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Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Big Bang, Homeland, The Flash, Supernatural, Gilmore Girls, The 100 and More

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Question: Any scoop on The Big Bang Theory would be fantastic! —Mer
Ausiello: Sheldon and Amy are sloooooowly making Penny’s apartment their own. “If you look carefully, some of Sheldon’s things are quietly migrating from [his and Leonard’s old apartment] into what was Penny’s apartment,” reveals showrunner Steve Molaro, adding that he’s loathe to conduct a wholesale revamp of what is essentially one of the show’s three iconic sets (the other two being Sheldon’s old apartment with Leonard and the heavily trafficked staircase). “Those three sets are baked into the DNA of the show, so I’d like to not make drastic changes there.”

The Hook-Up ReverberationQuestion: Are we ever going to see Emily (Laura Spencer) again on The Big Bang Theory? —Andrew
Ausiello: Sounds like both Emily and Claire will be popping back into Raj’s life in Season 10. “They are temporarily done,” teases showrunner Steve Molaro, “but we are talking about an idea that would involve both of them.”

Question: Who will voice Halley’s cry on The Big Bang Theory? —Ellen
Ausiello: That was Better Things‘ Pamela Adlon supplying the demon spawn’s screeching audio track in the fall finale. And she will continue to do so “for the long haul,” Molaro told

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Question: Help save The Flash‘s Iris West by telling us a little about her fate this season! —Tatiana
Ausiello: The best spin we can offer is that, having seen (himself see) his love get slain by Savitar in the not-too-distant future, Barry will do all that is in his power to avert that ending. “Obviously Barry loves Iris more than anything,” notes co-showrunner Aaron Helbing, “and now that he has gotten a glimpse of the future, the thrust of the back half of the season is Barry trying to do whatever it takes to save her” — with critical assists from both Cisco and Iris’ brother Wally, aka the newly christened Kid Flash. BONUS SCOOP: Helbing warns not to assume that Iris’ death and Barry’s subsequent suffering account for two of Savitar’s three prophecies. “The future is malleable,” the EP notes. “Anything can happen.”

Question: How long will the Snow and Charming curse last on Once Upon a Time? —Shelly
Ausiello: The sleeping curse that afflicts the marrieds one at a time “is not something that stretches out for the rest of the season,” says co-creator Eddy Kitsis. But until it is lifted, “We’re going to see that toll that it takes on Charming, who toward the end of the [fall] run looked sleep-deprived, going dark and off the rails. Without his ‘calming center’ around, and without much sleep, he can get into some real trouble!”

bones-replaceQuestion: Something on Bones’ final season, please? Preferably Booth and Brennan, but I’ll take anything. —Adela
Ausiello: The series finale is a two-part episode (Episodes 11 and 12), with the penultimate hour showing the series’ “six leads in a different light,” previews exec producer Michael Peterson. “It’s going to cover a 24-hour period of time, and it gives a lot of setup for Episode 12. It’s a very strange episode.” Ep 11 also wraps up Zack’s story (and concludes Eric Millegan’s three-episode comeback arc).

Question: Hey, do you have any scoop on Nashville? The teasers involving Juliette and Avery have got me wanting a whole episode(s) all about them and baby Cadence. —Colette
Ausiello: I can tell you that the second half of the premiere does not focus on the Barkley-Barnes family as much as the first half did, but it sets up something that (it seems like) will drive Juliette for at least the beginning of the season. BONUS SCOOP: Rayna has a huge idea regarding her career, but Deacon is not so sure he’s on board.

Question: Any hope of Grimm‘s resurrecting Meisner and he and Adalind living happily ever after? —Nicole
Ausiello: Hmm, what to say, given what I know? How about this? The answer to your two-part question is no and yes — not necessarily in that order — and that things will become clearer in the first few episodes of the season.

supernatural-jim-beaver-returnsQuestion: Any word on whether Jim Beaver will be making an appearance on Supernatural this season? It just wouldn’t seem right to not have Bobby at least make one appearance. —Jane
Ausiello: There are “no plans as of right now,” but some other familiar faces will be back this season, executive producer Andrew Dabb tells TVLine. Among them: deaf hunter Eileen Leahy, teen wannabe hunter Claire Novak and Sheriff Donna Hanscum. “Obviously, as we’re building up the British hunters, we’re also building up, or in some cases re-establishing, our American hunters,” the EP says. “It’s a really cool opportunity to bring in people like that, some of whom we’ve seen pretty recently, and some of whom we haven’t seen for quite a while.”

