Supernatural Recap

Supernatural Finale Recap: Apocalypse, Take Two — Plus: Oh So Many Deaths!

Well, that was a wild and unexpected ride, Supernatural.

D-Day — as in the day Kelly delivers Lucifer’s spawn — finally arrived during the show’s Season 12 finale on Thursday, bringing with it plenty of death and an otherworldly twist.

But before the potentially evil nugget could be brought into the world he might one day destroy, there was the matter of the British Men of Letters to deal with in the first half of the two-hour finale event.

Let’s review the season ender’s many highlights:

* The Winchesters’ captivity in the bunker, at the hands of the Brits, lasts a couple days. With the air growing thinner, the boys (with Toni’s help) try everything from a spell to Shawshanking their way out. Then inspiration strikes Dean after he admits to his brother that he imagined them going out Butch and Sundance-style: He successfully blasts through the cement wall with a mighty explosive grenade launcher.

* Mary is killing hunters, and next on her list is the beloved Jody Mills. But with some help from Alex, Jody is able to knock out and restrain Mary just in time for Dean and Sam to show up and step up. Sam, having earlier lamented that he followed the British Men of Letters because it was easier than leading, gives his fellow hunters a rousing speech about fighting until the Brits are dead.

Supernatural Recap* Dean turns to Toni for help getting inside brainwashed Mary’s head. She acquiesces because, at this point, she’s not on anyone’s side but her own. The trip into Mary’s mind turns into a very cathartic, long overdue therapy session for Dean, in which he confesses that he hates his mom. “You lied to me. I was a kid. You promised you’d keep me safe, and then you make a deal with Azazel,” he tells her. Dean goes on to list all the terrible things that happened after that because of her: John becoming a shell of a man, Sam losing his soul, etc. “I hate you,” he tearfully declares. “And I love you. Because I can’t help it. You’re my mom.” And having made some questionable deals of his own to save the ones he loves, Dean finally adds, “I forgive you. For all of it. Everything.” But just as Mary finally acknowledges his presence, Ketch rips the electrodes off Dean’s head. During the fight, Ketch slits Toni’s throat, and Mary, back to her old self, eventually shoots him dead.

Supernatural Recap* Meanwhile, Sam leads the hunters into the BMOL’s headquarters, where Dr. Hess tries to make a last-minute appeal to Sam by showing him pictures of Lucifer out and about. She argues that Sam needs the Brits to defeat the devil. (No, this is how you got into this mess in the first place, Sammy!) Thankfully, Sam passes, then Jody shoots her in the head, and they blow up their HQ. With that, Hour 1 wraps up with a Winchester family reunion of forgiveness. Moving on to the devil and his bad seed…

* Dean decides they need Rowena’s help to put Lucifer back in the cage, but Luci already got to her first and killed her. (R.I.P., Rowena). Crowley pops in to propose a deal to the Winchesters because he knows to bet on the “big, beautiful, lumbering piles of flannel” when the world is at stake. After they put Lucifer back where he belongs, Crowley promises to seal the gates of Hell.

* As Kelly goes into labor, her child’s impending birth creates a tear in space and time, opening a doorway to Earth-3 an alternate, post-apocalyptic reality where Bobby is alive! He doesn’t recognize Dean and Sam, but he does know of John (who’s dead here, too, boo!) and Mary Winchester. Cas explains that this is a world where Sam and Dean were never born, so they never saved it.

Supernatural Recap* When Lucifer shows up for his second stab at the apocalypse, Dean and Sam give him what he wants by luring him to the alt reality. “Say hello to my little friend!” Dean exclaims, riddling Lucifer with angel-killing bullets (that, ultimately, don’t work). Meanwhile, Sam and Crowley work on a twofer of a spell to send Lucifer back to Hell/close the gates, but healing the rip between worlds requires a life — and Crowley offers up his own. Cas shows up and safely makes it back home with Dean and Sam… that is, until he gets stabbed by Lucifer. Dean is left standing over his friend’s lifeless vessel in shock. (This finale is just a bloodbath, isn’t it?)

* Mary finally gets her chance to punch the devil, but the scuffles causes them both to fall into the rift, which then closes up, leaving them stranded in the alt world.

