Sherlock Season 4 Finale Benedict Cumberbatch

Sherlock Season 4 Finale Recap: You're Invited to Family Game Night

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We never thought we’d see another evil genius torture Sherlock like Moriarty did… but then again, no one can torture you quite like family.

Sherlock‘s Season 4 finale, “The Final Problem,” followed up on last week’s shocking arrival of Sherlock Holmes’ long-lost sister Eurus, revealing her to be a master manipulator who delights in toying with the emotions of her detective brother… and playing deadly games for her own amusement. But did she win out in the end? And if the rumors are true that this could be Sherlock‘s final season, was “The Final Problem” a satisfying series wrap-up?

Let’s pour a cup of tea and take a look at the highlights, shall we?

‘EXPERIMENT COMPLETE’ | First, a brief prelude: A young girl wakes up on a plane to see oxygen masks dangling from the ceiling. Everyone on the flight but her is knocked out cold — pilots and stewardesses included. The girl hears a phone ringing, and answers it. It’s Moriarty, who tells the girl: “Welcome to the Final Problem.”

Sherlock Season 4 Finale MycroftWe’ll come back to that problem, but first, Mycroft is enjoying an old film in his home theater when suddenly, old home-movie footage of him and Sherlock as kids is spliced in, along with a message: “I’m back.” (Eurus, is that you?) Mycroft grabs a sword hidden inside an umbrella to defend himself, and shouts out, “Impossible… you can’t have got out!” After a creepy clown chases him, Mycroft realizes he’s locked in, and then… Sherlock appears: “Experiment complete. Conclusion: I have a sister.” (A little over-the-top, Sherlock, but it’ll do.)

John’s there, too, and tells Mycroft they knew he wouldn’t tell the truth “unless you were wetting yourself.” So back at the Baker Street flat, they grill Mycroft about Eurus, who Sherlock doesn’t remember at all. She was a year younger than Sherlock, Mycroft reveals. (“Middle child,” John sniffs. “Explains a lot.”) And Eurus was just as gifted as they are, Mycroft says: “an era-defining genius, beyond Newton.” But she was a troubled girl, too; they once found her cutting herself, and she explained, “I wanted to see how my muscles worked.”

In a childhood flashback, we see a young Sherlock playing among gravestones (of course) and laughing at the nonsensical dates on them. But he was devastated when his childhood dog Redbeard disappeared… and Eurus got blamed for the dog’s death. Even worse, she torched the family home and got sent away to an institution. Sherlock’s parents think she died in another fire, but Mycroft knows the truth: She’s alive, and being held in Sherrinford, a fortified, Alcatraz-like island prison built to “contain the uncontainables.”

Mycroft thinks it’s impossible that she escaped… but then a drone hovers into the flat, playing the indecipherable childhood song Eurus used to sing. Attached to the drone is a motion-detecting grenade; if Sherlock, John or Mycroft move an inch, the thing will blow in three seconds. Mrs. Hudson is oblivious downstairs, vacuuming and rocking out with headphones on. But Sherlock predicts the precise time she’ll be finished and out of harm’s way, and the three men make a plan to evacuate. With Sherlock saying “Good luck, boys,” he and John each leap out a window as the flat explodes, with a huge fireball at their backs. (That won’t end the complaints about Sherlock getting too James Bond-y, will it?)

Sherlock Season 4 Finale EurusTHE ISLAND OF DR. MORIARTY | They must’ve survived the blast just fine, because Sherlock and John are soon commandeering a boat and steering it towards Sherrinford. Mycroft’s with them, too, and fools the guards with an old sailor disguise while Sherlock infiltrates the prison looking for Eurus. And he finds her in an elaborate, glass-walled cell, playing violin. She wonders why she’s being held in there, finally concluding, “I’m too clever.” (Runs in the family!)

Sherlock demands to know how she escaped and posed as Culverton Smith’s daughter. But she’d rather toy with him, handing him the violin through a secure hatch. He tells her he plays the instrument, too, and she laughs: “I taught you. Don’t you remember?” She marvels at his lack of recall: “You still don’t know about Redbeard, do you? This is going to be such a good day.”

