Jane the Virgin

Did Jane the Virgin Move on Too Fast?

This week’s Jane the Virgin did start out by acknowledging last week’s crushing character death. And that mourning period lasted… about two whole minutes.

Jane’s husband Michael was killed off in shocking fashion last week, and Monday’s episode began two weeks after his death, with Jane sobbing in a dark bedroom and Alba encouraging her to “let some light in.” But then, as last week’s epilogue promised, we quickly jumped forward three years and got right back to rom-com business as usual. Which just felt… wrong.

I say this as a devoted Jane the Virgin fan: Through two and a half seasons, it’s been one of the warmest, most entertaining shows on network TV, with smart writing and great performances, especially from Gina Rodriguez. But the decision to kill off Michael and then zip forward three years feels like a storytelling cheat — like the writers wanted the shock value (and social-media spike) of a major character death, while also skipping past all that uncomfortable “grieving” stuff.

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Monday’s episode gave us a few fleeting moments of Michael, with photos of him coming to life to give Jane a pep talk. But mostly, he was swept aside so we could focus on more pressing matters, like the fate of Rogelio’s reality show. And Mateo’s bratty behavior. And the douchey new hotel owner next door to the Marbella. It felt unseemly to linger on such silliness when a major character just died. It’s been three years for them… but only a week for us.

Jane the VirginFrankly, Jane did need to shake things up somehow, since this season has been on the dull side so far. And yes, the show had been foreshadowing Michael’s demise for a while, with the Narrator hinting back in Season 1 how Michael would love Jane “until he drew his very last breath.” But this gets at the central dilemma about Jane: Is it a romantic comedy, with light, breezy antics; or is it a telenovela, where people are killed off left and right? The show has always nimbly balanced between the two, but with this latest twist, it’s fallen off the tightrope entirely.

In fact, I’d prefer Jane concentrate on the light rom-com aspects and drop all the soapier elements about organized crime and Sin Rostro. (I mean, how many fake faces are we going to see Rose wear?) The show’s best moments come from its fully fleshed-out human relationships, like the one between Jane and Michael. And it just seems cruel to build Michael up as Jane’s knight in shining armor, having them get married and her lose her virginity to him, only to yank him away from her. (Between this and Santino Fontana’s sudden departure on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, it’s really been a rough year for dorky white-guy love interests on CW comedies.)

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I understand death can be random, and we don’t always get any warning when the people we love leave us. But that doesn’t feel like the kind of dark emotional territory a show like Jane should be wading into — especially if it’s going to bend the rules and jump forward to a time when the wounds aren’t so fresh. Plus, I don’t really buy that Michael “had to die” to shake up the show; the show could’ve found a way to make Jane and Michael’s domestic bliss work, as an oasis of normalcy amid all the craziness. (Coach and Tami Taylor, anyone?)

Jane the VirginTo be fair, Michael was referenced again later in this week’s episode, when we discovered that Jane based her new romance novel on her relationship with Michael. She got choked up when asked to read aloud from her book… but a newly bearded Rafael, not Michael, was the one to encourage her to get out there and read it. And let’s be real: These two are definitely getting back together at some point, right? The inevitability of the Jane-Rafael pairing just pours salt into the wounds of Michael fans, like he was ultimately just an obstacle to their happiness. And I wouldn’t even call myself a “Michael fan,” per se — just a fan of well-told romantic comedy that plays by the rules.

I thought this week’s episode might make me feel better about the Michael twist. But if anything, seeing how quickly it breezed past Michael’s memory has made me more frustrated with the decision to kill him off. Jane’s romance novel about Michael got a happily-ever-after. So why couldn’t we?

Now it’s your turn: Make your voice heard in the poll below, then hit the comments with your thoughts on Jane, post-Michael.

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  1. Al says:

    Greys did the same thing when Derek died

    • sure but derek and meredith had 11 seasons together, 6 as a married couple. jane and michael had nowhere near that sort of time together. and for all grey’s anatomy’s faults, at least they didn’t just kill derek off to resolve a love triangle.

      • Al says:

        Sure MerDer had more the time
        None the less it was rushed (the grieving aspect). I guess it was done in both cases to not show the grief

        • mika02 says:

          But see I understood the time jump there Mer was pregnant her not normally made sense and technically it was a less then a year time jump. Which is why I was hoping maybe Jane was pregnant and we could see a Jane in a better place.

