May Sweeps Scorecard 2015: Weddings, Deaths, Breakups, Sex, Resurrections, Firings and More!

May Sweeps Scorecard 2015

Since here on the East Coast we’re still waiting for the last of our snow mounds to melt, you can be forgiven for doubting that spring has actually sprung. But let your friends at TVLine assure you: Not only have the seasons changed but May is right around the corner. How can we be so certain? Because — ta-da! — it’s time for our annual May Sweeps Scorecard!

Same as ever, the teaserpalooza is jam-packed with intel about who’ll be getting laid to rest (or just laid) and saying “I do” (or hearing “You’re fired”) during Sweeps and all the way through the season’s finales. Also as usual, we’ve slapped [SPOILER] tags on the surprises that we’re not allowed to disclose (but that you are more than welcome to guess).

Wait, wait. Not so fast. Before you dive in:
• Keep in mind that most of the entries pertain to series regulars or recurring characters on shows that air on a broadcast network (i.e. ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC, The CW).
• Also keep in mind that, as the plots twist and information leaks, we’ll be updating the Scorecard (and re-updating it… and RE-re-updating it) until at last all the blanks are filled in and/or overwritten with NEW items. In other words, bookmark this page now. You can thank us later.
• Lastly, keep in mind that, if it’s on the Scorecard, it occurs during May Sweeps, which this year begins April 23 and ends May 20.

OK, now you can start reading. What? You already had? Is it any wonder why we love you people?

Number of characters giving birth: 2
1. AIRED April 30: Meredith welcomes daughter Ellis/Grey’s Anatomy
2. AIRED May 11: Jane welcomes son Mateo/Jane the Virgin

Number of couples having sex, kissing or saying “I Love You” for the first time: 19
AIRED April 30: Kenna and Renaude/Reign
May 5:Liv and Lowell had sex/iZombie
May 6: Gunnar and Kiley kissed/Nashville
May 7: Bash and Delphine/Reign
May 7: Raj (reluctantly) says “I love you” to Emily/The Big Bang Theory
AIRED May 8: Juliette and Kenneth kissed, maybe had sex/Grimm
7. AIRED May 10: Emma said “I love you” to Hook/Once Upon a Time
8. AIRED May 10: Jack and Amanda have sex/Revenge
9. AIRED May 11: Jack and Beth kissed/Stalker
May 12: Candace and Justin kissed/Undateable
May 12: Chicago PD‘s Roman and Brett had sex/Chicago Fire
May 13: Will said “I love you” to Kevin/Nashville
13. AIRED May 13: Barry and Laney exchanged “I love yous”/The Goldbergs
May 13: Adam and Dana exchanged “I love yous”/The Goldbergs
15. AIRED May 14: Felix and Emily kissed, had sex/The Odd Couple
May 14: Jo said “I love you”  to Alex/Grey’s Anatomy
17. AIRED May 14: Stefan said “I love you” to Caroline/The Vampire Diaries
18. AIRED May 15: Juliette and Kenneth/Grimm
19. AIRED May 17: Jake and Amy kiss/Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Number of new pregnancies: 7
AIRED April 23: Brennan/Bones
2. AIRED April 26: Zelena/Once Upon a Time
April 30: Meredith/Grey’s Anatomy
4. AIRED May 6: JJ/Criminal Minds
5. AIRED May 7: Mary/Reign
6. AIRED May 12: Dawson/Chicago Fire
7. AIRED: May 14: Kenna/Reign

Number of weddings: 8
April 23: Louis Condé and Queen Elizabeth/Reign
2. AIRED April 28: Lizzy and Prudence/One Big Happy
3. AIRED May 6: Oliver and Nyssa/Arrow
4. AIRED May 10: Jack and Amanda/Revenge
5. AIRED May 11: Rogelio and Xo/Jane the Virgin
6. AIRED May 14: Richard and Catherine/Grey’s Anatomy
7. AIRED May 18: Sophie and Oleg/2 Broke Girls
8. AIRED May 19: Ronnie and Caitlin/The Flash

Number of couples reuniting: 11
 AIRED May 3: Phil/Tandy and Carol/The Last Man on Earth
2. AIRED May 3: Todd and Melissa/The Last Man on Earth
May 5: Schmidt and Cece/New GIrl
May 10: Alicia and Kalinda/The Good Wife
5. AIRED May 10: Rumplestiltskin and Belle/Once Upon a Time
7. AIRED May 11: Max and Mike/The Following
8. AIRED May 12: May and Andrew/Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
AIRED May 14: Fitz and Oliva/Scandal
 AIRED May 14: Liz and Tom/The Blacklist
AIRED May 14: Mary and Francis/Reign

