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Castle EPs Talk Finale Twist: 'Fans Are Going to Be Happy It Wasn't a Dream'

Castle Finale Wedding Car Crash

What doesn’t kill Castle stands to make “Caskett” stronger. That’s the message from the ABC series’ new showrunner, David Amann, and creator Andrew W. Marlowe, both of whom spoke with TVLine Tuesday at a Television Critics Assoc. summer press tour soiree.

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For starters, and to put a final nail in any scurrilous speculation, Amann was not promoted to showrunner in the name of “undoing” any perceived problems with the May finale, which left bride Beckett discovering the fiery wreckage of her groom’s car.

“Andrew and I have been working together since I arrived on the show five years ago,” Amann shared. “He’s still very much a part of the show and he’s going to be very much involved. The vision is going to remain the same.”

Meaning, Amann’s first order of business will not be to, for example, reveal in the September premiere that it was all just a dream. “No, that’s not what we’re going to be saying!” he affirms with a laugh. Adds Marlowe: “And when the fans see what we are doing, they’re going to be happy that it’s not a dream. We did what we did for a reason — to open up some new mythology, to have some really fun storytelling coming up. Those fans who are less-than-thrilled should reserve judgement until they see the first few shows of the season.”

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Without revealing anything further about the who or why of Castle’s seemingly fatal car crash — other than to say the season premiere picks up immediately afterwards, with Beckett still in her wedding dress, distraught — Amann assures the show’s fans that the eventual impact on Rick and Kate’s romance will be an empowering one.

“We are as committed to their relationship as Castle and Beckett are — they are deeply in love and they have overcome a great many challenges already,” Amann says, “so whatever [has happened] is not going to tear them apart. If anything, it will make them stronger.”

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Marlowe echoes Amann, teasing that “a lot of questions are going to be raised, but the two of them are going to face those questions together. We’re not looking to significantly alter the trajectory of their relationship or pull the rug out from under the audience. We’re looking to open up some really interesting aspects of storytelling for the Castle character, who hasn’t been as deeply explored as Beckett over the past six years — and we’re really excited by that opportunity.”

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  1. I smell a Lois and Clark type twist coming up. You know what I’m talking about if you watched that other ABC show.

    • Mercedes says:

      If Lex Luthor and a Castle clone makes their way into this, I’ll be impressed. Can’t wait for them to be married by an angel.

    • ScrubsGuy says:

      “We’re looking to open up some really interesting aspects of storytelling for the Castle character, who hasn’t been as deeply explored as Beckett over the past six years.”

      A supremely ironic statement given the name of the show.

      • Harvey says:

        Do you watch the show? Beckett’s past has been explored very much, how she handled things, her mother’s death, her father’s alcoholism, her wild past, her inner self, Castle’s character is only what it is in the present, even how he managed to be successful without his father isn’t explored. Much of his past is used for fun things, it’s high time they show the worst part about it. Even why he gets attracted to murder isn’t fully answered.

        • M3rc Nate says:

          I dont think you understand what Scrubs meant. Hes saying they fully admit Beckett has been explored deeper (and thats obvious, as you point out examples) yet the show is called Castle…the lead character is Castle, the person who’s number 1 on the call sheet is Nathan Fillion, yet for the past 6 years they openly admit they have been concentrating on Beckett? Irony considering the name of the show is the leads name, and the second lead has gotten 6 years of deep exploration.

          Im glad to hear they are FINALLY going to concentrate on … oh i dont know, the character who’s name is the show title lol…but still, kinda burnt a bit on how they have written Castle the past handful of years. As the punch line giver, as the butt of the joke, as the guy who isnt raising his daughter well, the guy who isnt being a good BF, the guy who is throwing out stupid ideas while at the investigation board…This is the same guy thats supposed to be the lead? While Beckett/Katic gets all those deep, emotional stories and plots? Her mothers murder and the HUGE conspiracy that goes all the way to a guy running for President? One of many of the plots she gets…i hope they can turn things around and really concentrate on Castle like in the earlier seasons.

          What i would love to see as a plot is having Castle have to kill someone, now not out of anger (like when his daughter was abducted) but in defending/protecting Beckett…something like they are in a situation where Beckett is about to get shot so Castle uses the backup Glock that Beckett usually gives him and shoots the assailant dead and that sends him to a dark place (maybe a place connected to why he is so attracted to the morbidity of writing those novels and following Beckett around when her job is dead bodies and murder) and he becomes introverted and depressed and has to see a therapist and everyone on the show has to help pull him out of it. I think that would be a really interesting plot that once they write, they cant take back…it permanently chips a piece away, taking a human life.

          • Just one thing says:

            Eh, #2 on the call sheet has done more work and her character has gotten more focus. But am I really supposed to feel bad when #1 consistently finds other things to do during the season’s production? Clearly the arrangement over the past few years (not all six seasons) has worked well for everyone involved.

          • tp says:

            Maybe the reason Fillion has been otherwise occupied is because he’s tired of being pushed behind Katic. He’s bored and finds other things that interest him. The writers have completely changed Castle’s character. Like in the first season he was an excellent shot then all of a sudden he doesn’t know how to shoot. I had forgotten all about it til I saw a rerun the other week.

          • Just one thing says:

            I disagree that the writers have completely changed Castle’s character. He was an excellent shot in the first season, he saved Beckett’s life in the second season, and he helped shoot down a drone in season five.
            This last season, he figured out a number of cases, was essentially/unofficially proven right about 3XK, and helped save the day with his spy dad. I agree that he’s often too goofy and glib, and I’d prefer to see the more serious side of him that they sometimes highlight. And I’d like to see them delve more into his past, whether it’s his childhood, his marriages or early parenthood. But I don’t think he’s been the complete and utter dolt that his fans are making him out to be compared to Beckett.
            At the end of the day, it’s all about layers. The only reason Beckett doesn’t seem like a completely dark, Debbie Downer all the time, is because Stana Katic has clearly made an effort to infuse the character with joy and light as it pertains to the romantic relationship. If she didn’t add those nuances to her character, it’d be difficult to see how Beckett could find any happiness.
            Perhaps now we can see some more layers to Castle. Though I don’t think they all necessarily had to be overtly scripted for that to happen.

          • Yawn says:

            If Castle has to kill someone it shouldn’t be because he has to save a damsel in distress. I’m tired of Castle being always the one to save the day and solve the case. More balance is necessary.

          • Harvey says:

            You don’t want Castle to be the one who solves the case, watch Season 6 again! And if he has to kill, then obviously it should be so he is saving somebody, his character being shown as killing somebody just to catch him, would just not be him.

          • zaza says:

            More layers, yes. But please don’t take away Castle’s goofiness. It’s what makes the show for me!

          • Kim says:

            Hmm, I agree that Castle hasn’t been as deeply explored as Beckett, but I disagree with the rest. I never got the impression that Castle was a bad dad or a bad boyfriend. On the contrary, I think he’s pretty much the best TV dad, or at least in the top 5 I’ve ever come across in all the shows and movies I’ve ever watched. And I think he’s been pretty great to Beckett. Yes, he can be annoying and a little childish and a sore loser, but that’s also part of who he is, which isn’t going to change.

            So to me, while they haven’t gone as deep into his character as with Beckett, they have shown us a lot of his colors. His serious, protective, fiercely loving side along with the goofy, fun, sometimes annoying side people always seem to focus on. So I’m not really waiting for them to show us something new Castle, the character,-wise, although I’m sure they’re capable of doing that. I’m just waiting for them to expand on what they’ve already shown us. And I would also like them to dig in more into his feelings and his past.

          • Harvey says:

            Yeah, that would be interesting. They could focus on maybe how Castle can’t kill also, and then he has to. He can have PTSD. And I agree about Castle’s character going down past 2 seasons actually. Especially that stupid Eric Vaughn episode made to get him down, though I felt it was Beckett was wrong there. In a relationship though, Castle’s better shown, accidentally, while they want to show Beckett better, I think.

          • Harvey says:

            @Just One Thing

            Castle’s dialogues, his style, his smartness, all is, like being taken away from him, he definitely has changed a lot, and not totally in the right sense.

          • Alexander Mahone says:

            Beckett is been made stronger than Castle now, that’s not really good. The show’s best when they are same. They have changed Castle, some in a good way, like more understandable, less jack-ass, etc, but they have taken out the main ingredient : His awesome funny replies and dialogues. Also he helps in every case but should help even more, I think. Then the show would again be as good as before.

