greys anatomy season 13 episode 15 recap

Grey's Recap: Lovers and Other Doctors

Just when Grey’s Anatomy had us wondering whether it was ever going to pick up the Meredith/Nathan story again, “Back Where You Belong” reminded us that Grey has a keen understanding of Riggs’ mindset. And in Thursday’s episode, the non-couple appeared poised to make some actual progress in their non-relationship. The one thing standing in their way? Not Maggie this time — well, at least not only Maggie — but Alex. Did the would-be duo nonetheless manage to go anywhere besides in circles? Read on…

‘EVERYTHING’S SO MUCH HARDER THAN IT NEEDS TO BE’ | As “Civil War” began, April was avoiding Jackson; Richard, Catherine; and Amelia, Owen (still). But Mrs. Hunt wouldn’t be able to dodge her husband for much longer — Maggie needed her to clip a brain aneurysm. At work, Mer cheerfully made it clear that she was holding a grudge against April for replacing her, and Nathan teased Grey that, after being suspended for sticking up for Richard, she sure had folded fast. Naturally, she denied that that was what she had done. Observing the exchange, Alex — aka Dr. Cut-to-the-Chase — told Mer that if she wanted to be with Riggs, she should just be with him already, Maggie would get over it. Of course, Grey insisted that she didn’t want to be with Nathan.

Upon running into Andrew in an elevator, Alex asked, since the two of them would be working together that day in peds, “Are we cool?” Against all odds, they were — an especially good thing since baby patient Gus turned out to have a heart murmur. Meanwhile, Webber, aware that Minnick’s program was gaining in popularity, thanked Arizona for remaining in his corner. This was, as you’d expect, terribly awkward for Robbins, since she and Eliza were getting involved. When April complained to Catherine that she felt demoted, the older doctor gave her some tough-love cheerleading, then they got involved in a trauma case precipitated by a turkey-frier incident.

greys anatomy season 13 episode 15 recap‘I’M GOING OVER YOUR HEAD’ | Catching his mother alone, Jackson reminded her that he was “the voice of the Avery Foundation” at Grey Sloan, thanks to the position she’d strong-armed him into taking. As such, “I’m gonna be making the decisions from now on,” he announced. Top of his to-do list: Right Catherine and Bailey’s wrong by going over Mom’s head, turning the Richard/Eliza situation around and showing Minnick the door. Off this tense talk, April, Jackson, Richard and Catherine all wound up treating the turkey-frier patient. Sorry, did I say “treating”? I meant “arguing over,” leaving Ben to be the voice of reason, thanks to a strategy learned from Eliza.

While operating on the turkey-frier guy, it was revealed that not only was Catherine planning to show April around an Avery trauma center in Chicago, she was also taking her to Hamilton while they were there. Jackson took advantage of the opportunity to light into his mom about Eliza, spitting that “Dr. Minnick makes robots” — as opposed to his teacher, Mark — and calling her out for her and Bailey’s handling of the transfer of power. Naturally, Catherine shut him right up. Later, Arizona had to shoot down Richard’s offer to get dinner — secretly, because she had a date planned with his archenemy.

‘I’M THE PEDS GUY… I KNOW THINGS’ | Once Nathan was called in on Gus’ case, he and Alex clashed almost immediately, with the former advocating waiting for a heart transplant. As soon as Karev was out of earshot, Riggs, anticipating the parents going for his option, had Andrew put the baby on the transplant list — and keep it from Alex. Even before Karev found out, he was so pissed that he gave Mer an earful about the “snake.” DeLuca, for his part, didn’t know what to do. When he confided in Jo, without giving away the names of the doctors involved, she said, “You’ll make the right choice. You always do.”

greys anatomy season 13 episode 15 recapOff Alex’s outburst, Mer pulled Nathan aside and told him that if he wanted to get anywhere with her… Wait just one second. Get anywhere with her?!? This was, predictably, music to his ears, as it indicated to him “that there’s somewhere to get with” her. But he didn’t take well to Grey’s attempt at mediating, or telling him to play nicely with others, so he wound up stomping off. In the middle of their conversation? “Damn right,” he said. “I’m a jerk.” Later, a perfect-match infant heart became available, which ticked off Alex so much that he lodged a complaint with Maggie, who told him and Riggs to do their damn jobs. Karev wanted to be mad at Andrew, too, but DeLuca explained his reason for putting Gus on the donor list thusly: It was about a kid.