(Side note: How incredible is Sian Brooke as Eurus? Truly chilling. This show is filled with great performances, but Brooke’s really is a standout.)

Sherrinford’s warden tells John and Mycroft that Eurus has an incredible ability to convince people to do her bidding; she convinced one doctor to kill his family and himself. She doesn’t just talk to people, he says: “She reprograms them.” Meanwhile, Eurus is beckoning Sherlock to come closer, up to the glass wall between them. As he gets up there, he holds up his hand… and sees there’s no glass! As she knocks Sherlock to the ground and chokes him out, the warden reveals he’s been brain-washed by her, too. John tries to escape, but as he’s captured, he hears, “Did you miss me?” and sees on every TV… the face of Moriarty. Oh no? Oh yes.

LET’S PLAY A GAME | To the tune of Queen’s “I Want to Break Free,” Moriarty triumphantly emerges from a helicopter, posing and preening like a rock star. So he is alive? Well, not really; this is actually a flashback to five years ago. Mycroft has summoned Moriarty to Sherrinford as a Christmas present for Eurus. So what’s the gift, Moriarty asks? “Five minutes unsupervised conversation with you,” Mycroft replies. And when Moriarty meets Eurus, he asks her what gift she might have for him. She tells him: “Redbeard.”

Sherlock Season 4 Finale John WatsonBack in the present: John wakes up to find he’s stuck in a room with Sherlock, Mycroft and the warden. They hear the little girl on the plane crying for help, and try to help her, but the connection is lost. Then Eurus pops up, revealing that Moriarty recorded lots of video messages before he died to toy with Sherlock. And she also reveals… she has the warden’s wife bound and gagged. Let the games begin!

In the first of a series of psychological torture chambers set up for Sherlock, Eurus threatens to kill the warden’s wife unless either John or Mycroft kill the warden. They refuse, and the warden kills himself, but that’s not enough for Eurus; she kills the wife anyway. Then she has a murder for Sherlock to solve, with three brothers as suspects, and she has all three brothers tied up and dangling over the rocks. Sherlock finds the culprit, but Eurus kills all three anyway. Then she has poor Molly Hooper’s flat rigged to explode unless Sherlock can get her to say “I love you.” He does, just in time. But Eurus warns him “the next one won’t be as easy.”

This one, she calls “Make Your Mind Up Time”: Sherlock has to choose between John and Mycroft, and kill the other. (We knew this was coming, right?) Mycroft gets mean and orders Sherlock to kill John, saying this “requires brain power, not sentiment.” But Sherlock deduces he’s just acting mean to make killing him easier. Sherlock points the gun at his brother and looks ready to pull the trigger… when he suddenly puts the barrel under his own chin. He counts down from ten, ready to blow his own head off. But he feels a needle at the back of his skull, and collapses before he can finish the job. He’s not getting out of this that easily.

Sherlock Season 4 Finale Benedict CumberbatchR.I.P., REDBEARD | Sherlock wakes up in a dark cell, and he’s talking with the girl on the plane again. John’s on the line, too, chained in some sort of hole with two feet of water in it. Sherlock discovers his cell is fake: He’s actually in front of his old family home… and John’s at the bottom of a well, with water quickly rushing in. As Eurus sings that childhood song again, Sherlock is haunted by visions of his old dog Redbeard. But that’s not exactly what happened, Eurus says: “You told yourself a better story.”

We learn the awful truth: Redbeard wasn’t a dog; he was Sherlock’s best friend, Trevor. They would play pirates together (with Trevor as Redbeard), and Eurus was jealous: “You were inseparable, and I wanted to play, too.” John finds Trevor’s bones at the bottom of the well… and Sherlock’s determined not to lose another best friend. He rushes over to the funny gravestones, and decodes a message in the seemingly random dates: “Help me, brother… seek my room.” He storms into his old family home, and finds Eurus huddled in a secret room. She was there the whole time — and she was the voice of the girl on the plane, too.

Sherlock comforts his sister, and she helps him fetch John out of the well by throwing down a rope. (Wasn’t he chained to the bottom, too, though?) As cops lead Eurus away in handcuffs, Sherlock laments that he can’t help her more. But John comforts him with his eternal bit of wisdom from last week: “It is what it is.” We see Mycroft and Sherlock break the news about Eurus to their parents: She’s catatonic, and won’t speak to anyone. Well, except for Sherlock.

