greys anatomy season 13 episode 24 recap

Grey's Anatomy Season 13 Finale Recap: Did It Leave You All Fired Up?

Warning: The following is a virtual IV drip of spoilers for the Season 13 finale of Grey’s Anatomy.

Going into Thursday’s explosive Grey’s Anatomy, it certainly looked as if the Season 13 finale was going to be unlucky for Stephanie. But Megan’s resurrection also promised to blow up Meredith’s fledgling romance with Nathan, and all those recent Jackson/Maggie scenes suggested that April might be about to get burned, too. Who, if any of them, made it out unscathed? Who made it out at all? Read on…

‘FIRE IN THE HOSPITAL TRUMPS RAPIST ON THE LOOSE’ | As “Ring of Fire” began, Meredith had just made it back to Grey Sloan to fill in Nathan on Owen’s Megan news when all hell broke loose. In the wake of the rapist’s detonation, fires were raging on floors 4, 5 and 6, and Bailey put April in charge of the outdoors holding area for evacuated patients. “Lord,” the chief sighed, “don’t make me have to tell Catherine Avery I burned her hospital down to the ground!” Since the fire overrode the lockdown, the doors reopened, so Jackson started running around looking for Stephanie. Upon learning that Erin had wandered off again, Mer made finding the little girl her priority, which didn’t sit well with Eliza, who wanted to focus on patients and let the police worry about missing persons. Ignoring Minnick, Grey went right on searching for Erin. When she bumped into Alex, she learned that his stalking of Jo’s husband had been, in his estimation, “a waste.”

As for Stephanie, it turned out she hadn’t been killed by the blast. She was burned but in good enough shape to assure Erin, whose leg had been impaled by some equipment, that the bad man wasn’t just gone but “very, very gone.” Before Edwards could remove the equipment that was stabbing Erin, she had to treat the girl’s leg, a painful procedure for which the doc recommended she distract herself by clenching her fists as she herself had when she’d undergone brutal treatments as a youngster. And “if you need to scream,” Stephanie added, “you just go ahead and scream.” (Note: She did.) Unfortunately, no sooner had Erin’s leg been patched up than their exit was blocked by fiery debris! A total badass, Stephanie soaked a blanket and her hair with water, wrapped up Erin and leapt through the blaze!

greys anatomy season 13 episode 24 recap finale‘I’VE HAD BETTER DAYS’ | Since it looked smokey as hell down below, Stephanie led Erin upstairs to the roof. Alas, by the time they got there, Edwards realized that, along the way, she’d lost her damn key card — they couldn’t unlock the door to get outside to fresh air! Stuck, Edwards wrapped Erin in the wet blanket, intending to wait for help. But in no time, she spotted her key card a few floors below, left the little girl briefly and returned worse for wear, yet victorious. This being Stephanie’s worst day ever, naturally, as soon as she and Erin were on the roof, the kid passed out. Meanwhile, Jackson returned from his unsuccessful search for Stephanie and got yelled at in a concerned-wifely way by both April and Maggie. That Pierce had been so worried about him did not go unnoticed by the ex with whom he’d so recently hooked up. Had the police found Edwards? No, because er, Eliza had forgotten to tell them she was even missing!

Though Ben had an understandable aversion to fire, he bravely charged back into Grey Sloan to show the authorities where he’d seen Stephanie with the patient he hadn’t realized at the time was the escaped rapist. When finally, Warren led the firefighters to the roof, they found Stephanie performing CPR on Erin. “You took the scenic route!” she shouted. From there, Edwards wouldn’t leave Erin’s side. She also wouldn’t hear it when told the O.R. floor was off limits. If it was, they’d have to operate in the E.R. She’d been through hell to save that kid, she said, and “I did not do all of that so this little girl could die!” In the end, Erin pulled through. Then and only then did Stephanie let herself collapse. The next day, while her burns were being painfully treated, she informed Richard that, after spending her whole life in hospitals, as a patient or a doctor, “I need to travel and… explore… and hike… and breathe… away from the monitors and the blood.” As such, she quit. But “you changed my life, Dr. Webber,” she added. “You taught me how to take my past and find my path. Thank you.”

‘YOU’LL KNOW WHAT TO SAY WHEN YOU SEE HER’ | When Owen awakened from probably a much-needed sleep and heard about the Grey Sloan disaster, he wanted to go to work and pitch in. However, Amelia pointed out that, due to the fire, the helipad was off limits, so Megan was being transferred to a nearby military hospital, for which they’d be leaving immediately — he should be there when she landed. Meanwhile, at Grey Sloan, Mer finally located Nathan — in surgery, even though the O.R. wing had been evacuated. He couldn’t just quit, he pointed out. “I have a man’s lung in my hand!” After Mer helped him complete the operation — and got her lover some oxygen outside — she gently broke the news to him.

