Is Sons' Juice Too Cheesy? Why Was Strain Sex a Bit Funky? Is Runway Really Anonymous? And More TV Qs!

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including The Strain, Sons of Anarchy, Graceland and Project Runway!

1 | During that super-awkward Strain Sex Scenesex scene on The Strain, was there really not a single editor who noticed that Ephraim’s jacket is on in one shot, then off in the next — without him putting Nora down? And did Gus actually throw away the guard’s gun after escaping the prison transport? He didn’t suspect he’d, you know, need it again, with these creatures on the streets?!

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2 | Seeing as The Leftovers’ Guilty Remnant broke into everyone’s homes at Christmas, shouldn’t somebody in Mapleton have had a decent-enough security system by now to keep them from pulling off their Memorial Day stunt?

3 | Unforgettable’s Al asked Carrie if she robbed banks with the “bad boy” she once dated. Um, wouldn’t she have mentioned that when she had to pose as a bank robber last season?

4 | TVLine reader Michael asks: “Will Fox’s Minority Report pilot see its own cancellation coming before it happens? And will it be able to stop it?”

Top Model Matthew5 | Wait! America’s Next Top Model‘s unspeakably hot Matthew and beautiful Will made out — and nobody caught it on camera??

6 | Considering Under the Dome‘s Lyle was swimming in a freezing lake at night for several minutes, shouldn’t he have been the one with hypothermia? And does Julia’s impaling leave her with only 37 good pairs of jeans?

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7 | Sleepy Hollow’s Tom Mison, narrating “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow”? In his native British accent? For free? What’s not to like?!

8 | Which would you prefer in Summer 2015: Bachelor in Paradise or Bachelor Pad? (Trick question: The answer is Season 3 of Mistresses, obvs!)

Sons of Anarchy9 | How much sliced cheese does Sons of Anarchy‘s Juice eat?!? (All while keeping his bod so lean?) And weren’t the last 10 minutes of the premiere made even better by that “Bohemian Rhapsody” cover?

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10 | Are the cops on Finding Carter even more incompetent than The Following‘s FBI agents? How come they couldn’t trace Crash’s location via his cell phone?

11 | Not to dwell on this again, but seeing as it could have exonerated Graceland’s Mike of much suspicion in the hacienda massacre: The six federal agents’ beach house also doesn’t have a security camera, that would have caught Sid stealing the gun? And in the Lina debate, is anyone still on Team Paige?

12 | In a TV universe teeming with shiny, finely tailored cartel bosses, is The Bridge’s shlumpy, trucker hat-wearing Fausto Galvan perhaps the most terrifying?

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13 | Is The Bachelor‘s Juan Pablo hoping to change his woeful rep by appearing on VH1’s Couples Therapy? And if so, should someone tell him that acting like an entitled, emotionally frozen sociopath isn’t the best road to redemption?

Meredith Vieira Show14 | Based on the desk/chair set in the background, we have to ask: Is Meredith Vieira planning a segment of her new talker where she writes letters to her pen pal and balances her checkbook? Also, is that battered-by-her-pets armchair from home a refreshingly real part of her set, or too precious by half?

15 | Rhetorical question: Could the cast of Fox’s Utopia be any more obnoxious and unappealing? And wouldn’t this “social experiment” have been infinitely more interesting set on a remote 50 acres in Montana, with fewer supplies/amenities and a cast of real human beings (instead of 14 drama queens/Big Brother rejects)?

16 | Hadn’t we all agreed that Colin Jost was the SNL Weekend Update anchor who needed replacing?Project Runway

17 | Libby Masters, what are you doing on Project Runway?! Meanwhile, TVLine reader Sarah asks: “How can they claim it’s an ‘anonymous’ runway when Alexander has had the exact same blonde model for the last four challenges???”

18 | Old-school Stephen King nod or not, is there a Haven drinking game to be played this season with utterances of the word “thinny”? And what’s the latest read on Mara: bad-ass baddie, or plain ol’ beyotch?

19 | Was You’re the Worst’s time-jumpy episode perhaps its best episode yet?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!