Does The Flash's New Promo Solve the Mystery of Barry/Iris Sexytimes?

A new promo for the return of The CW’s The Flash‘s (on Tuesday, Jan. 24) seems to answer the question — and mind you, it is a question — about Barry and Iris’ sex life.

After all, leading into the Christmastime break, Barry gifted Iris with no less than an apartment for them to share. While that was unarguably an incredibly romantic gesture, to some viewers it seemed a bit sudden for a couple that only recently managed to lick the whole “dating” thing.

In fact, I recently asked Flash co-showrunner Aaron Helbing if Barry’s huge swing of a Christmas gift was meant to indicate that the longtime friends indeed had already consummated their nascent romance, off-screen. “That’s open to anybody’s interpretation,” Helbing hedged. “They’re two consenting adults who love each other, so….”

For the record, Google will help you find a deleted Season 2 scene of a post-coital Barry and Patty. Anywho….

The primary thrust of the new promo revolves around Barry having witnessed Iris’ death in a five-months-from-now future, at Savitar’s steely hand, and Team Flash’s plan to tinker with the timeline in a way to avert that cruel kill. Press play above for many warm “WestAllen” moments, Wally’s heroic journey, frosty teases from Caitlin and more.

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