Number of fatalities: 52
AIRED April 23: Derek/Grey’s Anatomy 
 AIRED April 27: 
Jason “Lennon” aka The Ogre/Gotham
3. AIRED April 27: Joe Carroll/The Following
4. AIRED April 28: Sunil/Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
April 28: Martine/Person of Interest
April 28: Link/Person of Interest
April 29: Nadia/Chicago P.D.
May 1: Henrietta/Grimm
May 3: Ben/Revenge 
10. AIRED May 4: Sal Maroni/Gotham
11. AIRED May 4: Gia/The Originals 
12. AIRED May 5: Ned Dorneget/NCIS
13. AIRED May 5: Robert Gonzales/Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
14. AIRED May 5: Dominic Besson/Person of Interest
15. AIRED May 5: Devon Grice/Person of Interest
16. AIRED May 5: Schiffman/Person of Interest
17. AIRED May 5: Savanah/NCIS: New Orleans
18. AIRED May 6: Maseo/Arrow
19. AIRED May 6: Charlie/Supernatural 
20. AIRED May 8: Kelly Burkhardt/Grimm
21. AIRED May 10: David/Revenge
22. AIRED May 10: Victoria/Revenge
23. AIRED May 11: Dahlia/The Originals
24. AIRED May 11: Esther/The Originals
25. AIRED May 11 Tom/The Following
26. AIRED May 11 Penny/The Following
27. AIRED May 11: Mark/The Following
28. AIRED May 12: Raina/Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
29. AIRED May 12: Gordon/Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
30. AIRED May 12: Jiaying/Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
31. AIRED May 12: Kara/Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
32. AIRED May 12: Lowell/iZombie
33. AIRED May 13: Ra’s al Ghul/Arrow
34. AIRED May 14: Tom Connolly/The Blacklist
35. AIRED May 14: Carter/American Crime
36. AIRED May 14: Aubry/American Crime
37. AIRED May 14: Russ/American Crime
38. AIRED May 14: Jo/The Vampire Diaries
39. AIRED May 14: Kai/The Vampire Diaries
40. AIRED May 14: Liv/The Vampire Diaries
41. AIRED May 14: Renaude/Reign
42. AIRED May 15: Kenneth/Grimm
43. AIRED May 15: Rispoli/Grimm
44. AIRED May 15: King Frederick/Grimm
45. AIRED May 15: Juliette/Grimm
46. AIRED May 18: Theo/The Following
47. AIRED May 18: Lisa Campbell/The Following
48. AIRED May 18: Daisy/The Following  
49. AIRED May 19: Eddie/The Flash
50. AIRED May 19: Eobard*/The Flash
51. AIRED May 20: Death/Supernatural
52. AIRED May 20: Johnny D/Law & Order: SVU

* if by “death” you mean “erasure from existence”


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  1. DF12398 says:

    shocked there’s only one wedding! Sophie+Oleg on 2 broke girls perhaps?

    • Letti says:

      TVD’s Alaric and Jo?

    • KimB says:

      Wedding and Pregnancy – Alaric and Jo TVD
      Kiss for the first time – Barry & Iris, Amy and Jake B99, Narcisse & Lola -Reign, Meredith & Soto -TMoL
      Reuniting – Liz and Tom Keen Blacklist, and ofcourse Olitz (yawn), Liv & Major – iZombie, Laura & Jake – TMoL
      Fatalities – Francis Reign; Major character on Arrow, Revenge and at least 2 characters on TVD
      Break ups- Ben and Emily Revenge, Mary and Conde Reign, Leo & Abby Scandal, Iris & Eddie The Flash,
      Characters leaving town – Jake- Scandal
      Engagements – Damon and Elena TVD, Narcisse & Catherine -Reign, Jake and Emily Revenge
      On Screen Firings/job changes – Cisco and Caitlin The Flash
      Possible Fatalities – Prince Conde Reign, Jake TMoL,
      Cliffhangers – The Flash or Arrow or The Blacklist

      • m3rcnate says:

        I guess the real question is how many of these things actually stick and how many end up being fantasy sequences, dream sequences, hallucinations, and how many are removed by time travel and amnesia?

        • aw says:

          great point!!

        • Delirious says:

          Time travel sounds like Flash… ie “Time warp” category. Which could make other categories fill in consequently. Wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a fatality (actual or apparent) there as well, independent from the time travel issue. Same as Arrow, where I’d add a resurrection, if they’re planning to actually use Sara in the spinoff. Plus a breakup (Palmer/Felicity), for the same reason, Atom in the spinoff, and then leaving town. Not sure about the Olicity hitch-up, tho.

          Did they announce Brennan’s new pregnancy in Bones? That’d be one of the 2 in the list… And Castle could be another option.

