Supergirl Four-Way Crossover

Supergirl EP Talks True Four-Way DCTV Crossover, Nixes Doppelgänger Cameos

Supergirl won’t just be flying over to the Arrow-verse during The CW’s next mega DCTV crossover.

Executive producer Andrew Kreisberg reveals that there are plans in place for the ex-CBS series to play an integral role in next season’s superhero event.

“We’re hoping to do a true four-way crossover,” Kreisberg told reporters during a recent Supergirl screening. “The great thing about our dear friends at The CW and [network president] Mark Pedowitz picking the shows up as early as they did [is that] it has allowed us to start building the schedules for next season. One of the big things we learned from two years ago, which made the crossovers slightly easier this year, was built-in shutdown days, where shows just went dark, because the single hardest factor in doing the crossovers is actors’ availability” while the four series simultaneously continue production.

During this season’s “Aliens v Heroes” battle, the Girl of Steel’s network move caused additional, unforeseen scheduling challenges.

“Because we weren’t aware that we were going to switch Supergirl from CBS to CW, and it was really going to be part of [the crossover],” it was the lone superhero drama that didn’t have any built-in shutdown days, Kreisberg explains. And with leading lady Melissa Benoist spending plenty of time on The Flash and Arrow, “Supergirl was the show we needed to shut down the most… So now that we’ve gotten the early pickup, and we’ve started designing the seasons, we’re building in those dark days – and actually more dark days on Supergirl than the other shows – to make it a little easier.”

In the meantime, the end of Supergirl‘s March 20 episode will kick off a two-part musical crossover, continuing Tuesday, March 21, on The Flash. As for future mini cross-show visits, Kreisberg is ruling out one idea: cameos from Earth-1’s Kara on Arrow or The Flash, Earth-38’s Oliver Queen on Supergirl and so on.

The producers have discussed seeing the doppelgängers, but “the problem with that is if we do that once, we’re going to open the floodgates of insanity,” Kreisberg says, adding that there would have to be “a really good story” for such an appearance.

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  1. Mary says:

    I’ll be glad to see Alex finally taking part in a crossover next season.

  2. Jen says:

    Looking forward to it! a lot of hard work goes in these crossovers

  3. Dominique says:

    good to read this! i can only imagine how much work and preparation it must take to organise and film these crossovers, and it must be so exhausting for the cast, so i’m glad they’re doing this. hopefully this means the next big crossover will feature all four shows equally.

  4. Tatharnio says:

    I think the lack of Earth 1 doppelgangers on Earth 38 was implied in World’s Finest when Baryy searched and found that there was “No Star Labs, No Cisco Ramon, No Harrison Wells, No Caitlin Snow”. This only specifically rules them out as being duplicated, but I think the implication is that Earth 38 is wildly different from Earth 1 in terms of inhabitants.

    • msemmyjones says:

      To be fair, I don’t know everyone on the Earth that I live on so it’s pretty weird to assume Kara knows everyone on hers and was able to answer that question accurately. Just because she’s never heard those names before doesn’t really mean anything.

    • DJ Doena says:

      Maybe on Earth 1, Krypton never exploded and that would lead to no Superman and no Supergirl and could potentially lead to “no openly alien life” on Earth 1 because that’s one of the staples of the Superman myth that he made mankind aware of alien life and that it’s nothing to be afraid of. There still could be alien life on Earth 1, just not out in the open.

    • DAMN says:

      It could be that their doppelgangers have different names on Earth 38, similar to how on The Flash Henry Allen’s doppelganger on Earth 3 is Jay Garrick.

  5. Boiler says:

    These stink for fans who like only one of the shows

    • V.J. says:

      True. It makes for great stories and it pushes the ratings, but it is a little bit exhausting to have to watch shows one doesn´t watch (anymore) to understand a story. I like all the CW superhero shows so this isn´t a problem for me, but I can understand viewers who skip the crossovers because of this. Especially when they integrate the ongoing arcs of the individual series into the crossovers and you have to wonder what is going on. Arrowverse has done a great job so far, but I think they have to be careful with the frequency of these crossovers and how they build them. It can get to a point where it just is too much. Personally I get annoyed with the Chicago crossover events because I gave up on PD earlier this season and don´t plan on starting Justice and because they do them too often IMO. So there is a fine line.

      • DJ Doena says:

        It still works IMHO. I stopped watching Arrow after season 3’s “The Climb” but last year’s HvA xover didn’t phase me. I learned about Laurel’s death on LoT anyway and the only surprise to me was that Roy seems to be dead, too (he was one of the ghosts Oliver saw at the end).

        But I really enjoyed the reference to Tommy Merlin being in Chicago because I watch the Chicagoverse also (Fire, P.D., Med and next month Justice) and they’re heavy on xovers too.

