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Performer of the Week: David Giuntoli

THE PERFORMER | David Giuntoli


THE EPISODE | “The End” (March 31, 2017)

THE PERFORMANCEGrimm‘s Nick Burkhardt has never been big with the emotions. Who has time, after all, when your Pacific Northwest hometown is continually under supernatural attack? So Giuntoli has had precious few opportunities over the series’ six seasons to let loose — in any way — and show us how Nick reacts when he has more than a few seconds to process huge emotional news.

With Friday’s series finale, though, the series made up for that. And its leading man proved he was more than equal to the task.

As the members of Nick’s cobbled-together family died in quick succession, Giuntoli played the Grimm’s grief with an increasing intensity, the character’s grip on his normal stoicism easing with each loss until he was crouched over Monroe’s corpse, screaming his frustration at the night sky.

The hour tested Giuntoli’s resilience: He conveyed despair through tears (as each of Nick’s friends passed), rage through physical violence (that Spice Shop scene with the battleax), and fading disbelief through a hopeful look (when his mom and aunt showed up exactly when he needed them). And when Nick returned back to the universe in which everyone was still alive? Nick has never before been so full of joy, and Giuntoli has never (in this show at least) been so vulnerable, so open or so beautifully raw.

“The End” is a fitting finish for NBC’s fairytale series, and Giuntoli’s performance is a crowning glory for his time on the show.

| We’re going to make the argument that Emily Deschanel never garnered the recognition she deserved for her decade-plus work as Bones‘ title character — a sleight that frustrated us anew as we watched Tuesday’s series finale. During the episode’s first half, we witnessed a Brennan at perhaps her most vulnerable as she reeled from the sudden loss of her superior intellect, aka what she believed to be the essence of her identity. Deschanel made sure we felt every beat of her alter ego’s fear, frustration and — following a spirit-lifting pep talk from soul mate Booth — tearful acceptance. Brennan ultimately regained her brain function, a fitting coda to Deschanel’s unforgettable 12-year run.

| As Hannah’s gay BFF Elijah, Andrew Rannells has always been Girls‘ secret weapon. And he was firing on all cylinders in this week’s long-overdue Elijah showcase, “The Bounce.” With Elijah auditioning for a new White Men Can’t Jump musical, Rannells showed off his soaring vocal skills with a rendition of “Let Me Be Your Star” (“from the hit TV show Smash,” of course). He was hilariously inept as Elijah struggled to dribble a basketball during the audition’s dance section. And Rannells made Elijah’s emotional reaction to getting a callback genuinely touching, proving that Elijah is more than just a reliable source of bitchy one-liners; he has hopes and dreams, too. We’re kind of a broken record on this here at TVLine, but with Girls ending soon, can we please give Rannells an Elijah-centered spinoff called Boys?

HONORABLE MENTION | Throughout Thursday’s Grey’s Anatomy, as Maggie refused to accept her cancer-stricken adoptive mother’s grim prognosis, Kelly McCreary gave a performance that was beyond worthy of recognition. Whether Pierce was lashing out at Meredith for suggesting that Diane’s course of treatment was doing more harm than good, or merely speaking medicalese, the actress always showed us the fear in her eyes just behind the more obvious emotion, be it anger or hope. But McCreary’s crowning achievement was the monologue in which Maggie likened learning about her mom’s condition so late to going out with the oven on, only to return to find her house in flames. When the doc cried that no one would let her inside to save anything, her portrayer made us sob right along with her.

Which performance knocked your socks off this week? Tell us in Comments!

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  1. kia says:

    thank you for including Bones’ Emily

  2. Diane says:

    Great picks. I agree.

  3. Fan says:

    Both David and Emily were perfection this week. Thank you both for the many good times and great memories. See you in syndication. Looking forward to your next roles

  4. DigitalDeb says:

    I will miss these characters so much! Glad to see the whole family wrap it up in an exciting way. Good message for our times, love will help us avert evil. Thank you Grimm for these stories, excellent ending, with a new trailer and something to look forward too, if only in our imaginations.