“Remember the dream where [Derek and Megan] come back to us?” she said. “Nathan, they found Megan. She’s alive.” At first, he couldn’t believe it. “That’s not funny,” he said. (Lovely, crushing performance by Martin Henderson there, BTW.) When at last it sank in that Grey wasn’t playing a cruel joke, Nathan immediately wanted to take off for the military hospital. Then, suddenly, he felt guilty about how excited he was. Don’t apologize, Mer told him. “If this were Derek, I would already be gone.” And so, off he went. At the military hospital, Owen seemed to have an out-of-body experience as the moment of Megan’s arrival drew near. When the chopper landed, we got a glimpse of the patient and her red hair but not a close enough look to say for sure whether it was really her.

greys anatomy season 13 episode 24 recap‘I WENT TOO FAR’ | The day after the blaze, Catherine demanded Bailey, Richard and Eliza explain why it had taken so long to find Stephanie and Erin. Minnick blamed Stephanie for not following protocol and Richard for undermining her by springing Edwards too quickly from therapy, which so enraged Bailey that she was ready to can Eliza. Stephanie, the chief argued, did know when to follow protocol, because she had been taught right — she hadn’t been taught to be some kind of doctor-bot. Off that meeting, Eliza shot down Arizona’s hopes for a hot date night, because instead of canoodling, she had to pack — she had been fired after all! Finally, Maggie apologized to April for yelling at Jackson — that wasn’t her place. But he liked Pierce, Kepner noted (if a bit sadly). April could tell. She could also tell that Maggie was into Jackson. So “you should just tell him” you dig him. And that was that for Season 13.

What did you think of “Ring of Fire”? Grade the finale in the poll below, then hit the comments. Will you miss Stephanie? Do you think Megan’s really Megan? Do you like the idea of Maggie/Jackson?

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  1. T. says:

    Such a let down, it seems that Grey’s has lost its touch and cannot do those big challenging finales anymore.

    • bryce says:

      And if they would have killed someone you’d criticize them for that *eye roll*

      • T. says:

        Nope, over the years many beloved characters had decent sendoffs even if they died. The plane crash was heartbreaking for instance because it killed my then favorite character (RIP Lexie), but it was a beautiful and spectacular finale.

        • Jeannie says:

          Totally agree. People dying has never been a problem, I might have hated that they left but at least it was written well.

    • Ben says:

      +. Soo much BS in this season finale. The Greys’ homewrecking dinasty continue. Edwards burn a man alive without legal consecuences and discover her super powers (a fire from the job plot would have been more acceptable). Extremely emotional doctors with poor excuses for unprofessional behavior keep ruling the Hell’s Pass Hospital (aka Grey-Sloan Memorial). We still can’t see Megan. Owen character keep been wasted. Nothing happen with Karev. Gosh.. I really hope that the writting improve the next season… ’cause the soap this season just wasn’t tasty.

      • Jamie says:

        Why would Edwards face legal consequences? The rapist guy kidnapped her, held a weapon to her throat, and then threatened to kill her and a child if she didn’t cooperate. Her killing him is definitively self-defense.

      • SB says:

        And why did it take so long for the Firemen to put out the fire/find Edwards and the little girl? Shouldn’t they have at least gone close to the explosion sight to see if there were any injured people that needed to be evacuated?

        • ella jasper says:

          I kept asking the same thing. They knew where the fire and explosion were, but they never went there. Then when they finally did go up the steps to the roof, they were no longer burning like they were when Stephanie went up.

          • Sherina Langdon says:

            I thought the same thing. The stairs were no long on fire? They were able to see bright red blood on a staircase? They never checked the area the fire started? Stephani was able to talk and inhale a couple of times, in real life they woukd have died because of severe smoke inhalation and not being able to breath cuz its too hot?

    • Jim says:

      Do we think there’s any room for it NOT to be Owen’s sister after all on that gurney? I know, I know. I think it’s much more likely the show didn’t want to hire Bridget Regan for 3 seconds of screentime in what was clearly already a very expensive episode, too. But this is TV: if we don’t see the body, anything can happen!

    • Clara says:

      One of the best shows on television.