      • S. says:

        Well Castle changed as he helped Beckett grow, but there’s still a lot that had to wait til now. Do you think the Castle we know now was really the man the show started out as having? Deep Fried Twinkie implied Castle wasn’t opening up to her (leaving out how she totally cheated on him) and Beckett seemed a little concerned that he managed to take opportunities to have deeper conversations about himself and turn them into jokes to deflect. Well, that’s been his m.o. for awhile. Now that he doesn’t have Beckett’s situation to help resolve, and they’re getting married, he’s gotta be more honest and deep not just for her but for himself. Your leading man has been in emotional and professional support of a strong woman for several seasons rather than her supporting his greatness, kinda unusual on tv. That doesn’t make him ‘less than.’ It makes him awesome. I happen to think it’s great that there’s room to explore a character this late in a show’s run. You couldn’t have him doing it before. Competing mythologies would’ve been too much. The show’s weight would’ve collapsed from it. They couldn’t possibly have done both justice. Beckett had to advance on her arc before they could even get together. Castle was never going to be able to deepen without her being fully by his side, undistracted by Bracken, etc. so now they’re exploring what they’ve spent years setting up. To me it’s worth it and makes sense. I look forward to seeing what they do.

        • DarkDefender says:

          I completely agree, S. Spot on.

        • Just one thing says:

          Good points! Though I think there was definitely more room to lay those breadcrumbs about Castle’s past in seasons 5 & 6. I’m glad they’re doing it now, though I hope all future stories are not written with any intention of bringing characters down out of some misguided attempt to connect with the audience.

        • Kim says:

          Have to say, I agree with you, S.

        • Meade54 says:

          I agree with S. an outstanding assessment of Castle.

        • Patty says:

          I totally agree with you.

        • Boiler says:

          I’ll add to the well said comments of S. Looking forward to the new season!!

        • Harvey says:

          Agreed! Exploring Castle’s past after the marriage wouldn’t have been suitable actually, it’s better to get that done before marriage.

        • Cindy says:

          I, too, am so anxious for Sept.29th to get here!.I hope Castle is still funny, goofy, and just plain silly. The first pilot episode was the funniest ever! All of S1 was. He can be serious and funny. That’s what makes Castle Castle! Maybe since Braken has been taken down, they can concentrate more deeply into his past. i think he has been a great dad and son. He adores Alexis, that’s been proven in Target and Hunt.

        • Cindy says:

          Right on S.

        • Alexander Mahone says:

          Can’t agree more with you. Very right. Would love to see more about Castle, about him opening up about his history.

      • Mike says:

        I think it is as clear as day that a new show runner was brought in because the show was running off the rails, and needed it. Castle went from a strong man to a purse carrying sidekick. The showing could have been called Beckett with Richard Castle over the last two seasons or so. Fillion has been mailing it in for a while, but when his character is so reduced it is hard to blame him, it is safe to say ABC wants to keep the show,and needs the actors to be into it. This is a chance for Richard Castle to take the ball and run with it. I hope the writers remember that what drove Kate character to make the choice was Richard Castle telling her “see you” in Always, he drew lines in the sand and stood up for himself, hopefully more of that this season. The show is a it’s best when both leads are strong and feeding off each other.

        By the way, I think it is clear that 3XK is not one who forced Castle off the road now. That was a Beckett/case story line. It seems most likely someone new or his dad’s enemy’s.

    • Its not really that type of show? Castle is built on a lot more humor and only pays reference to that kind of show in so many ways.

  2. Teri says:

    I cannot wait to see the storyline. I know AM realized he was going to upset alot of fans with that Finale and I trust it was for a very good reason. Bring on anything that will make Caskett stronger. I love this show so much.

  3. Got says:

    Can’t pull the rug out from under us. You Already did that with the crappy season 6 finale. Same old bull. Now from both of them. Color me a skeptic but this line of hooey is getting old.

    • Castle Fan says:

      SERIOUSLY…..this whining has gotten old. Suck it up and watch or don’t. Beckett’s marriage…Marlowe’s reasoning. Just give it a rest. This cast and team of writers are going to give you great television if you will allow yourself to see the forest beyond the trees. Nitpicking will ruin your enjoyment of this amazing show if you let it and many of you are doing just that.

    • Cindy says:


  4. Andrea says:

    I love this and everything they had to say. I really hope they stick with the idea of delving into the Castle character more. Thanks for posting this!

    • Harvey says:

      Same here, I want to see Castle’s past more too, and it’s great to see the showrunner realizing that as well.

  5. Kate says:

    While I wasn’t someone who was quite as ticked as others at the finale, this article put any fears I had to rest. As long as Castle and Beckett are still together and solving murders, that’s pretty much all I need to be happy. I’m going to trust that the writers know what they’re doing and look forward to seeing where things will go. Thank you so much for this interview!

    • Cindy says:

      I’m with you, Kate. I’m just wanting more romance while still solving murders. They are so cute together. Stana in so gorgeous and Nathan is just downright adorable. The entire cast helps make this show a hit! Would like to see Lani and Espo get together and Jenny and the baby come around some.

  6. Audrey says:

    Hmm. So let’s see how much more they need to bring Beckett “down a peg” this season to match Castle. Yikes.

    • Kida says:


    • Yeah… Here’s hoping the pegs and rungs and points are done.

    • Cindy Whitaker says:

      One more marriage! Of course, that could be done with the “new mythology.” If the man that survives the car crash is 3xk’s girlfriend’s facial reconstruction marvel and Kate marries the fake while the real Castle is forced to watch on a monitor! The fake will probably get more on screen loving than the real Rick in the whole 6th season!!!

      *This my speculation for the “new mythology.”*

  7. Sam says:

    This might be the best scoop article I’ve read so far for the returning shows. I cannot wait for Castle to start back up. Castle and The Good Wife are two of the best.

  8. Kourt says:

    David Amann shuts down all the haters and doubters when he says that fans who were less than thrilled should wait to judge the show until the first couple of episodes of the season air. This is going to be good. Cannot wait!

    • Piper says:

      Contrary to what someone posted its not nitpicking when 6 years of back story is thrown out the window to being a character down to another character’s moral level. Kate was never above Castle she is just as flawed. Plus the whole episode was like something out of a stipid soap opera. I expect more from this show. I will watch but they have a long way to go to repair the damage from that finale.

    • BetiSA says:

      @Kourt thanks for your words, it is exactly what I was trying to say. Thank you Amann! I hope haters don’t watch the show, we don’t need them!!

      • Patty says:

        Agreed. The haters of ‘Castle,’ and its writers, actors, crew, etc., have an alternative, change the channel.

    • Cindy says:

      Agree with everyone who agreed with Kourt about Amann’s comment to wait to judge until after the first couple of episodes. And, yes, this is going to be one great Season 7. I can just feel it!

  9. GPJ says:

    Guess Nathan Fillion did really throw a “hissy” fit last year. That tantrum holdout apparently worked. Four day work week and putting Beckett/Stana in her place, earned him some extra storylines this year. Sad, sad, sad.

    • Harvey says:

      Sad? His role had decreased and it was his right to say that he wanted Castle to have a bigger role. The show is way too Beckettish right now, that was sad, this is good.

      • Tammy says:

        Harvey, I’m right there with you. Castle needs more fleshing out, Beckett had her time to shine and I feel her character has run its course. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for Castle! I, too, would like to see the real story behind what drew him to writing about murder. Bring on season 7!!

        • Moshai says:

          Her character has run its course? What an absolutely ludicrous statement. (This is coming from someone who hopes Amann and Marlowe aren’t being disingenuous about delving into Castle’s backstory)

          • Harvey says:

            I think he means that people know enough about Beckett’s past now, I mean, it has been about her past in the last 6 seasons, and that’s why learning more about just her would be boring. I agree with him.

        • Cindy says:

          I don’t think Beckett’s character has run it’s course, although it would be interesting to see Beckett help Castle solve his past problems, if there are any. Love those two together! By what Amann and Marlowe are indicating, Castket will be stronger than ever! Come on Season 7!!

      • zaza says:

        I, for one, am glad to hear that NF lobbied for more focus to be on Castle, because A) the reason I started watching in the first place was NF and B) I kept watching because of Castle’s goofiness and unique take on crime solving, and C) the episodes that were Becket-centric were such heavy drama that it dragged the show down, for me.

        While I agree that they had to resolve Becket’s past in order for them to have a future, I feel they could have still done it with Castle at the forefront. He was the one who initial alerted her to the fact that her’s death might have been more than a mugging gone wrong. They could have shown him digging on his own throughout the season and how that investigation helped him to grow as a person.

        • Alexander Mahone says:

          I agree with you. Too much drama with Beckett isn’t working that much for me, I loved it, but still. I also wanted Caskett to put Bracken in jail, but it was made too Beckett-centric.

    • me says:

      well if anyone else would have been in nathan’s place they would have left the show long back and i agree its been way to much Beckett for past 3 seasons the same old thing about bracken and her mothers murder while the finale might not be the exact way to set this arc up and it was dumb and stupid at least they realized they have a title character played by nathan for a while amw totally forgot about him this is a refreshing change hope it goes back to how it was in earlier seasons 1-3 it was the best season 6 was the worst

      • waiting says:

        The problem with giving more storyline to the Castle character, in my opinion, has been the vapid and uninspiring performance of Fillion. Even when the character has had meaty parts and episodes, he looks like he is not interested and is just reading lines. I think the reason why we have seen so much Beckett is that Stana has been much more involved in the success of the show and ABC used her talents wisely.