Question: Can the show give us any scoop on Supernatural Episode 11, which is rumored to have a de-aged Dean? —Kim
Ausiello: Dean’s not physically de-aging, but rather “trapped in a Memento-type loop, where he’s kind of losing his memory a little bit,” Dabb previews. “For him, as someone who struggles with all the baggage from years and years of doing a very, very difficult job, it almost becomes freeing, in a way. So you’re going to see a Dean that is a lot more fun and childlike. Jensen [Ackles] does a great job. Then it becomes a much more tragic story as he starts to forget Sam — and himself.”

Question: Could we get a Suits spoiler? —Lindsey
Ausiello: Jessica’s departure opens up “an opportunity for Harvey to undergo some personal growth” in the back half of Season 6 (premiering Jan. 25), executive producer Aaron Korsh says. “We talked, as writers, about what that means. Does it mean he goes back to therapy? Does it mean he deals with his mother? Does it mean he gets into a deeper relationship with Donna? All of these possibilities were tossed around… and we ended up picking one or some of them.”


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  1. Mike says:

    The Gilmore Girls fan girling on this site is honestly embarrassing. Enough already.

    • Alex says:

      The anti-Gilmore Girls trolling on TV fan sites is honestly embarrassing. Enough already.

      • LADY_in_MD says:

        +1 to Alex’s comment

      • Haz says:

        They do not need to put Gilmore Girls crap into every article. It premiered people watched it and talked about it but enough already. The hardcore fans have watched it two or three times already, people who have not are moderate fans and not obsessed. The way this site and EW went on about it you would think they had just parted the Red Sea!

        • Jen says:

          This is their site that they pay for and support. If they love Gilmore Girls (and it appears many of those consuming the content here do as well), then power to the bosses. TVLine wasn’t designed with you and only your tastes in mind. You gotta be able to ignore this and let the little things go, Haz.

        • Ben says:

          Michael Ausiello, the owner of this site, is so invested in Gilmore Girls that he has literally appeared in it twice. He has a good relationship with the creators and gets a lot of information, and then he publishes it. Stop expecting something else.

        • MMD says:

          Gilmore Girls is not in every article and I agree with Michael, I miss it too!

          If you aren’t interested just skip that part or the article entirely like I do for shows which I have no interest in. Truly, it’s not a hard concept to grasp.

        • Dysturbed says:

          It’s not like those of us who don’t watch or care about it are under any obligation to read anything about it beyond noticing a headline or question about it, so what’s the harm in there being a lot of things about it for those who do care?

      • Whatevah says:


    • SGFan says:

      I agree…can we move on already!

    • Jim says:

      The founder (I think?) of this site is a huge fan. If GG mentions are really such a hassle for you, mosey on over to EW where you can check out one the 3 artlcles that aren’t behind a paywall or TVG where you can entertain yourself for hours by accidentally clicking on ads that look like articles. Or you can stay here, enjoy the TON of free content each and every day and occasionally bear the excruciating burden of a writer mentioning they like/miss the show.

    • Georgia Madman says:

      No kidding

    • Anna says:

      I love how annoyed people are about Gilmore Girls. Histarical. Get over it LOL. And accept that it’s an awesome show.

      • Tim Church says:

        I’m debating whether your misspelling of “hysterical” or your use of incomplete sentences is a better explanation of your comparatively-lower intelligence. Either way, they both/each explain why you think “Gilmore” still “is an awesome show”.

        The truth is I watched all of it prior to the Netflix return, & it (at best) was a good show. However, the aformentioned return negated that rating, as the saying is “you can;t have too much of a good thing”, & the show has overstayed any welcome it may have had.

        The proper times/signs to end were: When Padalecki’s current show jumped its 80th shark, when “Logan” became one of the best parts of “Good Wife”, or when EH died. Any of these should have been obvious signs to stop, & “Team Palladino” ignored them all.

    • Rob says:

      So what you’re saying is you want Gil-less Girls?

      (I hate myself for this.)

    • David Graf says:

      I watched the first part of the “Winter” episode and was put off by a number of things which just did not ring true in my opinion and so I’m not planning to watch the other episodes. However, I’m glad for others who did enjoy the four movies.

