Flash Supergirl Musical

Flash's 'Duet' With Supergirl: Series Stars Preview Musically Mixed-Up Lovers, a 'Beautiful' Ballad and More

The proverbial fat lady is about to sing — again — as Grant Gustin readies to reshoot a climactic scene from The Flash‘s musical crossover with Supergirl (titled “Duet” and airing Tuesday, March 21 at 8/7).

Having spent much of the day filming an episode that airs later in Season 3, Gustin has kicked off Barry’s trademark sneaks and suited back up in a tux-and-tails. He now is laying supine on the ground, exposed to the elements of a typically cold, very late Vancouver-adjacent night, annnnd… that is about all we can reveal about the intense moment. Because, you know, superspoilers!

But worry not, there is much TVLine can share about the CW hit’s imminent mash-up, which before it wows viewers first had to pass muster with its most discerning critics: a musically gifted cast.

“Honestly, I can be a bit of a pedant when it comes to musical theater because it’s kind of my lifeblood. I went to school for it,” The Flash‘s Carlos Valdes shared during our recent visit to the set. Specifically, he participated in the University of Michigan’s theater programs alongside Glee grad Darren Criss — who just so happens to be playing the villain Music Meister in this #DCTV event.

But when all was said and done, Cisco’s portrayer added, “The concept of the episode is very quirky, and very fun. I was pleasantly surprised. We executed it well!”

Valdes’ on-camera reunion with an old classmate is far from the only coincidence brought on by this special occasion. Benj Pasek and Justin Paul, who cowrote La La Land‘s Academy Award-winning “City of Stars” and contributed a ballad to this episode, also attended the University of Flash Supergirl MusicalMichigan… and have known series lead Gustin ever since they met his 19-year-old self during a visit to Elon University, where they were conducting a workshop. The Flash‘s Jesse L. Martin meanwhile has been friends with returning guest star Victor Garber (Legends of Tomorrow) “for well over 20 years,” yet this marked the first time they have sung together.

“I got to work with my old pal and sing some beautiful songs,” Martin said, smiling. “That was one of my favorite moments.”

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Add in the Glee of it all — like Criss, Gustin and Supergirl star Melissa Benoist previously starred on Fox’s musical dramedy — and you almost wonder how this episode didn’t come together sooner. But what brings about this out-of-the-ordinary, sure-to-be-extraordinary outing?

For never was a story of more woe. Than this of Iris West, and her… Mon-El? At the close of Supergirl‘s Monday episode, the Music Meister materializes in National City to unleash a “whammy” on Kara (played by Benoist)Flash Supergirl Musical. When Mon-El and Hank Henshaw (Supergirl‘s Chris Wood and David Harewood) lug the comatose Girl of Steel to Central City for help, Criss’ baddie puts the same hurt on Barry, landing both of the heroes in a dream-like state populated by friend-ly strangers.

Per Candice Patton, “Barry and Kara envision this world where Iris’ character and Mon-El’s character” — named Millie and Tommy — “are very, very deeply in love with each other. And that obviously throws them off, because those are their love interests.” Millie, the “fast-talking, brash daughter of a mobster,” and Tommy are “fighting for their love, because their families don’t want them to be together,” the actress added.

All of which leads to an important lesson to be taught to Barry and Kara, as they navigate this musically delicious world. “Music Meister is almost a sadistic, wannabe Cupid,” Supergirl‘s Jeremy Jordan observed. “His way of telling a love story is by putting you in a trance Flash Supergirl Musicaland making you fight your way out.”

Playing one of Millie’s two dads (alongside Garber), Martin noted, “That’s one of the cool things about [The Flash] — just when you think you’ve settled into the character that you’d originally been given, all of a sudden they find a way to give you something else to do.” Jordan similarly has (as he put it) a “Wizard of Oz-like” counterpart, playing the musical director for a 1940s-era club. “He’s very bossy,” he reported with a laugh, citing the un-Winn-like qualities. “I also gave him a superfun Jimmy Stewart-meets-turn-of-the-century New Yorker accent.”

Flash Supergirl Musical

Amid this tale of mixed-and-matched loves and friendly-but-strange faces, what exactly can viewers expect on the musical front?

As seen above, Valdes teams with Criss, Jordan (on piano) and Legends‘ John Barrowman to “Put a Little Love in Your Heart,” which the Flash fave describes with a laugh as “gratuitous, literally three high tenors and John Barrowman screaming for their lives!” Martin and Garber’s aforementioned duet is titled “More I Cannot Wish You,” while Gustin and Benoist celebrate being “Super Friends” in a tune penned for the crossover by Crazy Ex-Girlfriend creator/star Rachel Bloom.