  2. kn1231 says:

    Well I’m happy they didn’t have Meredith break down at the end when Nathan left. I thought that smile was going to be gone when he was out of sight, but Meredith as genuinely happy for Nathan which was nice.
    There were several times I thought Stephanie was going to die, and I’m kind of shocked she didn’t. Most might not agree with me, but I love a good shocking death.
    I thought Ben was going to die for a bit. That scene with the firefighters, and his comments about hating fire makes me think Ben could be a spin off character to the firefighter drama. Too much random attention to him in regards to the blast.
    Also, THANK YOU BAILEY for finally having some sense. While Minnick has lost her job, I unfortunately think she is going to be sticking around… which sucks.

    • sb says:

      I teared up when Meredith said “If it was Derrick I would already be gone.”

      • Tiffany says:

        I agree SB, that was a great line, hit me right in the feels!

      • Fabrizia says:

        A lot of people seem to think that there was a character named Derrick on this show. How did I miss him?

        • mm says:

          Are u kidding Fabrizia ? Lol He was only a main character. Merediths husband and father of her children, built a house for them too. Hard to see how you could miss him.

    • Bianca says:

      I also spent the entire episode waiting for a shocking death, so I never ruled out Stephanie. But when Ben went running up the stairs, still breathing weird, I could swear he was the one going to die – not from the fire, but a heart failure. And the way Nathan was driving to see Megan… man. That’s a car accident waiting to happen.

      Loved the episode! One of the best, most emotional finales in a long time. I loved every minute of it.

    • bryce says:

      Meredith was the most happy I’ve seen her since Derek decided to quit the job in DC right before he died. Purely happy for Riggs even though she’s sacrificing. So powerful

    • Stacy says:

      I thought Meredith’s expression was both, Ellen did a superb job conveying it. She was truly happy and yet by the way her smile, expression and eyes stayed frozen as he drove away, you could sense her steadying herself.

  3. Cheryl says:

    Shonda sucks. I can’t believe she is not putting Japril back together. This episode was lacking from previous disaster ones.

    • Bella says:

      These days the only reason I watch is for April/Jackson…

      • Tina Lum says:

        Me too! I want them to get back together. I don’t think he would work as well with Maggie besides aren’t they step brother and sister that would be Weird!,

    • Jan says:

      It’s interesting that you saw it that way. I was actually reassured for April and Jackson’s future. Firstly, April wasn’t playing it cool anymore, she was openly jealous, a crack in her emotional armor. Secondly, Maggie seems to latch onto the nearest form of kindness and turn it into a crush. And finally, this wouldn’t be the first time Maggie’s feelings were one-sided. Jackson spent the whole episode searching for Stephanie and even though they used to date, I don’t think it was because he still loves her, but that he CARES about her, the same way he cares about Maggie. You could say he just cares about April, too, except that he’s not very nice to her, because he doesn’t want to take down his emotional armor. I think this ‘pairing’ will quickly pass or be the catalyst to Jackson and April opening up again.

    • Aeol says:

      I’m so happy that Japril isn’t happening! Thank you Shonda! Not that Maggie is better…

    • Artemis says:

      Exactly my thoughts.

    • Abby says:

      Putting Maggie and Jackson together would be like whenever they paired Joey and Rachel on friends…a terrible idea.

  4. Too much Stephanie. Did not know she had that many fans. Was disappointed to see Alex and Jo’s story line ignored, Alex/Arizona scenes cut and most of the cast ignored. Not a great finale. Can’t see the teased Avery and Maggie coupling. no chemistry

    • Joe says:

      Considering Camilla just had a baby and is on maternity leave, they were forced to ignore that story line.

    • Jon Willis says:

      Alex and Jo had to be put on hold as the actress that plays Jo is on maternity leave.

      • Laure Farre says:

        Camilla was pregnant but she has shoot scenes for teh final before she was on maternity leaves, and why talking about Jolex in the synopsis if they cut all theur scenes. That has no senses, the produceurs did wrong this season with the storylines

  5. Tee says:

    I’m not team japril, but WTF with Maggie suddenly liking Jackson?

    • Britt says:

      While I’m not jumping for joy. Jackson and Maggie have been flirting sincere her mom died

    • Lisa G says:

      I *am* team Japril, and I don’t see the new pairing, but they’ve been trying to pair Maggie up with someone for a long time. Nothing has worked (but her character has never quite clicked for me either.). I really hope this isn’t the end of Japril all together.

      • Martina says:

        I think Maggie really clicked with DeLuca back then… Such a shame they were ditched. I also find it really annoying that they now always have to let her fall for someone who is practically taken. Who’s next? Alex? Or maybe Ben? *rolleyes*

      • Fabrizia says:

        Japril is endgame but right now they’re exploring other options.