* Kelly dies in childbirth, after which Sam discovers her already adult-sized, yellow eyes-sporting son huddled in the corner totally not looking creepy. Bring on, Season 13!

Supernatural fans, what did you think of the season ender? Grade it via the poll below, then hit the comments to back up your pick!

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  1. Jlz says:

    Whoa! So many deaths.

    • AnnieM says:

      Yes, but most of them probably won’t stick, so now it’s time to speculate how they will be undone. :-) It’s probably a given that Jack will resurrect Cas. Crowley, I think it would be hilarious if he gets brought back as an angel to ‘reward’ him for his sacrifice, and he hates it and wants to be a demon again. Rowena, I’ve no idea, but I hope we haven’t seen the last of her. Maybe we’ll see Chuck again, since Jack *is* his grandson. This Alternate Earth could give us the opportunity to see other departed favorites – I’d like to see Ellen & Jo again. I also wonder if this different reality shares the Heaven & Hell of our world, or do they have their own? So many things to ponder until S13 arrives. :-)

      • Ericka says:

        I think everything your proposing would be epic

      • ak says:

        Crowley as an self loathing angel that’ll be awesome

      • Brian Duty says:

        Quite an epic revolation — if it could be the same Heaven and Hell. I mean, presumably the mechanics would be the same or at least similar, but I don’t see how it could be the “same” one since it seems to be an entire parallel universe. The Heaven and Hell that we’ve been introducted to would have to be aware of the ongoing battle in this other world (and again I use the world presumably, but since they’ve started this parallel universe direction there are probably an infintesemil number of them) and there has been no mention in all of seasons that we’ve been privvy to angelic/demonic conflic. I would think that the parallel Earth would have a parallel Heaven and Hell too.

        Then again, since the existince of God (i.e. Chuck) has been confirmed, it does seem to go against everything we think possible that there could be an infinite number of Gods.

        Chuck coming back.. I mean, technically *everybody* is is son/grandson/creation. Maybe he’ll come back, maybe he won’t, but that just doesn’t seem like it would be due to that factor alone. I do have to lean toward him and his sister coming back as this seems to be the ultimate situation in which they would be needed. They must feel some obligation to be involved in such a massive event.

        My thoughts going into this episode were, “Man I love this show, but it’s become so predictable. The good guys always come back”. They might have really thrown a curveball this time. Back to the basics, Dean and Sam. I’m not sure how I feel about that since Cas and Crowley have become two of my favorite characters (not to mention the massive fan love for Mark and Misha). I honestly think the show would lose too many viewers to continue if two fan favorites were lost. Not all of us have been here since before Cas and Crowley showed up. Crowley coming back as an Angel would indeed be an exciting twist, and possibly make him even more easy to love. I can’t imagine any entity possessing that power except for Chuck himself, perhaps the Seraphim. That would also hinge on the Seraphim deciding to be “good” which we really can’t know at this point. The only death that I’m fairly certain will “stick” is Rowena, but given the nature of this show I think anything is possibly at this point.

        And that Seraphim’s smile at the end, even fresh out of the womb he seems to have plans. I think it’s safe to say that he absorbed everything he heard and felt while in the womb. Perhaps everything that’s ever happened period, given his lineage. Hopefully he wasn’t born evil as predicted. If he does indeed genetically retain his father’s memories/desires due to what he is that’s a distinct possibility.

        I haven’t been this excited for a new season since Game of Thrones!

        Whatever happens, thanks for sharing your feelings as they are quite intriguing!

        By the way, will you marry me?

      • I hope Bobby snuck over from the other Earth while everyone was busy and he’s waiting in the bushes. It would be interesting to have the dynamic of how that relationship was and the boys still have those feels but this Bobby has not one bit of the same. His only tie to Sam and Dean being that they are the only people he knows on this Earth…and it’s a whole new world. He sure sounded interested in getting a look when he talked about peaches and cream.

      • Libby says:

        This was Mark’s swan song. He’s leaving Supernatural. RIP Crowley. I loved that short little devil!

    • nn says:

      But I think they finally listened to us about not killing female characters, except for baddies/half baddies. I’m honestly surprised Jody, Alex, Mary are still here.

  2. Linda says:

    ‘Sam passes, then shoots her in the head’ – I thought Jody shot her. I would love it to be true, but I doubt Castiel is dead for good.