‘FLOSS?’ | After performing Maggie’s surgery, Amelia tried hard to sneak out of the hospital without bumping into Owen. She had made it, too, but when an ambulance pulled up at just the wrong time, she revealed herself to Hunt to help the patient. “I didn’t realize you were back,” he said when things had calmed down. Since she insisted she’d only emerged from hiding for dental floss, he tried to have her replaced as the neuro on the case. Then, he learned that she’d been there for quite a while and had even performed surgery. (Ouch.) “Did you plan on seeing me at all today?” he asked as they scrubbed in. Er, no.

In spite of all that, Amelia refused to be dumped from the case. “There are no lost causes,” she told Owen, perhaps speaking as much about their marriage as the patient. Post-surgery, Amelia admitted that yes, she did want to be hitched to Owen. But she still wasn’t ready for them to have the fight that she knew was coming. And there did have to be a fight — they wanted completely different things. And if they fight, “somebody has to win,” she noted. “Or,” he countered sadly, “no one wins.”

‘NOBODY TELLS ME WHAT TO THINK’ | As the episode neared its conclusion, Arizona and Eliza decided they needed a nap (no, not that kind) before their date. Richard let Ben take the lead on the turkey-frier guy case the way Minnick would have, prompting Jackson to encourage him not to give up on ousting Eliza. Later, Jackson continued to press the issue with Catherine, and suggested that his mother was replacing him with April as the Avery she’d always wanted him to be. Finally, Nathan told Mer, “No banter, no more quips,” he wanted to be involved with her. Did she want to be involved with him? On second thought, he decided, she shouldn’t respond till she knew her answer. After Richard walked in on Arizona and Eliza kissing, he declined Catherine’s request to sleep in his own bed, not the on-call room. And April learned that Jackson was headed to an Avery hospital in Montana for a consult.

So, what did you think of “Civil War”? Are you hoping Mer will decide to go for it with Nathan? Hit the comments.

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  1. Court says:

    I am so beyond over this whole Minnick storyline. The only thing it has done was introduce a completely unlikeable character, who is being shoved down our throats; make our regular character completely unrecognizable; and destroy the things that we like about this show

    • Olivia says:

      I actually like her. A lot. Also you should get checked asap for that throat, you sound very distressed. Better safe than sorry.

      • T. says:

        I very much want to taste that Pierogi !
        Eliza is a fantastic woman, I love her. I hope we get to see more of her and slowly develop a mature relationship with The other doctors

        • Ally Oop says:

          I was really annoyed when she said pierogi in the singular. We say perogies with an s on the end and in Polish it’s varenyky. I wanted to slap her when she was speaking. If there’s one thing this Polish/Ukrainian girl from Saskatchewan takes seriously, it’s perogies.

          • Karolina says:

            Actually, pierogi is the proper plural form in Polish! Perogies is the americanized way of spelling/saying it and varenyky is actually the Ukrainian way of saying it.
            I don’t want to start a fight but I’ve spent a good part of my childhood at my grandma’s in Poland so I take my pierogi pretty seriously too ;)

          • Ally Oop says:

            OK. I never knew that. I think I was just overly annoyed with the way she was saying it cause I hate the character.

    • sawyer says:

      No Penny was shoved down our throats. Callie falls madly in love with Penny after 2 dates wtf. Then leaves a great job to follow Penny to New York. Callie and Penny had absolutely no chemistry. I could not stand Callie and it seems fans don’t want Arizona to be happy.

    • Denise says:

      agree! hate story line.. now everyone is screaming at each other.. what happened to the humor and fun story lines?

    • Pedro says:

      Actually, it’s a great storyline that permeated several relationships and created lots of interesting drama and conflict.

    • Grey'sFan says:

      So has anyone heard of who will be cast as Jackson’s father? The episode we meet him is next week and so far I don’t think word has leaked out about who will be playing him… What good white 60-70 year old actors are out there that might play the role?

    • raddadtone says:

      I like the story. Not completely sold on the character herself.