    • jack says:

      Am I not the only one that is over Alex and Jo relationship??? … I nearly went to jail for you almost running my career in the process and yet people are still rooting for them to be together. Personally I find Maggie and Jo to be the most annoying characters on the show right now

  6. K says:

    Hello incest.
    Hello suddenly flipping sides on your own decisions when it suits you.
    Hello wrapping storylines without much consideration.
    Hello collective wrong choices.

    • Uno says:

      What incest… At best they are adult step siblings.. And all this talk of no chemistry… They haven’t even gotten there yet… They’ve spent some tome together during some emotional times for both and next season we will see… But I feel like a lot of this immediate backlash is from fans of japril(which I am) and those who just hate Maggie.. I say give it time and see how it goes

      • Lucy says:

        Honestly it feels like they don’t know what to do with Maggie so they throw her into a romance First there was De Luca but that ended and has fizzled out. Then there was the love triangle(ish) with Meredith and Nathan and now with Jackson and probably April – she’ll likely get hurt. More fans are behind Japril.

        • Alichat says:

          I agree that they don’t know what to do with Maggie. I like her when she’s just uber perky Maggie, hot shot doctor. Put her in any scenario potentially romantic and she’s so immature. It’s like a contest between her and Amelia to see who is the most high-maintenance and self involved. Although….props to having Amelia grow up and be there for Owen.

        • Stacy says:

          Agreed. They should set her up with a non-doctor; like an attorney or liaison for the hospital. No triangle crap with her sister’s boyfriend, or a boyfriend who’s her step-brother. (No, it’s not incest. But seriously – why can’t the girl just have a brother??)

        • Jamie says:

          The dumbest part is that she and DeLuca didn’t really fizzle out in terms of chemistry or fan-appreciation. I think the writers thought it was too early for the character to be boo-ed up, so they broke them up for random reasons. That was easily her best pairing, but now that ship has sailed.

    • Roco says:

      Avery and Maggie are boring.

    • Tiffany says:

      Hello overreaction! Maggie/Jackson is not incest, my goodness, you act like they were raised together or something!

      Hello getting Jackson away from that whiny train wreck April!!

      • Nelly says:

        Yeah but to get with the most annoying character..yeah please no

      • Alichat says:

        I actually like Jackson and April together. She used to be whiny but I think she’s grown. But….with that said….I had to laugh and give a little eye roll when she was worry-complaining about Jackson just running into fires instead of running away. I said outloud ‘Says the woman who disappeared for a year to a warzone.’

    • Lyndy says:

      I’d rather have the ‘incest’ than JApril…
      April is annoying!

  7. Uno says:

    How come so many boards talk about shonda rimes… I don’t see ppl all over mark Gordon… Or jerry brukheimer.. Maybe berlanti… who also have tons of shows.. She even gets mire disdain than dick wolf… Am I missing something aren’t all these ppl involved in multiple TV shows

    • Jamie says:

      I don’t get it either. People crap on her no matter what happens – someone dies, no one dies, the season ends on a cliffhanger, no cliffhanger, new couple gets together, new couple doesn’t get together…the list is endless. All of these men with high drama shows don’t get anywhere near this amount of hate.

    • lizzie says:

      Maybe you should ask that question on the boards you’re referring to…

  8. sb says:

    Is Arizona the only one allowed to have platonic male friends without them being potential love interests? Jackson and Maggie act like sibling, her yelling at him seemed more like sisterly concern.

    • Kayla says:

      Definitely agree Maggie jumps from guy to guy with her feelings. The only male she seems friendly with is Ben and only because he’s married. I see no romantic chemistry between them.

    • Kitty says:

      Arizona is a lesbian.

  9. Roo says:

    It was not at Grey s standards finale, but it had good scenes. Was hoping to see Megan..yeah for Bailey she always stands up for her doctors.. Bye Minnick! Loved Mer and Riggs scenes. Hope they don’t split up this couple. Bye Japril..and thanks Jerika!

  10. Alichat says:

    “Do you like the idea of Maggie/Jackson?”
    No….no… no no……nope…..uh uh….not a chance…..

  11. Marie says:

    Finale did not live up to last week’s show. Last week was spectacular. The way the firefighters attacked the fire was not realistic and no people would be let back into the hospital. Good firefighters would have gone up on the roof. It was crazy how Stephanie tried to move through the burning building. Both her and Erin would have died.

