Flash Season 3 Spoilers

The Flash EP Previews Barry's Race to Save Iris, Big Savitar Reveal, a 'Very Formidable' New Foe and More

When last we tuned into The CW’s The Flash, Barry Allen (played by Grant Gustin) had seemingly sent steely Savitar packing — only to then tumble into a near-future where the “speed god” brutally slays Iris (Candice Patton).

As such, “saving” Iris from that possible fate is foremost on Barry’s mind when Season 3 resumes this Tuesday at 8/7c. During the holiday break, I’ve teased you with bits and bites from co-showrunner Aaron Helbing; here now is our (mostly) complete midseason preview Q&A.

TVLINE | How worried should Iris West fans be?
You know, obviously, Barry loves Iris more than anything, and now that he has gotten a glimpse of the future, that’s kind of going to be the thrust of the back half of the season — Barry trying to do whatever it takes to save Iris. Kid Flash (Keiynan Lonsdale) is going to play a huge part in that. Cisco (Carlos Valdes) will play a huge part. Flash Season 3 SpoilersEverybody will play a huge part in saving Iris, because she’s part of the team.

TVLINE | But didn’t Savitar get put back into that box, which was then stashed away in the Speed Force…?
Yes, the box was thrown into the Speed Force, but because Barry got thrust into the future and he saw Savitar, it’s going to be kind of that itch that he can’t scratch — like, how is this possible? That’ll help drive Barry through the rest of the season.

TVLINE | As far as Savitar’s three prophecies, was Iris the one that “fell”? Is Barry, watching her die, the one who has “a fate worse than death”? Or do we not necessarily check two of those off the list yet?
I don’t think I would check any of them off of the list because the future’s malleable. Anything can happen.

TVLINE | I didn’t the-flash-savitar-2notice this when Savitar first showed up until Danielle [Panabaker] pointed out to me, the fact that Barry saw Savitar, but in that moment, Joe didn’t. Will the “why” of that be addressed?
Yes, we’ll reveal the why of that, and it’s going to be a pretty big reveal. There’s a reason why Barry could see him [in that moment] and no one else could.

TVLINE | Great work on the Savitar CGI, by the way. That guy scares the s–t out of me.
Yeah, I mean, the VFX guys at Encore are the best in the business as far as I’m concerned.

TVLINE | Are we heading towards the return of happy-go-lucky Cisco, or is there still a bit more darkness lingering?
Cisco’s going to come up against a very strong adversary [the metahuman bounty hunter Gypsy, played by Sleepy Hollow alum Jessica Camacho], and she’s going to be someone that he just can’t stop thinking about.

TVLINE | Gypsy is a character from the comic books, yes? What’s her deal?
Well, she essentially can cross dimensions. She’s a much more advanced Vibe, I would say, and she is a badass. She doesn’t take any prisoners. She’s very good at her job, Flash Season 3 Spoilersand she’s a very formidable adversary for the team.

TVLINE | I was glad to see Caitlin turn it into a “white Christmas” with a simple flick of her finger. Is that something she can do freely, or is there still the threat of consequences if she gets willy-nilly with her power?
Because it’s The Flash, there’s always going to be that threat there, and that’s going to be something that she’s wrestling with for the rest of the season. We have big plans for Caitlin, ones that I think are really exciting and really satisfying.

TVLINE | I said to Danielle that, in the vision Cisco vibed, we don’t know that Caitlin was being the adversary. Cisco could’ve been the bad guy and she was trying to thwart him. These are questions we have.
Anything is possible in our universe.

TVLINE | How would you describe the Barry/Julian dynamic moving forward? Will they be chums? Are they conflict-free?
I would say they’re conflict-free. The thing about Team Flash is they’re willing to always give people the benefit of the doubt, give people a second chance. They’re very big on people making amends for their past mistakes. I mean, we know Barry’s made a ton of past mistakes. Cisco’s made some mistakes. Caitlin’s made some mistakes. So I think Barry will take the same attitude towards Julian that he takes with any of this other friends. Julian was overtaken by Savitar — Flash Season 3 Spoilershe wasn’t 100-percent here — but he feels culpable, so he wants to make amends.