        • me says:

          really?? i dint see any material given to nathan except target and hunt and he was fine in it,the problem is all that castle does is run around Beckett anyone would get bored if you watched much ado about nothing he was brilliant so nathan has the acting to pull it off

        • Lizzie says:

          You’re kidding right? I can’t agree with either assessment.

          • Kim says:

            Hmm, same here. I agree with both to a point. I think that Nathan is a good actor. I liked his portrayal of his worry and fear bordering on desperation and the protectiveness as a dad in Target and Hunt.

            So there have been moments where he’s gone above and beyond my expectations. But then there have been moments where I felt he could have been better. Specifically when it came to Beckett and being worried about her well-being.

            Sometimes I look at Castle and Alexis and how mr. Fillion portrays his part of that relationship and I look at the Caskett relationship and how Castle reacts to beckett or Beckett’s absence when she’s in danger and I find him more affectonate/ emotional when it comes to Alexis.

            And while I think it’s because Alexis is his little girl, the one he feels he needs to protect and always will and Beckett, while he is protective of her, he believes she’s more able to take care of herself. Which is true. But sometimes I still wish he’d be a little more in touch with his emotions when it comes to Beckett. Sometimes even when compared to previous seasons, it feels like he was more affectionate towards her then than he is now. And it is especially obvious because the character of Kate has developed to be a lot more open and affectionate than before.

            I still love his humorous moments, his comedic timing and ad libs are wonderful. And I love his protective side which comes out to some extent even with Beckett. The delivery of his lines is usually well done. I would just like him to display more affection towards Kate. Sometimes I miss that twinkle in his eye you could see when he looked at her in previous seasons. It’s the little things. I guess you could say that sometimes I miss the affection in his face to make me believe the affection evident in his voice. This is not always the case. He nails it many a time. Just, less now, than in past seasons.

            As for ms. Katic, I think she’s been wonderful these past few seasons Her character has more layers than I think even the writers expected her to have when they wrote her. I think a lot of it is the writing, but a lot of it is also that ms. Katic manages to say so much with just her expressions. She has managed to make Kate’s face an open book, which was important especially in the early seasons because the character was so closed off and unwilling to say what she really thought/ felt. She plays Beckett as more than what you see on the surface well and makes you want to know what else is there.

            I don’t think the writers planned to make her as much of a lead as they did either. I think they’d planned for her to have a dark story line and for the solving of that story line and of course the key element, Castle, to make her lighten up and open up as time went on. But I don’t think they’d planned for it to turn into what it did. I feel like that just happened because ms. Katic is good at her job and fans like seeing her in action, like seeing the mystery that is her solved one layer at a time. She adds a lot to the ratings and viewer experience. No one can deny that. She’s a fascinating character and it’s because the great marriage of the writing with ms. Katic’s acting

            Having said that, mr. Fillion is also a really great actor and I look forward to seeing more sides of that or rather, the deeper sides of his character explored more extensively. To me, his Castle hasn’t been a supporting character to ms. Katic’s Beckett, unless you mean in the sense that he’s always been there for her, which I see as one of his great traits. She might not give up, but neither does he. He really is as much of a lead character as Kate and they’re a package deal. I don’t think the show would be as good if either of them was missing. So in the end I think people need to stop trying to put one character down to lift up the other. They’re both important, both vital to the story and they both add their own flavor of awesomeness to it.

          • Just one thing says:

            Good points, Kim.

          • Alexander Mahone says:

            I think both are very great actors and equally good. Nathan himself connects better with Alexis, that’s natural, Beckett has not many episodes to worry like that, so obviously….

            Fillion is unbeatable in comedy, Stana is great in drama, and as Kate gets more of that, she is getting more attention. I love her, but Nathan is being underestimated as he doesn’t get that much. Now I am sure he will show his great acting skills. Castle and Nathan have many fans too, as much as Stana and Kate have, many watch the show for them. Both are awesome.

        • SBell says:

          I agree with your comment, waiting. I don’t think Fillion has the acting chops to portray a layered Castle. I’ll watch the premiere and see if it’s time to move on.

          • Dan says:

            You are wrong. Nathan has a career which proceeded Castle & demonstrated he actually does have the talent to back up his comedic skills. And in Target/Hunt he proved he’s entirely

          • Alexander Mahone says:

            Nathan has great acting work, he just doesn’t get that much time on it. He may not be as great as Stana, but then Stana isn’t as good as him in comedy in any way too, so that puts them in the same league.

        • Harvey says:

          Nathan did look bored in Season 6, but that’s also because he had an unimportant role to play. And as for the success of the show, his acting in the first 3 seasons is actually what created the show, Stana was great too, but Nathan as Castle, that was just awesome. Now he has nothing new to do, of course he will be bored.

          • Alexander Mahone says:

            I agree very much. Nathan’s role has to get like before, his character is what made me watch Castle at the first place.

      • Harvey says:

        Can’t agree more!

    • Nikki says:

      Glad, Glad, Glad ..If in fact Mr. Fillion did what was necessary to help to get this show back to focusing on its titular character I applaud him. He’s number one on the call sheet, team captain per se, and if things were straying he took responsibility upon himself to correct things. He’s a great talent that has been wasted the last couple of seasons. Hopefully Season 7 will improve the series as it returns the focus to Castle–where it should be.

  10. CeCe says:

    How nice! Yay! After SIX seasons Marlowe is finally going to focus on the character the show is named after!!! Nathan as the comic relief is .. well fun/funny but he also an amazing dramatic actor and Marlowe has wasted his talents for quite a while now. Season 7 might be too late to focus on the title character.
    As far as the rest? I’ll decide what I like or don’t. Don’t need Amann or Marlowe’s lip service. I mean Marlowe, and his wife, wrote that insulting horrid season finale. I’m in the low expectations/don’t expect much/wait and see mode.

    • Kourt says:

      I think Stana does dramatic scenes better than Nathan Fillion. Stana has way more episodes just centered on her Castle than Nathan. Nathan only had the season 5 two parter where he really branched out out of his comedic relief shell. One scene that sticks out to me is when he thought the blood in the ambulance was his daughter’s that scene gave me chills.

      • Harvey says:

        Kourt, she does dramatic scenes better than her, that doesn’t mean she should be the only one doing it. Her character didn’t became boring because she changed into quite funny, little, too, Nathan does that better, doesn’t mean he shouldn’t do dramatic scenes, plus Beckett would be with him.

      • Nikki says:

        Nathan is fine at drama as well as comedy. He has proven it time and again in past works such as Buffy (sadistic killer), Firefly/Serenity (a jaded war veteran), White Noise 2 ( a husband/father who sees his family murdered in front of him) as well as others. He has to be given the material. The last couple of seasons of Castle he hasn’t been. It’s time to stop wasting such a talent and use him. He’s can be so much more than the class clown. The Castle character as written now is not the one he signed up to play. Also, not everyone us as convicted as some of Ms. Katic’s acting prowess. She definitely needs a strong partner to lead.

        • Angie says:

          I agree 100% Nikki! Nathan is a great actor – they both are – I don’t understand what everyone is whining about the shows been great I think Katic is a great actress as well and they complement eachother. How can people watch a show when the dislike the other lead…hmmm

    • LL624 says:

      Being comic relief is what he’s good at. They should stick to his strength. Plus, the comedy of Castle is what makes the show different than other procedurals. If they make him less comedic and more dramatic it would drastically change the show. We wouldn’t have many fun episodes anymore.

      • Harvey says:

        He is one of the lead, he is the titular character, he can’t just stick to one thing. Plus, I am guessing overall he would be the one with comedy, just sometimes he would be doing dramatic scenes too, which he is quite good in too.

      • zaza says:

        I like the goofiness of Castle (the show and the character) as well and would hate to lose it, but I think that you can have both the fun and the serious side in a show. Look at the way Simon Baker plays Patrick Jane on The Mentalist. The character is usually a light-hearted trickster, but there is a deeper layer to him as well, and when that comes out, the drama is quite intense. I think Nathan has the ability to bring that sort of depth to Castle, without losing the fun quirkiness we all love.

      • Cindy says:

        I agree LL624. That very first episode was sooo funny. I was hooked from then on. Marlowe has said there was an instant attraction between the two that they had to tone them down a bit in the first episode. Say all you want, fans, still the best show on tv. In fact I don’t think my tv shows anything else! lol

    • Alexander Mahone says:

      Yeah, he is an amazing actor, they both are. Stana has gotten much to do and has proven it, now Fillion will have much to do and would certainly quite the haters.