  12. Pamela says:

    I called it at the start of the season before we knew Arizonas new love interest would be Eliza, and now that Elizas out and Jackson and Maggie are probably in, im calling it again for next season that we will see Arizona and April in a romantic relationship.

    • kn1231 says:

      I actually wouldn’t mind that, but April is so religious that I can’t see it happening. I think I made the Arizona/Meredith prediction after Derek died… I’m still waiting on that!

  13. Jon Willis says:

    Ok Shonda can u not make Jackson and Maggie a thing. They are step siblings and it’s far too incesty

  14. Nelly says:

    Grey anatomy has been one of my favorite shows for a long time..but to be needs to end. I don’t know if this is just my oppinion..but this the last two season..were boring and pointless as f…k. I mean just the whole meredith/nathan thing dragged for almost 2 seasons..just to what end in 2 minutes? And yeah what about jackson/april..they been dragging their storyline from being friends/sexfriends/married/divorced/pregnant/living together/sleeping together end it..with he likes maggie…am yeah what???? And yeah about the whole storyline about her will be falling for men that are already “taken”. And don’t get me wrong.. I don’t like april/jackson together..but maggie/jackson it is like a milion times worse scenario. And don’t get me started on the minick situation..drama about her the whole season..just to get rid of her that easy. Oooo and the ending sorry i don’t really care about owen’s sister coming to end the season with that just another sign for me that the writers really don’t know what to with this show anymore

  15. Dominique says:

    i thought this was an excellent finale! there was a disaster, yes, but the characters were still playing the lead part. stephanie was just amazing, she just kept going and going and wouldn’t take no for an answer. i’m so glad with the way things out, that she didn’t die and that she’s leaving the show to try something new, rather than being killed off. jerrika hinton was fantastic.
    the whole scene where meredith broke the news to nathan was just beautifully done and you’re right; martin henderson gave one hell of a performance there! i cna’t wait to see what happens next, it’ll be such a let down if it’s not megan/ besides, teddy confirmed right?

  16. knd says:

    Finally Minnick is gone.

  17. marina says:

    I can’t picture April with anyone else and her happiness trumps Maggie’s because we know April for more time and she’s done more cool things and won us over, even if people like me hated her in the beginning… so after all we went through, this Maggie and Avery thing is the most f’d up thing Shonda invented. I’m mad. SHONDA IS TESTING OUR LIMITS I’M SO DONE. But I can’t wait for next season OH GOD.
    Oh and the Meghan story is just the laziest and uncalled for story Shonda has EVER come up with. Hate it SO MUCH. Seriously. This show is freaking crazy, we can’t even call it drama, it’s more like science fiction. In no world all those things happen at the same time with the same people… or AT ALL. I mean, I don’t even know where to begin with all those inconsistencies in Shonda’s catastrophes. It’s ridiculous! At least make a more realistic catastrophe, Shonda, don’t offend our intelligence…

    • Gospino says:

      Lol, it’s a tv show that’s been on for a very long time. Of course all these things would not realistically happen to the same group of people, but you either accept it or just don’t watch. Complaining about it is massive noob behavior.

    • L says:

      What redemption for April?!?!?! She is so, so selfish and only cares about others when it’s convenient for her. I actually liked her I. The beginning but she has just gotten worse and worse.

  18. Stacey says:

    Loved seeing Bailey finally acting like herself again, sticking up for her doctors & kicking Minic to th curb (finally).
    Stephanie was awesome, i’ll be sorry to see such a talented actress go.
    Liked the last scence with Mer & Nathan, Mer was so happy for him. I hope this is the end of anything romantic between them though, as a couple they don’t work for me.
    No, no, no to Maggie & Jackson as a couple, they have zero romantic chemistry.

  19. Evelyn says:

    The way I don’t like April, am so happy for Maggie and Jackson. I guess I will watch them alone.

    • Stacey says:

      Do you actually see real chemistry between Jackson & Meggie, or is it all about your dislike of April.

      • Ashly says:

        I feel like the majority of the people that root for Jackson/Maggie are the same ones that don’t like April.

        • Nelly says:

          There are people rooting for jackson/maggie..really?..because i don’t like april..but jackson/ god please just don’t go there

        • Alex says:

          I don’t like April at ALL, but I’m definitely not rooting for Jackson/Maggie. Talk about forced. April is a whiny brat most of the time, but it can’t be denied she belongs with Jackson.