TVLINE | Was it pure serendipity that Tom Felton was cast in a storyline that involved something called The Philosopher’s Stone?
Yes, 100-percent. We talked about it quite a bit, not expecting to get such an amazing actor like Tom Felton. I mean, it was just amazing. It’s like the stars aligned. We’re all huge Harry Potter fans, but that was just complete blind luck.

TVLINE | What sort of hurdles, if any, are in front of the officially christened Kid Flash? He’s got the skills. He’s got the suit. He’s got the desire.
He’s got the skills, but he’s got the hubris, too, that comes along with it. I mean, he was a drag racer in Season 2. He has that need for speed, so he goes a little half-cocked sometimes, and that gets him into danger. That will play out throughout the season, Flash Season 3 Spoilersthat he’ll have to realize that he’s got to check himself. There’s a reason why Barry has the attitude and the mentality that he has when he goes out there. He’s very methodical. He learned it from Oliver, and now he is try to impart that wisdom to Kid Flash.

TVLINE | A handful of people found it a bit jarring that Barry up and got himself and Iris a place to live. Are we to assume that they have been lovers for a period of time…?
You know, I think that’s open to anybody’s interpretation. I mean, [that closing scene] was a very romantic setting, a beautiful apartment and two people who love each other….

TVLINE | Right, but before I get my girlfriend and I a place to live, we have probably taken that step, you know? That’s why people are asking.
I mean, yeah, they’re two consenting adults who love each other. [A recent promo seems to clarify the intimacy issue.]

TVLINE | Speaking of romance, did I pick up on a vibe between Caitlin and Julian? Or is eggnog just eggnog?
I think they’re just friends for now. They’re two people who are struggling with what they’ve each had to go through this season, and they both understand each other’s plights, and so it’s just kind of perfect that they’ll come together as friends. Maybe they’ll go down that path, maybe not, but for now they share a common path that they want to try to help each other with.

TVLINE | Plus if I’m Caitlin, at this point, boy, I’m going to be really careful about my next boyfriend.
Yeah, definitely!

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  1. myrcellasear says:

    LOL, I love that you were finishing for an explanation of why we didn’t see Barry and Iris get it on. Can’t wait to find out what she herself will do to help the team stop Savitar!

  2. Lily says:

    Seems to me like he was totally dodging the answer on the Barry/Iris sex stuff. Sounds like they never even considered making a big deal about their first time. BIG mistake, writers! I don’t know how you leave that out, I really don’t.

    • Katie says:

      Was completely weird. I know it’s a family show so in part I get it but it’s a normal show thing. It’s like a first kiss or an ILY. It can be extremely tasteful and PG.

      The show is delivering with Westallen so I don’t wanna complain but one heck of a fub up on their part.

      • JCPrime1 says:

        I don’t consider The Flash any different than Arrow and Legends. So saying Flash is a family show IMO as meaning no sex scenes doesnt fit. The others have.

  3. Smurffette says:

    Yasssss to more Caitlin. Killer frost has been my fav part this season.

  4. Roger Joseph Buchana says:

    Should follow DC Rebirth and make Caitlin go full Killer Frost but she’s an antihero, since she’ll be in Justice League of America soon.

  5. JCPrime1 says:

    Thanks so much Matt or getting info on Caitlin. I’m looking forward to how she develops her abilities and her relationship with Julian.

  6. Dave says:

    I am thinking that Savitar= Barry from the future

  7. Alexis says:

    Thanks for trying to get more of an explanation about why we didn’t see Barry/Iris’ first time, I appreciate that. I would assume the reason why only Wally and Barry can see savitar is because of their connection to the speed force. What I am curious about is if Iris can also see him which would imply that she has a connection to the speed force. I’m also excited to see Barry and the rest of his team work to save Iris.

  8. Diana says:

    Thanks for all the info. I’m really liking the developing bond between Wally and Barry. Plus I think making Barry more of a mentor figure really works. It helps him mature. I hope the back half of the season has lots of great things in store for both Iris, and Barry and Iris as a couple, and I hope Iris gets enough point of view.

    • Ian says:

      Yeah, I’ve resigned myself to this show again, lol. I just need them to include Iris in the writing as a equally active part in saving her own life and being a part of the team.