  11. Kida says:

    It’s concerning how out of touch show runners and studios are with their audience. I, for one, understood the cliffhanger, applaud it, and see great potential for what’s ahead because of it. What angered me about the season finale was Beckett’s unknown first marriage. Every single thing about it rang unbelievable. The cheesiest, campiness plot point I could envision on a show that I call my favorite. It was just embarrassing, and what’s worse is it was one that can’t be forgotten or easily swept under the rug. These guys are so much better than that.

  12. LL624 says:

    Unless this new mythology addresses the Beckett-was-already-married thing, it’s not going to change my feelings on the finale. I also don’t care to dig more into the character of Castle. Beckett’s much more interesting and I hope digging into Castle doesn’t mean further damaging Beckett.

    • Kourt says:

      Beckett being married previously is just water under the bridge now. I highly doubt David Amann is going to touch on that in 7×01.

    • John NYC says:

      It was Vegas. She got wasted. She was a young college student on a weekend of fun with her boyfriend. Did I mention it was Vegas?

      Not much more to “address”. I did mention Vegas right? Even Stanford students pull oddball stunts, apparently she fit right in.

      • Kida says:

        Come ON! After the ridiculous way they chose to knock her down a couple pegs to Castle’s level (still rolling my eyes at that justification by TPTB) with that asinine drunken marriage story, I shudder thinking of what’s next for Beckett as they work to “build” the Castle character.

        • me says:

          well blame the writers or more amw for putting beckett on the pedestal and making her into super Beckett in season 6 at least in season 1-5 she was more humane in season6 she was like superman that could do no wrong and can solve anything nobody can beat her that was seriously dumb then they tell they need to pull her down a peg for castle that was even more dumb by amw

        • Audrey says:

          It’s quite sad that writers had to bring a character down to bring another one up. Why can’t the writers come up with something that’s beneficial to both? Mind you, not that they were ever on uneven grounds in my opinion. That’s just lazy writing. I hope they have more tricks up their sleeves if they’re going to explore Castle as a character more.

          • Harvey says:

            I agree with that. Last year, to show Beckett was committed to their relationship, though it didn’t exactly feel like that, in the Eric Vaughn episode, they tried to destroy Castle.

          • Cindy says:

            You know, Audrey, I, too, am wondering why did they have to bring Beckett ‘down a peg or two’ I have always seen them on equal ground. Maybe I’m not has smart as those who thought she should have been brought down to Castle’s level. Hmm, just saying! Still my favorite show!

          • Alexander Mahone says:

            I think that in a relationship, both have their ups and downs, and Beckett isn’t anyway ahead I think. And still if they wanted to think that way, they should have made conversation with Castle’s ex-wife’s or mother, about Castle, and should have rather brought Castle up, that would have made the cliffhanger much better too.

        • Robinson in Space says:

          Spot on, Kida. A useless, cheap gimmick rather than “organic” storytelling. I learned not to trust either Marlow or Amann.

        • Harvey says:

          I agree, they shouldn’t have done that, especially when in a relationship they both are equal, or maybe, Castle is even ahead. Last year they tried to destroy Castle’s character with that Eric Vaughn’s stupid episode.

          • Moshai says:

            Why are you so obsessed with pitting Castle and Beckett against each other and trying to see who’s the “best” or “ahead”? You’ve seriously done this three or four times in this thread. It’s not a competition. They are equals; that’s why they work so well together. Castle brings out Beckett’s playful side while she brings out his more mature and serious side.

          • Harvey says:


            I pitted them against each other? I have replied mostly to other comments, I don’t really remember having a comment of myself. And I told that last year one as example of how they keep doing it and it’s not the first time in Season 6 finale. And yes, if we go to that deep characterization, they are equal, and they were until the end of Season 5, they were great, they showed love, in season 6, the romance decreased, and Castle’s role in the precinct decreased too, he might not have to be ahead, but they are not looking as equal either if we go about regular episodes. And plus, it’s the internet, it wouldn’t affect the show or actors, if we talk about the characters, so what’s the problem?

          • SBell says:

            Just below Harvey wrote “Castle is way better than Beckett, his past, his success, his role, needs to be more explored.” is that not pitting one character against the other I don’t know what it is

          • Harvey says:

            I am sorry SBell, but I am saying against a character, you have said that I don’t think Fillion has the acting chops to portray a layered Castle, you are insulting an actor, later you said ‘Some people can’t accept a woman in charge’, how was that related to anything? I am staying to character in that department, you are making it a gender issue and insulting Nathan. And I even say that Castle is better than Beckett, as a character whose past can be explored, in interesting of how he became who he is, when it comes to going in the past, Castle can be explored way more than Beckett now, and that’s why his past, his success and everything needs to be explored.

          • SBell says:

            You can disagree with my opinion, I respect that, but you should also respect that I have a different opinion than yours and in no way I’m insulting the actor.

      • Kourt says:

        Just because Beckett became a detective doesn’t mean she was all innocent in high school and college. She was a teenager who made bad choices.

        • Audrey says:

          No one is claiming Beckett was ever “innocent” back in the days, in fact, most of the fans embrace Beckett’s wild child phase. It’s more of why-are-you-so-stupid in thinking it was not real? Heck, even Rogan knew it was for real.

      • Cindy Whitaker says:

        She was pre-law at Stanford. She had been raised by two lawyers. She would have had to go to the county courthouse and get a marriage license that would have been witnessed and notorized in her presence and then went to the wedding chapel and believe me, at any point, if they think you are past the legal limit, they won’t issue the license(I had friends that were married in Vegas around that time). At what point would the extraodinary Kate Beckett have thought it was a joke? Also, in the world we live in now, what does it say about our national security, that they didn’t find a convicted felon HUSBAND when they did a background check for her “dream job”?????

        • Jake says:

          Exactly, which just points up how pathetic the season six finale was.

        • Cindy says:

          Umm, this is TV, fans, not reality! Come on!!

          • Huskygrl says:

            Alas, for many the difference between television dramedy and reality is a very murky area. Apparently to them all things everywhere must always be the height of reality or it just isn’t good enough. Ah, to be such an enormously high functioning life form, the rest of us can but cower in their shadow, no?

    • Harvey says:

      Castle is way better than Beckett, his past, his success, his role, needs to be more explored.

      • Beckstle says:

        Finally, you admit what bugs you. You just don’t like Beckett. So, really, you just feel anything good about her shouldn’t be there and “diminishes” Castle. Neither character is better than the other. They are written as yin-yang in how their characters fit together.

        • Harvey says:

          I didn’t knew I was hiding the fact I like Castle more than Beckett, but I do like Beckett, and the comment above, that was meant that he is way more interesting for storytelling now, that’s why I mentioned all those things too.

        • Harvey says:

          Though, yeah, I do not like it when anything ‘diminishes’ Castle, but that’s quite understandable, I mean, like many hated finale because Kate character was destroyed, didn’t like that myself. I loved Beckett and Castle, but Eric episode kind of made me like Beckett less a little. Though, whereas characterization is concerned, it’s not just me who thinks Castle character has gone down, guessing, can’t exactly remember, that’s what we fought about. Many think that.

      • Alexander Mahone says:

        I do not agree about Castle being better at all. Castle is just as good as Beckett is. They are opposite of each other and that’s why they love each other I would like to explore Castle past though, would love that.

    • Tammy says:

      I respectfully disagree and sadly have come to be bored by Beckett’s SL. After the big Senator reveal, I became disinterested in furthering that course. It’s about time they explore Castle’s character! His name IS the title of the show.

  13. John NYC says:

    Just don’t get all the handwringing ( okay, sure, internet…).

    The torched car is in every cop show around (and a lot if crime reports out in real life): bad guys do that routinely to cause delay and distraction. A nice simple teeing up of whatever the next season will be launching: I’m figuring someone grabbed Castle and the first COTW is the team solving his kidnapping.

    And I thought the Vegas marriage was a hoot: so university student Kate got a bit over served and goofy in what she thought had to be a fake wedding one weekend with her boyfriend in Vegas? And farce ensues. The shows done light before and it’s one of the things i like most about it.

    I’m looking forward to the ride for the coming season and many more past that. Good cast, fun show.

    • Jake says:

      Yes, but there’s NO WAY it could be true – Beckett was investigated for a national security position and they didn’t find out she was married, but some low level marriage license clerk DOES? It’s just insulting to long time fans.

  14. Melissa says:

    No more mythology! The mythology is what’s ruining the show. Just go back to solving cases and having Castle/Beckett be relatively normal people. Enough ridiculous conspiracies, omnipotent serial killers, drug-funded presidential candidates and OMG!IMPENDINGDOOM!. This show needs to get back to its roots as a lighthearted cop show instead of this unbelievable, shoddily written nonsense. I signed up to watch Castle, not Alias.

