Nashville Recap: Name... That... Baby!

Nashville Juliette Goes Into Labor Season 3 Recap

If you had told me, three years ago as we peeked backstage at the Grand Ole Opry, that one day I’d be welling up over the arrival of a baby for the bratty blonde with the too-short dress and the skeezy guy who looked her up and down (while his girlfriend was nearby), I’d have said “Bless your heart” (while thinking you were nuts).

But here we are, Nashville fans, up to our elbows in giant, stuffed giraffes and pink doilies, celebrating the birth of little What About Barkley.

Tiny, adorable Working Title Barkley.

Precious, wee You’re Seriously Gonna Make Us Wait Until Next Week? Barkley.

Ah well. As we’re all trying to guess what name Avery and Juliette are going to give sweet baby Thank God It Wasn’t Jeff’s, the rest of us can focus on Sadie’s rather abrupt exit from Music City and Gunnar’s entirely deluded sense of entitlement regarding Scarlett’s feelings. Let’s talk about all of it as we review what happens in “This Just Ain’t a Good Day for Leavin’.”

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I SHOT THE DERELICT | The hour begins with Sadie and Luke giving the police their statements about Pete’s shooting. When a not-too-compassionate detective points out that Sadie’s gun was unregistered, Ms. Stone realizes just how screwed she might be and uses her one phone call to tearfully beg Rayna for help.

Rayna’s had an emotionally exhausting night with Deacon and the girls, and she’s supposed to throw Juliette’s baby shower later that day, but she drops it all to run down to the police station — lawyer in tow — and haul Sadie’s shellshocked butt outta there. Back at Rayna’s house, Sadie sips tea on the couch and I marvel at how Sadie’s eyeliner is still perfect despite the fact that she’s been crying for 12 hours straight. (Side note: I hope Nashville had an on-set medic hook Laura Benanti up with a saline IV after these scenes were done. Girlfriend must’ve been dehydrated in the extreme after all those tears.)

After a little nap and a big nightmare, Sadie decides she needs to leave town to get her head right about killing her abusive ex. So she calls Rayna to say goodbye, then does so in person with Luke — who, it turns out, lied to the cops and said he witnessed the shooting, which had been in self-defense, so that the charges would get dropped. Luke and Sadie have a moment (more crying) where they acknowledge that they were moving toward something a little intimate (more crying) but that it’s not going to happen right now (more crying). Meanwhile, I’m hoping that if Nashville is renewed for another season, it brings Benanti back to be the kicky “Gasoline and Matches” chick we first met.

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DADDY DAYCARE | While Rayna’s dealing with Highway 65’s biggest liability, Deacon takes Daphne and Maddie to breakfast at a diner. Maddie is angry that he’s sick, but she expresses it via her customary teenager sullen jerkiness, leaving the table before they’re done. “I think we should get the check,” Daphne says, so knowingly that I wonder yet again whether she’s actually a 40-year-old trapped in a little girl’s body. Also, Maddie? NEVER WALK AWAY FROM FRENCH TOAST.

Back at Deacon’s, Maddie holes up in Scarlett’s room and calls Teddy, begging him to come rescue her. Mr. Mayor has to pull himself away from being a morally reprehensible sleaze to do so, but he arrives at Deacon’s and engages in only the smallest of peeing contests with Mad’s biodaddy before learning that Deacon is sick and cutting him a little slack. Later, off of advice from Teddy, Maddie creeps out into the kitchen and confesses that she’s indiscriminately angry about Deacon’s cancer. Deacon sadly says he is, too. (Daphne’s off somewhere, I don’t know, diversifying her 401k or coordinating her purses to her sensible pumps or something. She acts really old, is what I’m saying.)

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Nashville Juliette Baby Born RecapWELCOME TO THE WORLD, BABY GIRL | Though she’s running on fumes, Rayna brings her gift by Juliette’s — where the incredibly hormonal and, let’s be honest, not rational under normal circumstances singer has angrily cancelled the baby shower Ray was supposed to throw for her. (Can’t say I blame her; if the only guests that showed up were on my payroll, I might do the same.) “I am not playing ‘Guess what candy bar melted in the diaper’ with my employees!” Ju rages, tearing down decorations and tossing giant stuffed animals like they’re filled with cotton candy. (I can’t blame her for that one, either. That game is gross, parents-to-be of the world; stop subjecting your baby-shower guests to it.)