Though Gustin and Benoist, both hailing from Glee, are no strangers to TV dance numbers, there were still a few nerves. “Grant and Melissa were both worried about it, and yet having such a great time,” Martin shared of the peek he sneaked of the twosome’s impeccably attired tap routine (see photo below). “They were literally going for it, and I was super glad to see that. It was absolutely fantastic.”

The most emotional piece of the five-song playlist, though, stands to be “Runnin’ Home to You,” the original song from La La Land‘s Pasek and Paul. “Beautiful” is the word both Patton and Valdes used to describe Barry’s ballad, while Gustin himself singled out his friends’ tune as his favorite moment of the hour.

A STAR SAYS BRAVO!Flash Supergirl Musical
Of all the incredible talent assembled on- and off-screen for “Duet,” Gustin gives the biggest props to a Flash crew that kept everyone energized throughout such an involved shoot and so late into the season, when even the biggest pros start Run, Barry, Run!ning on fumes.

“Coming from musical theater and knowing what it takes to do a production number, and also coming from Glee and knowing what it takes to do a production number with cameras and that many people, and then knowing it’s not something that’s normal for us… it was a challenge, which I expected,” Gustin acknowledged. “But what I didn’t expect — and what was really cool — was how the crew really kept me going throughout the experience.

“We did one of the most challenging episodes we’ve ever done at one of the harder parts of the season, but the crew was just thrilled because they had never seen, I think, the types of things we did on set,” Gustin went on. “A lot of these people have been in the industry for decades, and they’ve never worked on a musical of any kind. So it was cool, especially for actors they know to be, oh, singing and dancing! They were having the time of their life, and that kept me going, like being on stage.”

Will you be in the audience for Barry and Kara’s “Duet” this Tuesday?

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  1. Wrstlgirl says:

    I’ll probably watch The Flash. Took Supergirl off the DVR this season. It’s terrible.

    • Wordsmith says:

      Did you ditch Supergirl before or after the start of this season? The CW version is miles better than CBS’s season 1.

      • Wrstlgirl says:

        I really liked season 1 but this season not so much. I quit about three weeks ago. I was bored and found that I didn’t care much for the story lines. Kara’s sister is not my fav and I really miss Cat and James.

        • Frank says:

          The only good thing of this season is actually Alex imo, without Cat around and James being so sidelined for the new white guy. I’m actually sad in how Kara is being written.

    • Ralph says:

      No way! Supergirl is far superior in season 2. Season 1 is almost unwatchable. The introduction of Superman and the ending of the horrible Kara/James fauxmance has made a tremendous improvement!

  2. Phun says:

    Cannot Wait! :)

  3. Emily says:

    The musical sounds awesome. I think Iris/Mon-El, or rather Millie/Tommy, sounds hilarious. Can’t wait to see Barry and Kara’s reaction!

    And if the ballad Grant sings isn’t for Iris, I don’t know what I’ll do with myself.

  4. Lauren says:

    So I’m guessing this is the reason for all the contrived barry and iris relationship drams this week :( hope it’s worth it. I’m not a musical fan at all but I’m really excited to see Millie and how they execute this 1940 aesthetic. Keeping my fingers crossed it’s not a total disaster

  5. Tamara says:

    I love musicals in general. Curious to see Flashs take on one. Such a talented cast. Glad Candice gets to involved in this crossover.

  6. Diana says:

    I’m looking forward to this!

  7. Tom says:

    Whenever I see those two together it makes me believe that Iris should be killed off. So much chemistry.

    • Flashfan says:

      Give it a rest! Geez. Anyway, looking forward to the crossover and long life to the Iris West character on the Flash!!

    • Naina says:

      So because you think Barry and Kara have chemistry, Iris should die? Even though, it would be logistically impossible for them to have a relationship, because they’re on two separate shows, and Iris has nothing to do with that. And it’s interesting that apparently Mon-El, who is you know Kara’s love interest, can stay alive, despite you wanting Barry/Kara, but Iris can’t. I guess my point is, you can see chemistry where you want and ship as you like, but thinking that another character just because the hero loves her unconditionally should die for it, is ridiculously extreme.

      • KM says:

        Thank you. I love Iris and Barry, and I think they have great chemistry.

      • “And it’s interesting that apparently Mon-El, who is you know Kara’s love interest, can stay alive, despite you wanting Barry/Kara, but Iris can’t.”
        Of course, Iris’ life is worth nothing while Mon-El gets to live because Tom can ‘relate’ to him as a human being. Transparent and predictable.