    • David Bloom says:

      Jody did kill Hess. And I’d lay odds that Crowley will be back before Cas. And I don’t trust Crowley to shut the gates of hell. Metatron did that to cas and we all know how that turned out.

      • Lafferty says:

        Why does no one acknowledge that shutting the gates of Hell leaves a lot of evil dead people as angry ghosts just as those headed for Heaven couldn’t get in when Metatron closed it. This is the stupid kind of continuity error that is too irritating to ignore.

        • Castiel's Husband says:

          But Metatron closed the Heaven, not the Hell. Sam tried, but didn’t make it and demons kept walking on the Earth freely.
          Kevin and the other souls that were trapped in the veil were about to go to Heaven, but they couldn’t because of Metatron.
          The angry spirits go to Heaven too, possibly, cause they use salt to purify their souls and then, burn it to cut off their link to our world. They don’t go to Hell, cause they are not corrupted anymore.

        • Corey says:

          Metatron used a spell to cast all angels out of heaven. What the trials were supposed to do was close the gates locking in all angels (heaven) or all demons (hell). That is not the same as what Metatron did.

          • Castiel's Husband says:

            I know, I was trying to say that when he expelled the angels, he messed up the Heaven, so lots of souls didn’t go there. They only went to Heaven when God came back.
            In fact, I only saw him send Kevin to Heaven, but I can assume that he set free all the souls

      • LD says:

        Crowley won’t be back before Cas – my guess is the nephilim will resurrect him in the premiere as a thank you. He HAS to come back.

    • Vlada Gelman says:

      Typo has been fixed, thanks. #crazyday

    • Jim says:

      This isn’t the first time Cas has died. Hell, it isn’t even the first time Lucifer has killed Castiel.

      • slinky says:

        but it is the first time we saw burned out angel wings from cas. pretty sure no ones come back from that (gave in meta fiction doesn’t count)

  3. Nancy says:

    Yeah, I thought Jody shot her.

  4. tvgeek says:

    I’m going to miss Crowley and Rowena. Great to see Bobby again even though he’s not “our” Bobby. I just wish the Castiel death would stick but I know it’s not going too. His character has became tired and pretty much useless.

    • LD says:

      He’s not useless. He’s family, and the boys love him tremendously.

      • Gift says:

        Yes Castiel is definitely not useless. He will be greatly missed except that angel child bring him back to life. I’m hoping!

        • Alicia Donaldson Kew says:

          If Jack is aware of what was going on in the world around him while he was in the womb then he knows that Castiel was helping his mom and trying to keep Jack safe and that Cas is good. I do Wonder though if Cas was telling Kelly the truth about Jack’s future or just trying to make her feel better knowing she wasn’t going to be around for it he only mentioned his future and what his imprint would be in the world after holding hands with Kelly and the light show coming through their hands up into castiel’s eyes when he was saving her. So did the baby actually show him the future which was all positive peace on Earth no famine no demons xcetera. Hopefully Jack will bring cas back and I like the idea that was given above about Crowley being brought back as an angel for his sacrifice but I wonder if Jack had any mother-son bond with Kelly or–if she was just an incubator for him wouldnt Jack want to bring back Kelly since that is his mother not that she played any role except as an incubator. Can you see Dean and Sam raising Jack imagine lol I was so happy to see Bobby back that would be the best season 13 if Bobby came back even not knowing them there’s no way that that relationship wouldn’t become something like it used to be over time that Bond could become created again I think.

    • Jamie says:

      Useless? He’s pretty much the only reason SPN is still going on…

      • You’re kidding, right? Cas is the reason? I beg to differ. I like Cas and I know he and Misha have fans but Jared and Jensen are the main actors and there is no SPN without the Winchesters, which is what the whole show is about. Sorry.

        • Chelsea says:

          So, when they killed Cas last time, it was season 7, the show experienced the worst ratings of its entire lengthy run during the period where he was ostensibly dead, this reaulted in the firing of them show runner Sara Gamble and the deus ex machine resurrection of Cas late in the season as a bid to regain the scorned audience share. These are facts. This happened. And this was three years after the character was introduced. Also there is a well established corollary between episodes Cas appears in having a higher ratings share and social media presence, that trends over multiple seasons. TL:DR You’re wrong.