  5. DigitalDeb says:

    I will miss these Grimm characters so much! Glad to see the whole family wrap it up in an exciting way. Good message for our times, love will help us avert evil. Thank you Grimm for these stories, excellent ending, with a new trailer and something to look forward too, if only in our imaginations.

  6. Shannon says:

    I know Stephen Amell was an honorable mention last week but I can’t help but feel like this week also deserved a mention, maybe even moreso THAN last week. The way you could see defeat in the unfocusedness (totally a word) of his eyes to his withdrawn, almost bowed head to just the way he carried his entire body. It felt /real/.

  7. Jax&Juice's Girl says:

    David G. DESERVES this that finale last night had me like WTF?!!!! Did they really killed ”everybody” had me on roller coaster of EMOTIONS! I’m going to miss Grimm so much at least I have one of the seasons on DVD so….overall that was a good episode great ending especially seeing an all grown up Dianna & Kelly.

  8. ninergrl6 says:

    Props to the whole Grimm family. That was a hell of a finale and an awesome series.

  9. Candace says:

    As someone whose house just burned down last night, and who’s lost a parent to cancer, Maggie’s speech really got me.

  10. Pablo says:

    For me the best of the week, was all cast of 13 reason why. Any of them are so believeable. Raw emotions, here and there… everyone had his spotlight moment… no a simple out of order performance. As a teacher myself, it touched me so deeply.

  11. Lilac says:

    I’m sorry to be the grammar police but this is the second time at TVLine I’ve seen the word “sleight” misused. Michael Ausiello did the same thing in his Ask Ausiello this week. People are “slighted” when ignored or treated dismissively. “Sleight” means trick or dexterity, i.e. “sleight of hand”. Here endeth the lesson.:)

  12. Isaburd says:

    YES YES YES YS!!! About darn time! ‘The End’ (Sob!) was a brilliant piece of television and David was incredible – as were the rest of the cast. Really, really going to miss this show – Grimmster forever.

  13. kirads09 says:

    Have to give an honorable mention to Ray Liotta – Shades of Blue. THAT uber emotional scene when he was at his estranged son’s door, trying to talk with him. Gut wrenching, heart breaking (yes, Woz does have a heart) and pure Liotta magic.

  14. Jason says:

    It was definitely an emotional ringer they put Nick through on the Grimm finale. My favorite moment was the palpable joy he exuded when he realized the people he loved were safe and sound. (With special mention to the happily puzzled expression on Adalind’s face when Nick plants that kiss on her).

  15. Honest says:

    Maybe it’s because Shonda has killed a parent at least 20 times so far, and the writing was on the wall since the character was introduced so there weren’t surprises, but I found the whole thing a chore more than anything, and Maggie has been getting more and more annoying every episode (and to think she was refreshing when introduced).

    • fiberlicious says:

      I didn’t find Maggie’s overblown chewing of the scenery at all appealing. If a famed surgeon in MY hospital was acting like a delusional lunatic, she’d be benched ASAP.

  16. N says:

    Yay Maggie

  17. Anne Finney says:

    David on Grimm made me cry, exhale, get upset, and smile at the end! A fitting ending for Grimm! I have loved the show and the actors and will miss it terribly!

  18. kmw says:

    Yes definitely an honorable mention for Emily Deschanel. What a wonderful performance. As a fan I wish they had done this story earlier. But mention must also go to David Boreanaz who while directing this episode also did wonderful work as well. Never overwrought but he personified in this episode not only why Brennan loves him but fans as well. That office scene is as romantic and tender as an office scene can get( especially for Bones) and was so well played by both. Going to miss these two together

  19. Topsy Turvy says:

    I know Kidman was MVP last week for Big Little Lies, but Witherspoon killed with week with Madeline’s speech to her daughter. Brilliant!

