Supergirl Flash Musical Episode

The Flash/Supergirl Musical Crossover Update: Find Out Who's Singing

Seven of DCTV’s finest will  be making beautiful music together this March.

The CW on Friday announced that the highly anticipated two-part musical crossover between Supergirl and The Flash will air Monday, March 20 (8/7c) and Tuesday, March 21 (8/7c). As with the network’s recent “Heroes v. Aliens” saga, the crossover will start at the end of Supergirl, saving most of the musical action for The Flash‘s portion of the event, appropriately titled “Duet.”

Dermott Downs has been tapped to direct the Flash half of the crossover. His previous DCTV credits include Supergirl‘s “For the Girl Who Has Everything” episode and The Flash‘s installment of the “Heroes v. Aliens” crossover.

As for which characters from the two shows will be singing, The CW also confirmed a few of those names: Glee grads Grant Gustin (Barry) and Melissa Benoist (Kara); Broadway vets Jesse L. Martin (Joe), Victor Garber (Dr. Stein), John Barrowman (Malcolm Merlyn) and Jeremy Jordan (Winn); and Carlos Valdes (Cisco).

David Harewood (Hank) and Chris Wood (Mon-El) will also appear in “Duets,” but they’ll be doing so amelodically.

UPDATE (Jan. 23): The crossover’s villain, Music Meister, will be played by Glee‘s Darren Criss, TVLine has learned exclusively.

Of course, there’s still plenty we don’t know about the big event, so let’s talk in the comments below: What are our hopes for this potentially epic event?

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  1. Television says:

    no, no no no , please no. musical and superheroes? no. i will skip that episode.

    • Jason says:

      Music Meister is an established comic villain so this isn’t a matter of a square peg trying to fit in a round hole. The musical episode of Buffy was a masterpiece and she is very much a superhero. If they play to the obvious absurdity of their situation, it’ll be a blast. Plus, Melissa and Grant have wonderful voices.

      • Mark Bailey says:

        agreed Jason. Should be fun.

      • Tom Peters says:

        Yes the Buffy episode was amazing and I was not expecting it. Now I look forward to any drama that does this type of episode. It adds a little fun to a dramatic show. Like the puppet episode of Angel. Or the recent Grimm with everyone being in love with the wrong people.

    • Jennifer says:

      Give it a chance. most of these guys are Broadway / West End vets. They CAN sing. And very well at that.

    • YTKylie says:

      I really want TF to have an arc with an evil Barry Allen, much like Grant Gustin’s sassy & deliciously-douchey Glee character, Sebastian Smythe.

    • keniri says:


  2. spindae2 says:

    Chyler not singing is a crime. Quite disappointed by that. Hope this will turn out decently.

    • jessica says:

      agreed, maybe [hopefully & praying] she still will!

    • Wordsmith says:

      I agree, but inventing a reason to get her to Earth 1 (as that’s where the action seems to be happening) might have felt a little too contrived.
      Even now, I hope they find plausible excuses to have Merlyn and Stein show up.

      • Mary says:

        I think it would be less contrived for her than Winn. It’s not like Earth 1 would need his tech help and Alex being with Kara when she is contacted by Barry (just a guess) wouldn’t be that far fetched. Of course she would want to finally meet the speedster and his friends after Kara has mentioned/talked about them.

        • Wordsmith says:

          Good point – it seems like Wynn has the least reason to be there out of any of them. That being said, Jeremy Jordan is arguably the best singer of the bunch, so they had to contrive to shoehorn him in somehow.

          • Liz says:

            Jeremy Jordan not being in the musical episode would’ve been absolutely ridiculous so shoehorned in or not I’ll take it

          • Mary says:

            Forgot to mention that Alex going up against Malcolm Merlyn would have been fun to see.

      • herman1959 says:


    • Luli says:

      Yes! She was great in the Grey’s musical episode….She should sing!

  3. Jason says:

    Malcolm Merlyn sings? I was already looking forward to this and now I can’t wait.

  4. Oh come on, why no Chyler? I was looking forward to it after she was in the GA musical episode.

  5. jessica says:

    Why is CHYLER LEIGH not singing! She was one of the best parts of the musical Grey’s epsidoe

  6. Lily says:

    So this is basically just a musical Flash episode with SG characters appearing on it? They need to stop saying it’s a two-part crossover, then.

  7. Jason says:

    We don’t need to see Mon-El.