      • Muffy says:

        Michael was always going to die. He and Jane were not even a traditional telenovela couple. 3 year jump keeps the series typical JtV. It’s not a dead serious tv drama.

      • Mary says:

        Greys did a time jump, but they also did a 2 part 2 hour episode on the aftermath of Derek’s death. 2 minutes is just not enough.

      • Sameera says:

        Plus the writers didn’t have a choice on Grey’s. Patrick Demspey didn’t want to be on the show anymore. On this show the writers decided to kill Michael off so they could do a “reset” and push the Jane/Raf endgame

      • lisse says:

        Exactly. It’s the killing a character off to resolve a love triangle that gets me and I don’t ship either couple. I just side-eye this kind of forced narrative choice and I resent it. Derek’s death and its aftermath could be seen as an affront to the character of Derek and the actor, but it wasn’t one for the couple.

    • Pedro says:

      Yet, Meredith took a whole season to go on a date, with disastrous results and it still to have a steady relationship yet. I think that was quite real and respectful.

    • Ana says:

      When Grey killed Derek and then move forward one year in the next episode, I also felt cheated. Why kill an important character and not show the grieving process? Thankfully we saw Meredith grieving and dealing with Derek’s death the next season (her fight with Amelia, her hesitancy to go on dates). I hope we can see that in Jane but with a 3-year jump I think is very difficult.

    • Jamie says:

      Not really tho – they had a two part episode showing how everyone, especially Amelia and Meredith got through those months after he died, and they continued to show Mer’s grief for another season. Like it was a full multi-episode arc the next season showing how she even slept with a man for the first time, and then fell apart and couldn’t handle it because she was still so in love with Derek. And Amelia was falling apart all over the place. Grey’s definitely showed the aftermath of the death of a loved one when Derek died – just not every single detail.

    • Merrily Snider says:

      After Derek died, Meredith left. She didn’t know yet but, she was pregnant with Derek’s baby from their last night together. She had the baby and didn’t return until the baby was about 2 years old. How is that moving on too quickly?

  2. Sarah says:

    Thank you, you just said everything that I’m feeling. What a disappointment jtv.

    • GregJ. says:

      I agree. I thought this week was going to be how Jane was going to handle Michael’s death. I thought there would be some type of funeral, but when they jumped forward 3 years it was unexpected. I’m happy they got back to the rom-com nature and a mystery, but they should’ve handled Michael’s death better.

  3. Nikki says:

    I’m giving them a few episodes before judging. I think they will continue to flash back to show us how Jane coped while still moving the story along.

  4. Caro says:

    Last week I would have said yes, but I actually really like how this episode turned out. I loved Michael, and I hope we get more flashbacks to the years in-between. But, especially right now when I’m dealing with some difficult personal things, JtV’s unfailing positivity and cheeriness is exactly what I need. I’ve hated time jumps since Alias season 2, but I think this will work. (I’m already bored with Abby, though.)

  5. Sonia says:

    I respectfully disagree.
    I don’t think they’ve skipped over the grieving stuff at all. It’s been 3 years and she’s still utterly devastated. Between that and the flashbacks, I’m guessing the rest of the season is going to be dedicated to mourning Michael.
    Losing that character was crushingly sad. I’m not mad that they’re trying to break up the darkness a little.

    • CurlyGurly says:

      ITA with you, Sonia. What, did we need a whole episode of Jane moping around? NO. Yes, Michael’s death was devastating, but life goes on. I think that’s what they were trying to show here. And there were many moments during the show that reminded us about how Jane was affected by Michael’s death. We didn’t need a whole episode about it. And Gina R.’s cry face gets me in the feels EVERY TIME.

      • Kailani says:

        I’m a bit in the middle. I think I would’ve stopped watching the series if it had been down in the gutter misery and sadness. That’s not why I watch JtV. That said, they didn’t balance it in a way that felt real to me. Instead of 3 whole minutes about Michael or her grief, why not more like 10 minutes or so? I dunno; I just think they could’ve balanced the natural grief process a little better with the 3 years later, on with funny stuff. I suspect there will be more grief yet to deal with, more flashbacks, but still, they could’ve handled this first episode more properly for us, the fans.