    • mine says:

      exactly!!! its the banter and light harted comedy which was provided brilliantly by nathan in the first few seasons that set the show apart , dont get me wrong but season 5 and 6 were beckett centric and it turned into a soap opera cum procedural similar to anyother cop show i would watch csi or ncis instead if this was going to be a cop show all i want is a good season similar to season 1-4

    • Alexander Mahone says:

      I agree. I watched because of the comedy it provided and less drama, loved Nathan doing that. Now as it’s too Beckett centric, drama is more. I love that too, but liked the old comedy better. Good thing is that it is told that in the first 4 episode there would be one of an invisible killer, comedy one, great thing.

  15. DarkDefender says:

    Always love the Castle scoop, Matt.
    I’m intrigued for new mythology now that Johanna’s murder is behind us. I’m all for digging more into the dark side of Rick Castle.. I swear it is there.
    And I am glad they didn’t pander to the complaining fans and try to erase where we left off at the end of season 6.
    Time to delve into who Rick is deep down and see how Beckett brings out the best in him and supports him (like he has for her for the better part of the last 6 seasons).

    • I really, REALLY want to see Castle’s dark side. He doesn’t have to go Dexter or Walter White, but he always had hints of an edge.
      Let’s see that get unleaded after whatever happens to him. Even just a bit.

        • Just one thing says:

          Forgot to mention last night that yes, it would be nice to see Beckett be a pillar of support for Castle, like he’s been for her throughout the series. They gave us glimpses of that here and there, but he’s never really had to lean on her like she has on him.

          • DarkDefender says:

            Again, exactly this. They have spoken of this but not really shown it. I look forward to the new season and hope we get the a castle development, Beckett supporting. Him and a bunch of goofy episodes in between.

  16. Elena says:

    I cannot even begin to express how thrilled I am with this first interview with Marlowe and Amann…

    Whether or not you liked the finale (personally, I enjoyed it more for the possibilities I saw that it created for the show rather than the episode itself), I think fans of the show should do what Marlowe and Amann have asked of us: reserve full judgement of how things ended in S6 until after you have seen the two-part premiere. Look, it’s totally fine if you were/are unhappy with the finale. I’m not here to tell people how to feel or what to think. Your opinion is yours to have and I’m not attempting to change minds. All I’m saying here is what I’ve been saying since the finale aired: AWM and his team of writers didn’t decide to take the risk they took with the events of the finale for no good reason. It was all a calculated risk that they deemed necessary to move the show forward and open up new story lines as they move into their 7th season. Not every show makes it to season 7. It takes creativity and the willingness to take big risks to keep a show fresh and its audience interested. If show runners and their writers decide to play it safe for the sole reason of placating the audience and not ruffling feathers it’s not long before their viewers become complacent and bored with the show. That’s when they start looking elsewhere for a show that will knock them on their butts sometimes and rip their hearts out from time to time (as long as the show runners put those hearts back together in a timely and satisfying manner, of course)…that’s when the show that used to be crazy popular is relegated to eventual, if-I-have-time-and-nothing-else-is-on DVR viewing…and that’s when the show dies a slow, painful, forgettable death. I very much doubt that’s the course AWM & DA want Castle to take as it becomes more of a “senior” show, so to speak.

    So, maybe you didn’t like how S6 ended. Maybe you’re still pissed about it all. Ok, fine, that’s totally understandable. If you decide not to watch S7 because you feel it’s not worth it to you anymore, that’s fine, too. However, if you do decide to watch, just keep in mind what’s been said in this interview and try to trust that the angst-filled ending of S6 is going to catapult the show, its characters, and us, its audience into a whole new level of sharp, emotional, and captivating storytelling that’s come to be the hallmark of this show over the past 6 years. I have a really good feeling all of us are going to be really glad we decided to stick around once we see what AWM, DA, and company have in store for us. Truthfully, I am more excited about S7 than I have been about any other season of Castle, and I give full credit for that excitement to how AWM decided to leave things at the end of S6.

    • Harvey says:

      Loved your comment!

    • Beckstle says:

      There’s a difference between taking big risks, gimmicky twists, and resets. The last two also kill shows. It remains to be seen which of the three the finale really is. I’m hoping it’s the first one, but only time will tell.

  17. Carey says:

    If this means more Castle and less Beckett/Stana overacting then sign me up!! Stana cannot handle dramatic scenes AT ALL! They’re downright cringeworthy!! Hope Nathan can do better and step up to the plate.

    • Gabrielle says:

      I don’t thing we watch the same show.

      • Gabrielle says:


      • Moshai says:

        Unfortunately, you have take into account where you’re posting. Inevitably, any Castle interviews/write-ups on Tvline will have the eventual Nathan Fillion fanboy/girls who always have to insult Stana/Beckett to make themselves feel better (for whatever reason). Hell, just read some of the comments in this very thread. The show is named Castle after all!!!!! (rolls eyes)

        • Carey says:

          I’m in no way a Nathan fangirl, I couldn’t care less for him outside the show. I’m not even sure he’ll be able to handle more dramatic material, I suppose we’ll see? I just cringe every time Stana has to grunt or yell at people, it’s SO ridiculous & OTT, she is such a poor actress! I’m not a fan of either actor, I just watch the show because it’s funny. Like I said, Nathan could suck as well, I’m just anxious to move beyond Stana. At least when Nathan is phoning it in, he doesn’t struggle with lines like Stana does.

        • Harvey says:

          It’s quite the opposite, Stana fans insulting Nathan.

    • waiting says:

      ARE YOU SERIOUS??????? It is because of Stana’s ‘inability’ to handle dramatic scenes, that the show has been successful!!! Oh WOW! Everyone is entitled to their opinions, but one would hope there is some basis to them.

      • ils says:

        you guys are ridiculous last time all the comments were bashing nathan , i think some beckett fans are not happy that its going to be a bit more about castle this year either watch or don’t watch the show just don’t go on complaining week in and out about the finale

      • Harvey says:

        Are you serious? It has been Nathan’s great comedy that made Castle successful, all the drama came afterwards and that’s since when a little negativity spread, as Castle was known to be a romantic-comedy show, and that was because of Nathan.

      • Harvey says:

        Stana is great at dramatic scenes, love her, but that wasn’t exactly what made the show successful, that actually increased later on

    • Cindy says:

      Carey, WHAT???????? Maybe we aren’t watching the same show. I, for one, love
      Stana’s acting. Not only is she gorgeous to look at, but I think she is a fine actress, both in drama and she can be funny as well. Of course you can watch something else in that time slot. Just saying!

      • niles is my name says:

        Cindy I do think that Carey is watching something else. Stana is great at what she does. Love her, as for Nathan yes he is also great at what he does. Is one better than the other, I don’t see it. The reason the show is still hear is cause of both of them. Yes Stana might have her own way she makes her character her own but that doesn’t mean she’s not good. Most of this season I cried, just watching her act, it was well done. You either like the show or you don’t! For those who don’t go find something else to watch. Cause I for one, am sticking with the show. Yes the finale wasn’t the best, but I have never been let down in the season premieres (any season) so hopefully this one will be a good one too.

        • Cindy says:

          Thanks, niles, for seeing what I see in my favorite show! Call me silly, but i must have a crush on Stana and I’m as straight as you can be! Love her and Nathan’s characters. Marlowe put together the perfect tv couple. Again, naysayers, watch something else if your not happy with where the show is going. I, for one, will be watching it till it comes to an end, which hopefully won’t be any time soon.

  18. Just one thing says:

    I totally believe them and am ecstatic at the notion of exploring Castle more. I just can’t help but think that the last few moments of the episode that will lead into more mythology, could’ve happened without the bizarre hijinks with Beckett and “taking her (the NYPD, and the federal government) down a peg.”
    Even with how fun it was to watch the three actors interact, it still feels like a waste of 35+ minutes.
    Oh well. I look forward to deeper, more dramatic, less slapstick stories about Castle.

  19. Nerona says:

    In season 7, the only thing that’ll be caskett the deleted scene ren CD……

  20. Lizzie says:

    Loved the finale. Love the Castle character. Can’t wait for the new season.

    • JP says:

      I really love the dynamic between Castle and Beckett and his relationship with his mom and daughter. All of the characters work well together. I’m just waiting for the episode when one or several of the people that Castle put in jail, like that mean rich kid from Season 1, gets back at him…

  21. tp says:

    The fact that they have to acknowledge that there are unhappy fans means they know the messed up. I had all but given up on this show but now that it will supposedly focus more on Castle I will give it til the winter hiatus. It was too Beckettcentric the last couple of seasons and it was a turn off for me.

