Did Chicago Fire Miss Out? Was Bones' Kid Dissed? A Grey's CGI Emergency? Too Many Shirtless Pics? And More Qs!

The Good WifeWe’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows, including Outlander, The Good Wife, Chicago Fire and Grey’s Anatomy!

1 | Did you need to take a cold shower after Outlander‘s wedding night? (Just us?)

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2 | On The Good Wife, shouldn’t Diane have given her LG partners a courtesy heads-up that she was going to represent Cary, to ward off inevitable suspicions that she was planning to defect? Also, can we get a few more gratuitous Matt Czuchry shirtless scenes before Cary is sprung from prison?

3 | Was Last Week Tonight‘s investigation of the Miss America “scholarship” program the best piece of in-depth reporting you saw this week?

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4 | Is there some point — any point! — to Flo and Austin’s affair on Masters of Sex? Also, Virginia’s kids get an entire week off of school for Thanksgiving? And three weeks for Christmas?!

5 | Anyone pick up on a spark between Scorpion‘s Toby (played by Eddie Kaye Thomas) and Happy (Jadyn Wong)?Gotham

6 | On Gotham, how come the full carton of milk Selina had just pinched was near-empty when she went to pour it for the cat?

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7 | TVLine reader Disbeliever asks: “Do any of the show’s writers know where Dallas is on the map? Or how big Texas is? How on earth did the characters make it back from Mexico to Southfork so fast?”

8 | Why so quick to push your button, The Voice? (We’re looking at you, Adam Levine.) And this one comes from Reality Check cohost/Friend of TVLine Melinda Doolittle: “Outside of being a country artist, what would be another reason to turn down Pharrell if he turned his chair around for you?”

Stephen Amell Jason Dohring9 | Has Jason Dohring (seen here on CW Seed’s Veronica Mars web series Play It Again, Dick) been working out with Stephen Amell?

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10 | Anybody else find themselves disturbingly attracted to Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s Ward during that scene with Skye?

11 | Did it seem like Mindy Project’s Richie had fallen on some hard times? Wasn’t he a hotshot tennis dude the last time we saw him?

12 | If NCIS is doing this Mad Russian storyline all season, can they switch to a traditional style of on-screen subtitles? (This “typing it out,” different-locations-on-the-screen version is uniquely odd.) Also, how did Tony get to Russia so quickly?

13 | Who else is bummed that Chicago Fire‘s Shay and Chicago P.D.‘s Lindsay never got to have a scene together before… well, you know?

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14 | If Awkward‘s Matty and Jenna were in a good place before Eva’s arrival and they’re in a good place post-Evagate, then what was the point of that character?

Person of Interest15 | Person of Interest’s mighty Samaritan supercomputer can only communicate one word at a time? How quickly is that gonna get old?

16 | We’re confused: If the person Nashville‘s Rayna called early in the episode was Luke, why did he seem so surprised when she showed up at the charity event? And why did it seem like Deacon was expecting to see her at The Bluebird?

17 | Is Red Band Society rewriting already, or were the “Kara’s parents” we met in the premiere her dad and his second wife? Also, isn’t Kara a bit young to be dropping 7th Heaven references? (She was 9 when it ended.) And finally, wouldn’t the show be 100 times better without the between-worlds sequences?

18 | Did The Mysteries of Laura — an 8 o’clock show in which a pre-K moppet could pop up in the very next scene — surprise you The Vampire Diaries Jeremy Shirtlesswith the perp’s brutal assault on Laura? (Speaking of NBC cop-moms having it rough: SVU abducted Benson’s baby already?!)

19 | Seriously, what is in the water in Mystic Falls? (And did we overdo it with shirtless photos this column?)

20 | Rhetorical question: Was there anything more joyous on TV this week than Terry Crews and Live‘s Michael Strahan having a dance-off to Earth Wind and Fire?

21 | SYTYCD fans: Can you watch the new ads for the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 (set to 2NE1’s “I Am the Best”) without your brain immediately conjuring up memories of Jenna and all-star Mark’s astonishing Season 10 jazz routine?

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22 | Any other Bones watchers think it odd that Booth, upon returning home after a three-month stint in prison, didn’t ask to see daughter Christine?Grey's Anatomy

23 | Ringer CGI flashbacks, anyone?

24 | Were you more, less or equally shocked as How to Get Away With Murder‘s Wes when Annalise began to rub his chest during a tearful breakdown about her marital woes?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!