  2. myrcellasear says:

    Barry Allen appreciates you answering the Iris question!

  3. Phun says:

    I really hope they do get Calista back on SUPERGIRL in the Spring. I do miss Cat Grant and her one-liners.

  4. Micaela says:

    Thsnk you sweet baby jesus and you of course Michael for the Iris scoop I am almost 100 percent convinced now Barry will save her and savitar’s supposed prophecy is a ruse. Thanks again I’m so excited to the second half of the season

  5. Alexis says:

    I’m glad Barry will be doing all he can to save Iris, I never really had any doubts about it. While I’m thrilled that Cisco and Wally will be assisting I feel some kind of way about Iris being left out. Hope that’s not the case

  6. kia says:

    Intriguing Bones scoop. I’m so conflicted. I can’t wait to see it all but I also don’t want the show to end. :'(

  7. Lula says:

    Sounds like Savitar’s prophecy about someone falling is not meant to be about Iris. I think someone on the show is dying but it won’t be her. Brace yourselves Flash fandom.

  8. Me says:

    Excellent news about John Noble and Sleepy Hollow! He and Tom Mison were electric in the few scenes where they were allowed to go head-to-head in Season 2.

    • Me too says:

      Agreed. Their scene together in Tarrytown Psychiatric was a standout. I hope they are given that kind of opportunity again.

  9. Ingrid says:

    Thank you for the Iris scoop! Love hearing that will be Barry’s sole focus in 3B, and also that Cisco & Wally will be helping. My one wish & hope is that Iris herself is instrumental in her own saving

  10. dave says:

    Does that mean Raj will get an STD? it will involve him having to tell his exes about it thus bringing them back for an episode

  11. steven says:

    Bobby Hill does Baby Halley’s cry, huh? Ok.

  12. tvgeek says:

    I’d sooner see Bobby back on Supernatural then have a Claire episode. Glad that Eileen is coming back.

  13. Gloria Seales says:

    If Rayna dies, they’d might as well cancel the series. Without the Rayna/ Deacon duo, they can wrap it up.

  14. Thank you so much for the scoop on Iris. I had no doubt that Barry will do everything he can to save the love of his life, but it’s nice to be reassured and I’m glad that Wally and Cisco will be helping out. I really hope that Iris will play a role in her own saving.

  15. Lauren says:

    I’m thankful for all of your work, Michael! I’ve followed you for eight years which is also the amount of time I have been in the workforce. I don’t know what I would without the mental breaks you provide me during the work day.

  16. Carni611 says:

    I’m glad that Barry gets to let Cisco & Wally into saving Iris, I can’t wait for the scene when Barry tells Iris of what he saw in the future! I definitely know that Iris won’t sit down and let the boys do the walking, she’ll definitely lead that team as mission #SaveIris arises. Thanks for the spoilers Michael

  17. Linda says:

    If Supernatural wanted to bring back previous characters, what about Missouri or Tamara? I’m glad Eileen is back but I’ve had enough Claire for the rest of the series, already.

  18. Andre says:

    Thanks for flash scoop. So does that mean Barry tells Cisco and Wally about the future? We gotta keep Fine Iris on the show

  19. jericho says:

    I guess I am one of the few people who have felt like Supergirl has gone off the rails to a degree this season. While the entire Alex/Maggie storyline has been refreshing, the show’s direction with the rest of the cast has felt lackluster at best. Without Cat’s guidance and mentorship the show just feels lacking. It definitely has gone much farther into comicbook shmaltz rather than the semi-serious show it was in S1. Villains have been boring, and the Martian substory has been lackluster at best, and idiotic at its worse.

    • parstl says:

      I agree Cat is sorely missed. Just not as fun without her.

      • Cate says:

        They were wise to alter Kara’s work life and decrease the Catco scenes. You can’t replace Cat Grant. I loved the Kara/Cat relationship and the way Cat mentored Kara AND Supergirl and I miss it. (And Cat’s cutting and hilarious comments)

    • Ashley says:

      I’m enjoying it a bit more than you are this season, but I too miss Cat. Her interactions with Kara were my favorite part of the show.