  20. pinky says:

    I’m sorry, but this was the stupidest episode I can remember in Grey’s history.
    Stephanie performing surgery in the fire? C’mon. Every first responder / someone who’s ever taken a CPR class knows that the first and most important thing to do is to get to safety as quickly as possible.
    So just put an emergency tourniquet on the kid’s leg (which, in spite of some of the reviews I’ve read, is NOT what she did. What she used is for blocking veins, not arteries), and get the hell out of there. Don’t stop to sterilize and muck around with tying specific blood vessels. By wasting all this time she just gave the fire more time to advance, and made it harder and more dangerous for them to get out of there.

    And I get that Grey’s doctors’ “shtick” is that they act from the heart, but 2 emergency doctors (department heads, no less) wasting efforts during an emergency looking for people (Meredith for the kid, Jackson for Maggie), instead of letting the firefighters do their job and clear the building, while they themselves do THEIR job and treat the patients of the hospital, is just ridiculous (not to mention a burden on all the other doctors, who had increased workload).

    Not to mention Ben, who just ran into the building and the firefighters just let him…


  21. Otis says:

    I really didn’t care for this episode. While I never cared for Eliza, she was actually right. From last week when she was upset that Stephanie was allowed back without completing counseling to the fact that the police should have been the one’s handling the search for Stephanie and Erin while the doctors should have been doing what they were specially trained to do and take care of the patients. I also found it strange that Jackson goes into a room, sees fire ignite in the ceiling, and leaves without seeming to have any concern to make anyone aware of it, especially when it seemed there were other people on the floor. The ONLY urgency in the episode was Stephanie and Erin. Nothing else gave any indication of potential danger.

    • Jan says:

      Yes! I actually laughed at that Jackson part. The way he slinked out it was like he found two people in flagrante rather than a ceiling!

  22. Stacy says:

    So many thoughts!
    1. Excited to see Bridget Regan join the cast, recurring or otherwise.
    2. We’re going to put Maggie through Triangle Relationship Redux? Really?
    3. Bailey’s BAAAACK! Finally. Whew.
    4. Minnick’s GOOOONE. Unless they hire her back next season. She won’t be missed.
    5. At least the Mer/Nathan/Megan triangle is semi-believable, what with her believed to be dead and all.
    6. I have waited so long to see Mama Jackson be put in her place. YES.
    7. They better address why Amelia took so dang long to come back to her marriage.
    8. Jerrika Hinton killed in this finale, just an awesome performance.
    9. Stephanie got a believable, beautiful ending. *claps*

  23. LL says:

    I know Stephanie’s arc was important and her scenes were great, but there were so many just weird, pointless parts to this whole thing. I feel like we have barely seen some of the cast for WEEKS and kept hoping that would change in the finale. I’ve got to say, I’m not that excited for next season. Maggie and Jackson? Nope. A weird back-from-the-dead wife/Meredith/Nathan thing? Nope. More Nathan and Owen random drama? Nope. All of the good parts of Grey’s have been ignored or forgotten this last half of the season. What was the point of the Jackson/April episode? They never even addressed it at all and now Maggie and Jackson are going to be a thing? And I know the actress who plays Jo is on maternity leave, but remember when before the season started we were promised all of these Jo related storylines? I don’t know. I just feel disappointed. This season felt like a long, wandering wasteland with a few tiny high points. I don’t know if it is a writer issue or if there are just too many cast members, but this season feels like a low for me.

  24. DZ says:

    Jerrika Hinton was outstanding in this episode. I’m glad they didn’t kill Stephanie off. I don’t like the Jackson/Maggie pairing, not because of the silly incest scenario people keep harping on (her bio dad, known to her for just a couple years, is married to his mom – come on!), but because she needs to date someone outside of the hospital. Nathan’s reaction to the news that Megan is alive was breathtaking. And I’m glad Amelia is starting to act like a grownup. I liked this finale. Looking forward to next season.

  25. Lynn says:

    I want April and Jackson back together… they obviously still have a thing for eachother.

  26. Joe says:

    This show is getting more and more ridiculous…Grey Sloane may be the only hospital without working sprinklers and fire extinguishers. Also, why the hell would the let Stephanie and her dirty, blood, skin-peeling hands touch a patient during surgery? Mmk

    Let me guess…Megan is going to become a doctor at the hospital next season along with Jo’s crazy abusive husband…I swear if they hire him, I’m quitting this show

    • tSkar says:

      Yes! I was waiting for someone to say this! Why are there no fire extinguishers anywhere in this hospital?

  27. Linda says:

    No Maggie and Jackson .I think he belongs to April. Hope next season is better. I really don’t like Maggie she needs to go.