  6. Katy says:

    I actually agreed with just about everything you wrote though I do love the soapy telenovela parts of Jane. I felt cheated like ok Michael died here is your shocking twist now back to the funny show JTV is known to be.

  7. notpercysowner says:

    I know they are going to get Raphael and Jane together and when they do, I will be furious. I’ll probably throw popcorn at the TV. I was a Michael fan, but I am even more a fan of the idea that parents don’t HAVE to be together romantically. Plus I still think Petra and Raphael work better together. Oh well, I’m now preparing myself for great disappointment.

    • Kashya Smith says:

      Thank you! A lot of the shows I watch seem to be pushing the idea of parents having to be together to make a “real family.” I was a Michael fan, too, but even if you look at this objectively, it seems they just killed him off for the “shock value” and as a way to speed up the process of getting him and Jane back together. Adding that girlfriend was just a way to “steer us off course,” when we all already see how this is going to wind up.

    • Muffy says:

      Rafeal doesn’t love Petra and she no longer loves him. They respect each other as friends. Funny how Mateo parents shouldn’t end up together, even though it started with them, but the twins parents should end up together. Even though P/R were never meant to be endgame and won’t be.

      • notpercysowner says:

        I ship Petra Raphael and I don’t ship Jane Raphael, so yeah, I’m rooting for Petra to get back together. Right now Jane and Rafe respect each other as friends, but you’re telling me that I’m not allowed to want that to be their relationship.

        Look, if I get told that this is going to exactly follow the original telenovela, then I’ll ditch it now. Why would I want to know that there is no hope for the show to go the way I would like it to. I expect they will go Jane/Rafe but I will continue to voice my disapproval, which is all I have done. I have said why I don’t like the pairing. I have not told YOU to not want Jane and Rafe to get together, so I would appreciate the same courtesy.

        • Muffy says:

          But Rafeal stopped loving Petra a long time ago. The marriage was dead when we first met them. You can ship who you want, but they’re not endgame and never was.

  8. mika02 says:

    This is exactly how I felt I wasn’t a die hard Michael fan I just want Jane to be happy but I at this point do not want Raf and Jane back together this way. I actually loved their relationship now real equal footing no unrealistic perceptions. But she is not ready to move on. This episode hurt a lot. It hurt to see Jane still in so much pain and it hurt to see Mateo struggle and Jane doubting herself. Just too rough to watch.

  9. Jeremy says:

    I thought the episode was good! I don’t mind that they skipped Micheal’s funeral or went three years ahead (we already saw Jane grieve during the aftermath of the shooting), I just wished they could have mentioned him more!(Have Rafael or Rogelio talk about him!) Michael’s absence was noticeable!

    The flashbacks were my favorite parts of the episode!

  10. Sam says:

    Wow I couldn’t agree more with EVERYTHING you said. I really did think this episode would make me feel better about the whole thing, but I just left feeling more confused. I’m used to sharing my grief over tv deaths WITH the characters, but the show has breezed so far past that it feels strange.

  11. They should’ve set up the reboot and had the show off air for at least 3-6 months so it wouldn’t feel so abrupt. As an audience, we need time to adjust to the new timeline, imo. We need time to see her wallow and also start to move on. I hope she doesn’t date until the end of the season and it’s not Rafe, that would be a really cheap route to take.

  12. Lisa says:

    I wish we would have gotten one full episode that took place, say, one week after. Maybe the day after the funeral or something. That way it would let us see everyone reactions and also let us grieve along with the characters. And they could have had the three year time jump after. This way is too fast, almost like the hated the Michale character and want the audience to move on and shut up.

    • Kashya Smith says:

      I`m glad I`m not the only one that felt this way. The whole time I was watching, it just felt like everything was rushed and like they were trying to shove this “happy, fun times” crap down our throats. Last week they kept pressing that this was a novela, and now it`s suddenly a rom-com again? One complete grief episode would not have killed them.

  13. Chris says:

    To quote Jane the Virgin’s sponsor, “This. Is. Everything.” Thank you for expressing how I feel about the decision to kill Michael off so eloquently. The show, and the Jane and Michael relationship was so beautiful and refreshing. It’s sad the show sacrificed it for an inevitable pairing that is so basic. I don’t plan on watching this episode or any foreseeable ones, and your review justified my decision.