He visits her once again in her glass cell, and gets out a violin to play for her. And she eventually comes around, fetching her own violin and playing with him. Finally, John receives another mysterious DVD, this one saying “Miss You.” It’s from Mary, who sums up their adventures in a way that makes this feel very much like a series finale: “Who you really are, it doesn’t matter. It’s all about the legend.” As we see flashes of Sherlock and John’s previous cases, and them taking care of Rosie together, Mary pays a final tribute to “the best and wisest men I have ever known… my Baker Street boys.” Sherlock and John run out of a building together, and… freeze-frame!

What did you think of the Sherlock finale? And did it feel like the last episode ever? Grade it in our poll below, and then join us in the comments.  

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  1. Lysh says:

    It did feel like the final episode ever and I’d be okay with that. It’s evolved far from the good old buddy detectives days, which is fine because that’s just how life is. Great to see sassy Moriarty again, too.

    • Tv viewer says:

      I thought this was the end because of the superb ticking clock scene between Louise Brealey and Cumberbatch. The episode tied loose ends, gave resolution to its characters and some form of happy ending. Even for the villain. I could live with this ending.

  2. herman1959 says:

    I gave it a B, the grave coding was a little too much. It did seem like a series finale, especially when the parents showed up – Wanda V. can still deliver a line – I’m ready to say goodbye.

  3. V.J. says:

    I would like another season and I would wait as long as I have to for it but if that is truly the end I’m totally fine with it. This was one great finale and it seemed very final. I loved every bit of it. I’m always amazed how great the entire cast is. And they had so many answers to questions that have been around since at least season 2. In the end it made sense. This is one of televisions greats.

  4. JL says:

    It’s Sian Brooke.

  5. jd says:

    I liked the last episode better, but this one was great too. Amazing performances especially from the Sister, Mark and Benedict. Even if it didn’t exactly feel like Sherlock and more a psychological thriller until the last 20mins. I think I’m struggling with what felt like a final goodbye. Really wasn’t ready for it, and was expecting another cliffhanger. Sad because it really does feel like a good place to end it, but I really want more too. Hopefully they can come back every once in a while with new cases with this new humanized Sherlock.

  6. Xian says:

    I thought the actor playing Eurus was named Sian Brooke?

  7. Bigdede says:

    I have no clue what was happening

  8. Sheila says:

    Last week’s was better

  9. Amanda says:

    I loved the finale and it was one of the best of the series!!! Such a roller coaster ride and I was tense the entire time. So glad everything was resolved, especially with all the characters and was able to bring the entire Holmes family together. This could work as a series finale but I hope they still can do a fifth season. I thought it actually was renewed for a fifth season when it was rewned for a fourth as I remember an announcement about a two year renewal but it has been a few years now. The way it ended it could go on and on with all the different cases. It wouldn’t be the heavy drama it has been more recently but they could do lighter cases and explore what happens next for John as a single father, and what happens next between Sherlock and Molly after that connection. If “Elementary” can do five seasons with 22 episodes each why can’t we get another season when the actors schedules work out? I’ll wait as I have before. I just don’t want it to end yet.

  10. Jason says:

    I’m not sure if this is the final season or not, but I would’ve liked to see Irene Adler again.

    • Bigdede says:

      That’s who I was hoping Sherlock said I love you to

      • Tv viewer says:

        The scene with Molly worked better for me, if only because you don’t expect Molly to demand anything from him. Sherlock was so desperately trying to save her life, he was convinced she actually was in danger.

        Irene wouldn’t have asked him to say the words to her, Sherlock would’ve been sharp enough to figure out there was not immediate danger. He lost it because this was Molly and these were the last words he may ever going to speak to her.

  11. Elena says:

    Well, if it was the last one (at least for a while if not ever), that was a great ending to go out on. Everyone was awesome this episode, but that scene between Molly and Sherlock had me on edge. Louise Brealey has given such a quietly great performance in the small scenes she has been allowed to shine in the last four seasons, and she ended tonight with her best one yet. My heart broke right along with Molly’s. Excellent job from everyone involved.