          Going back to the comics/superhero thing, Agents of SHIELD seems a good candidate for firings, casualties, or deadly cliffhangers. I think we’ll know more by the end of the month, after we get Avengers 2 in cinemas. And even tho I don’t watch Constantine, that seems like a safe bet for the fatality categories.

          Which takes me to the out-of-this-world cliffhanger category. Does it mean “out of this planet” (as in, aliens), “paranormal” (Constantine, Supernatural), “another reality”…?

      • Sara says:

        I think Alaric & Jo will have a wedding, but she’s already pregnant so that was announced in March. I think the new pregnancy during May sweeps will be Booth/Brennan on Bones since Emily is pregnant and they’re just going to write that into the show again.

      • davido says:

        The Blacklist, after 2X18, it looked like Tom and Liz reuniting is a no go. I foresee Liz/Ressler kiss tho

        • Gambs says:

          Regarding The Blacklist, I think Tom will be one of the fatalities. Yes, I could also see a Liz/Ressler hookup as well.

          • davido says:

            I HOPE Tom bites it (finds him douchey), but the show spent 6 episodes “redeeming” him. Doubtful that he’ll die…but perhaps somewhat reduced role as I don’t see to what extent he’ll be useful to the mythology. There is no way he’s gonna work for Red, as it’d be completely out of character for Red to “trust” those who crossed him. And there’s no way Tom will work for the task force, that would be serious suspension of disbelief. Hoping he goes to Micronesia for a year, come back later to wreak havoc on weak Liz.

      • So, Barry and Iris, Narcise and Lola both have already kissed, so can’t be.
        Jo can maybe give birth, but since she’s already pregnant she can’t get pregnant xD (we’re talking about normal circumstances here)
        I don’t see Jack and Emily getting engaged so soon, maybe a reuniting of sorts at best.
        Can Cisco and Caitlin even get fired, I know they say they work there, but… Do they? xD

        And can I jut say that this May Sweeps list looks longer than ever?

      • lilulo12 says:

        I will be SO mad if Jake leaves Scandal.

        • Nate Mayhew says:

          You and……


          (Just kidding, but I wanted the first comment to be a bit friendly. Prepare for the “Jake ruined the show” backlash.)

        • DeeDee says:

          Didn’t he say farewell on Twitter?
          Seems like there were a large number of stabs.
          He’s the only one I saw that would be able to “dispose” of Daddy-dearest!

        • Julie says:

          Most likely in the minority here but I agree. I despise the Olivia and Fitz relationship. They are more toxic than anything. For as strong a character as Olivia is, she turns into a puddle of jello whenever she’s near him. I like she and Jake much much better. There may be a lot of things that ruined the show but Scott Foley/Jake Ballard is not one of them. There are a lot of factors that go into that. Most prominently, the kidnapping/auction storyline. The auction was the final straw that completely sent the show OFF THE RAILS.

    • thisismenow says:

      The scorecard is never complete. There will likely be more slots added as the next couple of weeks play out. There have been times where all the slots are full and a couple new additions happen last minute.

  2. Rock Golf says:

    Which category will Kalinda fall into?

  3. K says:

    What categories will Castle get?

    • SallyW says:

      Hopefully a pregnancy 😊 That would be awesome!

      • Sheryl says:


      • get it right already! says:

        no! if so that means no 8!………………..I wouldn’t doubt it if it was the out of the world cliffhanger or near death or death, or change of jobs, category for Castle

      • maria says:

        If by “awesome” you mean “the final nail in the coffin of an already-dying show”…then yeah, a pregnancy would be “awesome.”

        • doris says:

          Castle gets an 8 + share. Don’t be cruel! It’s not dying out. ABC wants Castle back. Nathan and Stana appear to only want what ABC pays the other scripted drama stars. It’s only fair to pay them what Nathan and Stana are asking for if they have been working under the same contract for the past 7 years! Fault ABC!

          • NF and SK fan always says:

            true to some extent on that About ABC fault but I think it’s more then just the money that’s holding it up, I think there’s alot more to it then just that.

    • SOrms says:

      Castle is listed under shows endangered of being cancelled according to the list posted. ABC wants them back, even if it’s a shortened season. It’s a wait & see!
      Hope they come back for more than 8.

  4. Lea says:

    just one wedding? guess its not Jo and Alex from Grey’s Anatomy then, right? cause I’ve been waiting forever for Alex to finally pop the question but he’s too busy hanging out with his friends these days. GAH.

    • Tom says:

      He can be one of the ones who pops the question :D

    • Grey's Fan says:

      I’m hoping one of the couples having sex for the first time is GA’s Alex and April. (Been waiting since Season 7.)