When Rayna shows up, Juliette lights into her, saying that she ranks so low on Ms. Jaymes’ list of priorities, she’s beneath “your stupid, perfect hair!” (Ha!) But Ray shuts down Juliette’s tantrum with a screaming fit of her own, which sounds dangerously close to turning into a crying jag — how much can one lady take?! — when Juliette clutches her belly and announces that her water broke. That face Hayden Panettiere makes to close out the scene? PERFECTION.

Rayna gets Ju to the hospital, where she labors and freaks and worries that they baby will arrive before Avery does. “I forgot my Lamaze. This thing doesn’t have a name,” she pants, offering up a litany of things that are going wrong. My favorite: “I’m a horrible, horrible human being.” But of course Avery gets there in time to see his daughter enter the world and to sing a sweetly harmonized song, “Hold You in My Arms,” as he and Ju gaze at the baby. I agree with Glenn: Being a mom looks good on Ju. And just as the new parents are about to choose a name for their kiddo — “What about—” Juliette says — the show cuts to the credits. No fair, Nashville!

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IF I DIDN’T KNOW BETTER | Gunnar spends the entire episode being weird around Scarlett, vacillating between slut-shaming her for spending the night before with Caleb and trying to woo her back via song on stage. When they have it out, all the old business comes to the fore — she’s mad he dated her best friend, he’s mad she turned down his proposal, she’s also mad he never asked her again — but they end the hour in a not-great place. Is there a great clamoring in the Nash-verse for the series to revisit these two as a couple? Because I’m not feeling it (and Hot Doc is hot).

THE MAYOR DARES GO THERE | Teddy, Teddy, Teddy. I feel like you basically signed your own death certificate in this episode when you promised Maddie you wouldn’t get sick and die until you were very old. I doubt you’ll even make it to the end of this season — especially given the way you’re blackmailing city officials into providing the hush money for the hooker who keeps popping up like a whiny, leopard-panty’d Whack-a-Mole whenever you turn around.

Now it’s your turn. What should Juliette and Avery name their daughter? Do you agree with me that Teddy is likely not long for this world? Will you miss Sadie? And had you heard of Ron Pope before, or am I just old? Sound off in the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. mg714 says:

    Yes, Hot Doc is Hot but Gunnar and Scarlett are meant to be, they are like the 2nd generation Deacon & Rayna, though admittedly that hasn’t been the best relationship model! Still, I think Gunnar & Scarlett are better together than apart, for sure and I do think they have a lot of fans pulling for them to get back together. I would bet they get back together by the end of the season or at least will be close to it.

  2. Andrea says:

    Given that they were singing at the time she came up with a name, I would think either Melody or Harmony would work nicely.

  3. Juan says:

    Love Julliete and Avery so much and Hayden P is amazing. Their relationship might not be the best but I swear when Gunnar and Scarlett sing together they have so much freaking chemistry. That song was fantastic

    • Shannon says:

      If they could just sing forever and not talk to each other I think the relationship might have a chance. Gunner and all of his pouting was driving me crazy in that episode! Dude, Scarlett tried to make up with you after you proposed and you started dating her best friend. YOU’RE mad that she can’t read your mind and know you have feelings for her??