  14. Lex says:

    I must be some kind of terrible person, because I was always bored to tears by Michael. I get the same feeling with Mon-El over on Supergirl: white bread is more exciting.

  15. Kiki says:

    I think what they did was smart. They are bleeding ratings and the people that left because they found Jane and Michael boring are not going to sit and watch endless hours of Jane crying about him. This way Rafael fans and Michael fans both have a reason to watch. Rafael should have never been reduced to cameo appearances.

    JTV writers should watch Lucifer they seem to be able to write for and flesh out all of their cast and the show just gets better and better. A show that was supposed to have four leads should have never been totally centered around one couple.

    • Karen says:

      They’ll probably be bleeding more ratings now.

    • ndixit says:

      Bleeding ratings? In which universe? Weren’t they actually up from last year? Don’t Trump up the facts.

      • Kiki says:

        They were up thanks to their lead in but they lost all of that and actually tied their low the week before and the week Michael died. The only people enjoying Michael and Jane muddle through life was #TeamMichael fans. This episode actually focused on the other characters and gave people who do not like Michael something else to watch. Rafael and Petra actually being allowed to grow was more important then endless hours of Jane crying over Michael. I had to wait until Mateo was was 4 years old to get a hug and a high-five for Rafael. This Rafael fan enjoyed the balanced show and entitled Michael fans should take the advice they gave me when I complained about the unfair writing that stared in season two…

        • rolypolyoliver says:

          I agree with everything you just said! JTV ratings were down and had been, but had spikes when Michael was shot and now again when he died. I will miss Michael, but the show had gotten away from what made it successful.

  16. Katie says:

    I have to disagree with a lot of this. I want to start out by saying, I was a huge Michael fan and was always team Michael and Jane and his death was a terrible loss. But I was really moved by the episode. I thought they had a lot of warm heartfelt moments about Michael and his death. I think I cried 3 different times watching the episode. Look, this 3 year jump may seem unfair but this kind of show couldn’t withstand the darkness of dealing with Michael’s death in regular time. I feel like this is the only way for the show to tackle a serious and dark story like this without losing it’s bright, bubbly charm. Is it now obvious that Jane and Rafael are going to get back together? Yes but my main praise of the show in season 1 was that I would have been okay with Jane ending up with either one of these guys. I don’t see Michael as a throwaway, I see him as a wonderful story they decided to tell with a ticking clock.

    • paulmiller74 says:

      Well said. The writing has always been good at not having to make one love interest ‘bad’ to manipulate us into liking the other. Michael and Raf are both likable characters. The quick jump is a necessary tactic to move the show into the next chapter and keep things fun and light. Plenty of sad, heavy stuff out there if that’s what you want; I think most JTV fans like the breezy, bright sweetness of its tone.

  17. Disappointedfan says:

    Literally took the words out of my mouth, completely agree with everything you said.My daughter and I were disappointed by this episode, it really didn’t give us time to move on from his death. It was sad that she was still hurting after 3 years but it just carried on like he didn’t just die in the previous episode. I really hope they do way more flashbacks because we were really disappointed.

  18. I have mixed feelings too. Not sure, this episode didn’t really answer any questions for me.

  19. C says:

    I also felt her return to Michael after they built up the romance with Rafael was cruel too. For me, that will always be the romance of this show. Her and Rafael. With the exception of the episode where they killed Michael, jane and michael seemed like friends only, no chemistry

  20. Katy lopez says:

    I think they should of showed the funeral or I would of liked to see more of the grieving process

  21. Rhonda says:

    I didn’t care for this episode. Too much, too soon! I miss Michael, his presence. I don’t feel about Jane (the series) the way I used to, but that’s me. What’s funny is that every week I would look forward to watching Jane, but after Michael’s death, that excitement went away. Darn it!