      • Jen says:

        Gross, are you for real?? She’s married, he’s hopefully married soon and they’d make a horrible couple.

        • Grey's Fan says:

          Alex and April are awesome together. And unlike Jackson, Alex never treated April like a delicate flower – which is gross. If a man treated me that way I’d want to punch him for being condescending.

          • bluefairy says:

            There’s a big difference between not being condescending and acting like a douche (which is how Alex acted to April). I get that you don’t want to be treated like a delicate flower, but I don’t think you want to be insulted and screamed at. Also, Jackson isn’t condescending to April, he loves her and was just trying to be protective after they lost their baby. When she pointed out that he was overreacting, he stopped. Nothing wrong with that and they are very good together.

          • Grey's Fan says:

            Fair enough. I’ve been waiting for the Alex/April relationship forever – I like how she stands up to him and puts him in his place when he’s being a douche, yet is sensitive to be able to read him and realize when he scared and just acting out. Jackson has never been a character I cared for, but I have to admit I’m liking him a bit this season and would like to see the April/Jackson friendship remain (even though I want them to break-up as a couple).

          • Jen says:

            Do you not remember the episode where April almost slept with Alex, and it was horrible? It was before Owen and Christina’s housewarming party.

          • Grey's Fan says:

            Yeah and in the next episode, Bailey told April that Alex Karev wasn’t the boy she wanted to take her “maiden voyage” with… she never told her he wasn’t someone she shouldn’t be in a relationship with. Meaning, April needed to find a “nice guy” first and gain some life experience before she was ready for Alex. There are numerous episodes where a future Alex/April pairing is hinted at (the If/Then episode when they were having a secret affair and Cristina found them for one).
            While April needed some life/relationship experience before Alex; he too needed to grow up and learn how to have a stable relationship before April. Not to mention both their initials are A.K.

          • Julie says:

            I guess anything can happen but I’d feel pretty confident to say about Alex/April: never gonna happen. The two of the. “Almost sleeping together” was so forgettable that I honestly don’t even remember it and I’m taking another poster’s word for it that it actually did. And while Shonda will do anything whether it makes sense or not (“ahem” Killing McDreamy) I don’t see this one happening. And I truly hope it doesn’t. I love Jackson and April,together and Alex finally seems happy.

          • Grey's Fan says:

            New theory got GA:
            April leaves Jackson.
            April and Owen hook up.
            Jackson gets drunk and has a one-night stand with a mystery woman he picks up at Joe’s.
            Mystery woman turns out to be Alex’s little sister and a new intern at Grey/Sloan Memorial Hospital.

            Get it:
            Derek = Jackson
            Mark = Owen
            Addison = April
            Meredith – Alex’s sister (Mystery woman)
            For good measure: Callie = Amelia
            Those two male interns from last week = George and Alex.
            Now they just need one more female intern for the “new” Cristina. (Ie: Mystery woman’s bestie.)

      • Maria says:

        I can’t even take this comment seriously because these two are never even shown in scenes together anymore. April is married and Alex is in a happy relationship. If the writers had wanted to put them together they would’ve done it in s7 or s8 and definitely not now. I feel like either you’re one of the delusional kind or you’re making fun of us lol. I for one love Jolex, if only they got more scenes together this season. And Japril are great too.

    • Willie says:

      Nah, the wedding is probably for Penny and Leonard on Big Bang Theory. Let’s hope for Alex and Jo at least get engaged or discuss the topic, but beware that we can be disappointed again. This season is the worst.

    • bluefairy says:

      Didn’t Alex already tell Jo that he wants to marry her? Jo is not a pink princess waiting for her knight on a white horse to bring her a super-expensive diamond, and Alex is far from being a knight, so do they really have to go through that boring ritual? I thought they had already established that they were going to get married.

    • Anyone else got big Alex-New Christina vibes last episode? Jo should be worried.

  5. Amy says:

    So excited for this! I love guessing and I’ll keep an eye out for new additions! I have yet to think these through but off the top of my head, the new pregnancy slot has to go to Brennan (since Sweeps starts April 23rd). Also guessing Oliver and Felicity and Arrow/The Flash get more than a few.

    • Lizzie says:

      Yeah they should have just put Oliver and Felicity in the “couples having sex for the first time category” I mean the promo kind of tells us.

  6. MK says:

    I hope Cece and Schmidt are one of the couples getting back together!

  7. ruahticsn says:

    I’m willing to bet that Deeks is going to fall in the major job changes on NCIS:LA.

    • Larc says:

      Bet you’re right. Deeks is technically still working for the LAPD. They’ve started investigating him for some reason. Hetty will put up with that for only so long. She will likely pull some strings so Deeks can be hired by NCIS.

