After Girls, Andrew Rannells' Elijah Needs His Own Spinoff — Boys

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File this one under No-Brainers That We Really Should Have Thought of Seasons Ago: When Girls wraps its sixth and final season in April, HBO ought to needs to give Andrew Rannells‘ quiptacular Elijah his own spinoff. The title? Boys, of course.

The idea hit me like a ton of bricks while I was watching Sunday’s episode. As Elijah auditioned for a role in the Broadway-musical version of White Men Can’t Jump, Rannells playing not only the wannabe actor’s manic enthusiasm but also his almost crippling self-doubt, it occurred to me that, somewhere along the line, Hannah’s catty roommate had become my favorite “girl” — and likely yours, too.

Moreover, Rannells could scarcely hope for a plummer part. Elijah allows the Book of Mormon alum to tackle both comedy and drama, and as of “The Bounce,” sing, dance and dribble — all of which the onetime Tony nominee does brilliantly. OK, scratch dribble.

Anyway, I suggest, upon Girls‘ conclusion, Lena Dunham get to work crafting an offshoot series that follows Hannah’s gay BFF and his fellow chorus boys as they sleep their way through Hell’s Kitchen and attempt to put the “great” in the Great White Way.

What do you think? Would you watch a Girls spinoff centered on Elijah? Could it be the hit that Looking wasn’t quite?

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