          • Tori says:

            Actually, no, none of the ratings numbers bear that out at all. Castiel’s comeback episode in season 7 showed no boost in the ratings and episodes marketed as featuring him show no trend of significant bumps since. TL;DR Repeating something does not make it true when it contradicts the actual numbers.

          • Mel says:

            The ratings in season seven were terrible because the season was the worst in Supernatural history. Sadly, that had nothing to do with Castiel’s “death”. The Leviathan story arc was lame. The only good thing that came out of it was Cas and Dean’s trip to Purgatory.

        • Cecelia Simien says:

          Sooo right Wendy! It’s all about my Winchester boys. I never did care for Cad.

      • Ninamags says:

        *Sigh* Don’y you people ever get tired of saying that? That is patently not true.

        The show only exists now because Jensen and Jared are still interested in bringing stories to us.

        It has been shown that Cass-heavy episodes do NOT help ratings in any way, in fact, many of those episodes have bee shown to have even lower ratings than usual.

        I really hope that he is gone for good. He brings nothing to the story and the writers have shown they have no interesting stories for him. He is useless.

        • Beano says:

          Truth right here!!!

        • Laurel Lane says:

          I really disagree. I love Cas and know I’m not alone. But, in truth, it takes all of them to make the show a success. Crowley and Castiel add to the stories and make them interesting. They both have helped the Winchesters out so many times. I love Jody (was so afraid they were going to kill her off last night) and Rowena (hopefully we’ll see her again) and I really miss Charlie, John and Bobby. Jared and Jensen ARE the show. I also think it helps knowing that those two are truly close friends off camera. The show as a whole with all of its parts is what makes it great.

          • Ninamags says:

            Yeah, but with Crowley and Castiel around there is no imminent danger for the boys. Either can be healed by Crowley and or Cass. That lessens the stakes considerably.

        • Grace says:

          With all due respect, I don’t think any well-loved character of a TV show is useless. Castiel’s character gives a lot of fans joy, hope, and happiness, and while that might sound silly, I think it’s worth something.
          Not to mention, whether or not Castiel is good for the show statistically, Dean and Sam love him. They’ve just lost a brother, and I would never wish this pain on them like that, even if Castiel is prone to mess up.

  5. A.D. says:

    There better be some kind of loophole here…killing Crowley and Cas better not stick…and Rowena off screen???

    • Chris says:

      I’ve got a loophole for Cass to return. Evil Nephilim Jack. I mean, he’s interacted with Cass before, so he can “know” Cass’s essence. And since he knows nothing of the world at large, he needs help learning how to survive. He {Jack} revives Cass and then imprisons him to teach him about life on Earth.

      Ooo. Even BETTER idea. Jack is able to access the alternate world, since he is the one who opened the access in the first place, and is able to grab onto Crowley and revives him as well, using one of his Nephilim powers, that of reviving Celestial Beings. Still has Cass as a prisoner, of course. So, now Jack literally has a devil and an angel advising him. Jack doesn’t rescue Lucifer or Mary because they aren’t dead. Nor is Mary a Celestial Being.

      Odds on Jack being at least one of, or the only one, next season’s Big Bad/s?

    • LD says:

      Yeah, I don’t think it will stick… J2M2 ARE the show.

      • Ninamags says:

        Yeah, they’re not.

        I saw a picture of only Jensen and Jared at the upfronts yesterday. Was anybody else there? I hope Crowley is the only one that comes back.

  6. Sue says:

    I’d be perfectly happy to never see Cas again — he has been repeating the same plot for years and the character never seems to grow from it– but I doubt that will happen. Hope they find a way to Bring Crowley back because I would miss him. Poor Dean — between losing his mom and Cas he didn’t have a good night. Kudos to Jensen for that wonderful scene where he finally tells Mary what he thinks — except she made that deal with Azazeal long before Dean was born and it’s not like she knew back then what it would cost. If she hadn’t made the deal John would have been dead and Dean and Sam never born and we saw tonight what would have happened to the world then.

  7. tvgeek says:

    If Jensen Ackles doesn’t win performer of the week for his speech to Mary I’m going riot.