  22. Kashya Smith says:

    Even though I enjoyed this episode more than I thought I would, I still have to point out that it just felt weird and too fast. How can you kill someone off and then give us two minutes of grieving time and then just move on? One or two full episodes would not have been too much. It`s just reinforcing the idea that the death was used as a “shock moment” to get people buzzing. If the whole point of this was for a Raf/ Jane pairing, I won`t be able to deal. The only way I`ll be able to get through these episodes is to think of this time jump as a whole other series and just imagine we`re starting a show where the MC is a widow. One more thing: Not having any mention of Rose upset me, especially when she was the one that caused Michael`s death. One positive thing I`ll say is that this show made me realize how much I care about Jane`s character and that I really am here for her story. That, for know at least, is enough to keep me watching.

  23. N!loofar says:


  24. Valerie says:

    it was a bit too glossed over imo. Would have been better with more flashbacks. She clearly hasn’t moved on, but the elephant in the room was never addressed

  25. Lauren says:

    It was a good episode but yes, very jarring when for us, Michael died only a week ago. We need closure on that. There were some things I liked about the new set-up (like Jane and Rafael’s new friendship – please please leave it as friendship!) but I hated the Mateo is a brat stuff. Not only does Jane lose her husband but her beautiful son is now universally despised by everyone but his family? The Petra, Xo and Ro stuff didn’t interest me either, and I usually love them. Hoping I get more interested because even though I really loved Jane x Michael, my main love is Gina as Jane and I want to keep supporting her and watching her flawless work.

  26. Kb says:

    I haven’t really cared for this season it’s been pretty dull and some parts have been rushed . How fast Raf got over Jane. How Petra turned into a mean girl so quickly. As a huge Jane and Michael fan, its disappointing they way they glossed over his death.

    • “How fast Raf got over Jane.”
      I actually don’t believe he got over Jane. He got tired of begging, and after she married Michael, he decided to accept reality. What was he supposed to do? Continue to pine after a woman who chose another man? Raf was just trying to reclaim his power (it’s emotionally taxing to wear your heart on your sleeve and get rejected) and hold on to his dignity. I would have done the exact same thing. Fake it till you make it.

      • Muffy says:

        Yeah, I’m #teamrafeal , but he had no choice but to move on. He has a life to live too. I would feel the same if he got married and Jane was still single. She has a life too. You have continue to live your life. If it comes back, it’s meant to be.

  27. Karen says:

    It’s obvious from watching Jane in the flash forwards that she is still consumed with grief at times. I am sure that will come out more and more through the rest of the season. I don’t particularly enjoy watching shows that are over the top emotional but it feels like Michael’s death didn’t serve any purpose–like they killed him off and just went on with things. I really enjoy the show and I’m sure Jane and Raphael will at some point end up together. I just hope the show gets better…

  28. MJM says:

    No, I think the show is handling Michael’s death as well as can be. Jane is clearly not “over him”. And yes, I will admit to being a Jane and Rafael fan, and I loved seeing their closeness and scenes together. However, it’s clear that they’re not getting back together right away. And that’s ok. Michael wasn’t going to be Jane’s end game. It was always going to be Rafael. But, before that happens, Jane has to rebuild and be true to who SHE is first.

  29. Dylan says:

    Would I have loved a “Crying Jane” episode? Yeah! But to be honest I was very surprised by the jump and loved it! If the writers haven’t failed so far then I am supportive of where this is going!

  30. Gloria says:

    Gosh,I could literally read the underlined hatred for Rafael which seems unethical for a writer of an article. Michael’s boredom made my friend and I abandoned the series.I recently went back to it after Michael’s death(sorry but not sorry).To answer your question,No,the series moved just fine.Expect a rise in ratings next week.

  31. Sara says:

    Not so much a recap as just complaining.

  32. T says:

    Well for me I can’t get over it- Haven’t even watched last weeks or next weeks because once I heard what was happening I deleted the recordings and canceled the on-going recordings. I knew there was no way I could make peace with it and it sounds like even for the non-Michael fans it is hard so no way could I accept it. It just ceases to be a show I would enjoy because the main reason I watched still was Michael.

  33. Brian Fisher says:

    Disagree with the reviewer completely. The idea that they gave Michael’s death short shrift is wrong. His presence was felt throughout – the beginning of the episode; the book reading; even the brunch, which was Jane and Petra’s way of reaching out to each other and providing support. I think there clearly was an air of sadness hanging over the episode which I don’t think will go away anytime soon. I thought JTV did an excellent job of branching out into new directions, but not forgetting its roots. It’s what it does best.