  8. Mark says:

    So, once again, Supergirl is not really part of the cross over. This will essentially be a Flash musical episode. Most of the main cast on Supergirl can sing so this is such a let down.

    And of course they have to shoehorn Mon-El in the Flash episode.

  9. Boiler says:

    Please stop this crossover crap. Don’t mind Supergirl but will not watch the Flash.

  10. ndixit says:

    Looks like Supergirl is suffering by being on a different earth and therefore not being able to properly have a normal two part crossover the way they did with Arrow and the Flash for a few years.

  11. Mary says:

    So unless they gender bend Music Meister, it looks like it’s an almost all male musical. Really should have Chyler singing too.

  12. clintbrew says:

    will victor garber sing tomorrow or i dont need anything but you from annie (1999 version) also is tom cavanaugh singing too

  13. T.W.S.S. says:

    Hopefully the Supergirl “crossovers” will be more integrated next season.

  14. shagamu says:

    Still very excited about this, but I’m kind of disappointed that Harewood won’t sing. I loved his rendition of Terence Trent D’Arby’s “Wishing Well” in that karaoke episode of Selfie.

  15. Butch says:

    Maybe Victor Garber being back on Flash will mean he will reunite with Ronnie( Robbie Amell) as the original Firestorm. Not on the musical episode but on another Flash episode. I hope other Legends characters pop up on Flash and Arrow since their show gets a short season. Bring Sara back to Arrow for one show.

  16. Angela says:

    Yes but arrow, I want the beautiful voice of Emily, Stephen all :(

    • Goldenvibefan says:

      Well too bad. Arrow is the “grounded” show of the bunch, meaning it will usually avoid doing silly things like musical crossovers and the like. Definitely excited for this, though it’s too bad Tom Cavanagh won’t be singing :(

  17. WhyNot says:

    I am so excited for Jesse L. Martin!! The original Rent was such a huge fixture/love in my teenage years. The reprise of “I’ll Cover You” always gives me chills.

    • Karen MT says:

      Watching his performance in the movie chokes me up every time. Hearing it is wonderful, but seeing him sing it… *sniff*

  18. Damn it, i was hoping for Joss Whedon.

  19. Stacey says:

    This is awesome! I would love for NPH to be the Music Meister!

  20. There is one and only one person who can play Music Meister. Hugh Jackman. (Kidding of course, I mean Neil Patrick Harris.)

  21. herman1959 says:

    Come on guys, if we get everyone from the Arrowverse to sing, this thing will end up being three hours long! Plus, it is possible that some people don’t want to participate.

  22. Hmmm says:

    I find the general lack of women a little lame, ..makes me hope they go for the twist with a female music meister now..

  23. ninergrl6 says:

    Thank goodness Jeremy Jordan is on this list! I was worried at first since the majority of the musical aspect will play out on Flash.

  24. Temperance says:

    Panabaker has a song on the Flash TV soundtrack., so she can obviously sing well enough.

  25. So Many Questions says:

    Why is Alex being left out of this but Mon-El is included? Especially since he’s not even singing. At least David Harewood has been with Supergirl from the start. Chris only joined this season. Why does he get crossover status but Chyler and Mehcad don’t? And I know Jeremy Jordan can sing so that’s why they’re including him but what exactly is Winn going to bring to the table? Why include John Barrowman when this was supposed to be a Supergirl/Flash crossover? At least Victor Garber’s Stein originated on The Flash so they could claim he’s still part of The Flash cast even though he’s on Legends now. Whoever decides which characters to include in these crossovers isn’t doing a very good job.

  26. sunnymoon says:

    I’m glad Kara and Mon-El won’t have a duet, LMAO

  27. Larry Finch says:

    I wish they could find a way to fit Kara’s mom in this episode. Laura Benanti is a Tony winner with great pipes.
    There is so much vocal talent on these shows it’s an embarrassment of riches.

  28. Debbie says:

    Can’t wait this is going to be a treat
    To c a few glee actors singing
    Fun fun fun thks

  29. Kae says:

    Chyler Leigh HAS to sing! She has a beautiful voice!

  30. ladylavinia1932 says:

    Yeah, I’m skipping that episode as well. I still haven’t recovered from “Once Upon a Feeling” on “BUFFY”. I’m not a fan.

  31. drush76 says:

    Personally, I hate these television episodes that end up as a stand alone musical. I really do.

    Also, will Tom Felton be in this episode?

  32. Tony Tzowros says:

    The show was awesome !! And finally a show about being human !! Best show of both series yet and i havent miss any !