  12. GraceM says:

    Three brothers? What three brothers?

    • Marc says:

      The murder committed by one of the three brothers with the buffalo rifle at 300 yards that they had to solve. One wore glasses and would have been injured by scope from the recoil. One was a alcoholic and could never have made the shot. So, it had to be the third one. Eustus dropped the innocent ones into the sea and then, after protests, the guilty one.

    • Faith says:

      In “TFP,” the Garridebs, a reference to Doyle’s “The Adventure of the Three Garridebs” (1924), are three brothers (two of whom work at Sherrinford) who are suspected of murder.

  13. Rasha says:

    From Mary’s death to the prison labyrinth, nothing about this season made sense. If this was the end, it should have been a lot better.

    • DC says:

      This! The entire season has been an epic failure.

      • Iwavva says:

        Agree. So disappointing why make it so dark & psychologically absurd. Just bc u can write stuff like this doesn’t mean turning Sherlock into a padded cell character. Sad. I couldn’t even watch it to end, read the synopsis.

        • PatriciaLee says:

          You might check out the part you missed, later. I ended up cleaning house at 1am to get through the whole thing, and I’m glad I stuck with it. It does come together. There is a healing of scars for Sherlock. I worked with youth having gone through horrific trauma, a while back. There is a sharing going on, here. Of course, the unrealistic sister thing is there, but it fades into artistic expression and I found I could live with it. What was shared was profound.

    • Eva says:

      Yep, true.

    • I liked the first episode of the season although I was sorry about Mary. The second episode was a bit much but came around in the end with a reasonable explanation. But this last one–I really hated it! They seemed to feel like each episode had to be more clever and convoluted than the last, and I just got tired of it. This is not the show I fell in love with. I don’t mind change and evolution among the characters, but all the ‘mystery’ about what was actually going on got tiresome to me. I’ll be disappointed if this is how they end it because I won’t miss it at all, and I prefer to be left wanting more.

      • maggie says:

        I agree. This episode was so convoluted, throwing in everything remotely clever that they can think of, until the ending was a huge letdown. So disappointed if this turns out to be the last ever episode.

      • Randy Hodge says:

        I agree. Very disappointed in this episode. I am surprised at all the comments about how they “tied up loose ends”. What about the fact that at the end of episode 2, Eurus has a gun pointed at John’s head and pulls the trigger? Next episode John shows no indication whatsoever that he was shot. So what happened? He even tells Mycroft that she shot him but then why isn’t he dead or in the hospital? Then Sherlock and John have to jump out of the windows at 221B when Eurus sends a bomb that expoldes. Again, not a scratch on either one of them. There’s more but I don’t want to ramble on. Bottom line – this was NOT the kind of episode I have come to expect from these writers. It’s like they deliberately decided to go off the rails. Sad.

  14. Mary McCoig says:

    I would love to see more seasons and a return to the style of seasons one and two. I loved watching them solve cases together, see more cases and a little bit of a break from their personal relationship with other (a break from one of them continuously about to die). And I want to see new interactions with a growing Rosie. Please make it work, it’s the absolute best thing on TV. Thank you so much for all of your hard work and amazing creativity!

  15. Karma Youtso says:

    The best episode yet. Fantastic!

  16. Dominique says:

    This was a great end to season four, but not completely satisfying.

    We see Sherlock send a text, “You know where to find me” which could have only been sent to Irene Adler, “The Woman”..right? I would love to see her in an episode again, since we know she is alive. I think everyone wants to see Sherlock in an actual relationship.

    And then Molly Hooper, I feel there is more to her story. I almost feel like Mary Watson is still alive somehow..but if she was to be brought back from the dead like Sherlock, well I’m not sure how that would work, with John Watson going through losing Sherlock for two years.

    I haven’t found a show this great in a long while, and really don’t want to see it come to a complete end yet. Benedict is such a great actor, along with the others. They have such great chemistry. Acting must be a terrific field to be in.

    • Abhinaya Mary Koshy says:

      Yes !!! I thought so , too. It could only have been Irene Adler. He doen’t text Mycroft like that, or Lestrade, and Molly, Mrs Hudson and John were in the same room as Sherlock.