  4. abz says:

    “I cannot believe she would choose to shoot someone on the day of my show” => LOL, that line had me cracking up and one of the reasons why Juliet is so awesome. Her tantrums and meltdowns were hilarious. The baby name fakeout thing was kind of lame though. It took away the moment and the next episode will probably just have them say the name in passing.
    Can they stop making Gunnar act like such an annoying child throwing tantrums like he’s jealous of another kid’s toy? He was so insufferable this episode and the last. Why can’t they go just at least half a season with this Scarlett/Gunnar nonsense? It’s not interesting. Glad she rejected him even though its inevitable and predictable that they’ll end up back together. He goes from spending multiple episodes brooding over his ex sleeping with his brother and its all forgotten once he sees Scarlett with a new guy. Why must so many shows have characters become all jealous and annoying when seeing their exes with someone else?
    Rayna really can’t keep an artist at her label. First Scarlett’s breakdown last season leading her to back out of her contract and now Sadie leaving town. Is she ever gonna have one artist other than Juliet that actually follows through and puts out an album?
    I misread the date of Christina Aguilera’s first episode and was pretty disappointed because I was waiting the whole episode for her to show up. Anyways, looking forward to seeing her next week.

    • Monica4185 says:

      Agree Rayna needs to start signing more reliable artists to her label. Agree with the rest of the post as well.

    • Lucie says:

      What the heck was Bucky doing? Bucky should be fired, one does not advertise their business moves to a competitor, especially an artist he hadn’t met. Sounds like Bucky is too naive to do his job.

      • RUCookie says:

        Buckie is mad that he can’t do his job!

      • desiree says:

        I have a feeling Luke will end up luring Bucky away from Highway 65, or at least trying to lure him away…ever since the scenes they had together after Luke and Rayna split I felt like they were trying to lay the groundwork for this and after last night I’m convinced…not that I really blame Bucky. Rayna hired him to do a job and isn’t letting him do it. She is the epitome of a Micromanager. Is it her label? Yes. Is she allowed to have a specific vision for the types of artists she wants to sign? Sure. But if she is going to be THAT involved, where she’s vetoing all the acts he tries to bring in, what was the point of giving him that job? And if the artist was someone Rayna wasnt going to sign anyway, what is the harm with telling Luke about him and giving the artist (totally spacing on the guy’s name) a shot to realize his dream? I’m on Team Bucky on this one, all the way.

  5. wrstlgirl says:

    Rayna and Juliette scenes were hilarious. I was laughing my butt off. And where the hell is Will. I swear I feel like they have no clue how to write his story.

    • abz says:

      It really is annoying how they make Will/Chris Carmack sit out every other episode or two. I know they can’t show all the characters each episode, but his character/storyline always seems to be sidelined the most. I’d much rather watch him take up some screen time than Luke.

      • wrstlgirl says:

        There’s been no growth in his story line at all. Yeah so what he separated from Lyla, big whoop. It’s really frustrating.

        • abz says:

          Yeah, I keep hoping they finally do something with his story now that he’s divorced Layla and they’ve brought on the new songwriter guy but knowing the way the show has handled him, we probably won’t see any movement in his story till maybe halfway through next season.

          • Isobel says:

            Well his dad’s appearing soon so hopefully there’s some movement on his storyline

  6. Laura says:

    Personally don’t particularly care about the whole Gunnar/Scarlett thing. Is it just me or do they seem to switch off spending episodes being rather whiny? Scarlett seemed to be before Hot Doc, and now she’s passed it off to Gunnar…

    Also. The baby shower scene was genius and definitely up there for the most entertaining scene of the series. Rayna’s apparently the only one who can go toe to toe (or voice to voice, or hair to hair) with Juliette. Had me in stitches.

    • Tee says:

      Oh my god I’m so over Gunnar and Scarlett. I don’t think of them as the next Rayna and Deacon. Hey seem too immature to be in a serious, adult relationship with each other. I think let Scarlett date the doctor, let Scarlett have time, and Gunnar just be there for her as a friend. Hasn’t Gunnar dated several women since Scarlett? This is the first time she’s been with someone new since the start of the series.

      • Isobel says:

        Agree Scarlett seems to be maturing, maybe her relationship with the doc will give Gunnar some time to grow up, I was hoping his baby daddy storyline would help but apparently not

      • Anna says:

        Agree – so whiny are both Scarlett and Gunnar and their scenes in this episode were the worst compared to the rest of the characters.

      • Shannon says:

        She had a relationship with the hot producer who got her on pills causing her to spin out and triggered that breakdown on stage. The doctor is the first balanced person she’s dated on this series including Gunner!