  8. kmw says:

    The pregnancy is the easiest one That is Brennan on Bones. I was also going to say job change for Booth and Brennan but their last show isn’t until June 4th. I also suspect they will be a breakup(however probably temporary). None of the other shows I can guess yet

    • Matt Logan says:

      then there will be two pregancies as on Criminal Minds AJ Cook is pregnant and will be in the stryline

      • FM says:

        Where has it been said that AJ’s pregnancy is going to be written into the show again? I don’t think I’ve seen anything about it anywhere.

        • FM says:

          And I honestly hope it’s not her. Both JJ and Kate, the two female field agents of the team, pregnant at the same time? Not interested, I don’t want to team to be just the four guys, thank you very much. It’s Brennan, and the OUAT writers also said something about a pregnancy or a baby not long ago, I just don’t know if it was about Maleficent, which already aired, or if it’s still something to come.
          The “I love you for the first time”, is Regina finally going to say “I love you” to Robin? And maybe she and Robin are also one of the “couples reuniting”, I don’t know if the episode when he returns to Storybrooke with Marian/Zelena is before or after April 23rd, but if it’s after maybe Zelena is one of the big returns too?
          Another return, based on the hints I’ve been seeing on twitter and tumblr, is Ziva, in what capacity I have no idea.
          The “time warp” it’s Castle since this is most likely their last season (and considering how terrible the season has been, I’m glad it’s ending).
          Let’s just hope Booth’s relapse into gambling and Brennan’s pregnancy troubles don’t get Booth and Brennan apart from each and breaking up or divorcing. Just NO!

          • To FM: oh, I hope it is ;) I’m not enjoying season 10 much, or care for Kate’s pregnancy (congrats to JLH though!), JJ’s pregnancy would make me very, very happy (I guess even if it is mostly offline, at least she gets to be happy) besides we’d likely to end up with a guys (+ Garcia) team anyway. I assume AJ and JLH will have maternity leave around the same time so…

            man, I used to love Bones so darn much. I feel a bit sad thinking about it now. I haven’t watched Bones in long while.

          • FM says:

            “Character’s giving birth”: Stephen Nathan has said that we’re not seeing B&B’s new baby, or babies, this season so it can’t be Brennan.
            Kate Callahan. With something maybe happening to Meg because of her internet “friend”, the stress of the situation could cause Kate to go into labor.
            Or maybe it’s not her either. Maybe it’s Mindy. I don’t watch that show but since she was the pregnancy blind item, it could be her too.

          • FM says:

            According to a recent interview, Jennifer Love Hewitt is leaving Criminal Minds by the end of this season, so I’d also put Kate Callahan in the major job change category. All my favorites from CM have either been fired (AJ, Rachel) or decided to leave by themselves (Lola, Jennifer) or both (Paget). Why do I still watch this show?

          • NF and SK fan always says:

            not sure why you still watch, but youre right, many have come and gone on this show but I stick with cause I love how the show is written, I watch this one I can solve the case…..

        • tannerose5 says:

          I think AJ Cook’s baby is due in July. Kate (JLH) is already pregnant on the show. I’m more worried about the big three (Thomas Gibson, Shemar Moore and Matthew Gray Gubler). All their contracts are up.

          • Angela says:

            Good point about AJ’s baby being due in the summer-if that’s the case, then that would make it tough to put it into the show. Unless they announce she’s been pregnant for a few months already on the show and then by the time the show returns next season they write in her having had her kid by then or something? Dunno.
            As for the contracts, I thought I’d heard somewhere that everyone on the cast seemed to be on the same cycle now in terms of renewing contracts. But I could be wrong, don’t know. I’m going to guess/assume they’ll be back, though :). I certainly hope so, at least!

          • FM says:

            I thought both MGG and JLH signed for two seasons last year. Everyone else’s contracts are up for renewal this year, and I remember reading somewhere, two years ago, when Shemar signed for seasons 9 and 10, that he would not be renewing again after season 10. But so far this year nothing has been said about the show’s renewal or the actors’ contract negotiations for season 11. We’ll just have to wait and see what’s gonna happen.

          • To tannerose5:
            wouldn’t MGG have signed a two-year contract when he signed on for season 10 (last year)? anyway, Thomas, Shemar, Kirsten, AJ & Joe contracts are surely up. I would be more worry of AJ and Kirsten actually seeing the history of this show(and/or network) with female characters.