  17. Emily Mann says:

    Wow. That was a head-spinner of an episode. Incredible performances by the whole cast, and I’m really excited to see all of the character development that has come of the last twelve episodes.

    I’m really curious if Sherlock actually meant what he said to Molly. Judging by the coffin smashing scene, I’d wager he definitely felt something, but I don’t know if it was for hurting Molly or for the whole prison/experiment thing. Also, the scene where Sherlock has to choose between John and Mycroft was incredible. I knew it was coming from the moment they said there was another bullet in the gun, but I’m still impressed with the acting of it.

    • Tv viewer says:

      I reckon he meant it because, as the scene went on, Sherlock was the first one to figure out the coffin was Molly’s. Hence why he corrected Watson when Jon thought it was Irene’s.

      It was the first time in the entire show that emotion clouded Sherlock’s judgement: he wouldn’t entertain rational thought so long as Molly was in danger. He had to physically wreck the coffin to deal with the emotional wreck it caused to him.

    • I think that he loves her in a platonic way and I think he was frustrated that his actions (while necessary) may have caused pain to her.

      • TV viewer says:

        A functioning sociopath such as Sherlock wouldn’t be concerned over someone else’s feelings: he wasn’t concerned over Jeanine’s or Irene’s before, Molly’s feelings shouldn’t be any different.

        The end of her existence, however, triggered a stress response not unlike the response in Molly when Sherlock’s existance was endangered the episode before. He was somewhat balanced until she demanded him to say the words, he completely lost it once he realized he may never hear her say these words to him.

  18. critter42 says:

    Did anyone else notice that the building they ran out of into the final Freeze Frame was “Rathbone Place”? :)

  19. Mickey says:

    well, on BBC One the announcer said “and now the Series finale!”, meaning that the show is over! And Moffat said in an interview that this is the final season!

    • V.J. says:

      Don´t know what Moffat said but that the BBC announcer called it the “series finale” doesn´t mean anything because series (UK) = season (US).

    • wgsecretary says:

      Yes, in the UK they call seasons series. So, it’s the same as if a US announcer had said, “And now, the season finale!” The last interview I read with Moffat was that it hadn’t been decided as to whether or not it was the final season/series.

  20. Faith says:

    It is always a pleasure to see this talented team of actors and writers collaborate, but I was disappointed in tonight’s finale, despite a creepy, amusing opening horror farce in Mycroft’s home. I dislike how Sherlock has become reliant on gun violence and “The Final Problem”‘s torture-porn premise; Ms. Brooke is ostensibly a stunning, chameleonic actress, but she was reminiscent of The Ring’s Samara and Hannibal Lector in Eurus’s creepy paleness.

    I also don’t understand the holes — Mycroft’s typical ironclad, robotic mien gave way to utter terror, retching, and incompetence; John apparently seemed to easily overcome both his anger/confusion/hurt/etc. at Sherlock’s faked death and Mary’s recent death; all Eurus needed was a hug from Sherlock??; in the cheesy final montage, Mary’s final DVD had no loving words specifically for Rosie or John; and Molly, who was discarded like a prop in that wrenching phone call, seemed all smiles, as it nothing was wrong. I appreciate that certain questions that have loomed since 2010 have been answered, and I want so much to like this episode, but I still feel disappointed, like something is missing.

  21. Cya says:

    I want more!! If this is the end, then wished they had four eps for the fourth season! It goes by so fast just 3 eps esp. Almost wish they spread the eps around the whole year than all in three weeks. Oh well! This was certainly best sherlock production ever!

  22. This season was terribly disappointing. to many plot holes and either uncaring for details or simply laziness… I have very little possitives to share about it…

  23. kay says:

    Absolutely terrible season. I have been a fan since the beginning. No longer. Just a rip off of Saw and Shutter Island. Writers have grown smug and lazy resting on their laurels. Also the biggest queerbaiting fiasco I have ever had the misfortune of witnessing. The writers bloated on their personal insert character Mary. so badly written. I wiv]sh they had stopped after season2. Honestly just drivel afterwards. I hope there is no season 5. It would v]be embarrassing. They ruined their ownn work.