  22. Nikunj Dixit says:

    I honestly could not be happier at this piece of news but I’ll believe it when I see it. I have gotten sick and tired of the Beckett arcs which have tested my patience to the breaking point when it comes to her character. Its not even Stana’s fault but her character arc with her mother’s murder got so ridiculously convoluted that it was laughable. I was less happy, more relieved that they finally ended that piece of mythology because it was probably three years past its expiry date. They also really have done horrific damage to the character in the last couple of season finales. I mean the only reason I have any vested interest in Beckett at all is because I like Stana. I was terrified that Rick’s kidnapping would just be another way for the writers to show Beckett being supercop and saving her “man in distress”. It still might turn out that way, but with this comment I at least have some hope that they will try to explore Castle’s side of the story. Nathan Fillion has shown himself to be more than capable of handling drama, like in ‘Always’, ‘Target’, and ‘Hunt’. He has been reduced to playing a purely reactionary part to Beckett this last season, but when he actually got stuff to do, he knocked it out of the park, like in ‘Number One Fan’, ‘Like Father, Like Daughter’, and ‘Deep Cover’. He may be terrific at the comedy but there is only so much a person can do when all he is asked to do is punctuate the case related talk with witty lines. Even with the comedy, when they give him something meaty to work with like in ‘The Way of the Ninja’, he absolutely kills it.

    • Jen says:

      @Nikunj – I couldn’t agree with you more on every point you’ve made! Hopefully, they can spice things up a bit more this season.

    • Harvey says:

      Great comment, agreed!!!!!!!!! I also didn’t want Beckett to do everything to save Castle, I mean, even Castle didn’t do anything in The Belly Of The Beast, now it’s Kate’s turn to be slightly less important.

  23. Alex says:

    I’ve always prefered Beckett (and SK) but let’s see, there are no reason she should have all the good storylines … I admit I would be glad to see the Castle we had in season 2-3 but I’m a little scared because last seasons evetime they try to focus on him, it involved him kissing a girl and acting like a bachelor, having a spy daddy or a very annoying daughter.
    I hope they can find something interesting for him, and that we won’t see this depressed, almost idiot characted they show us recently.

  24. Lena says:

    This Nathan Fillion/Stana Katic war is so pathetic … You absolutely need to bash one to show you like the other more ?

    • Moshai says:

      Could not agree more. Apparently two lead actors who have not shown any animosity towards each other are actually locked in an eternal struggle to see who is really top dog on Castle. Oh, and Amann, Marlowe and other writer/producers are in the background furiously taking sides to see who they are going to give the dominant story lines too. Sheesh, and here I thought Castle has always been about Castle AND Beckett’s journey together as partners, friends, and lovers. How silly of me, it’s actually Castle vs Beckett (or is it Nathan vs Stana? I can never quite tell.)

      • Lena says:

        Exactly. I don’t want new huge misterious mythology coming out of nowhere just because they need to focus on Castle. I just want Beckett & Castle solving crimes and being fun like before …

      • missteff says:

        so true to that. I never thought of this train of thought till I read all these comments, makes a whole new spin on the show for me.

    • Harvey says:

      This is the show’s fault. They have made too many episodes in which Castle was shown bad, while Beckett was good, now Beckett was shown bad and Castle was good, some people who like the other a little more would get happy and sad, resulting in fights.

      • Lena says:

        This is not the ”show’s fault”, it’s a SHOW, with characters who are not real, the actors doesn’t have anything to do with that. It’s the fault of this immature fandom (not everyone of course but a lot) who can’t like Nathan without bashing Stana or like Stana without bashing Nathan.

        • Harvey says:

          Actors, yeah maybe not. I mean, I argue a lot, but I don’t argue on the actors, I argue on characters, and the arguments are made because the show makes one character bigger with making other lesser. I love both, Nathan and Stana.

        • missteff says:

          “who can’t like Nathan without bashing Stana or like Stana without bashing Nathan.”

          are you serious to that?
          I love both character and actors.

  25. You know, while I am willing to play the wait and see game (I do kind of want Castle to become a more memorable show again, the last season felt so damn hollow save for a few sparks of life), using words like ‘you should do this’ just kind of triggers the natural, “So WE’RE the problem here?” indignation one can feel. Funny how one little word can make you want to feel annoyed on instinct…

  26. lame says:

    The character of Richard Castle was built around Nathan Fillion, partly because of his portrayal of the brash, bombastic Mel of “firefly”. Seasons one and two he demonstrated his chops but since then he was relegated to a secondary role. Fans wished to know about Beckett due to the manner in which her character was written. Fans were only permitted to she her at work and there was a desire to learn about her. In doing so Richard Castle fell by the way side, he became Desi to Beckett’s Lucy, and in a strange way became her rock. For all her attributes, Kate Beckett was commitment phobic, she got involved with men where long term obligations wouldn’t be a reality. If it wasn’t for Castle desire, Beckett would’ve walked away.
    Giving Richard Castle a pair of steel balls is long over due. We’ve seen the Bud and Abbott routine long enough, it’s time to see the spectre of Mel, and hopefully that of Myrna Loy and William Powell. The latter two are the epitome of smart witty dialog, a married couple who never gave an inch.

    • Beckstle says:

      The character of Castle was never meant to like Mal from Firefly. Where did you get that from? Nathan Fillion’s fanbase from Firefly was instrumental in supporting the show in the beginning, and there are little Firefly inside jokes and lines scattered in the show for Firefly fans to find, but Richard Castle was never implied to be like Mal. Go back and look at all the first interviews and write ups. He was a metrosexual playboy mystery writer who was looking for something new. Nathan talked alot about how Castle didn’t have any male role models in his life, was always surrounded by women. He called Castle “a brat” and “lighthearted”, “boyish, playful, and kind of Peter-Panish.” Aside from them both being smart and witty when Castle was introduced the characters were like night and day.

  27. hudson bannon says:

    “WALKERS’ it was “walkers”.

  28. MKS says:

    Was anyone concerned it was a dream? Maybe they’re doing some reverse psychology.

    • Maria says:

      Nobody over the age of 14.

    • JLK says:

      I don’t think so. Most of the comments I saw that mentioned it was a dream were along the lines of, “The writing on this season finale was so sloppy, it wouldn’t surprise me if they cop out and claim this was all a dream and pick up with the wedding when next season starts. I mean, why not, right?”

  29. Sab says:

    Is it just me or does this “exploring Castle’s character more” mean that there’s like a huge possibility that Castle’s dad (or better yet enemies OF his dad) where involved somehow in the crash? I don’t know, just a feeling I’ve got and I could be way off base but it would be a nice way to get more back story for Castle and introduce his father into their world a little more.
    Anyway, I’ll just wait until September to see what happens but I’m excited :)

    • Just one thing says:

      I really can’t stand Brolin, so I hope Castle’s dad is talked about off-screen if he’s involved.

      • Harvey says:

        Seriously? I love that guy!

        • Anon says:

          Just one thing is probably still reacting to the falsified NE article saying he flirted with Stana. *rolleyes* Brolin is fine and makes a GREAT father to Castle!

          • Just one thing says:

            Ha! Right. No.
            Just One Thing is still reacting from the various promotional interviews in which James Brolin acted rather pompous and self-serving, as if he was doing the series and its cast/crew some enormous favor. When formerly famous actors, who no longer work regularly, talk the way Brolin talked in his Castle interviews, I have a tendency to not take them seriously.

          • Cindy says:

            Gosh, I missed the interview your talking about. But, can’t agree to the great father thing. Yea, he is pretty much a ‘has been’ actor. With all the speculation since the finale, It is going to be very interesting to see WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED THAT DAY! Darn shame ABC pushed back the S7 airdate a week. Why couldn’t they put that new show in the Sept.29 time slot.

  30. STOP says:

    I don’t know which one is the most immature, Nathan or Stana’s fandom. In fact, you’re the same. Grow up, you’re ridiculous.

  31. Maria says:

    blah blah blah new mythology…blah blah new challenges… They still ruined the “one and done” aspect of Beckett, and nothing will ever fix that.

    • John NYC says:

      “One and Done” in any case didn’t refer to her being a virgin waiting for her superman and she DIDN’T stay with Rogan so he wasn’t her “One”, Rick IS: so she had a dumb weekend in Vegas? That isn’t at odds with One and Done at all, no more than her relationships we’ve seen with various men other than Rick, relationships of more substance than some school weekend Vegas party btw.

      • Maria says:

        Castle asks Beckett, in the second episode of the entire show, if she’s ever been married, after he says he’s been married twice. She replies that she has not. That when it comes to marriage she is a “one and done” type. THAT was ruined by the finale. I wasn’t questioning her virginity. I’m referring to a conversation set early on in the show to help show who her character is. It’s like Marlowe is contradicting a precedent that HE created.

  32. Michelle says:

    If they do have Castle and Beckett split up can Beckett have someone the same age and with some abs? Preferably not BBF with Fillion.

    • Miriam Maurer says:

      Bashing actors…for shame!!!

