Game of Thrones: 8 (Mostly) Plausible Ways Jon Snow Can Be in Season 6

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Like Ned Stark’s bastard himself, when it comes to whether Jon Snow will be in Game of Thrones‘ sixth season, we know nothing.

Of course, that doesn’t stop us from having a few theories.

And we’re not talking about the “Kit Harington hasn’t cut his hair!” and “Kit Harington spotted in Belfast airport!” conjecture that has made the rounds in the past few weeks.

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Instead, we’ve reviewed both George R. R. Martin’s books and the HBO series and come up with eight mostly plausible ways that Jon Snow could be a part of Season 6.

Yes, we’re aware that Harington repeatedly has said that his character is definitely a goner. But the night is long and full of terrors, and we refuse to believe that we’ll have to experience it without the Lord Commander by our side.

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Also: A Dance With Dragons, Martin’s most recent novel in the Song of Ice and Fire series, ends Snow’s storyline with his stabbing by mutinous members of the Night’s Watch… but doesn’t make clear what happens afterward.

Jon fell to his knees. He found the dagger’s hilt and wrenched it free. In the cold night air the wound was smoking. “Ghost,” he whispered. Pain washed over him. Stick them with the pointy end. When the third dagger took him between the shoulder blades, he gave a grunt and fell face-first into the snow. He never felt the fourth knife. Only the cold…

Someone could totally bounce back from that, right? Right?

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From red resurrection to animal re-animation, here are some possibilities for Harington’s involvement in the forthcoming season. Because what’s a long winter — it’s coming, you know — without a little Snow?

Check out our theories in the gallery below — or go directly to it here — then hit the comments with your own thoughts about Jon Snow’s ultimate fate.

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