  7. Mara says:

    Really Nashville? I love the show but that ending was a cheap trick. It was just aggravating and annoying and we can’t afford to lose any viewers.

    • janet nave says:

      Very true they will probably be cancelled.too many commercials also. Sad because I love the cast but too many characters now to sustain viewership

    • Carla Krae says:

      Well, they’ve had people voting for the baby name on ABC’s site, so they might not have the final tally as of tonight’s airing.

  8. Carla Krae says:

    Emotional ep. I’m not really up for the will-they-won’t-they of Scarlett and Gunnar again, but they do need to reach closure between each other so they can finally leave the past in the past. They’ve avoided talking about a lot. Gunnar really needs to stop being an emo kid this season though!

  9. MA says:

    Being jealous is called slut-shaming now? Is it only if the guy is jealous? A jealous woman would be OK, right? I’m no fan of Gunnar, but please…he’s a stupid jealous guy. He’s allowed to think it’s uncool for his ex to sleep with her new fella, whether it’s actually cool or not. And Scarlett’s allowed to give him the what-for in response. There were no victims there.
    Rayna/Deacon and Rayna/Juliette were delightful.
    Here’s hoping Bucky isn’t about to jump ship, though maybe Deacon could have that job? He probably understands Rayna’s vision a little better.

    • Lucie says:

      I have to disagree with you. He had no right, jealous or not, to make the comment about her sleeping with the guy on a second date. If he were a concerned friend and she was hooking up with a different groupie in every city, then he could speak up as a friend. But he was shaming her and for that reason alone, I hope she kicks him to the curb. Do not want Gunnar and Scarlett back together.

      • MA says:

        Of course he has the right. He can say whatever he wants. If Scarlet wants to rip him a new one for giving her a hard time, she can. But this PC BS that everyone has to say exactly the right thing at exactly the right time or be labeled a sexist, racist, slut-shamer, woman-hater, etc. is both harmful and unrealistic. It’s also a really immature and superficial way of viewing the world. In real life, people get jealous. They say things they don’t mean. They say things they do mean the wrong way. They do hurtful things. They act angry when they feel sad. And so on. Gunnar doesn’t like that the ex-girlfriend he’s still into is sleeping with someone else. He absolutely does have the right to feel that way and to say it out loud. He’d probably have better results if he said what he meant instead of the first angry thing that came to mind, but still. And fortunately for us, Scarlett isn’t the shrinking violet the internet seems to think women are. She told Gunnar where to go and fought back. There are no victims, and we really should stop trying desperately to make them. If people lose respect for the character, so be it. It’s still not a big deal.

        • Lucie says:

          Sure, he can say whatever he wants, but mature people choose their words so they are not hurtful. Not sure where you are coming from that you think it is everyone’s right to say whatever comes to mind regardless of how it affects another person. That is not being PC, it’s called “kindness.”

    • RUCookie says:

      Disagree MA – as soon as he did it, I lost respect for his character. Avery was level headed about the whole thing and tried to bring Gunner down to reality. Because he is out of control. He is behaving like an entitled idiot (he may have been worse than Maddie this episode, and that is saying something). He has NO RIGHT to comment on when she chooses to spend the night with someone. I was sooooo happy she threw his relationship with her best friend in his face.

    • Emily M says:

      Certainly a guy can be slut shamed, though when I was in high school it was called “player hating.” Perhaps questioning if slut shaming only applies to females illustrates the difference in attitudes towards consenting adult men and women.

  10. Madison.R.Bodin says:

    I think that the name should be Sienna, Caitlin, or Angelina

  11. Sara says:

    ABC had everyone vote on the names on their website.

    The four options were Cadence & Bella which were tied with the most votes. Nina and Blythe were wayyyyyyyyyy behind. So those are likely out.

    SO to sum up: It’s definitely going to be either Cadence Barkley or Bella Barkley. Personally, I like the second. But we will see.

    • Kermit says:

      This makes the sudden cutoff make a little bit more sense, but ABC seems to have overestimated on how that poll would go over.

