DC Comics Prez Teases New Series in Development — What Could It Be?

Another DC Comics property may soon be adapted for a TV screen near you.

DC Comics president Geoff Johns took to Twitter not long after ringing in the new year to tease that another DC Comics imprint is in development, and “will be announced soon.”

Though there’s been speculation that The CW is working on a fifth superhero series, there’s no determining whether the TBA property is necessarily destined for the home of Arrow, Supergirl, The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow. Johns’ tweet also mentions other non-CW programs, including Fox’s Gotham and Lucifer, and excludes the likes of The CW’s iZombie and AMC’s Preacher. (In addition to the aforementioned titles, DC produces animated series Teen Titans Go!Justice League ActionDC Superhero Girls and Young Justice.)

It was first reported back in March that WGN America ordered a pilot based on the graphic novel Scalped, though a series order has not yet followedFox is also developing a Black Lightning series with EP Greg Berlanti, while Syfy is hard at work on Superman prequel Krypton.

With little information to go on, we leave it to our savvy TVLine readers to speculate: Which DC Comics properties do you think are most likely to be adapted for TV? Is there any one superhero or vigilante in particular you’d like to see on the small screen? Sound off below.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. z says:

    I like Arrow, Flash and Supergirl but I would love to see a DC series not helmed by Greg Berlanti.

  2. Young Justice though there is already the animated series.

    Maybe Teen Titans or Justice Dark type show.

  3. My name Jaef says:

    Are we sure he’s not just pimping that new Krypton show on SyFy? I hope that’s not the case and he’s talking about something new. Odds are on Black Bolt if it’s a new property.

  4. Fernanda says:

    Another Arrow spin off.. Felicity and Friends.. for real.. she will leave Arrow by the end of this season to start her own show.. there is the synopsis

    After years helping Oliver Queen to wear his leather suit and touching his fenomenal butt, Felicity Smoak realizes that she never could be the one true love of Oliver Queen and decides to leave Star City.. for good.. she meets again with Helena Bertinelli and former Black Siren, Laurel Lance, both were past villains and now they try to fix their mistakes and help the people of New Gotham, a district so far far away from the actually Gotham City… This women will fight the crime and also shares stories about having sex with Oliver Queen.


    • dan says:

      I actually think you might be onto something. Reboot Birds of Prey with Felicity in the Oracle role.

    • tvloverSA says:

      Lol ya perfect and will all be happy for it ..comment of the day

    • GambitGrey says:

      Oh that would be great idea. Maybe you should be one of the writers. :P

    • Ella says:

      I know you’re being facetious but as a huge Katie Cassidy fan and a fan of the original pre-Olicity Felicity, I’d totally watch this, lol.

    • Wooster182 says:

      I actually think this might happen. It has felt all season like Felicity is being pulled out of Arrow in order to put her somewhere else. I assumed it would be Supergirl but it would make sense to anchor her to a new show. I’d follow her. Her dad could be on the show too.

  5. Rob says:

    Legion of Superheroes that was hint in LoT and Flash for them or simply Birds of Prey he can use Arrow Laurel LoT Sara Vixen Flash jesse quick or caitlin

  6. Phun says:

    Could it be Black Lightning? I remember Fox was interested in it a few months back but don’t remember what became of it?

  7. Ryan says:

    Makes sense. After January 20th, people will need even more super hero shows to inspire hope.

    • ALM says:

      Does everything have to become so political? One could just as easily say the last eight years have been why these shows and movies became so popular in the first place as people were looking for the hope that was promised but never came.

      • Rick Katze says:

        While I agree with one of the replies, at least in part, and disagree at least in part with the other, I agree that politics should NOT enter this site.

  8. Wordsmith says:

    Thematically, they could use a more sorcery/paranormal-themed entry to balance all of the sci-fi in Flash and Supergirl. I’d love to see a Zatanna series.

  9. Emily says:

    Birds of Prey with Laurel (Original or Black Siren), Sara, and Nyssa

  10. datdudemurphy says:

    Please be Titans.