    • stanGr says:

      Lol. Do you really hate Nathan Fillion so much that any other actor is forever tainted if they’re friends with him? This strikes me as a little extreme, but what do I know. Anyway, seems pointless to wish for Castle on the show Castle to disappear. You’re setting yourself to fail.

      • Michelle says:

        Where did I say that Castle is going anywhere? If the dynamic of the relationship changes I’m just looking out for my girl Stana’s character Beckett. Hopefully it won’t be someone hand picked by Fillion.

        • Hson says:

          Both of your posts sound strange to me. First, the showrunners just said that Castle and Beckett won’t split, so there’s that.
          Second, it’s canon that Castle and Beckett have a 10 year age difference so if you have such a problem with that, you had it all along and suffered in silence. Third, it’s pretty obvious that bringing a new love interest for Beckett at this tsage, on the show called Castle btw, equals cancellation. Forth, what’s with the notion that Fillion “handpicks” actors for roles, when it’s obviously not his job? Do you really think he has that much power on Castle that whatever he says goes? I noticed some fans seem to be a little schizophrenic about him: they think that he is dying of jealousy being unable to get a good storyline for his character cause he has no talent and showrunners don’t want him to ruin the show with his amateur acting, and at the same time everything “bad” that happens or COULD happen on the show is his fault because he has all this diabolic power over everyone on Castle and ABC. This is ridiculous.

          Overall your posts sound like you just wanted to say something unpleasant about Fillion and show everybody how much you despise him, even at the cost of all your points being out of left field.

    • Anon says:

      And Michelle demonstrates the class & maturity of the Stanatics, well done! You make Stana proud, I’m sure she would approve of your ruthlessness. *roll eyes*

      • mine says:

        i agree some stanatics take it to far some times so much so they want castle out and are even ok with josh or eric vaughn, i hate the bashing i like both the leads all i want is a good story

    • Just one thing says:

      Castle and Beckett aren’t splitting up. And I’d bet a year’s salary that they wouldn’t introduce someone who’d be true competition to the title character for Beckett’s benefit.
      Unless they’re running an experiment on how quickly they can get an otherwise solid show canceled…

    • Graciela says:

      And here we go, Nathan haters. Same. Old. Boring. As Nathan says: “It costs nothing to say something kind. Even less to shut up altogether”

  33. It isn’t her being married that bugged me about the finale it was the fact that the feds that hired her didn’t catch it when they did a background check… And yes more Castle is welcome…

    • JLK says:

      Yeah, that’s what bothered me too. I didn’t really care that the wedding was postponed. It seemed like typical season finale cliffhanger fodder to me. But the marriage Beckett knew nothing about was just ridiculous. If the guy were an upstanding citizen, I MAYBE could understand why the feds wouldn’t have mentioned it to her. Maybe… But come on, he was arrested for impersonating an agent (among other things). That would have raised some red flags. For the county clerk to have access to Beckett’s martial history and the feds to totally miss it was just a glaring error that I couldn’t suspend belief enough to buy. And the thing is, they didn’t need to have Beckett “surprised” by the news. They could have just as easily shown her as reluctant to go to the clerk’s office for the marriage license only to have Castle drag her in there and learn that she was already married, and that she’d known about it for a whole year since she applied for the job with the feds. She’d been trying to track him down and hadn’t had much luck, etc.

  34. I don’t understand why fans were so upset. It was a finale, and a Castle finale, so fans knew there would be a cliff hanger. I’ve just learned not to watch the finales that I’m afraid of until right before the season premier and to not put a whole lot of stock in them because it’s not like the finale would undo the relationship. And at least it wasn’t a rewind to an earlier season when they weren’t together. The finale was fun in many ways because it’s not like Rick Castle is going to be dead and ala Valerie’s Family, isn’t going to turn into Castle’s Former … teammates?

    Plus, even the big twists we’ve been given over the years have been untwisted pretty fast. I think Marlow is doing an amazing job. He’s kpt the story moving, kept it on air, brought them together, made it fun … and again, I just learned that I if the show was at a point that I wouldn’t enjoy the finale I wouldn’t watch the finale until the pieces were in place.

  35. Pat says:

    Love what you have done with the show-for the most part. Please just keep them dignified. No “forgotten”marriages, no nonchalant mobsters, no gushy”oh,it’s him”, and try a little tenderness. Love Castle and Beckett; love Stana and Nathan-want them all to go on forever.

  36. Rich Abey says:

    I do hope THAT season 6 finale pays off big time..cause it had way too many faults to justify otherwise. Still the Castle writers have rarely let us fans down (barring that late Season 5 disaster), hence eagerly looking forward to Season 7!

    • lame says:

      As good as season 6 was, 6.23 was a disaster. Felt like the writers wanted to throw something together to make their quota of episodes. The story went against the carefully crafted mythology of the series. Fans were asked to buy into so many foolish occurrences, it was the dumbing down of the viewers.

  37. CeCe says:

    Marlowe didn’t use the word “organic” in this interview. He knows there was nothing organic about that finale. So there’s that! The new “organic” seems to be “new mythology”. though.

  38. Patty says:

    I’m looking forward to Season 7 of ‘Castle,’ wherever it leads us.

  39. Grey says:

    (Note: I haven’t read the aticle completely through because I’ve learned not to fully trust what Marlowe says.)

    Several times this season they re-wrote history in order to suit a story idea with the biggest foul being the undoing ot the “one and done” paragon that many of us fans truly held near and dear to our hearts. For some of us (I know not all of you agree) that will never, ever, be accepted or made right by whatever they have planned going forward. Period!

    • Just one thing says:

      Yeah, there’s no fixing that. And knowing that they’re likely never going to revisit it again is frustrating. But they’ve done that a lot over the years – throwing big curve balls that come out of nowhere without proper resolution. Like they’re just shifting the characters from one checkpoint to the other.
      I don’t know WHO reasonably thought the whole thing was a dream, but I do wish there were a way for them to essentially make it clear that the Rogan marriage was a sham/set-up. The logic would be too convoluted to try tying him to Castle’s accident, but maybe they’ll try.

    • John NYC says:

      How does a school weekend Vegas party wedding, done drunk, negate her being a One and Done in the area of serious emotional commitment? Otherwise then that got totally blown away long ago as she engaged in the various other, far more serious relationships that she’s been in over the years, long before Kate Does Vegas came to light.

      Rogan wasn’t in any way or form a “One”, he was a fun weekend: so that’s an optional angst as I see it. Because at least for me “One” stood for serious not fling. Now had she a series of husbands with kids and the white picket fences to go along with it? Totally destroyed as B.S.: but that’s not the case: Rick’s her “One”, a weekend in Vegas doesn’t equate.

      • DarkDefender says:

        Aside from the fact that everyone seems to be ignoring the fact that Beckett being a “one and done kinda girl”.. Probably wasn’t something she considered herself to be at age 19 or 20.
        Her mom dies when she is 19.. It is at the height of the post HS rebel Becks era and before she left Stanford and before she probably got serious about her life (ie: making the decision to scrap college and law school to be a cop) she is still dating sketchy guys and in a rebel, party, drunken mood thinks it would be funny to pretend to get married. After all that, she realizes the guy is a bum, 2 weeks later she breaks up, soon after (it seems) she leaves Stanford and goes back to NY with new focus. She becomes a one and done, because she is no longer going to be the rebel she once was.. All those bad relationships before Castle were because she wasn’t looking for the one and needed to put her moms case to rest.
        I don’t see how this “ruins the Beckett canon”.. In fact, it kinda fits perfectly.

      • Grey says:

        (I’m waaaay too passionate about this show. LOL)

        I understand what you are saying and I wouldn’t disagree with it ****IF**** it hadn’t been clearly established at the beginning of the show, specifically episode #2 of season one, that Beckett had *****NEVER**** been married! Not literally, or as pretend, or just emotionally but not legally, etc. NEVER! Period. Not a “real” marriage or a “fake/play/drunken” marriage. NO MARRIAGE! She and Castle had a whole ***honest*** conversation about it! The scene was not written as if there was a need for her to keep it a secret from him or to be ashamed that it was a drunken mistake or whatever and it wasn’t portrayed that way by the actors. Why? Because she hadn’t been married in any way shape or form! (Go to Youtube and look at the clip.) The scene was clearly there to establish that this woman, for reasons yet to be explained, had never been married and this man, for reasons yet to be explained, had been twice ***and*** that this was to be an important aspect of who they are as individuals and as partners/friends/a couple going forward. That’s why so many fans latched onto it. It was part of the ground work and foundation of “Caskett!” But the way the finale was written this conversation never happened or worse, it was a joke. Castle: “And here I thought you were a one and done type of girl.” I can’t hand-wave that off. I’m sorry.