    • Yeah, I decided to skip the crossovers after the last one. I still don’t know how they defeated the aliens because I simply cannot sit through an episode of Legends. Gave up 10 minutes in. I was able to make it through Arrow just for Katie Cassidy (I liked her on Supernatural) but next time, I’ll stick to my usual shows:Flash and Supergirl.

    • ndixit says:

      It doesn’t affect me at all. I only watch the Flash and Legends and I have no trouble following the crossovers so I never understand this complaint. People are getting a chance to see their favorite character more than once a week. Why the complaining?

  6. Craiger says:

    Then why did Cisco give Kara that portal device so she could cross over to Earth 1? Unless he did that so she would do more than just cameos?

  7. Jason says:

    It seems unlikely that an Earth-1 Kara is even on the planet so I wasn’t really expecting it. Still, I have wondered what Krypton’s situation is in that demension. Maybe it was never even destroyed.

    • Arielle Lowe says:

      Maybe Krypton doesn’t exist in that dimension, just as Caitlin, Cisco, and Harrison don’t exist on Earth-38.

    • Ashbash says:

      There was a throw away line from the atom during this season’s arrowverse crossover that Kara looked a lot like his cousin, but that could have just been a reference to Brandon Routh having played Superman in Superman returns.

  8. brandydanforth81 says:

    I hate all these crossovers cause I only watch SG but now HAVE to watch for the musical and next season will probably HAVE to watch the other three to know what’s going on.
    Plus they’re just a gimmick and the ratings uptick dosent last more than crossover week

    • Pedro says:

      You won’t have to watch the musical. Much like the earlier crossover, it’s going to be entirely during The Flash, with just a short scene in Supergirl that doesn’t really affect it.

      • brandydanforth81 says:

        But some of SG characters are appearing in the musical episode and I want to see it.Its too bad Chylers not singing

  9. clintbrew says:

    i think they gonna merge the earths earth 1 and 38 somehow

  10. lrdslvrhnd says:

    The thing that bugs me about these mega-crossover shows (which includes the recent NCIS/NOLA crossover) is that you lose part of the story in repeats and syndication. It’s one thing to have Barry showing up on Arrow, or the Legends visiting Central City, or whatever, and I love those kinda crossovers. But once the storyline starts airing across multiple shows, it’s virtually guaranteed that it’ll never be seen again.

  11. Ian Barber says:

    Wouldn’t mind seeing Winn pllay the Earth-1 Toymaker on the Flash. That could be a fun doppleganger story.

  12. Azerty says:

    I liked the 4 ways cross over from last year but I hope for a better storyline next season! It’s great they built a big multiverse with so much characters but I missed “smaller” cross over, like when Oliver came to help Barry fight Reverse Flash or when Barry saved team Arrow in S3 finale… I understand that availabilities are the issue but still. A few weeks ago they did a lot of references to other show, like Cisco breaching at CatCo, the Flash vouching for Oliver when he called CCPD captain, etc. that was nice, they should do that more often, that doesn’t require actual actors and it help strenghtening the multiverse.

  13. Olivia says:

    I miss the days when crossovers were “meetings” of shows instead of a storyline developping over several episodes from different shows.
    Like in the Whedonverse, you’d have an ep of Buffy focusing on the Buffy side with some Angel in it, and vice versa. You could see different POV for a same plot, as in a “meanwhile, in [show]” kind of way. Like they do on many shows when they want to portray how each character sees an event/moment (they recently did that in Blindspot). Then you’d have shared scenes, but it was not the main part.
    I also don’t care about the others shows so I’d rather have a plot and its resolution happen in the same show I watch than having to watch shows I don’t enjoy for that.

  14. Luis Roman says:

    If we’re assuming there’s no Superman on Earth-1, why would there be a Kara doppelganger there?

  15. Joey Padron says:

    Happy Supergirl show will be part of crossover episodes next season!

  16. Agent 86 says:

    Um. I need to see the doppelgangers of Jeremiah Danvers and Teri Hatcher’s character on an alternate Earth where they are in fact Clark Kent and Lois Lane! Lois and Clark never got a definitive ending, so surely they can throw us a bone, have Supergirl accidentally land in another Earth due to Cisco’s malfunctioning device, run into the grown-up, super-powered version of the baby from the end of Lois and Clark who takes Supergirl to their parents to help Kara find a way home.

    Also, it’s probably not ruled out by the “no doppelgangers” comment, but we obviously need to see Power Girl on Earth 1 at some point. Power Girl doesn’t need to be played by Melissa Benoist, but that would be a cool touch.

  17. Maxi says:

    As long as I don’t have to but up with Sara ‘Whitewashed Canary’ Lance and Maggie ‘we hired hired a white woman to play a Latina’ in it i’m good. It would reach peak whitewashing.

  18. Nicolas says:

    It would be cool to se Clancy Brown as Lioner or Lex Luthor in Supergirl, shame that he already is Wade Eiling in Earth 1