Supernatural Spoilers

Supernatural @ Comic-Con: Lucifer's Spawn Stirs Debate, Plus 'Cool' Returns

Coming off a very deadly season finale and news of a potential spinoff, the Supernatural cast and crew had plenty to talk about during their San Diego Comic-Con panel on Sunday. Plus, there was a live Kansas rock concert!

Read on for scoop about Castiel’s fate, the Winchester’s demon spawn problem, a long-awaited return and more:

* “Misha [Collins] had become a bit of a prima donna,” EP Robert Singer joked about Castiel’s death. In all seriousness: “We say when we write these things, you have to go where the story takes you.” Added Collins himself, “Take the story where it went, but I’m not going away.” Yes, the actor will be back, but how or in what form remains a mystery.

* How will the Winchesters deal with Lucifer’s spawn Jack? “Obviously, with mom being gone and Cas and all of this turmoil the brothers find themselves in, now they have this person, this thing, this entity [that] in Dean’s mind simply has to go,” star Jensen Ackles shared. The actor doesn’t see “why anyone would want to see how that [half-demon child] works out. Dean’s a bit more practical: ‘I have an idea. Let’s shoot it in the face.” Jared Padalecki said that Sam, meanwhile, is like, “’It might just piss it off,’” and being “ever the optimist, is trying to figure out what to do” with Jack.

* Mary is not dead despite being trapped in the apocalyptic alt world. “Dean is pretty sure that’s curtains for mom,” Singer previewed. “While he’s bereft over that, he’s ready to accept that.” But Sam is “holding onto the fact that she could still be alive. That’s a problem between the guys” as they disagree about which of their many problems to tackle first.

* “Some people that have been long dead in our show are less dead in the apocalyptic world,” EP Andrew Dabb teased. In our reality, expect some “cool” returns, too, including the long-anticipated comeback of psychic Missouri Moseley (played by Loretta Devine; read more here).

* Did you hear who’s joining the potential Wayward Sisters spinoff?

* Ackles, when a fan asked about his favorite prop and the audience started yelling “Baby”: “Baby is not a prop. Baby is a part of me.”

Supernatural Season 13 premieres on Thursday, Oct. 12 at 8/7c on The CW, where it will now lead into Season 6 of Arrow.  Watch Kansas’ full performance below:

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  1. Destiny says:

    This sounds dreadful. Since when does Dean write off family?

    • June Bug says:

      Dabb and co. have no idea who Dean is, much less how to write for the character.

    • geegee says:

      If I had to guess, it’s about Dean feeling guilty about a part of him being relieved that Mary is gone, so that the two of them (him and her) wouldn’t have to face all the things he told her in that psychic meet out.

      He basically dismantled the entirety of his life, in front of her. Every singe thing he holds on to, holds the most valuable has some kind of burden – being alone in raising Sammy, failing (in his mind) as many times as Sam made the choices he did, failed on his own as much, Mary coming back and never connecting with her sons the way Dean remembered or, more possibly, imagined she should have.

      And the past had shown us that 1. Dean does not believe that anyone knowing his pain is in any way helpful, 2. Dean believes that no pain truly goes away, 3. when it does get easier, even on the surface, his guilt replaces the empty spots pain left.

      Dean had been pushed into a very dark place. My one hope is seeing that look in his eyes when Sam was making that speech to other hunters, that maybe he would FFS once allow Sam to help him actively, not just by being there.

    • Diane SKOTZKE says:

      God dam it dean

  2. Amy J says:

    Could’ve lived without Mary still being around. This show really didn’t benefit from having another depressed Winchester around (and seriously – did they not learn from Buffy about how bad a story the whole ‘I came back from the dead and now I’m really sad’ thing is?)

  3. I like having Mary around. I wasn’t sure about it at first, but she fit in well and allows the writers to explore some stories that they can’t otherwise. They can ask what happens if a hunter wants a life outside of hunting, or a family. They can have a Winchester who isn’t so consumed by hunting that they have nothing else to live for. I would love to see Sam or Dean evolve and have some life outside of each other, but the fangirls go crazy any time someone with girl parts looks at a Winchester, so the show has never been able to play out those stories.
    I do hope that we don’t stay in the other reality for very long. It is not a very well grounded story element and the more we see, the more corny it will probably become (just like Heaven and He’ll did)

  4. Carrie says:

    Season 13, and I’m still excited about the show. I’m wondering how Castiel could still be a part of it. No offense to Misha Collins, but I was more upset about Crowley being killed off. I’m glad that Mary will be back in some capacity. I think she deserves to get a happy ending. I also look forward to them bringing back old characters. I still miss Bobby.

