Blind Item: Original Cast Member Out at Long-Running Drama Series

Blind Item Time Jump

The launch of our 2019 May Sweeps Scorecard is six months away, but we already have a spot earmarked for the subject of our latest Blind Item.

An original cast member on a long-running drama on one of the Big 5 networks (ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC, The CW) is leaving his/her series at the end of the current season. And, by all accounts, the exit is an extremely amicable one.

The actor/actress in question — a fan favorite by any measure — is leaving of his/her own accord. And they’ve given the Powers That Be at said hour-long series plenty of notice so that they can craft an appropriate exit for the character. But to reveal the identity of the performer with one-and-a-half-feet out the door would risk spoiling the storyline, so for now we’re giving this piece of news the Blind Item treatment.

To recap:

• Drama series
• ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC or The CW
• Original cast member leaving at end of season

OK, you know the drill. Hit the comments with your best, most educated theories! And, and don’t you dare waste space lamenting how TVLine never answers its Blind Items because, um, we just solved 10 of ’em last month!

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