  34. ashleytwo says:

    I think it worked.

    I’m never one for “shipping” couples anyway so I don’t really care who Jane ends up with (I tend to just enjoy the ride and don’t hitch my wagon to anything in particular) and I’m optimistic about how they’re going to take this angle.

    I don’t feel that they just moved on and didn’t give her time to grieve. As others have said, she’s clearly still grieving in this episode and we’ll be flashing back to the last three years presumably for the rest of this season and maybe beyond. In a way you could argue that by looking at the long-term affect this loss has it shows grief in a better way than Jane just lying in bed crying for a whole episode.

    Plus there was no rom-com elements with Jane herself. I wouldn’t be surprised if down the line her and Raf hook up again, but I didn’t feel anything other than co-parents/friends in this episode. I imagine at most we’re going to see Jane go on a date some point this season, but I really don’t think she’ll starting dating someone yet.

  35. Luis Roman says:

    Has a show ever timed jump THREE years into the future at the mid-point of a season?

  36. Carrie says:

    This is very well-written and this fan is in complete agreement. For 2+ seasons, JTV has been such a feel-good show, and with Michael’s death, the tone has completely changed. It’s still trying to be a feel-good show, but it’s now leaving a bad taste in my mouth.
    And while you do witness Jane’s grief and struggles 3 years later, it’s not enough since Michael’s death is still so fresh for the audience. I also take issue with how incredibly close Jane/Rafael are – yes, 3 years later for them, but not for us. While I appreciated their moments of genuine friendship and support, it did sting to hear Jane call Raf her “best friend,” especially when you know a romantic reconciliation is coming for these two.
    I can tell these writers were trying to be sensitive to the Jane/Michael relationship, but they missed the mark and many of the storytelling decisions feel like they were made in poor taste.

  37. tybabb says:

    I agree with you on some things, but not all. I have LOVED the “boring” season 3 so far of just Jane and Michael bliss, but it couldn’t go on forever without getting boring. 10 episodes of it was the perfect amount before suddenly twisting things up, and I think this time jump is really revamping the show well and will help it launch its second half now. That being said, I could’ve used one episode focused on mourning/funeral/immediate stuff. This jump was needed and I don’t have the energy to deal with his death in real time moving forward, but this quick of a time jump was definitely a lot. If Michael’s death had been a season finale and I had months over the summer to move on, this would’ve worked, but one week was a lot. That being said, the show was still in great form and I look forward to how its using this, plus Jane + Petra’s once a week meetings made my heart grow three sizes. #Jetra

  38. Bette says:

    My reaction to the death reminded me of how I felt after HIMYM… but instead of it being a series finale… it was just another episode and I trust the writers of JtV more than I ever did HIMYM… but this felt rushed.. and as much as I like Rafael I think for them to end up back together would be a disservice to his character. I’ll give it a few more episodes.. and even with its ridiculousness it has always been my “happy” show. I do think it was too fast to do a time jump. Its like emotional whiplash.

  39. Blaine says:

    Did the recapper and many of the posters here not read the interview with JTV’s executive producer tvline posted after last week’s episode?

    TVLINE | What does jumping forward in the characters’ arcs allow you to do? How different are they now?
    It’s great, and I will say the next episode is one of my favorites that we’ve done. Three years has allowed Jane to grow and heal, and the pain of Michael’s death is not going to subsume our narrative or our comedy. We can’t live in just how dark that was. But we can visit it a lot, and we do flash back to what happened right after he died, and a month after he died. We’ll be filling in holes about how she recovered, and how she started to push herself forward,

    We’re gradually going to see the aftermath and grief of the characters throughout the rest of the season. If you are true fan, then you’ve known since season one that Michael was going to die at some point. This wasn’t some shocking, contrived plot twist. People need to quit with the knee jerk reactions and give the show more than one episode to play this out.

  40. Marci says:

    Thank you, Dave, for vindicating my decision to drop Jane. I didn’t watch the episode, but was curious about how they moved on from Michael’s death, and the way he was pushed aside was just what I had feared. It would have been painful to watch. I was team Michael from the beginning and still don’t understand why he had to die. I don’t buy the “shake things up” reason either. And, yes, Jane getting back with Raphael would pour salt into my wounds.So, goodbye Jane–it wasn’t that much fun.