  8. Cathy says:

    If Cas is brought back life hope its not just to a season of protecting Lucifers son. just my opinion just because they showed his scary eyes at end doesnt mean he is evil imho

    • ninergrl6 says:

      I agree about “Jack” not necessarily being evil. I’ll reserve judgement on that until we see how next season unfolds. It could be an interestingly commentary on nature vs. nurture.

    • I don’t want Cas to be gone permanently, because he is great with Sam and Dean as part of their ‘family’, so I don’t think he will be gone for good. I do think that Crowley is probably gone.

  9. Agent 86 says:

    How many more times are they going to do their best to keep Dean and Castiel apart? Can’t they at least be happy with each other and Sam can still be the depressed, mopey one. Surely they don’t all need to be glum all the time?

    • tvgeek says:

      Like the woe is me Castiel that said yes to Lucifer because he was feeling sorry for himself. Sam might be depressed and mopey but he has a right to be. Tortured in the cage by Lucifer and Michael. Tortured and mind raped by Toni.

  10. taran63 says:

    I guess we’ll have to wait until next season to find out what that suspiciously off-camera conversation Cas and Kelly had right before she gave birth was about.

    • Tammy says:

      Omg… are you thinking what im thinking? CAS(S) comes back as a girl…in Kellys body??
      That would make a dean/cas relationship more palatable to the network bosses…. lol.

      • Berfish says:

        There is no Dean/Cas relationship except in fans minds and fan fic. And female Cas would just be dumb, sorry

  11. Lafferty says:

    Killing off Castiel and Crowley is a cheap way to add excitement to what was already an exciting hour. I expected Mary to die but, instead, the “boys” will spend next season trying to rescue her from Lucifer. That means another season with Mark Pellegrino whom I loathe and no Crowley or Cas to offer witticisms or love. I suppose the producers figured that they needed to shake up the relationships for Season 13 but they have made a mistake.

    I did appreciate Bobby’s cameo in his beret and the Middle Eastern scarf that metrosexuals everywhere seem to love.

    All in all, i’m disappointed.

  12. Sheldon Wiebe says:

    Well, at least we know what the Big Bad will be for season 13.

  13. ninergrl6 says:

    This show is so effing brilliant. Reinventing itself 12 seasons strong. I was literally on the edge of my seat with no clue what to expect. The first hour was the perfect blend of action, character development, and heart. That hug at the end?! 😭 Way to step up, Sammy, and way to deal with your (understandable) mommy issues, Dean. The second hour was a tad slow at times, but MAN the casualties. Granted, I’m not sure all of them will stick, but still… the one that upset me the most was Rowena. She was never around enough for me to tire of her, and I’ll miss her snark terribly (if she is truly gone — hers is most likely to be permanent IMO). I’m also bummed about Toni’s death. She could’ve been an interesting recurring character, especially if there are repercussions from the MoL mess (as there should be). As for the “big” deaths, Crowley & Cas, I guess I’m not sure they’re permanent so I’m not shaken by them. I also thought (don’t hate me) that those characters had run their course about 5 years ago, so I look forward to where the show can (potentially) go without them.

  14. L D says:

    I watch Supernatural for Dean, Sam, and Cas – THAT combination, those three boys who created their own family, who fight and mess up and make up and save the world together. After last night’s episode, I am utterly devastated and will not be turning in for season 13 unless we get confirmation that Cas will somehow be involved. Maybe the nephilim will save him, maybe his boys will.. who knows.

    And before anyone tries to come at me with “true fan” or “real fan” BS, a real fan is anyone who loves and watches the show. You don’t get to designate who is or isn’t a fan. I’ve been with the show since the beginning, and I accept most characters deaths, but this was unforgivable. Dean’s face as he collapsed to his knees next to Cas said it all for me. I love the show, I love these characters and actors, but I’m broken right now.

    Dabb, you can fix this. You have the capability. And like Jared himself said, “I don’t think there will ever be a day SPN goes on without Misha.” Listen to him, he’s a smart cookie.

    • Johnny Mem says:

      One can tell you love the show with such passion…my bet is you WILL be tuning in for season 13. Besides, who is going to miss the Scooby Doo episode???