            To Angela:
            despite the high likability JJ’s pregnancy if written will be mostly offline, right now I still find myself wanting it very much. At least have it mentioned in the last 2-3 episodes if it goes mostly offline (even though, even spoiler-free now I’m rather think it’s pretty much gonna be about Meg *sigh*) so we’d see it play a bit. But yes,gosh, I wasn’t baby-crazy like that before lol I think it’s because of CM200 and 10×11 breaking my heart that I really, really, really would love JJ to have another baby. *fingers crossed*

  9. Matt Logan says:

    Crminal minds for new pregnancy AJ cook is preganant and it will be part of the one of the final 3 ep

    • Julie says:

      Recent Erica Messer article that I read somewhere basically confirms this. I honestly didn’t think they were going to write AJ’s pregnancy in. But I’m glad it looks like they are, especially after revealing that JJ had a miscarriage around the time she was relocating Emily.

  10. Matt Logan says:

    Maybe morgan and savannah on Criminal Minds might get engaged

    • Angela says:

      I wondered about that, too. They’ve moved in together this season, after all, so I wouldn’t rule out that possibility.

    • Oh please no… If that happens… people will hear me screaming from miles away. East coast, West coast don’t care. They will hear me. I’m voting on breakup.

    • ^ This! that’s a feeling I got a lot lately, even before Savanna’s appearance in 10×17 maybe it’s because of having seeing their date in Valentine’s, then there was him meeting her parents (IIRC) and them having a house together. Yeah, I can see it! I wouldn’t mind it one bit though. Morgan deserves to be happy, I like his chemistry with Savannah. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that pairing IMO (always been strong believer him & Garcia are and should remain friends).

    • Julie says:

      I couldn’t care less about Savannah but if it solidifies the fact, for the Morgan/Garcia fans at least, that Morgan and Garcia will never EVER be anything more than the over the top but not really serious flirting friends that they are, then let them get engaged for all I care. Honestly, I’ve never seen chemistry between Morgan and Garcia. Not of a romantic kind, at least. They’re good friends in real life which translates well into the screen. But that’s it. Shemar had much better chemistry with Paget Brewster than anyone else in my opinion. If any of the main (or former main) characters were to get together, I would’ve wanted to see Derek and Emily. But since the writera has made clear that none of the main characters will ever be a couple and Emily is in London, I don’t see that happening.

      • Angela says:

        I like both pairings, myself, and can see where people would find romantic connections with Morgan/Garcia and Morgan/Emily.
        But ultimately, I do agree with you that any fans who are desperate for the show to put two of the team members together really do need to temper those hopes and quit getting mad at the writers/showrunner for not putting team members together. If the show really wanted to do that, they would’ve done it years ago. For whatever reason, they haven’t, and as you note, they don’t seem keen on doing so, so people need to accept that. The only way I could ever see that sort of thing possibly happening is if maybe in the final season, they might finally bite the bullet with at least one of them. And that’s a big “maybe”.
        There’s many in-team pairings I love and ship for the fun of it. Nothing wrong with that, it’s an entertaining part of being a fan for some viewers. But I don’t expect them to become, or would be very surprised if any of them became, canon.

  11. Letti says:

    Pretty please let Kol Mikaelson be one of the resurrections! (In his own body of course)

  12. Bwhit says:

    I love when you guys do this, it is fun guessing! Out of the shows I watch I’m guessing maybe the reunited couple spots may go to Dawson and Casey (Chicago Fire) and Halstead and Lindsay (PD). Death I think may be Roy on Arrow I’m stumped on all the others plus Oliver and Felicity are probably going to fall into one of those categories too. This should be interesting.

    • Jo B. says:

      I think one of the reunited couples goes to Casey and Dawson of Chicago Fire too!! Here’s hoping! Supposedly there will be a death in Grimm – Adelind? Break ups could have Juliette and Nick. Hmmm …

      • wrstlgirl says:

        I think the third pregnancy is Dawson but I’m not sure they will actually be back together this season. I’ll bet it’s left open ended.

    • Hmm says:

      I SINCERELY hope that one of the reunited couples is Halstead/Lindsay. And by hope I mean I need it like I need air.

  13. Al says:

    Any guesses what show can be part of the cliffhanger ?

  14. spindae2 says:

    Just 1 Pregnancy? 1 Wedding? Surprisingly low numbers.

    • madhatter360 says:

      I’m sure those will get added too. They may only have one wedding and one pregnancy confirmed. Last year some categories had all the slots filled in, then more got added.

      • Frankie707 says:

        LOL, they’ve already updated the pregnancies to 2. So who knows how many there’ll be by the time we get to the end of May sweeps.

      • Frankie707 says:

        And I’m agreeing with you not correcting or anything like that. Seeing how much things get adjusted is part of the fun of these.

  15. H says:

    OUAT is going to have another out of this world cliff-hanger. Just watch.

    • Bean says:

      Given the italics, I’m guessing OUAT or Agents of SHIELD. Something that is literally out of this world.