        Another example is her having not gone to her prom. She and Castle had a conversation with Ryan and Esposito about that too (season one finale) and how nervous her dad made her date feel. But now this season we are to believe that never happened and she went to a poetry slam instead (“Smells Like Teen Spirit”). Why? Because that suited the plot of them trying to find their wedding song better. Again, I can’t just hand-wave that off. You can’t just rewrite canon over and over again and not expect fans to be upset. I don’t care if it is your show and own creative license.

        Listen, I know and believe just like most fans that in her heart Castle is her true “one and done” in the romantic sense (and vice versa) ****BUT*** don’t also set that up in a literal sense and then pretend it didn’t happen. Not only does it frustrate the hell out of your audience and insult their intelligence but it also makes the character look feeble minded about previous conversations at best or a straight up liar at worst! I would like to think Beckett is neither.

        A story/plot should be written to fit the *established histories and traits* of the characters not the other way around. That’s basic Creative Writing 101. And that’s not to say that characters can’t grow and change and be surprising. They can *and should* be all those things. (That’s what people are like in real life.) But you don’t write those things at the expense of what has come before. You write them at the *enrichment* of what’s come before. It’s called continuity! AWM, for all his talents, seems to have little idea of what that means. ***That’s*** my point. ***That’s*** my frustration. NOT where Beckett’s heart lies in terms of Castle or the previous men in her life.

        I can only explain it you. I can’ t make you understand it. :-)

        • Patty says:

          Excellent comment.

        • Grey says:

          Editing note: that was broken up by paragraphs but it didn’t post that way.

          Note to TVLine; we need to be able to edit our posts. :-) Thank you.

        • DarkDefender says:

          I get your passion for it. But I am ok with it (and don’t see it breaking canon) because Beckett didn’t remember a drunken “fake” wedding.. That’s why she told Castle early on she’d never been married.
          Also, it is possible rebel Becks was not known as a rebel to her parents as much as you think. It would make perfect sense that she would introduce a prom date to her dad and then they ditch the prom and go to a poetry slam.
          I get ppl want things concrete… But to me, this particular “canon” has wiggle room with Beckett (and with both characters) and neither of these 2 scenarios deviates so far from what’s previously known about her to say it flies in the face of it, when she “believes she’s never been married” or she did have her dad scare her “prom date” and actually didn’t go to prom.
          For all we know rebel Becks had some nice guy show up as a fake prom date and she went to the poetry slam with some “bad boy”..
          I also think her attraction to bad boys, might have attracted her to Castle when she was just a fan and hadn’t met him yet.. Because public persona screamed rich, bad boy – heck it’s why she hesitated getting involved because she knew she would fall hard and didn’t want him to be casual about it.
          I just don’t see this “Beckett canon” as concrete and I’m okay if this is just me thinking it.

          • missteff says:

            now that’s an interesting thought. ummmm, great comment!

          • Beckstle says:

            The marriage issue – aside from the conversations – just doesn’t make sense in the setup of the story. If Beckett were a civilian, I could say it’s silly but possible. There is no way she’s an NYC police detective and vetted by the FBI to work for the attorney general’s office and this information doesn’t come up. In terms of suspension of disbelief, that one just snapped it. It’s ridiculously unbelievable. I mean, we’ve all seen how these D.C. federal jobs are vetted. There is no way she could have been married and not found out about it before.

          • Allie says:

            @DarkDefender THANK YOU!! You are NOT alone. I don’t get why people can not see this. They are taking a 20 second conversation from the second episode from the first season and making it this almighty “cannon”. Marlowe did not rewrite cannon. At the time Kate made that statement **** SHE BELIEVES THOSE WORDS******* If you didn’t get out of FBOFW she TRULY did not realize she was married or gave any thought she had been married, then that is on you, not Marlowe. The audience was made aware at the same time Kate was. She didn’t think it was a valid marriage at the time, so there was no reason to put anymore thought into it once she left him. More comments have been made throughout the series about Kate’s wild child days, than her one off comment about being a one and done, so how is a young Kate doing something impulsive and crazy not fitting of established histories and traits? It fits perfectly.
            The whole prom thing makes me laugh. So, Kate mentions in a casual conversation (again in season 1) she was getting ready when her date came to pick her up that now makes it concrete cannon she went to her prom. It’s not at all possible she was using maybe another dance date as a point of reference or any time a new boy came to pick her up for a date or for reasons DarkDefender mentions? I guess not. They were talking about prom, she HAD to be talking about prom, put it in the cannon book. Ok.

        • Beckstle says:

          Brilliantly put. This marriage thing is a huge writing/continuity failure. What concerns me is that it’s almost deliberate. It feels like they are doing a reset – which is more worrisome than just sloppy writing. I’m reserving judgement until the first few episodes of season seven because maybe they did just stumble, but the choices and language being used don’t fill me with confidence.

  40. I hear you talking BUT the wedding must take place early S7. We got dropped on a hard place back in May and its not certain we’ll recover. The other networks are lining up some interesting shows. Get back on track with Castle and Becket. Develop your new lines after the wedding.

  41. Cesc says:

    Does not anyone remember how it started Castle? The story began with a murder and the detective in charge of the case, Kate Beckett, realized that mimicked some novels written by Richard Castle, as it was fan of the writer. After questioning, Castle decided to investigate the case on their own and finally thanks to the friendship I had with the mayor, got to be accepted as a “consultant” on the Kate Beckett, helping with their theories to solve a good number of cases.
    The series is basically to solve murders and we should not forget that Kate Beckett team is the police, so she is who should bear the burden of the research, although that accompanied by Richard Castle the majority of the time.
    What is the problem?

  42. Brigid says:

    It sounds like a great season! I guess the writer has had a vision all along of how he wants HIS story to unfold.

  43. Nory says:

    I never even for a second questionned why Andrew put a twist on the finale; I even saw some very logical value in it as I tweeted at the time. After 6 seasons I think it is time that fans learn that the Castle cast and crew, especially the writers, are really, really excellent at what they do!
    I just hope Stana gets an easier load this time (don’t know if that is possible without reducing her screen time which will be :-( .

  44. crosscastle says:

    Horrible News ! Now Castle is a soap opera,Nathan knows how to star in those. I wish I had died in the crash.

  45. John NYC says:

    We all know what happened to Hooch.


  46. Alisa says:

    Well, I’ll reserve judgment until I watch a few of the new episodes. But you know what, I feel like I have rug burns from the finale.

  47. Vava says:

    Is this Stana Katic vs Nathan Fillion fans’ war is present since the beginning of the show ? I started Castle when there was already 5 seasons and I really don’t understand those ridiculous comments I see after every news, every episodes, every tweets, every pictures … What did I miss ?
    I don’t think neither Nathan or Stana deserve this hate some of you are constantly expressing, I don’t even understand how you can watch a show for 6 years if you can’t stand one of the two actors who appears in 80% of each episodes.

    • Patty says:

      I started watching ‘Caste’ seven months ago. It exists solely for its entertainment value and thrives because of the skill of its creators, writers, producers, actors and crew. The show was created to entertain its viewers. Isn’t that enough? if not, change the channel.

    • Hson says:

      I so agree with you. I’m especially buffled by all these conspiracy theories from fans, like it’s not a network show as much as some geopolitical power struggle. I would buy this at least a little more if it was about showrunners or different competing shows, but actors? on the same show? playing a couple? Why is it that any storyline for one of them, even potential, has to be seen as a fail and a slap in the face to the other one? Shouldn’t they both be awesome and well developed? We root for them as a couple, don’t we? Why can’t we root for both characters and actors to have good naterial to work with?

    • Harvey says:

      A rumor spread about Nathan asking his role get bigger, as it had gone down in Season 6. I think that’s where it started. I don’t hate Stana, I love her, I love Nathan, I love Richard, I just don’t really like Beckett that much.

      • Harvey says:

        I like Beckett a lot too, but like Richard more. Even if I go against Beckett, I am not gonna be going against Stana, she is a great actress, love her.

  48. Ben says:

    Seems to be turning into a soap opera. If it is, I’m gone, ’cause I hate them. If you like them, great.

  49. Cindy Whitaker says:

    Thanks, but no thanks. Character destruction is not my idea of “fun storytelling”. I think I’ll sit this season out. I’ve not watched an episode of Castle since that miserable finale. I just can’t bring myself to watch after I learned the extraordinary, extremely intelligent, homicide detective, Kate Beckett is really dumb as a post. I don’t think I could handle the destruction of Rick’s character, too. Although, how smart could he be if all he can think about when his smoking hot girlfriend is doing a strip tease, is to play video games with a 15 year old boy in India??? And I won’t even mention Alexis!!

    • Harvey says:

      The previous week, as scheduled, he was supposed to save Kate from that bomb and stand with her while she was on it, somebody who loved her that much, and then Beckett started having second thoughts about somebody like this!

  50. what a load of cobblers