  15. Fan says:

    Killing cas was a poor decision. He’s the best thing about the show

  16. JLA says:

    Man, I can wait to drink all the Cas haters tears when he comes back! Lol

  17. Kepler says:

    Yeah, I’m sure Cas’ death won’t stick, thankfully. But the episode itself was very good.

  18. Nigerski says:

    I already miss Crowley and Rowena, plus count me in the loves Cas camp. I want them ALL back!

  19. Taniania says:

    I hope Cas comes back. They have to bring him back! Without him there no reason to even watch this show! Oh gosh! I’m already grieving. Please he needs to not be dead!!!
    But that last scene with Dean on his knees in complete shock, beautiful in it’s sadness. Jensen’s ackting will never stop to amaze me.

  20. S.J. says:

    I really hope Cas, Crowley, and Rowena all come back. Pretty sure they all will, but you never do know with this show. It would be a shame to kill off Rowena in such a way – Ruth/Rowena deserve more! I have to confess I mainly watch because of Castiel. He’s such a vital character not only to the show in general but in his role as Sam and Dean’s best friend. I’m here for Team Free Will and hope they all get a happy ending of some sort! Guess we’ll see what happens with 13.

  21. AnnieM says:

    What is with all the Cas hate here? You’d think he was Mon-El or something. ;-)

    • I don’t hate him, in fact, I hope he does come back. The boys, especially Dean, need him as a beloved friend. I just disagree that he is the main reason the show is still on. He might be that some of you watch but for many others, it’s for the Winchesters, whom the whole show centers around. So some of us do get a little tired of this claim from some of you that Cas/Misha is the only reason to watch or that it’s survived this long.

      • Radha says:

        Really though, what the heck. I like Cass too but this is ridiculous. I watch for Sam and Dean. All the other characters are added bonuses but that’s it.

  22. Red Snapper says:

    I thought the finale was great. The first hour took care of the BMOL story line. It was great having the hunters fight back. I’m super glad Jodi made it. The second hour was nuts! I’m bummed they killed Rowena off screen. Maybe Ruth wasn’t available? I love Mark Pellegrino as Lucifer and hope we see him again. They can always bring him back. I’m sure the boys are going to try everything to get Mary back. I thought the tear in space/time was cool and unexpected. Also, they referenced my favorite episode, ‘The French Mistake’. I was definitely surprised that Crowley sacrificed himself. I know he did it because he knew he couldn’t beat Lucifer but he normally doesn’t do anything without a plan B. He better come back somehow. I was shocked when Castiel was stabbed. I just kept reminding myself that this is what happens to Cas, he dies but he always comes back. I think the nephilim is going to use his power to bring him back as a thank you of sorts. I’m not sure what to make of the devil’s offspring. I want to believe that he doesn’t have to be evil just because his dad is. Part of me thinks the vision he showed Cas isn’t real but a means of self preservation. I hope he felt the love his mother had for him and that had some sort of influence. He looked scared at the end but he did seem to have a smirk. Hopefully, the boys are a good influence on him. Maybe they’ll tackle the whole nature vs nurture debate next season.

  23. Dave says:

    I’m fine with most of the deaths, to be honest. When a show gets to the point where it has sacred cows that are unkillable then there can be no real progression in the story. As much as I enjoyed Castiel and Crowley, there really didn’t seem to be much story left for either one of them and we were stuck with repetitive storylines for both of them for the last several seasons. I don’t know if their deaths will stick or not but the show could use a bit of freshening up away from the bureaucracies of heaven and hell. I also didn’t mind how Mary and Lucifer were dispatched. It was reminiscent of the season 5 finale, with her sacrificing herself for her sons and the world. Rowena OTOH still had potential and the manner in which she was killed off was quite brutal. She deserved better than an off screen death. Kelly was as dumb as a sack of dirt and I wasn’t sad to see her go either. It will be interesting to see where Andrew Dabb and Robert Singer take it from here. It all comes down to whether or not they have the guts to be bold and start in a new direction or if they’ll just fall back into the same formula that has hindered the storytelling for quite some time now. I’m hoping for the former.

    • ninergrl6 says:

      I agree with you. The show keeps reinventing itself and this could be that kind of opportunity to reset.

  24. c says:

    1. Why wasn’t Max in it? He’s a witch too. I know his choices to get power from a demon and stick-Alicia is going to be harder to explain and cram in, but still?

