diana Gabaldon’s novels describe as a giant nuisance/necessary evil/running gag once Jamie and Claire are established on Fraser’s Ridge, is certainly in upcoming episodes. But — twist! — the animal is not quite as malevolent as it appears on the page… mainly because the practicalities of working with a pig are tough, series star Sam Heughan tells TVLine. “There is, however, a donkey that’s kind of a pain in the ass,” he says. (Yep, he’s talking about Clarence, which Kim Roots tells me will mean something to some of you.)

Question: What’s next for Legends of Tomorrow‘s Sara and Ava? —Justin
Ausiello: The couple of course took a biggish step forward in the season opener, and the road seems smooth for the foreseeable future. As Caity Lotz updated us at the time she was filming Episode 8, “They’re still moving forward, so they’re doing pretty good. We’ll see if it sticks for a full season, if they let us stay in this bliss. But yeah, they’re on a really nice path.”

Question: Any chance that Grey’s Anatomy‘s John might try to get Meredith to give him another chance? I kinda liked them together. — Sullivan
Ausiello: Alas, even if he had his foot surgically removed from his mouth, there is no chance. Just like Scott Speedman only agreed to play Nick in a single Season 14 episode, How I Met Your Mother alum Josh Radnor only signed on for one Season 15 appearance as the guy who unwittingly replaced the blind date with whom Cece set Mer up.

Question: Any details on The Gifted‘s new character, Twist? —Deb
Ausiello: Played by Anjelica Bette Fellini, Twist aka Rebecca is described as “smart and charismatic, though years of confinement and abuse in a mental health facility have left her traumatized – and she was damaged goods to begin with.” Although she initially comes across as a sweet, wounded bird, over time her real personality will emerge: fun, flirty and totally amoral… “a sociopath who lives for chaos.”

Question: Now that Dean is back on Supernatural, what is next for his character? Will we see how being possessed affected him, or hints that maybe Michael never left? —Adder
Ausiello: You’re assuming that Dean remembers what happened while he was possessed. As we’ll learn in this Thursday’s episode, “His memories of what Michael did are pretty spotty,” executive producer Andrew Dabb previews. “A lot of it is him discovering, ‘Oh, my God — this happened. Oh, my God, that happened.’ That really takes us through not just [this week], but a few episodes as we move forward.” Plus, the hunter, “in classic Dean fashion, feels kind of responsible for” for the army of supermonsters Michael created, even though it’s totally not his fault.

Question: Any word on any of the new Manifest characters that were teased at the New York Comic Con panel? —Jude
Ausiello: As a matter of fact, a Flight 828 passenger who was semi-conspicuously alluded to in the latest episode of the NBC hit is indeed going to show her face. TVLine has learned exclusively that Francesca Faridany (Falling Water) will recur as Dr. Fiona Clarke, a prominent professor and lecturer who specializes in the study of collective human consciousness.

Question: On the original Charmed, one of the witches ended up marrying her Whitelighter. Any chance for romance between Harry and one of the new women? —Sandra
Ausiello: The sisters just started trusting their sweater-clad guardian, so I wouldn’t go rushing to any talk of relationships just yet, even if Rupert Evans says, “I have no idea what the great writers have in store. Stranger things have happened.” And rather than focusing on his future, maybe we should be busy looking into Harry’s past. For example, did you know that the Charmed Ones aren’t his first assignment? (The plot thickens!)

Question: Could you give a hint regarding your latest Blind Item (the one about an original cast member leaving the show at the end of the season)? Can you rule out ABC or Grey’s Anatomy?—Ingmar
Ausiello: I would if I could but I won’t. However, I can — and I will — rule out Fox.

Question: I’m enjoying All American, but please tell me that Coach Baker is not Spencer’s dad. I was already shipping Spencer and Olivia. —Stephanie
Ausiello: Methinks that might be a red herring. “All is not what it seems,” hints Spencer’s portrayer, Daniel Ezra. “There are a lot more twists to come. It’s a big deal, and we’re just sort of chipping [away at] the surface of that whole big secret.” Adds EP Nkechi O. Caroll: “I will tell people to stay tuned. We’re sort of going to unfold a little bit of a mystery of that moment over the course of several episodes. I think people might be surprised at what it ends up being. And that’s about all I can say about it.” But if it does turn out that Spencer and Olivia are siblings, Ezra concedes, “Things could get very awkward.”

Question: Have we really seen the last of Cameron Monaghan on Shameless? —Darra
Ausiello: “[He] knows that he is much beloved and welcome back any time,” EP John Wells tells us. “We certainly hope he wants to come back and do more [episodes].” But as Wells notes, Monaghan is “young and looking around at the world and wanting to know what to do next, and we have nothing but admiration and [are] proud of him. We watched him grow up and turn into a great young man.”

This AAnd That…
♦ CHICAGO MED: Good news for fans of Connor’s ex/Dr. Charles’ daughter: “We are planning to bring Robin (played by Mekia Cox) back in the second half of the season,” Med co-showrunner Diane Frolov tells TVLine, adding that the return is part of “a family storyline.”
HOUSE OF CARDS: Sakina Jaffrey (Timeless) reprises her role as Linda Vasquez in the sixth and final season, which drops Friday, Nov. 2 on Netflix. The former White House Chief of Staff makes an appearance at [Spoiler]’s memorial service (no, not Francis’) and tends to some unfinished business with Claire.
ARROW: With Curtis going undercover for ARGUS in Monday’s episode, “We are going to see that he was little more traumatized than we thought [about] how things went down last season — which is why he specifically chose this position in ARGUS,” previews showrunner Beth Schwartz. Echo Kellum, meanwhile, predicts fans “will really enjoy seeing Curtis undercover” since it finds him “still trying to do what he can to make sure he doesn’t blow the mission, but still being uniquely himself!”

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