  16. TVNerd says:

    omg 10 confirmed deaths and 6 possible deaths?!

    Scandal and Grey’s automatically have a few of the deaths…

    Cliffhanger is Scorpion?

  17. aurat22 says:

    I am guessing one of the job changes will be Beckett on Castle. They’ve been hinting at it enough.

  18. kmw says:

    If that’s the case for Criminal Minds they better fix it, because Brennan is announcing pregnancy on April 23rd show. And at least there wont be any possible fatalities on Bones. Maybe on Castle Beckett gets promoted but everything else is too early

  19. Tahina says:

    Pregnancy: Beckett. Death-not wishing it but most likely Kalinda. Callie proposes to Arizona on Grey’s. (More like wishful thinking).. :)

  20. John K. says:

    Since “out-of-this-world” is in italics, I’m guessing the cliffhanger involves outer space and maybe even aliens, so odds are it’ll be SHIELD (tying into Guardians of the Galaxy) or maybe The Flash. I can’t think of any other shows that would literally leave this planet.

  21. kkmr514 says:

    Wait, aren’t there 2 already confirmed weddings??? The one on Arrow Guggenheim has been teasing. And Caitlin/Ronnie on the Flash (there are spoiler pics of their wedding).

  22. kensi1713 says:

    So my guesses are:
    Oliver/Felicity having sex for the first time
    Barry Allen/Flash will feature the time warp since there’s already been time travel featured on the show
    “Out of this world” will be SHIELD and possibly Skye as Inhumans have been introduced
    On Arrow Roy will be a fatality ( though I really REALLY hope I’m wrong on this one)
    Also on Arrow Sarawill be resurrected

    • theschnauzers says:

      I don’t think we’ll be losing Roy, we will be getting some sort of time reset on The Flash and that may be a resurrection of both Barry’s Mom and the real Harrison Wells. And I suspect we’ll be getting a bleed over of the reset on Arrow and possibly a resurrection of Tommy; Berlatni and Company have been really closed mouth about who Caity Lolz will play in the new Arrow-Flash spinoff, so it is possible it’s Sara, but that would clash with the Black Canary/Canary storyline.
      One other possible death could be Captain Lance on Arrow (it’s been hinted at enough times) and Eiobard Thawne on The Flash (another may beRa’s Al Gu or Ronnie Raymond (though I hope not Ronnie as it depends on what Robbie Amell is going to be doing>)

      • kensi1713 says:

        To resurrect Tommy though you’d have to gack two years to the season one finale and undo everything since then. Tommy’s death is the whole reason why Oliver stopped killing as the Arrow. Though I like your reasoning on the rest of it. I agree Barry is going to do something to the timeline on the flash, probably in trying to or succeeding in saving his mom and then the time ripples travel to starling since their in the same universe and all. What I’m nervous about is how much of the story/season arrow is going to hit rewind on due to the flash.

  23. A-C says:

    I hope Nick and Jess are one of the reuniting couples! Also, I’m thinking JJ on Criminal Minds for the pregnancy, maybe Brennan, one of them will most likely be announced before sweeps start. We know one of the characters leaving town is for Coach in New Girl.

  24. hus says:

    I hope steroline is in the “I love you” category

  25. sabrina says:

    Oliver and felicity get together that makes me happy 😊

  26. Tea says:

    Coach from New Girl is leaving town. But that’s obvious.

    Fish Mooney will be a fatality too, OR she might leave town but I doubt it.

    I wonder if The Last Man on Earth is on any of these.

  27. kmw says:

    No to Beckett. It is most certainly Brennan on Bones.

    • NF and SK fan always says:

      we don’t need Beckett to be pregnant but then again I guess anything is possible, mine is for job change or yes even death. other guess is the cliffhanger-they been hinting at one.

  28. Grace says:

    I really want to know what the out-of-this-world cliffhanger is!!!

  29. PFitzDC says:

    What? No babies bein’ born? (Juliet on Nashville!!!)

  30. Matt C. says:

    Oh, how I love May sweeps! I have a feeling the last few episodes of Revenge are going to fit into quite a few of these categories.

  31. Kwapple says:

    We know that Brennan is going to be pregnant, but there’s a good chance that it’s announced before the Sweeps period so that blind item may be unrelated

  32. aurat22 says:

    I am hoping one of the I love you-make out spots goes to Emma/Hook. He kind of said it to her by saying she’s his Happy Ending but she just kissed him, so it’s her turn. Also I think Time Warp might be Once going to Camelot.

    • Bridget says:

      Totally agree. ILY between Captain Swan, leaving town Emma, out of this world cliffhanger, OuaT, where will Emma end up?