    • Zuzu says:

      Queer baiting? How so? By having John Watson loudly declare that he’s straight from virtually the minute we meet him, dating women and marrying one? By the creators of the show (one of them gay, fwiw) telling viewers repeatedly that they were not going to go there?
      I think someone’s been reading too much fan fic.

      • sofiestories says:

        He never said he is straight! He said he is not gay! There are possibilities in between! And as for the writers: they lie! As is clear from this season…. ‘Television history’ yeah right…

    • Imzadi says:

      Seriously, queerbaiting? Where is a Picard-meme when I need it?

    • Jan Priddy says:

      Moriarty? Yeah, I caught that.

  24. PatriciaLee says:

    The episode was fun, if rather out there with the sister thing. However, it was solid storytelling, coming full circle. So, I guess that means satisfying. Now, if they can only come back with historical Holmes, i.e. 1880’s with the Baker Street Irregulars, which was an amazing concept for its time. It would be extremely satisfying to see a group of youth building lives from working for Holmes. I, always, took it that these were homeless street kids, when I read the stories.

  25. Mia says:

    it felt final but I don’t want it to be, This episode put me thorugh the motions, it was amazing

  26. Lynn says:

    Per Wikipedia, Cumberbatch has already signed on for a fifth season. Gatiss is supposed to be taking it in a new direction. I wish that direction would be back more to season 1 and 2 as the past two seasons have been hard to follow and or believe. As far as the episode itself, Eurus needs put down like a rabid dog. Family of not, insane or not, she is too dangerous to live.

    • PatriciaLee says:

      Yes please, maybe have a weak heart due to such unbalanced overproductive brain work. It makes sense the veins would give out in her unique biological situation. Give her a fade out, please, soon and off camera.

    • Imzadi says:

      Wikipedia is not a source. Anybody can write anything they want.

      • PatriciaLee says:

        It said they only plotted 5 and had Cumberbatch sign for 4 and 5 at the same time, but no plans for 5 are active, yet. After checking sources #99 and #100, it seems solid information from bona fide magazine articles, with everything we have so far being backstory. Future seasons would be what we know of the characters in the books. It sounds like Craig’s James Bond, making Skyfall’s last scene’s meeting with Ralph Fiennes’ M and Bond becoming a reset reboot into the traditional Bond we were familiar with.

  27. Nurserock says:

    They should have stayed with episodes of Sherlock solving complex, dangerous cases. A minimum of this personal psychobabble mind palace drivel. Wasted good performances and a great cast. They have taken this show in a horrible direction since, “the empty hearse.” Can’t wait until Moffat is done w/ Doctor Who as well….

  28. cuius says:

    Be interesting to see the ratings – UK’s were down 25% due to the episode leaking online earlier

  29. I have never seen Sian Brooke before this Sherlock series. She is definitely the best criminal mind of all the villians in the series. Brookes is mesmerizing and I am going to go back and watch every movie and tv series she has ever done. If this is the finale Sherlock series, I hope they still do a movie every year or so when their schedules permit.

  30. Kate Barnash says:

    I loved this episode – it was awesome! Kept me guessing and on the edge of my seat from beginning to end. I think they had the ending scenes so that if they didn’t make any more episodes we would have closure – seeing them continuing on solving crimes. I liked that very much. I think they are not sure if there will be more episodes as both actors are quite busy with other things in their careers. I think if they can do more they will, but it might not be for a while. I would love for them to do a movie every 3 years or so and we can see how they develop over the years. After all they are youngish in the seasons we’ve had so far.

  31. Mary says:

    Brilliant writing, great characterizations, suspenseful action, very satisfying…if you are a Doctor Who fan. I’m not sure how I feel about this episode as a Sherlock fan, however. I think it was a great episode of something, but I’m not sure what. I’m still trying to decide if I actually “liked” it. And I have lots of questions for Moffett…

  32. Mulling over what has been given to us in this episode, and in this 4th “season”, I feel disappointed to the level of not caring if there is another season or not. I thoroughly enjoyed earlier the mystery-solving episodes, (and maybe it would be too humdrum to continue in only that vein) but this season had a real lack of direction to it. I will enjoy watching the old episodes on Netflix…

  33. tigersmurfette says:

    you know how to tell it was the final episode ever? sherlock got lestrades name right.