  41. Chelle says:

    I like to start off by saying how well written your article as and I really enjoyed it.
    Having said that, there’s a couple things that didn’t sit well with me about your article. I have been a fan of the show since day one as well. I do prefer Jane with Rafael, but found myself really enjoying Michael. Just as a human. But also, as Janes husband.
    You had mentioned that you would like it to focus more on the rom com and less on the Soapier aspects of the show. By definition this is a novella. It is supposed to be so be “soapy”. The narrator mentions this often. He says that this is not a romance novel it is a novella.
    Also, I do not think that they killed Michael off to shake things up, as you put it. The creator of the show, Jennie Snyder urman, has come out several times and said that she has Noni ending since she pitched it to the network. She has further come out and said that she knew that Michael would die. That is why they put that line in season one episode seven that you mentioned about Michael loving her until he took his last breath. She said it held them to the fire because they love him as well.
    Urman could have killed him off when he was shot. I feel like her and the Riders let him survive so that the fans could experience Jane and Michael married. It was like a gift for the team Michael fans
    While I agree that it feels like we didn’t get to see much of the grieving, I think we will see more flashbacks. There’s way too much that needs to still be explained. With all of the characters.
    Novellas are crazy. They have deaths and people coming back to life, long lost twins showing up, shocking Cliffhangers, Romance, and all the stuff that Jane the Virgin does best.
    I also think some weeks it is the Perfect Crime show, other weeks the perfect romance, other weeks the perfect comedy. It’s all kinds of different things depending on when you’re watching. And who you’re watching.
    So your original premise was that you thought that they did not give enough TV time to Jane greiving for Michael. I disagree. I think this episode was about getting us to a place where we were caught up with what was going on with everybody but only on the surface. I feel like this show was a small tribute to Michael and I feel like there might be more coming. The tribute being Jane Still Loving Him.
    I am very excited to see what they do next!

  42. Merrily Snider says:

    When Michael died, it was quite a while later when Abuela came into Jane’s room. She’s crying and Abuela tries to get some light in the room. The next scene is Jane getting ready for a wedding and Mateo is all dressed up in a suit without shoes. He is 4 years old now.

  43. Ella says:

    Well written. You beautifully put into words everything I am feeling right now. I can’t watch without Michael, I won’t. The character and the fans deserved so much better. Jane and Rafael don’t interest me AT ALL.

  44. I found this episode utterly perfect. I was in awe when it ended. I don’t know, there was something magical about it for me. I really loved the way it reintroduced all the characters to the audience. Rogelio on his way to conquering the mainstream audience, that spark between Rogelio and Xiomara, Petra blossoming as a mother and business woman, a softer Rafael showing a lot of emotional growth, a new murder mystery and of course, Jane fighting to achieve her goals in spite of her broken heart. I loved it.
    I liked Michael but since the “until his dying breath line” I knew he wasn’t long for this world. I guess I was prepared. Plus, I was a losing a bit of interest in the show because Jane and Michael bored me as a married couple. I was ready to wait a season and a half for things to change and I’m grateful I won’t have to. I believe Jane is supposed to end up with Rafael and at this point in the series, I’m okay with the Jane/Michael chapter being closed. New page!

  45. Yaines says:

    I don’t think we’ve seen the end of Jane’s grieving. This show lives for flashbacks so we’ll definitely see more about the missing three years in future eps which will hopefully do justice to Michael’s loss. I was always Team Rafael but Michael won me over towards the latter half of Season 2 and the start of this season so I was so sad when they killed him off last week. But at the same time, as it was foreshadowed back in Season 1, I was always waiting for the hammer to fall so I’m glad now it’s done and we can move on.

  46. jennifer says:

    I thought it sucked killing off Michael.I will not be watching any more stick your showAnother stupid lite show gone wrong.

  47. Susan says:

    I’m still pissed they killed Michael and it has moved wayyyy too fast. Made like he never existed before.

  48. Sheila says:

    I just started watching again because Michael is dead. I never liked that character.

  49. Jamie Cain N says:

    I 100% agree with you. I am very frustrated with the show right now.

  50. Jamie says:

    I 100% agree with you.I am frustrated with the show right now.