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Jane the Virgin Star Shares [Spoiler]'s Heartbreaking Final Farewell

The following story contains spoilers from Monday’s Jane the Virgin — proceed at your own peril

Keep those tissues handy — you’re not done weeping over Monday’s Jane the Virgin, which ended with the sudden death of Brett Dier’s Michael.

Following the episode’s conclusion on the West Coast, Dier’s leading lady Gina Rodriguez (who plays the now-widowed titular heroine) shared a never-before-seen video message Dier “left in my phone” the night his death scene was shot. As you can see below, the actor assumes the POV of his character in the homemade clip.

In a separate post, Rodriguez called Dier her “partner in artistic crime,” adding, “We did two-plus seasons together and I will never have the words to express how you changed my life. Thank you.”

Executive producer Jennie Urman, meanwhile, tells TVLine that fans have not seen the last of Dier. “There are definitely different ways that you could and will see him again,” she hinted. “Whether it’s in real-time or flashbacks, I can’t say.”

Urman nonetheless confirms, “[Michael] is dead, I will say that.”

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