    2. I notice a very big plot hole with neplilims. Remember a previous episode of Castiel’s backstory had some angel enlisted Cas and others to kill a nephlilim, but turns out the child WASN’T? How did everyone miss the signs of the birth? Clearly, there wasn’t any, because it was a human.

    • John Stuebner says:

      Not a plot hole, was from a regular Angel. The Angels seldom came to earth and were lied to. Noy seeing it as a

      Plot hole. Clearly a real one ,son of Lucifer, was felt.

      I’m sure Max will be back he just lost his entire family. What he will be when he comes back? Leaning on a little nuts.
      Bringing him in on the raid would take a little off his future appearance. Also he and Garth could be amongst the dead hunters killed by the BMOL..

      • c says:

        you mean, regular angel’s nephilim birth don’t have the signs? of course will not be really extensive as lucifer’s nephilim birth, but still must be something there right? lied to to not, if no signs ever was present, and there obviously wouldn’t have been because that was not a nephilim, wouldn’t they catch the lie? unless they paid no attention and just obeyed.

        well, max lost his mother. he got stick-alicia back and the new demon originated witch magic. I don’t see him moping about at all.

        For the hunters killed by BMOL, I think they’d check on all the ones they knew first. If someone they know is dead, wouldn’t they mention it? Unless they are planning to do it later as a aftermath.

  25. All my faves are dead says:

    I wanna die tbh

  26. Gift says:

    Wow is Castiel gone? Oh so many deaths! I hope they all return. Great Finale.

  27. Melissa says:

    On so mad that they killed crowly and cas i didn’t see it coming so now is it really happening that 300 epiosdes is it for the boys i love Crowley and cas how is dean and sam going to función with out these guys and then there mom What the he’ll i hope maybe god will bring them back and i didn’t see it coming with Rowana i loved her charachter also rip guys will miss you show won’t be the same

  28. Ericka says:

    The season finale was definitely a nail biter but with cas and Crowley dead I don’t know what to expect of the next season. I’m quite as Crowley is dead

  29. Steph says:

    I can’t believe Crowley, Rowena and Cass are dead… or are they?

  30. Dj says:

    This was the most brutal episode of supernatural i have ever seen. Wow they killed off the entire support cast. I figure Cass would die after Misha mentioned on twitter how that was his 100 episode and it was a nice round 100 number. But I am going to miss Crowley so much. His was always fun to watch.

  31. Mel1975 says:

    Unlike a lot of people, I found the finale to be underwhelming. You know a show kills off and brings back characters way too much when four people die and you aren’t affected by it, even though you really like three of them. They might have been going for shock, but it fell flat. I wasn’t hurt by any of it, which is really sad because I adore both Cas and Crowley.

    Not only did they kill four characters, but they trapped two more in another realm. Overkill, if you ask me. Pun totally intended. Chances are at least two of them won’t stick and am hoping that Rowena will return as well because she’s really grown on me. If these deaths are real, I’ll be upset about it later, but I feel nothing about it right now.

  32. jr. says:

    I hope the Mary character stays gone. And she ends up hooking up with Bobbie, fighting baddies in the alt universe, off screen. Believe Cas will be revived by Jack, because it felt like Cas was joined with Jack ( i.e. when Cass held her hand, and the ‘eye’ thing happened )

  33. Luana Branscom says:

    Whoa. Cas and Crowley? Rowena…I hope Supernatural isn’t turning into TWD. Been watching since 2005, I love the show, but Damn!

  34. Kathleen Thompson says:

    I only hope Crowley and Cass are not really, they are a important part of the cast as well. I was also happy they brought back Bobby.

  35. idu says:

    Does anyone know and have a list of the hunter death count from the BMOL raid? And who? Also, the hunters that were already murdered by BMOL before that as well? And who?
    Thanks ~

  36. Phoenix says:

    With the introduction of the alternate earth and seeing a character like Bobby alive over there, its an obvious way for them to bring back any character that has died over the past decade, just like over on Arrow, Laurel is dead but wait, alternate Earth Laurel is alive and well and back on the main cast next season. There’s also Jack, I have a feeling he bonded with Castiel and can probably bring him back, Mary will get saved by alternate reality Bobby and Lucifer will take over the other Earth and threaten to invade the Winchester Earth again next season, a lot of people died but I really don’t think most of them will stay dead.