  5. Yay, more Lucifer and his pawn!! – said no one, ever (who wasn’t on CW payroll). And in other shocking news, Sam has hell pain memories and sympathy for the maybe-devil. Somebody call CNN. But wait, there’s more!!! Sam has to school Dean on how he does feelings wrong. I tell you, the creative, original, story-telling force of Dabb/Singer knows no bounds.

  6. Stephanie Higgs says:

    It absolutely amazes me that this show is still on! So many smart, well-written and incredibly well-acted shows go the way of the wind after five seasons: True Blood; Downton Abby; Breaking Bad, and the Wire, just to name a few. Meanwhile, this crap goes on and on like the Energizer Bunny! That ridiculous deep voice that the actor who plays Dean fakes is so irritating, and the guy who plays Sam has got to be one of the luckiest folks in Hollywood because he absolutely cannot act I used to watch Supernatural as guilty pleasure but after season five it just became absurd..

  7. Blow says:

    The ‘spawn’ is not half demon… Talk smart about TV!

  8. iona wade says:

    Pls keep cas, and bring bobbie back too. The mom can stay gone

  9. How unfortunate that Mary’s still alive.
    How unfortunate that Sam wants to bring her back.
    This is one character that needed to stay dead.
    I’m with Dean here (as usual). Leave her in Bizarro world and lets hunt some monsters.
    She brings absolutely nothing of value to the show and greatly subtracts from it.

  10. Diane SKOTZKE says:

    Omg i love SUPERNATURAL 💋

  11. “the long-anticipated comeback of psychic Missouri Moseley?” how can anyone say that? I don’t know ANYONE who has ever included her EVER in conversations about character returns. She sucked as a psychic, was a basically rude, horrible woman to Dean and just all around annoying. So maybe you need to print “long-anticipated” but noone who watches the show has been waiting for her return. if you wanted a psychic to return then bring back Pamela…now SHE was a bad-ass psychic and she was awesome…more in line with Sam and Dean than trying to be a mature, nasty mom-like character. We had enough of that with resurrected Mary. Now Pamela would be long-anticipated!

    • Gail says:

      What???? She’s awesome! I thought Missouri and her interactions with the boys was great and funny and think it’ll be cool to have her back. Also don’t get all the Mary bashing cause she was a long time wanted come back and John as well. I hope Jeffery Dean Morgan will make an appearance before the show ends. That’d be AWESOME as Dean would say, again. Lol. I’ve been watching from the Pilot, I’m a truly loyal fan and loyal fans go with the show, not bash choices they make and characters they choose to bring back. I’m loving the ride from S1 Pilot till now. That’s a true fan. :-). <3

      • N Marie Clark says:

        I totally agree with you. I loved Missouri and have really wanted her back. I throughly enjoyed Mary’s return and want to keep her. I too have been a fan since day one and while there have been episodes I didn’t care for (example: “Bloodlines”) I have enjoyed the entire series and remain a faithful fan. I hope to be faithful until the end, that I hope is a long time away. I do admit that I want Bobby, Kevin, Charlie, and Ellen back, as well as an episode with Jeffrey Dean Morgan before it ends !

  12. Gail says:

    I loved having Mary back so no clue what one of the comments is about. Lol. Supernatural is AWESOME as Dean would say. So happy they’ve gone this many seasons and will be really sad when it ends.

  13. WeUs&Them says:

    yah its pretty cool”

  14. Kandiezhere says:

    I’d truly like to see Mary run into John in the alternate world. Maybe reconnect and find their way back to the boys. Also, I think it would be devastating to Lucifer if his spawn turned out bad and was taught by the Winchesters how to be good. Cas is gone in that world. They need that angel on their side. I hope there are some phenomenal come backs. Losing Crowley HURT. Wouldn’t it be a trip to find Charlie Bradbury in the alternate world working with Bobby? So many possibilities!! I don’t care what anyone else says… It’s the best show I’ve seen in years.