  9. AnnieM says:

    Could Savitar be Eddie Thawn?

  10. Kat says:

    Oh, who cares. Kill Iris and Wally and maybe I’ll start watching the show again.

    • Karen says:

      I haven’t stopped watching but that would make it a lot better. It can’t get much worse at the moment and for the whole second half of the season to be about saving Iris is making me very sad.

      • Kat says:

        For real. Making the second half of the season all about saving Iris is making me not care about this show. I don’t care about Iris. I don’t care about her romance with Barry. I don’t care if they’re sleeping together (and the writer of this article trying to get that out of the co-showrunner is unprofessional). I don’t care about that. All of that is killing the show for me. That’s what ruined Arrow. I’m sad to see that happening to The Flash.

        And Wally is a totally useless character and pretty much on his way to usurping Barry. I did not start watching this show for that.

        So, get rid of Iris and Wally. You don’t even have to kill them. Just send them away. Get rid of them and maybe I’ll start watching the show again.

        • EE says:

          Sooo agreed,and so glad I’m not the only one who’s just so bored with the Iris show.
          I wish they’d just ship the Star labs trio over to Legends and then I could happily stop watching the Flash :D

  11. Joey Padron says:

    Good interview about season 3 B. Can’t wait for the show to be back on Tuesday!

  12. “Before I get my girlfriend and me a place to live, we have probably taken that step” a) because we haven’t seen it, doesn’t mean it never happened. I’m pretty sure it has. b) They have been living together for years already. Know each other inside out. I don’t think it’s such a huge step for Barry to get Iris and him a place to live. Oh and c) Barry has made a ton of mistakes?! One. He made one friggen big mistake and everyone is treating him like he never did anything right. Like he hasn’t put others lives before his own for the past 3 years. And saved 1000’s of them as well.

    • Lily says:

      The point is we should have definitely seen it. It should have been a momentous occasion, given their lifelong friendship. That’s a big step. Every other show gives us the main couple’s first time together. It’s a TOTAL copout that they didn’t even consider it, esp when they wrote and filmed a whole post-sex scene for him and Patty last season. Shouldn’t he and Iris have gotten an even bigger scene for that?

  13. Carni says:

    Thanks Matt for the scoop on Iris, KidFlash and Westallen. I’m hoping that Iris plays a key role in saving herself. Can’t wait to see & read more about what the rest of season has in store for us. Westallen are just so perfect 😍

  14. Brody77 says:

    I still feel that Iris has zero chemistry with Barry and it’s been shown over & over – even his “just friends” interactions with Supergirl had more of a spark.
    Also, there’s way more to The Flash than just “evil speedsters” so can we see a big bad who isn’t relegated to villain of the week?

  15. Bella says:

    I’m looking forward to all the Westallen goodness, and I hope we get to see Iris taking the initiative to stop Savitar as well as her point of view on the future in the back half of the season!

  16. Stacey says:

    Iris really needs her own SL, I haven’t seen her as a reporter in so long. I love Westallen, but she needs to be more than a LI. Happy we’ll see more Caitlin, she’s my favorite character. And it sounds like Cisco has an interesting SL coming up too!

  17. Tamara says:

    Fans care. Iris is the only reason why many of them watch the Flash. I understand. Candice’s has a unique role that has never been seen before in mainstream TV. Honestly, we’ve seen all those characters represented in their roles before, except Iris. Glad showrunners are aware of social issues and try in small ways to expose viewers to them.

  18. I absolutely love The Flash, Barry, Iris, Joe, Cait, Cisco, HR/Harry, Wally, and especially WestAllen. So glad the show is returning. My favorite on the CW this season!

  19. Lee T. says:

    Excited for Caitlin/Killer Frost, Cisco/Vibe and Julian’s storylines! Would love continuous/steady development for their characters. It’d be great too if Julian’s character would stay not just this season but until the series ends.

    Awaiting Grodd, and Jesse and Earth2 Harry’s return too!

  20. Max says:

    Curious about the musical crossover i.e. who are in the episode, and about Eddie Thawne and Ronnie Raymond coming back as they’ve already let that out of the bag.

  21. Souvik says:

    Is iris going to be the one and only love interest for berry throughout the upcoming season or there are any plan for them?