  37. Iv says:

    i’m sad about rowena, but cas (and most likely crowely too) will be back. cas definitely will, because the show without him wouldn’t make sense. team free will are just better together. <3

  38. Gwen says:

    Oh my gosh ! That was an awesome episode. I can’t wait for next season. This show has grown so much, the story lines get better and better, which only happens because of Jared and Jensen have become world class actors. See next season.

  39. Mandy says:

    What a great 2hrs, I love watching supernatural. Sooo nice to see Bobby I miss his character alot. I hope Crowley had a plan B when he killed himself it’s hard to believe him & Cass are gone, Poor Dean & Sam. I’m not a fan of marys character so i dont care that shes gone for now. As for Jack he looked evil sitting in that corner so I don’t know what to think. Looking forward to season 13.

  40. Becky says:

    As I said somewhere else. I need someone to tell me, Barry Allen got the wrong show. Screwed up the timeline, what the hell. First they kill Rowena, without even letting us see her one last time. Then Crowley and Cas at the end was just heartbreaking. What hell poor Mary is going to be forced to go through. Wow just wow!

  41. Alexandra says:

    Bring back Cass!!!

  42. Ninamags says:

    Both episodes were great.

    This is a fantastic way to reset the whole series. Wipe the slate clean, as it were.

    Looking forward to next year when the boys start from scratch. I’m glad the bunker was okay.

    Dean finally got to use the grenade launcher!!! Yay!!!

    I loved that we got two brother hugs! Those two are really each others’ everything.

    Love The EPIC Love Story of Sam and Dean.

    • Cristina says:

      I’m hoping Gabriel gets a come back and since our bobby died it would be awesome if they bring other world bobby back to our supernatural world cuz its been ridiculous that all our fauvorite characters get killed accept Sam and Dean cuz they always get brought back. Maybe the God in the apocalyptic world will come to the rescue and I always thought Dean should’ve ended up with Jo because all his other love interest weren’t hunters like she was and it would be nice if 1 of the boys could have a lasting relationship with someone other than eachother and 1 of them should have a baby so the Winchester name doesn’t die with Sam and Dean and Jo would be the perfect mom for that role. I can’t wait till next season

  43. Luke says:

    The British men of letters were taken out too easily in my opinion. The first episode seemed rushed. The second episode was a bit disappointing, I’m still in shock that both Crowley and Castiel seem like they are truly dead this time.

  44. ATS says:

    Sorry people, I want Crowley and Cass back. It won’t be the same without them.

  45. Pat says:

    The plot was great but the music which always brought a new level to the other seasons was missing.

    Can’t wait for Season 13!

  46. Gemini says:

    Im sure Cas will be back he did kill a reaper who made a deal with sam and dean so that has to be delt with

  47. Randy T says:

    I expect Chuck and his sis will show up to resurrect Cas and Crowley. They both sacrificed themselves to keep Jack away from Lucifer. I expect ol’ lucifer and Mary being stuck in the alternate for awhile as there’s most likely an alternate Chuck who seems to love a demon angel war. Nice to see Bobby showing up for about 2 minutes. The nephilum won’t be left in Cas’s care and he’ll go to heaven with Chuck and “The Darkness”. I love supernatural and it’s 1 of the longest running shows out there lets hope Bobby Singer keeps a good storyline going.

  48. R_Bogie says:

    What if Cas stays dead but alternate Jimmy Novak joins the Winchesters?

  49. hh says:

    I do see a great possibility in Jack bringing Cas back as his guardian and a teacher when it comes to his powers. Who else is there left to teach Jack, outside of Lucifer?
    Whether Jack is bad or not, remains to be seen. I see him being tettering.
    My question is..when Cas healed Dean’s knee, what was with the orange spark? Supernatural doesn’t do stuff like that on a whim. There is/was still a connection or remnant of Jack’s power there. Will it have to do with Cas’s revival, or connect Dean to Jack somehow?

  50. Elle says:

    I stopped watching in Season 5 (for a variety of reasons), but I keep up with the fandom in a roundabout way. Reading finale fallout comments entertains me, hehe. And it’s always a good reminder that frustration and rage at showrunners crosses all fandoms.