    • ToriAnn says:

      Seriously?…. Best comment I’ve read so far! If my keyboard had emoji’s it would be crying from laughter.
      …I think “Lestrade” could be endgame. Now it has to be.

  34. Andreas says:

    Wasn’t it future cases, and not past cases in the end? They decorated the room to look exactly like the old one..

  35. Tozan333 says:

    I dislike the last two episodes. Both of them are superbly written and produced but depart needlessly from the premise and quality of earlier episodes based on Conan Doyle’s original. The sort of psychodrama we see in The Final Problem may interest those who enjoyed Silence Of The Lambs but it’s too far removed from classical Sherlock Holmes to engage the genuine Conan Doyle fan. A bad story idea.

    • PatriciaLee says:

      Since I detest Silence of the Lambs and all the gruesome TV shows, ever after, there is a middle fan base, here, for the episodes. The healing mind is a valid addition and/or inclusion to classical Sherlock Holmes. Granted, it was touch and go with the sister’s unnecessary yuckiness, but hopefully she will disappear into an experiment gone wild file.

  36. Christian says:

    The little girl on the plane – you could see it a mile away it was the evil sister.

    They didn’t have a dog – they had a little friend that was easily forgotten and replaced in their memory as a dog. Hilarious.

    Sherlock and John gamboling out the door ala Batman and Robin -how did that shot get past the editing stage?

    So Mary has been eliminated in the homosocial triangle and has essentially given her blessing for John and Sherlock to just be a couple, bringing up John’s daughter. Why don’t the producers just kick these two out of the closet and make it what it has always been. This is the 21st century. Or was that what that last shot of them flying out the door was about? Sherlock and John are now free to be who they are?

    • PatriciaLee says:

      The girl on the plane was a shock to me. I thought the kid was going to land the plane. Childhood trauma is real and not hilarious, leaving constructive memory. BTW, constructive memory is a valid psychological fact, with lawyers saying that the worst testimony is eyewitness testimony. An article said Sherlock and Watson were “gamboling” out the door of a building called Rathbone Place, purposely to honor Basil Rathbone and to indicate that any future Sherlock Holmes stories would be starting from the traditional characters; a new start. Keep it simple…

  37. Sara says:

    So let me get this straight….she breaks out of an unbreakable prison, kills how many people and all they do is put her back in the same prison. People have gotten the death sentence for less than that! Why does she get a free pass?! Oh right, possible future episodes. Blah.

    • PatriciaLee says:

      Out there, I know, but there is no such thing as a perfect story and/or story arc. I just accept some things as a metaphor and mentally move on. It does help to be a visual artist, I guess.

  38. Morisot says:

    The Emperor’s New Clothes comes to mind.

  39. Walkie says:

    Hard to describe how terrible the finale was. It’s as if they had zero interest in a plot that had any semblance in reality. None of it made sense. The ending was corny.

    Such a disappointing season. Time to end it.

    • PatriciaLee says:

      Artistic expression of the writers, I guess. I know the pain, since the husband and I went crazy with eeek disappointment at the final episode of the Monk series…stupid and needs to be redone. It just had to be an artistic expression of someone with power. It’s the pits, I know. Any further episodes are to be more traditional, so they indicate. If they add any stupid stuff not in the books, maybe it would be needed to get funding. I fast forward a lot with shows, these days. That works.

  40. Morisot says:

    … with Khalil Gibran’s lutes -err, violins- thrown in.

  41. sweetrupturedlight says:

    Not a flawless episode, but a good one. I really enjoyed it. Internet is filled with salty JohnLockers who are really making it uncomfortable for most everyone = incl the creators and the crew. Its disgusting. Hope this show comes back at some point. Loved it.

  42. Jessica Taylor says:

    This was the worst episode of Sherlock yet. Complaints I have:

    1. The genre was totally off. It didn’t feel like Sherlock at all, more a thriller or a horror movie.
    2. John Watson was not John Watson. Yes, I can deal and even appreciate John being bitter after his wife died, but in this episode he seemed to have entirely changed his character.
    3. Too many twists and turns. I almost lost track of the plot amid all the flashbacks and perspective changes.