  20. Jason says:

    On Grimm, I suppose they could use their magic stick to resurrect Meisner. Though one does wonder about the side effects. We don’t want a Pet Semetary situation on our hands. And either way, I don’t see an Adalind and Meisner Union in the cards. She’s already made her feelings for Nick pretty clear. Personally I’d like to see that little family unit weather the coming storms.

  21. Shelly says:

    Thank you for asking the Snowing question. You just made my Christmas

  22. Diana says:

    Thank you for the Iris scoop! I hope Iris also gets to play a part in saving herself. I really hope no one dies this season.

    • Diana says:

      Continuing my own reply. I hope no characters die this season. If they really want to get back to a lighter tone, it would be better if everyone lived. No more characters should die.

  23. Jen says:

    Exploring Harvey’s character growth made s5 one of the best Suits seasons in years for me. Can’t wait to see this!

  24. Thanks for the Supernatural scoop. After a picture with a bunny from EP11, we’ve been going nutty on what exactly is happening with Dean. This sounds like its going to funny, compelling, and angsty (i.e. a Supernatural episode).

    I’m looking forward to both Eileen and Claire. I’d like to see some support for the Winchesters as they go up against the BMoL.

    • SUPPORT? From that annoying, whiny, complaining little ***** Claire? She’s not support… she’s a stone around everyone’s neck!! I would love to NEVER have to see her again…and obviously I’m not alone with that! But glad to see they are bringing back a REAL Hunter, Eileen. She’s intriguing, strong and smart. Makes Claire even being mentioned in the same sentence as her, ridiculous.

  25. While it’s disappointing to read that Jim Beaver/Bobby probably won’t be around this season (for the first time in 12 seasons), the de-aged Dean spoiler is the most exciting thing I’ve heard about the season thus far. I can’t wait to see what Jensen Ackles does with this.

  26. makparis says:

    “I can tell you that the second half of the premiere does not focus on the Barkley-Barnes family as much as the first half did…” It didn’t focus on them, it focused on Rayna. Seriously, Juliette nearly dies and the episode is all about Rayna?!?!?!?

  27. Dannie C says:

    So bittersweet about Bones. I’ve grown up with it & will miss it loads. Hopefully this will be a good send off.

    Happy Holidays TvLine & Thank you all for bringing the best scoops.

    Ps I miss Gilmore Girls too

  28. Claire says:

    I knew Iris wasn’t going to die that doesn’t mean I’m not relieved to receive this round away confirmation. Thanks for always providing the best Iris/Westallen scoop

  29. Kevin says:

    Thank you on the scoop of both Homeland and Timeless. I’m wondering if fans of Homeland are going to see a new side of Peter Quinn.

  30. JC1 says:

    This is probably an unpopular opinion, but without Cat, I’d really rather they just scrapped the CatCo angle on the show. Cat was the heart of that side of the show, and without her, it seems like they’re just paying lip service to it. The show has shifted focus to the DEO now, and the few times they bother to acknowledge the CatCo side each episode just feel forced. Just let it go already. I miss Cat a lot, but without her, I really couldn’t care less about CatCo or Kara’s reporter career.

    • I binged hard on the first season of Supergirl, and the second season has been just meh. My opinion may be even more unpopular than yours, but to me, the most relevant relationship to Kara establishing her identity as Kara and Supergirl was Cat Grant, and I feel so much is lost with her gone! I miss her :(

      • JC1 says:

        I do miss Cat, definitely. And I do think they’ve lost some focus on Kara as Kara Danvers, rather than Supergirl (the reporter arc just does not work for me, at all). But in spite of that I’m still enjoying the show, actually more than last year to be honest.

      • Jane Q. Doe says:

        I agree with you, Barbie – I miss her too! I hope things work out with scheduling so Cat can make an appearance soon.

  31. Devon says:

    Thanks for keeping us updated about Quinn- I just hope he’s not TOO altered!

  32. If the Grimm question is really no and yes — and they kill Adalind — I honestly don’t even know how I will react. She’s been by far the character with the most growth in the show, and she deserves to live the good and peaceful life she never got to before.

    • canadian ninja says:

      Yeah, not sure I’ve ever bought into Adalind’s wholesale transformation to good guy but she is such a more dynamic character than Eve/Juliette (no hate) and as Nick’s baby mama she’s gotten to play with the rest of the cast more.

      She’s also the funniest character on the show. Snark, quips and epic eyerolls. Happy ending for Adalind please!