    • Tee says:

      Where the heck did they get Nina from??? It’s so different from the other three, it kind of doesn’t make sense.

  12. Magaret says:

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  13. GeoDiva says:

    Awwww….I really liked Luke and Sadie together. Not sure about him and Christina based on next week’s preview. Love Juliette’s meltdown.

  14. Ann says:

    I think they’ll name their daughter Jolene, after Juliette’s mother…and that Dolly Parton song.

  15. jlv says:

    First heard of Ron Pope when he had a song (“A Drop in the Ocean”) featured in season 3 of The Vampire Diaries!

  16. RUCookie says:

    Am I the only one that paused the show on the Avery/Juilette text messages? They had me in stiches… a laundry list of names and then “what about disney… ariel, belle, jasmine… whoever was Tarzan’s girlfriend” (thats as close to the quote as I can get from memory)…. go back and look, it’s awesome! AND I spit out my water when Juliette screamed about Sadie shooting someone on the day of her party. The whole meltdown was hysterical. And I thought Rayn with her stupid perfect hair was going to have one of her own… but the baby took over. It was Nashville perfection.

    Contrast that awesomeness with the annoying teenage crazy of Maddie and I want to scream. The less said the better because its not good when the younger one is more mature. We all know we are in for more as her “original” father signed his own death warrant tonight. What a pickle he has himself in …

    And I was so happy that Sadie shot Luke down!!! She knows the girl-code!

    • maria says:

      honestly I thought maybe they had hidden the name in there somewhere, but now that I know about the Baby Name Poll, I doubt it. Jane would be cute though (Tarzan’s girlfriend) and I also love the name Jolene for the baby (Juliette’s mother) although that may cause pain to bring up her mother again??? I don’t know, I guess we’ll have to find out! And I agree 100% with the “girl code” thing!

  17. Doug Henning says:

    Laura Benanti has a new Broadway gig so had to write her out for now… I can’t see the show not renewing esp since they are sending cast members out on concert tours to sing.. Dead shows don’t get this kind of promotion. And ratings don’t really tell the whole story with all the music sales being considered.

  18. Iakovos says:

    Eager for a Season 4 so we can have Juliette back front and center. I liked Sadie but thought her story line seemed shoehorned into the proceedings and what? now she leaves? Bring her back, please! What about that Patsy Cline movie plot? HP’s pregnancy forced its haste but that movie has to be released. Redemption for the forgotten Juliette Barnes?

    We need more Rayna-Juliette scenes. They are frenemies and that is what made NASHVILLE shine at its start. I cannot get enough Deacon scenes. I am ready to write out Teddy. The show needs a strong dark presence though. Teddy just is not it.

  19. pecola says:

    I know ABC has their own contest going about the baby’s first name but I hope the middle name is Jolene.

  20. izzieb says:

    What has happened to me? I felt bad for Luke last night!!! Seemed like his heart was getting involved again and that just got shot down. Although, I never did feel like he cared for Rayna at all until she dumped him, then he started showing feelings.

    Teddy – buh-bye. I can’t believe he’d rather embezzle money than be outed for visiting a prostitute. Lamar’s old dirty-deed-doer was pretty bold to tell Teddy that his family would be “proud” of him…..I thought at that point that Teddy was going to take the high road, but nope, and now he’s in it deep. I did like how he pulled together with Deacon for Maddie.

    Loved seeing Deacon and Rayna just so comfortable with each other. I still want to see them together more.

    And I am probably in the minority here, and even though I loved Juliette’s meltdown (how could she shoot someone on the day of her shower? – Brilliant!) – I think Rayna’s main priority should have gone to the baby shower she had committed to for Juliette. Yes, go spring Sadie from jail and get her somewhere safe for a nap, but then have someone else be with her until you can get home from Juliette’s shower.

  21. Sara says:

    Teddy will die and Deacon can get his transplant he needs to keep on livin!

  22. sladewilson says:

    I want Gunnar and Scarlett together (modern day R&D) but they’re both getting on my nerves. Who didn’t know that Gunnar still had it bad for Scarlett? Please. The boy wore it on his sleeve. Scarlett’s whining irritates me to no end and I was no fan of how she ended it with Gunnar this episode, but I see her point. But I can also see Gunnar packing up his ball and going home and being done with all of them. What happens to the Triple Xs then?