      • Christopher says:

        I don’t want them to kill off Iris, but I would love for them to kill off the West/Allen relationship. I can’t get over the fact that they are surrogate brother and sister, and the fact that Joe is essentially Dad to both of them. I really wish they would have retconned that sibling relationship with Flashpoint. It’s basically like Step Siblings doing the horizontal tango. It has a Lannister vibe to it. Yeah, I know they aren’t blood related, obviously, but they were still “brother” and “sister”. I wish that Iris and Thawn would have worked out (I liked that character a lot) and then they could hook up Barry with Caitlin. Seems like Flashpoint could have resurrected Thawn, so it isn’t too late!

    • Emily says:

      You want to kill the female lead because you think two people on different shows have chemistry? What…?

  8. Mary says:

    Well I was looking forward to the musical episode, until I realized it’s part of forcing Kara with Mon-El. Kind of ruins it for me.

    • Frank says:

      It’s sad, isn’t it? Why are they ruining their own show with this so badly written romance? Alex being there would have made much more sense, she’s the actual kickassing loving sister, like Iris she grew up with Kara, she’d do anything for her. What is Mon El good for? So far nothing…

    • Gift says:

      why do u make this comments, how how is it forcing Kara with Mon El like u put it? This is going to be fun. Many people re excited.

  9. Naina says:

    I’m looking forward to this crossover, and I hope that that ballad is sung by Barry to Iris! It would make up for the angsty couple of episodes that we’ve had.

  10. ndixit says:

    Ok, the relationship curveball with Barry and iris makes more sense know. Kara and Mom-El will be on the outs following the reveal of his secret and Barry and Iris will be on the outs and this musical love story will help them get past their hurdles.

  11. Really looking forward to this episode. Love that they got Darren Criss to be the villain.

  12. Tara says:

    Looking forward to this for Kara and Mon-El. And also seeing the twisted couple of Tommy and Millie. It should be loads of fun.

  13. Darlene says:

    I’m so amazed by Tony nominee Jeremy Jordan’s talent. I will be very disappointed if they don’t let him show off that incredible voice, but this article gives me less hope of that happening.

  14. Kelly C. says:

    Totally can’t wait for jealous Barry and Kara. Barry and Iris are the cutest, healthiest couple on tv! I’m super syked about this episode!

  15. OJF says:

    I’m not really looking forward to this episode… I feel like it’s something that could have a lot of potential, but it feels like they’re doing a musical episode for the sakes of doing a musical episode, especially since fans have been asking for it since they cast Melissa as SG (because of her and Grant’s connection to Glee). I’m not a big Darren Criss fan so it’s disappointing that he’s the villain. And only 5 songs? Yeah, my expectations aren’t high.

  16. funnibone31 says:

    Sidenote: Jeremy Jordan’s rendition of Pasek & Paul’s “Caught in the Storm” from Smash is amazing!

  17. Joey Padron says:

    Good preview of musical crossover from some of the cast. Excited to watch the episode on Tuesday!

  18. ladydmaj says:

    Yeah, okay, but c’mon – is it really going to be better than “Day-O (The Banana Boat Song)”? I think not.

  19. Butch says:

    At least they are being honest and not calling it a 2 night event. Its an episode of The Flash guest starring cast members of Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow. They really need Ollie do a cameo just kind of look around and say “What the F” and walk out.

  20. Bruce Wayne says:

    Finally we see a real romance or two rather than another intrusion by a lesbian “relationship.”

  21. I Love Supergirl and Flash IT Rocks Both Of them for the two price of one sweet deals Supergirl Rocks Melissa benoist is My Favorite Lady In The Whole Wide World.

  22. Rainie says:

    Kara and Mon-El! I can’t wait to see her face when she sees “him” with “Iris.”

  23. NC says:

    Glee starts reunite…but don’t forget Jeremy Jordan was on Broadway and in Smash!

  24. Gift says:

    I actually couldn’t stand S1 of Supergirl but this season is great. I enjoy it, so I’m going to watch both super girl nd the Flash. This episode of each show would seriously be fun nd entertaining. can’t wait!

  25. Brian says:

    Ok so Rachel Bloom wrote a song for Benoist and Gustin. Now I’m so in. Just so cool that we get John Barrowman, Jesse Martin, and Victor Garber all singing as well. Interested to see how it all works out. Hope its on par with the best attempt at this ‘Once More With Feeling’. (‘Bunnies, Bunnies, it must be Bunnies!)

  26. d282 says:

    My husband and I really like Supergirl, The Flash and the other DC shows on The CW. We also watched Supergirl when it had it’s first season on CBS. We thought it was great. We can’t wait to see Supergirl tonight and we look forward to the musical Supergirl and The Flash crossover!

  27. Sharon Williams says:

    Can’t wait to see what part Candice Patton plays she is such a smart and beautiful young lady!!!!!.