    • Alichat says:

      I agree this storyline is exhausting. I didn’t like Minnick when it started but they’ve rounded her character out more with this relationship with Arizona. But all the fighting, egos, and hypocrisy is getting tiring to watch. Catherine was wrong in what she did. She stands there telling Jackson that the foundation oversees and guides but does not interfere in hospital policy. Yet she is the one who marched into Bailey’s office, stated that the program needs to be overhauled, then told her to hire Minnick. That’s not overseeing and guiding, that’s interfering. And she owes Webber and Jackson at least an apology. Bailey was wrong in what she did. She should have told Webber. She should have told the board. She should have talked to the interns and residents so she could say ‘hey, I’ve talked to them and they feel this…..’ You don’t train all of these doctors to be headstrong, opinionated, and aggressive in their work and just think that they will roll over and do what you say after you’ve created this upheaval. April should realize that Catherine is using her. April is a good doctor, but this sudden love from Catherine…….she’s using her. I was disappointed to hear Stephanie sing Minnick’s praises to Amelia. I was really hoping that Stephanie would become the voice of reason in all of this and point out that perhaps both teaching techniques were needed. Minnick can’t handle the personal, emotional aspects of this job. Basically the hard stuff. They need Webber for that. Stephanie experienced that. And Amelia. My god can we just have Owen decide he doesn’t want anymore of this, divorce her, and she moves away. I have never liked her character. I think I agree with another poster that this season is missing the patients. Those episodes where they learned from the patients and the medical story is what drove the plot are missing in this season.

  2. Garbo says:

    Minnick is just fine, the problem is the high school mean girl / drama queen antics of the Jackson / Webber duo and Amelia respectively.

    • SB says:

      Actually, Minnick seems like more of the high school mean girl to me with her attitude. She’s “popular” with the interns and tries to run over the attendings instead of meeting them halfway. Richard proved, by letting Warren run the turkey baster patient, that he is willing to compromise.

      Also, that episode where Stephanie lost a patient and Minnick ditched her while Richard was there for her, gave her advice, AND talked to the family: that did it for me. TeamRichard.

      • Ally Oop says:

        Minnick lost me when she refused to team up with Richard when Bailey offered her the job. And then there was that whole surgery with Stephanie debacle which showed she obviously didn’t have what it takes to teach students. Maybe we will be lucky and see her suffer a Shindaland tragedy in the season finale.

  3. JM says:

    Given that Alex is the Head of Pedeatrics, shouldn’t his request go over Riggs who is just an average attending?

    • Denise says:

      how come Arizona wasn’t consulted?

    • Grey'sFan says:

      Alex isn’t the head of pets, Arizona is the head of both Peds and Fetal. From the way it was describe, the Fetal “department” is basically one great surgeon, so Arizona can do both. Though I’m sure she has delegated to Alex a lot of the responsibility to prepare him for when he’s ready to take over.

      • JM says:

        Dr. Minnick made reference to Alex being the Head of Peds (ep 13×11) to Arizona (and Murphy) when everyone thought he’d gone to jail. Her words being, “apparently we need to hire a new peds surgery chief. Apparently hours went up the river”. Clip is on Youtube.

      • Christine says:

        Alex is the head of Peds and Arizona is the head of Fetal. He was running Peds back when Arizona was recovering from her leg being amputated, then when she quit her job and then when she was doing the Fetal fellowship. He was more than ready and prepared when he became chief of Peds. :)

  4. Jami says:

    I like Minnick. She is assertive and knows who and what she wants. I love Arizona , however tonight she pissed me off. It is obvious that she really likes Minnick. She can’t be a double agent. She should have told Webber that she was dating Minnick in the episode, however Webber and Jackson are acting like mean girls, Arizona is stuck in the middle but if Minnick makes her happy, Webberi and Arizona have been through some tough times together. Webber told Arizona last season she deserved a smart, beautiful woman not just one night stands. Webber’s beef is with his wife. Minnick is doing her job Bailey hired her to do.

  5. Jill says:

    I had this thought tonight. There is so much anger and adversity in the world right now and I feel Shonda has put all of this into Grey’s. I hate the infighting. I hate the anger. I had so much anxiety watching tonight, I almost turned it off. I hope this story line ends soon. If this is how the rest of Grey’s will play out, with anger and hostility, I don’t know if I will want to watch.

  6. jovana says:

    I’m sick of Meredith’s attitude towards everyone. When did she become God? She’s acting like she’s the best surgeon, the best friend, the best sister and person to ever walk this Earth. Who is she to stick her nose into the Alex/Nathan case? What gives her the right to try to manipulate Nathan? And where does she come off telling April she stole her job when SHE GOT HERSELF SUSPENDED?! Also, Riggs and Jackson were right – if April’s taking the job was perceived as betraying Webber, than so should Meredith taking it be. But no, Mer can do no wrong. She’s entitled and bitter and a total bitch and I can’t stand her.