    • Ruth says:

      I wouldn’t get my hopes up and am driven to ask myself how much Once Upon A Time’s creators care about this show anymore. So sick of Rumbdumb, and nearly no info at all about Hook, the most popular character on the show, like it or not. If ABC wants to kill my interest in Once Upon A Time, they’re doing a great job.

  33. Duke says:

    I’ll take “out-of-this-world” literally and suggest that cliffhanger belongs to Once Upon a Time.

  34. kmw says:

    It is a possibility they will announce Brennan’s pregnancy at end of episode 14 but I doubt it All of the press release for episode 15, which airs April 23rd which is start of sweeps, says it is going to be announced then. It is also possible FOX will move up that episode to air before then

  35. Citizen of the Internet says:

    One of the deaths is confirmed to be on Grimm

  36. kmw says:

    Now they have fixed pregnancy to 2 Bones and Criminal Minds

  37. Castle Fan says:

    I hope and pray Beckett isn’t pregnant on Castle. I could probably handle most anything else.

  38. Julian says:

    Sara will be resurrected, maybe Barry’s mom.
    For Deaths department I think Arrow, The Flash, TVD and Revenge will be into that category.
    Maybe is time for Matt to leave Mystic Falls, or Tyler… Or both.
    We can add Olicity into “couples having sex”

  39. Yet says:

    Pregnancy for Beckett? Hoping for Season 8-9.

  40. kmw says:

    I really don’t think Castle fans need to worry about a baby unless the show doesn’t come back. There are two lead actresses who are pregnant who have confirmed their pregnancy’s will be written in (Emily Deschanel and AJ Cook)

    • NF and SK fan always says:

      the show might not come back so there it could be,…..there is also rumors of a cliffhanger out there so only time will tell us that one!

  41. Grey's Fan says:

    One of the characters returning is: Captain Donald Cragen on L&O: SVU. Already confirmed the after is returning for an episode that will air during Sweeps.

  42. JC1 says:

    I hope Sara Lance is one of the resurrections.
    Also, I suspect there will be at least one major death on Arrow before the season’s over, if not more. Arrow has killed off a series regular in each of its previous seasons – why break with tradition now? Whether that death falls during sweeps is another question – I think Moira’s death last year happened right before sweeps started.

    • anon says:

      Arrow already had a major death for this season- Sara. Not only was she a big character but her death has informed this entire season. And since we don’t know yet if she’s being resurrected (which nothing has indicated the LP can bring back a months dead and buried person), for now she still counts as the major death this season.

      • JC1 says:

        Caity Lotz, despite having a major role in season two, was never added as a regular cast member. Sara’s death is like Shado’s for season two. In past seasons they’ve written out two regular cast members each season. In season one they wrote out Colin Donnell (killing Tommy) and John Barrowman (apparently killing Malcolm). In season two they wrote out Susanna Thompson (killing Moira) and Manu Bennett (Slade being imprisoned). It’s not totally crazy to think that they might stick to the pattern.

  43. Lysh says:

    Only one wedding? I don’t know if it counts as May sweeps, but it looked like there was a SnowFire wedding going down on The Flash.

    Ten deaths, dang. Hopefully a minimal number from my shows. I feel like the time hop would be Flash and I really want to take “out of this world” literally.

  44. kate says:

    I hope Stefan and Caroline kiss and say I love you! 😊

  45. rachelb says:

    i hope margeax from revenge is in the leaving town category

  46. Natalie says:

    I hope one of those ‘I love you”s are reserved for Hook and Emma from Once!

  47. kmw says:

    I wonder how Kalinda on Good Wife will be written out. I still think Beckett will get a promotion on Castle.

  48. Angel says:

    Resurrection: Trip from Agents of SHIELD.

  49. rachelb says:

    couples having sex for the 1st time: possibly jack and emily, barry and iris hopefully

    number of weddings- ronnie and caitlin

    number of new pregnancies- maybe louise

    number of breakups- iris and eddie hopefully

    number of resurrections/big returns- conrad grayson

    number of out of this world cliffhangers- possibly the flash

  50. Kate says:

    I have Arrow on the brain right now, so, I put Oliver and Felicity on the have sex, say I love you and reunited. The time warp will likely impact this as it pretty much has to be on the Flash. I think AoS is the only other likely show this could happen on and that will have movie related ramifications. As the time warp relates to the Flash, I think the deaths are probably all over those two shows. AoS would have to be the out of this world cliff hanger, right? Am I forgetting another show with aliens as a major factor? I know there is an avenue of Arrow that could go that way which lends itself to the whole theory that Diggle becomes the Green Lantern.

    I am guessing Nolan and Louise get divorced – they pretty much decided to do that already.

    I don’t watch but Kalinda on the Good Wife is leaving town/changing jobs.