    I hope Sherlock continues and is able to redeem itself in my mind.

  43. Mary’s last DVD was a little too heavy-handed for me. I liked it better than last week’s episode. But I’m not sure any episode this season lived up to last season. Will still miss them, though. A bad Sherlock episodes is still better than most of primetime.

  44. Lisa Jacobsen says:

    So Belletrix LaStrange escaped from Azkaban and joined forces with Voldemort to kill Harry Potter? WTF? We waited four years for this? Thank god I have the first two seasons on DVD.

  45. Lee Vann says:

    The case of the murdered narrative and who killed it.

    S4E3 was a complete departure from the narrative that was being built Season 1 – 3 and in the TAB special. Not only was the final episode a complete and utter disappointment, but it is not even the same show anymore.

    The character arc for Sherlock was already fleshed earlier in the season but his partner in crime, John Watson, was completely left flat to the point of just being a prop in the room for advice. What went wrong?

    There were so many plot holes and issues with the story it is obvious that something happened and something went wrong with the writing. The story was changed and no amount of good writing could gloss over the holes continuity errors left behind in its wake.

    To whoever forced the narrative to shift tracks. Congratulations, you have murdered one of the most popular and significant shows that BBC has produced.

    No amount of great acting by the cast, exceptional work by staff and production artists, and efforts of writing can make up for a story line that has been forced to change direction onto entirely different tracks, thus leaving destruction of the past buildup in its wake. The only historic thing that happened in this finale is how historically an otherwise amazing show was ruined.

  46. Aadil Ahmad says:

    It was awesome but i didn’t get the fact about how did she manage to kill the governer’s wife when she was in the room all the time. I mean as she commanding from the cell in the Island or from the old house?

  47. George Papado says:

    This series finale was a complete failure in my opinion. Filled with plotholes, inconsistencies, lack of realism and weak writing. A magic invisible army realising Eurus’ plans, a nonsensical archvillain grand scheme, chains that magically vanish under watson’s feet, explosions and falls from a building with no scratch for the heroes, very comfortable eslective amnesias, and so many other things that screamed nonsense. extremely dissapointed. i wasnt even convinced for the extreme genius of eurus in any way.

    • George Papado says:

      Not to mention how it feels like a huge anticlimax that substitutes implausible drama and showiness for meaningful character development and any kind of narrative payoff. As for the other characters exist only to orbit, support or mess with Sherlock’s head in some way, shape or form. They have no integrity of their own. It depicts a more humane image of Mycroft (wanting to sacrifice himself to save watson etc) but in the end paints him the portrait of an incompetent fool. he had no idea his sister was in charge of the prison, and whats even more awesome, they closed her in exactly the same prison she managed to control and escape from repeatedly! and if that wasnt enough, despite all her crimes and murders, they ended up being a happy family again, sherlock forgave everything like nothing happened, and they had happy family reunions with Sherlock and Eurus playing violin duos. effin really guys? really?

  48. I’ve seen more order in a three stooges episode, nothing made sense. Question, did she have all this set up before they arrived, who flew the drone, how did she know they would survive the blast. Does this mean she had the Garideb brothers on standby just in case they lived, if Redbeard wasn’t a dog, why did he have the bowl Bart? Let’s just gloss over the fact that there was a coffin, a long rifle (murder weapon), and poison darts at the ready. Who dragged Watson, Sherlock and Mycroft to the Musgrave mansion, if she was in the room the whole time, where was all the computer equipment she used to communicate with them? I have no idea what was going on and why…okay, yeah, I was high when I watched it but…you know…uh, I forgot my point, anyway…I think Moffat and Virtue owe me $221 dollars (pounds) for making me waste my time with that episode….I’m Kensington Drake.

  49. Mira Ann Sikes says:

    This episode riveted me like no other, whether sherlock or any other TV show. It took me away from my own complicated life completely for that hour and a half. I am very grateful for that.

  50. Mira Ann Sikes says:

    It took me away from my mundane life like no other show has ever done.