    • Zee says:

      Omg!! This! You just spoke my mind. Meredith is so entitled. When her best friend Christina was here and doing much better than her I still remember how mean and bitter she was. She and her entitled high school mean girl antic. Meanwhile Alex could not advise her to make sure that she told Maggie first before dating Riggs ?

  7. Amber says:

    When Stephanie leaves can she take Maggie and Catherine with her? I will start a petition to make it happen.

  8. i sure hope shonda knows she is not allowed to do the plane crash thing again. because it would be just like her to kill of jackson and make things even worse right now. plus, its been a really long time since she’s killed someone we care about, so you know it’s coming soon.

  9. Denise says:

    I am very annoyed with Catherine. She seems to be trying to ruin everyone’s lives. It is all about power for her.. without regard for her family. Influences a replacement for Richard (she should have come to Richard to talk about problems with the hospital first, her son .. and then April.. trying to get her to rise and possibly leave Greys so she could have her out of the picture as well.. yuck.. She is a woman to hate. Power over without any compassion.

    • Grey'sFan says:

      Actually with April, I think Catherine is just working to give her the confidence so she’ll go to Bailey and point out she deserves the opportunity to be Chief of Trauma.

  10. Macy says:

    Does anyone else miss when they let the audience get invested in the patients’ story and treatment? I can’t remember the last time a patient stuck in my memory. That time period used to give us a good mixture of medicine and doc relationships.

  11. Pam says:

    Did anyone else catch during the last scene with Avery and April? She questioned the procedure that he was researching, and after that asked him if he was okay and he answered in a matter befitting him having a disease that he isn’t ready to share with anyone yet. Anybody?

  12. Nancy Farkas says:

    I quit watching the show after they murdered Derek. It was so unnecessary. They could have found another way. Many couples work and live apart.Fans did fine with him being in DC. We could have dealt with it. Have no interest in the show anymore.

  13. T. says:

    Arizona has been through hell until now. Look at her smile and her eyes when she is with Eliza. Let her be happy, it will be a nice change for her.

    As for Minnick, it’s nice to see her like that, I am footing for her to stay.

  14. Kennedy says:

    I love Arizona and Minnick! They have amazing chemistry(I think) and it’s nice to see someone really pursue her. Also this whining about Webber needs to stop. Jackson grow up dude! Yeah Minnick came in forceful but she’s there to do a job, and everyone is happy about it except you. Heck even Webber used one of her strategies so…move on.

  15. fiberlicious says:

    No mention of the soppy, cow-eyed AH LERVE U look Andrew gave Jo after the “you always do” line? Subtle like a brick through a window…

  16. EM says:

    I miss the humor, wit, lightness, fun, quick banter, sensuality, friendship, interesting medical cases where I remembered the patients name and cared about their outcome and music that fit the scene and that I wanted to listen to again. Sure GA is a drama first but it is missing the mark for me this season.

    • Ally Oop says:

      I disagree. I think this season has been pretty good and I’d rather they focus on the character drama. The patient cases have always been background for me.

  17. Emor says:

    This show NEEDS a cast purge! Remember blonde intern? I forgot he was even on the show! There are simply too many cast members. I think they should use this civil war story line to move the unused characters. Like they go with Minnick to a new hospital. Amelia and Hunt need to go. Time for a reboot!

  18. Erin B says:

    I really hope this is all leading up to something good for the last few episodes. This season has been a drag. The Alex storyline was bad (point besides breaking them up?), the Minnick conflict (didn’t like her as soon as she knicked an old woman’s artery to see how DeLuca would handle it which would just never, ever happen), & Amelia being such an immature baby (hiding from her husband–seriously?!). I certainly will not stop watching–I’ve hung in this long–but I am hoping there is a plan here where it all comes together & becomes enjoyable for me again.

  19. S. Eichner says:

    what happened to fun story lines? what happened to chemistry tween actors.. agree w/ previous commenters, intro last 2, both male and female.. bring Callie back!!! Realize trying to slowly move Richard out of the picture, GRACEFULLY, retire him, so no pay raise. We won’t be forgetting Derek soon or wanting him replaced in Mer’s life soon.. unless he is truly a ppositive person to all staff. Where is Derek’s ex? Bring her back?

  20. ria says:

    i think meredith and nathan should be together.