    I need to see The Titans in live action

  11. Sean Mulvey says:

    Constatine, supposedly, got bad ratings. Just because it’s DC,doesn’t mean it will be well received. At least, they tried.
    Suicide Squad looks to be a movie franchise. I don’t believe that it would be on tv or basic cable. It definitely has sequel potential.
    For tv, green arrow is perfect, even the flash makes sense. The new show would be something outside of Justice League, including Trinity Wars. Anything leading to trinity wars is movie potential. Even a backstory for individual characters, involved in trinity wars, is movie potential. In that sense, we may see Constatine again, on the “big” screen.
    So what will it be? There’s an obvious distinction between tv, cable, and movies. TV will give us backstory on heroes and 411 on supporting characters that aren’t as popular. The shows that appear on tv either buildup to movies or introduce characters like in “crossovers”. Cable tv is similar. Channels like HBO could produce box office quality programs. Will they? Probably not if it is a movie franchise. The Justice League movies could be bigger, in terms of box office success than the star wars movie franchise – which is still releasing films.
    Shazam could be a tv show. Flash can appear in those, very easily. GREEN arrow and the legends can be called in to help. Shazam is almost to predictable, so they probably won’t. Who is less predictable for tv & easily liked? The variations on justice league are cartoons. Perhaps if the justice league franchise ends its series of tie-ins & feature films, variations of justice league will appear as tv shows with actors or as movies. I don’t see it happening yet.
    All tv shows with heroes has villains. To be a success, it needs super villains. The hero needs friends and/or sidekicks. He or she needs to normal, at least, for the pilot. A tv series that is possible, probably better on cable is that justice team we see on the legends of tomorrow. It’s that old time justice team. One of the members has appeared in green arrow, and currently has a recurring role in legends of tomorrow. It may be short-lived, but it has tv potential.
    Aquaman could easily get a tv show. It would be the sci-fi filler. Networks need to moderate the level of sci-fi, so it may be too much. It will have potential, after justice league releases it’s movie.
    Different earths is not just a Flash thing. The DC universe has 52 universes, so there are a plethora of opportunities. Harley Quin could do well for awhile on tv. Her show could easily spinoff into movies about other earths involving the justice league.
    Whatever tv show gets made, it should be consistent with some part of DC universe. We may find other earths involved eventually. All of that will buildup to justice league adventures – which will be box office successes.

  12. Julian says:


    • JP says:

      Oh yes, if it could only be Superman. A series where, at last, they give the character time to develop, contrary to the movie, and where they’d do justice to him….

  13. AB says:

    Powerless (NBC)
 Set in the DC Comics universe, this single-camera comedy follows the employees at Wayne Security, dedicated to cleaning up superhero squabbles’ collateral damage

  14. James D says:

    Is it Spectre? I’d love to see a Spectre TV show.

  15. Stacey says:

    Perhaps Zatanna, that would be interesting! Or maybe Aquaman or Cyborg.

  16. Luis Roman says:

    I might know the answer, but what’s the Question?

    • I’d love to see The Question done right — which would require it be on AMC, FX, or premium cable, I think. Ditto for most of my other preferences — Doom Patrol, Swamp Thing, Animal Man, or a Constantine revival.

  17. Azerty says:

    I wish a Teen Titans live action show, with Thea as a lead, poor girl had nothing to work with this year on Arrow…Or at least with Roy Harper. And send Kid Flash there as well, he could learn a thing or two from Roy. But my ultimate dream would still be something with Nightwing!!

  18. Super-Fan says:

    Please be a Tyler Hoechlin Superman series! He was so awesome on Supergirl

    • AnnieM says:

      I thought he did a great job, but IMHO, he’s too small to be Superman. His Superman and Kara look like the same size.

      • P Diddily says:

        I always wondered why how he got so ripped. With super strength it’s not like he is actually using his muscles while on Earth so why would they get bigger? He has been on Earth since he was a boy so he should look all scrawny but be really strong. lol

  19. Jared says:

    I would only watch another DC series if it was on The CW. They always do the shows justice compared to other networks with DC properties.

  20. antonigian says:


  21. chuckiechk says:

    I still think they should spin off Tyler Hoechlin’s “Superman” into his own series. 2017 would mark 20 yrs since Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman ended, which IMO was the last real Superman based series. Smallville was in reality a Clark “Superboy” Kent series.

  22. Jeff hunter says:

    Just saw your article on this and my reply is Nightwing ,McQueen has been off TV since October and he’s been verrrrry quiet,so hopefully,I’m right!Jeff Happy New Year Everyone

  23. aaron says:

    Just give me a Birds of Prey spin off already! With KC.

  24. Agent 86 says:

    Birds of Prey. A resurrected Laurel Lance as Black Canary (or a redemption seeking Black Siren) teaming up with Nyssa and a rebooted / rewritten Huntress with special guest appearances from the likes of White Canary, Vixen, Katana, Hawkgirl, etc would be pretty great.

    But, with Gotham City Sirens supposedly headed to the big screen, DC may be worried about having two live action female teams (even though one is heroic and one is … questionable) due to their unwarranted fear of female superheroes.

  25. defraz says:

    when are we going to see 100 bullets.ed harris would be spot on for the lead

  26. herman1959 says:

    The only way I’d watch another comic book show is if it’s Black Lightning.

  27. The Creeper, Metamorpho or plastic man spring to mind. Maybe even a Challengers of the unknown – not all as well known as the present dec superhero series.

  28. Luis Roman says:

    We saw a Legion flight ring on the Fortress of Solitude, but the Legion of Superheroes seems like too big a budget show for a network to take on.

  29. swede700 says:

    Aquaman…just so I can say “Aquaman sucks” in my Koothrapali voice.