  28. Bella says:

    Stephanie…. yes. Megan…. who knows at this stage. Jackson/Maggi….. yuck no!!!

  29. T. says:

    I’m going to miss Eliza Minnick and what she had with Arizona. Thank you Marika for playing a character that put a little light in Arizona after the hell she’s been through last year.

  30. Kate says:

    I am just wondering why the army would call the brother and not the husband that his wife is alive?

    • Jess says:

      Technically, Owen was her next of kin as Nathan was not married to Megan. He was just her fiance, which explains why they called Owen

      • Martina says:

        Actually, their mother is still alive, so wouldn’t they call her first? I also though they were reffering to Owen’s and Megan’s mother throughout the episode. Seemed like she was still oblivious and Owen didn’t even bother to tell her…. Which seems odd to me. Like they just decided to let Owen be the one who got the message first, because he is a main character in the series.

  31. Irene says:

    God, I hate the idea of Maggie and Jackson together!

  32. Bark Star says:

    Glad to see an episode, let alone a season finale, that is not primarily about romance and pairing up people. Also glad to see one useless character gone. Only about half a dozen more to go.

  33. sunflower says:

    Bah! The spoilers all said someone will die…so it was a letdown that no one died LOL

  34. lana says:

    s13 has been the worst. no contuinuty between storyline.twists that people have seen coming months before…And now they are ruining japril forever with this finale. there is not coming back from this. I don’t get what was the reason to have a #japrilthesequel ?? What was the point of Montana??? that gave us hope and nothing until the finale where we have 2 scenes to tell us that Jackson is into Maggie ?!?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME

    japril has a big fanbase and now they are lousin them

    I say goodbye to #GreysAnatomy so long ago.I only watched the #Japril scenes because I loved them so much..but this is too much Goodbye #japril

    I will always be thankful for Sarah and Jesse incredible job,their insane chemistry, the passion they put into their characters but they deserve so much better that this crup

  35. Paul says:

    So, it seems the show completely forgot and moved on from the Amelia/Owen drama. Good. Terrible storyline, already tired when they had the exact same conflict between Cristina and Owen to drag for four seasons.

    Excited to see Amelia not completely self-absorbed and see Owen get a new storyline. Surely, it’s the third time a long lost sister shows up and it’s weird how the show retconned her in, but it can all be forgiven if it’s a strong arc.

  36. Jeannie says:

    I was very disappointed in the finale. I’m tired of forced relationships like Jackson and Maggie, we have had those before and they never last and they are just awkward. Best thing about the finale…Minnick is gone who was also a product of a forced relationship! Get back to basics give us our show back please.

  37. lizzie says:

    Three things I would have liked to see on this episode:
    1. Stephanie and Erin being reunited after their rescue.
    2. Erin’s father seeing what happened to his daughter because he couldn’t be bothered to pay attention to her.
    3. Jo being concerned about her missing friend, or at least visiting her while she was recovering.

  38. Gigi says:

    Please no Maggie and Jackson their is no chemistry their. I love jackson and April. Maggie is going to suck the life out of jackson she is so annoying.

  39. Amanda says:

    I really liked the episode, I was glad they didn’t kill off Stephanie, let her go out on her own terms. I HATE the idea of Peirce with Jackson, he needs to get back with April. I feel bad for Mer since she finally opened herself up to someone and it ends quickly. I wonder how this will all play out next season.

    • grazelled says:

      If Megan doesn’t remember who she is as they said a few times during the show or not the same person after 10 years of being held prisoner then she might want or remember Riggs. I have a feeling their reunion won’t be an easy one so Mer will be there as his friend and support.

      BTW, just loved the Irish/Scottish sounding song that played during some of the Owen/Amelia and Mer/Riggs scenes as they talking about Megan.

  40. Artemis says:

    Seriously jackson and pierce! Aren’t they step siblings!?

  41. Teresa B Smith says:

    No Riggs and Mer???? Totally Done!!!

    • LaDonna says:

      Oh, I don’t think they’re done with that yet. We don’t know what condition Megan is in. As happy as Nathan is that she’s alive, they still may not stay together. I found this to be that thing that finally makes me root for Riggs and Mer. I’ve been enjoying the courtship, but haven’t really been excited about cheering for the two of them. Now I am.