  20. arial2 says:

    Loved that Emily Deschanel’s Bones finally got a taste of what it’s like to be like the rest of us. I would think it was intended to allow Tempe to go off into the future with more empathy for others.

    • kmw says:

      The loss of her ” intellect” had nothing to do with her so called lack of empathy.Her loss in this episode was about how she did her job nothing more. So many fans of Bones forget Brennan paying for two immigrants funeral, showing up at another one because she knew how lonely the mother would be, encouraging Cam to adopt Michelle, fighting for a deaf mute child to find her real home and many others. If Brennan didn’t have empathy for others she wouldn’t have been doing her work with Booth, she just didn’t show it all the time. I often wonder if these roles were reversed if people would have such an issue if Booth was arrogant and seemingly lacking in empathy. Um I doubt it because there will always be double standards for men and women where behavior is concerned. Being smart and proud of it isn’t a sin( its being arrogant which all of us know she has always been) and isn’t a reason for harm to said person, fictional or not , to be rejoiced on. You havent been watching Bones the last several years or you would see Brennan has changed even further than you supposedly think

  21. arial2 says:

    Liked the Grimm finale. I thought they were all great, and I especially loved the return of Mama Kelly.

  22. Marian Torres says:

    I hate that Grimm was cancelled. Maybe they could do a spin-off with Monroe. I am gonna miss Grimm. It was on my must watch list. They also cancelled Penny Dreadful. Boo!!

    • Marilyn says:

      I love how Nick worked through everything as a high fan seeing everyone being killed off. Just wish he could reallly bring Grimm back.
      I keep reading how Grimm will be missed. Does it really have to go?

  23. Mary Yuro says:

    You guys were spot-on these were some amazing performances this week Grey’s Anatomy and Grand topping them off of course I haven’t seen bones yet so there you go thanks for acknowledging ground this was a great show that got very little attention at least they went out with a bang

  24. jeanna says:

    Great picks. Grimm series finale was great and David Giuntoli gave an excellent performance. I’d be remiss if I didn’t give a shout out to Legion which had its season 1 finale this week. I don’t know where to start with performances because the entire cast is brilliant. Just looking forward to season two.

  25. Cathy says:

    We will miss Grimm it was the best show on tv could come up with the Grimm the next generation that would be cool

  26. Cathy says:

    Graham was the best show on TV I loved all the characters good and bad maybe they could come up with the new show called grin the next generation and have Kelly and Diana and the triplets in it that would be cool

  27. Kathleen Terr says:

    Thank you so much for the many hours we hung on every word in every episode of Grimm. We became very connected with all of the characters and wonderful plots. We will miss you!!

  28. Mr. Myxzlpltzk says:

    But where’s Dan Stevens of Legion???

  29. Ruth Ann Walker says:

    Yes, a gratitude of thanks to you for your HONORABLE MENTION OF MS EMILY DESCHANEL. ALL US FANS OF HER’S, believe as you do, Ms Deschanel for 12 years brought brilliant acting year after year, but, not recognized with an Emmy. VERY SAD. Again Thank You Very Much.

  30. Terresa Nunley says:

    Grimm!! Always and forever you will be missed!!!

  31. csg says:

    Love to see the well-deserved recognition of David Giuntoli. Through 6 seasons of Grimm, he helmed a cast that kept us loyal and interested in all the strange happenings in Portland. The finale was simply too soon.

  32. AnnieM says:

    David Giuntoli – YES! He was amazing in the Grimm finale – they all were. I’m really going to miss this show. ::sigh::

  33. Riana says:

    It’s too bad two shows went off the air because Luke perry seemed a shoe-in any other time.

  34. Sidney says:

    David Giuntoli was spot on. Spice shop scene was epic and showed his range of acting. Stellar cast, writers, directors.

  35. JMark (formerly JM) says:

    I hope Freddie Highmore gets a mention at some point, because he really has been killing it this season on Bates Motel.