    Rayna almost had a major league meltdown!!! I was sooo hoping for her to go ballistic. Still, Jules and Avery are THE BEST COUPLE on this show by far… Jules was in rare form.

    Laura B – hang out with the Rockettes for a little bit and then hustle on back – I wanna see her and Luke make a go of it. Those two, unlike him and Rayna, have actual chemistry….

  23. anya says:

    I really enjoyed this ep. I like it the most when it revolves around Rayna & Juliette mainly. I could care less about Layla, Will, Jeff, there’s just too many characters in my opinion. I actually completely forgot about them while watching the episode, until I saw the promo for next week. So, I guess not having them this ep was refreshing.
    I dont like Gunnar & Scarlett together. I feel like Gunnar had enough chances to be with her but he always wants her when she is not available. It gets tiresome.
    Rayna and Deacon seem steady and ready to fight his disease together, it’s very satisfying to see them together.

  24. toni says:

    I think the baby’s name should be “Melody” because didn’t music bring her and Avery together after all (but I see someone below said Harmony – that would be a great choice too). Yes mom looks very good on her in real-life too! Yes please, please bring back Sadie – yes she needs some serious private down time but this character is needed on the show and bring back the strong female and not a heaping mess (with some great new songs). Scar & Gunn – no thanks – so been there and done. It seems like he doesn’t know how to be solo maybe he should get a pet that can travel the road with him\ for constant companionship. Lastly wow Rayna is very good at juggling all those damn balls in the air!!

  25. jo says:

    From last night’s episode, I am betting Teddy kills himself or is killed (not that I care) and somehow he is a donor for Deacon.

  26. Jan says:

    Before I read in the comments that ABC had a poll for the name, I was thinking it might be “Star” (from the lyrics of the song).

  27. Danielle says:

    I don’t give a crap about Doctor Dude, honestly. Gunnar and Scarlett has always been where it’s at. I hope when everything is said and done that they end up back together.

    Disappointed he slut shamed her though. I could have slapped him for that. I’d like to think they are the next Deacon and Rayna. And it’s not like that couple doesn’t have their ups and downs. Lol

  28. John says:

    Does anyone else think the escort has already cut a deal with the FBI and is trying to set him up for the FBI? How else does she always know where he is and why else the extreme pressure on Teddy to give her money immediately?

    • Lucie says:

      I like that theory. Teddy just needs to man up, admit what happened and beg his constituents for forgiveness.

  29. Sarah says:

    I like the name, Emma Adelle

  30. Sue says:

    Perfect synopsis. Took the thoughts out of head from the French toast to Teddy’s imminent demise

  31. Sue says:

    Perfect synopsis! Took the thoughts right out of my head from the French toast to Teddy’s imminent demise. I’m also partial to Hot Doc

  32. Anyone know if the baby is Haden’ s real baby??

  33. DW907 says:

    I have missed funny recaps. This one had me chucking and laughing at the same time. Love it!. I nominate you to write all of the recaps.

  34. Farah Lucas says:

    Will the producers of Nashville, be staring Juliet’s actual baby?

  35. Farah Lucas says:

    Will the producers of Nashville, be staring Juliet’s actual baby girl, Kaya?

  36. Jess says:

    I’m curious if she used her real baby for the show? I’ve only seen one pic of the real baby, but it seems plausible to me…extra excuse to bring your kid to work LOL At least until Kaya grows anyways..

  37. Rhonda says:

    I think “Aria” is a beautiful name for the Nashville new-comer.

  38. Nancy Griffin says:

    I pick the name Melody Faith for the baby.

  39. Nancy Griffin says:

    Melody Faith

  40. Alanna says:

    They will call their daughter Harmony, it’s soooo obvious, they were singing in harmony when she decided she had a name and music is what they do, makes sense x

  41. You gave me fresh life with this review. Thank you. Your writing is laugh out loud hilarious.