      • Mo says:

        THIS! Totally agree. All I kept thinking is that this is the beginning of Mer and Nathan. Knowing Sondra, Megan and Nathan will try to make things work, she will be working at the hospital, but Nathan will keep feeling torn between Mer and Megan. Ultimately, after being the “good guy” and staying with Megan, he will realize that Mer is the one for him. The way she told him about Megan, stood by him, even wanted to drive him to see his lost love, cheered with him… that is rare, selfless and big- he will never forget this and it will make him like Mer even more. Who else would ever react to this news the way she did? Even though it looks like Mer’s past is haunting her again (Derrick, Addison, Mer story line from season 2), this time she is actually happy for him because she likes him enough to want him to be happy, even if that means for her to stand back and to let him go. Martin Henderson gave a brilliant performance among others, and I am actually now starting to ship for Mer/Nate… just hope they wont drag it out for a whole season, Mer needs to be happy again and the way I see it, so does Nate. Who knows, maybe they will pair Alex with Megan…

  42. Trina says:

    Most of this season was spent on single stories in one episode rather than weaving like normal. There was absolutely no point in Alex seeking out Jo’s husband this year only to have it dismissed in the finale in 30 seconds. That entire search could have simply happened next year and have it connect to something of substance. The stories this year were just too one sided each episode. However – GOOD RIDDANCE MINNICK – She was the worst.

  43. LaDonna says:

    Looking at the comments, I’m probably in the minority here, but I loved it. I thought it was a great set up for next season’s storylines. So far, as much as I want Mer to be able to move forward and find love again, I’ve been feeling a little “meh” about her and Riggs. I like him, there’s nothing wrong with them together, but I haven’t felt that “thing” that makes me root for them. This episode was finally the catalyst that made me root for them, especially after she sent him off and seemed so truly happy for him. “If it was Derick, I’d already be gone.” PERFECT line. We knew Stephanie was leaving, and I was happy to see her get a send-off that didn’t include her funeral. We all know how much Shonda likes to kill off major characters, so that was a nice surprise. Enough characters were in jeopardy that the whole episode had me wondering who was going to die…Jackson, Ben, Steph…even the little girl made it. Definitely a shift for Shondaland. The only part that I’m not really feeling is the setup with Maggie and Jackson. I still feel like Jackson and April need to find their way back to each other. He and Maggie just don’t work.

    • DZ says:

      THANK YOU!!! I loved the finale as well. And like you, I’m glad Stephanie lived. I also don’t like Maggie and Jackson together, but I don’t think they’re end game, so I’m fine with letting this play out. Plus, we don’t know if Jackson likes Maggie. Obviously she likes him. And yep, I’ve also come around to Riggs and Mer. And glad Minnick is gone.

      • LaDonna says:

        So, for some reason, I’m not convinced Minnick is completely gone. Do we know if the actress is leaving the show or if her contract was limited? I mean, I hope so. She was completely NOT likable at all, even though she was a new relationship for Arizona. I’d like to see her really be gone, but I just have this nagging feeling…

  44. Susan says:

    I loved it except for the fact that it looks like Mer and Nathan won’t be together after all. I’ve wanted both of them to be together and now this.

  45. Haddy says:

    So glad they didn’t kill of Stephanie. I’m glad she’d now be off to see the world. I was very emotional over that. It was obvious the character would be written off and I’m glad it was done in a respectful way. Too bad, though, Stephanie is one of the only good characters left on this show.

  46. L. says:

    Such a disappointing season. I guess after this many years, you’re going to get a few bummers (the Izzy/Denny ghost one being the other) but this one was just boring. Sadly, they aren’t using the characters we all care about the most and focussing on the lesser ones that just aren’t that likeable like Minnick, Maggie and Amelia. They are also seriously missing out on the chemistry of tried and true pairing and actors that work well together. We had almost zero Webber/Meredith, April/Jackson, April/Arizona, Arizona/Karev etc… scenes this year. I feel like the newer-bes were forced down our throats at the expense of the OG’s. And after this many years of April/Jackson will they or won’t they, sad about him entering into anything with drippy, whiny Maggie. Again, forced.

  47. Mojo17 says:

    Where was Jo? Her best friend Stephanie is so injured and Deluca is treating her? Too many characters on the show as of present. They need to kill some off.

  48. Lee Lawrence says:

    I liked the ending, however I hope that Nathan finds Megan changed and comes back to

  49. Isaburd says:

    I’m usually Shondaland’s biggest critic, but what Meredith did for Nathan in those last few minutes is hands down the most selfless, lovely thing any character in any Shondaland drama has EVER done. (Well, maybe except George delivering Bailey’s baby, but then, that’s George.) Now, can Christina come back and her and Mere realize they can be life partners rather than deal wth annoying men? :P

  50. Carol says:

    Glad I quit watching. Sounds like it was pretty stupid.