      • Jordana says:

        I agree about Adalind being a great character. And she really does have the best facial expression and comedic timing. I really think this character has definitely been underused over the years.

  33. clintbrew says:

    instead of iris dying it either joe or wells from earth 2 or linda out on assignment instead of iris if wells dies maybe jessie stays on earth 1

  34. WestAllen23! says:

    The back half of S3 The Flash all about Saving my baby Iris? Heck yes!!! Barry is going to do WHATEVER it takes to save the love of his life and enlist Cisco and Wally? Here for all of it. And of course at the center of it all is the beautiful Candice Patton whose Iris West is hands down one of my most favorite characters of all time. I can’t wait to see what she brings to this storyline about her character and how, like always, Iris finds a way to save herself. But I definitely want Barry to heavy lift this time so that he never again messes up the timeline and the lives of the people he loves.

  35. miria says:

    Why am I not surprised about the The 100 “scoop”? :D

    After watching the trailer I’m very excited to see how it all plays out this season.

  36. Lady K says:

    I’m really bummed by no John Constantine on Lucifer! Talk about someone who could really hold his own with Mr. Morningstar in a way we have not seen yet…And Matt Ryan just needs to be back on TV already! Someone, get that man a series, like NOW!

    • Momo says:

      Agreed! I need more Matt in my life. I would love to see him on Lucifer, although I don’t like the idea of Lucifer existing in the Arrowverse. Maybe Matt can play a different character on Lucifer. I’d be cool with that. Even though, he was definitely born to play Constantine.

    • Wendy says:

      Matt Ryan as Constantine is a perfect fit on Lucifer. Please Show, make this happen.

  37. gracepap says:

    Merry Christmas Mike! Been with you for 15 years. Thanks!

  38. Moishe says:

    I’m so glad Eileen is coming back to Supernatural – she and Sam had such great chemistry, I’d love to see them together again.

  39. kmw says:

    So much for me thinking Zack is going to die. I doubt Bones would wait that long for that. But that 11th episode sounds interesting and I think they are also going to tell us what 447 means. Cannot wait!!!

  40. Tim Church says:

    They need to stop giving British hunters spotlight & old characters long, needless breaks… Get rid of everyone named Winchester, & give Cain/Crowley/others the spinoff more people might actually care enough to watch regularly instead of writing to ask when those people will show up again on the already-overstayed-its-welcome-many-times original!!!

  41. Mary says:

    Since we keep getting different Harrison Wells on The Flash, I think it’s possible the one from 19 might end up getting killed and replaced yet again.

  42. Cheryl says:

    Any idea how Canadian fans will be able to watch “The Good Fight”? Google isn’t helping me with the answer!

  43. soonerborn says:

    Sooo if Barry doesn’t tell Iris what he saw isn’t he keeping a secret from Iris and isn’t it true in the Berlanti productions world keeping secrets is bad for a relationship so probably Iris and Barry will have to break up over it. Of course being stabbed through the heart by the big bad can also be bad for a relationship so it seems that Barry is in a no win situation.

  44. Matt C. says:

    Am I the only one who thinks Jason Rothenberg came off as very douchey with his answer? I mean, I get his point, but still…lighten up, dude!

    • Luli says:

      Well… Considering what went on in march, im thinking he didnt have a great year… (As in all the backlash) so now he is just covering his back.

    • I’m so relieved with his answer! After all the complaining from fans last year, I was worried that we were going to see a really watered down, sugarcoated season 4. I am glad he is sticking to his guns and continuing to make the dark, death-filled show it has always been. So excited fpr the next season!

  45. Dj says:

    Anciosa para ver este episódio de Dean. Jensen arrasa quando faz Deans diferentes .

  46. Arna Perry says:

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Michael and the whole staff of!!!!

  47. Phun says:

    Missed this earlier but thank you Michael for all the scoops you’ve been giving us for the past 15 years! Here’s to many more years of ASK AUSIELLO scoops. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

  48. Dyne Porter says:

    I am very excited for the upcoming Iris West and Westallen storylines. Barry will stop at nothing to save Iris and I’m here for it #SaveIris

  49. fatalsin says:

    I still have really mixed feelings on Sheldon… Will Laurie Metcalf be his mom? That could make me have to watch it!

  50. Stacey says:

    I love Iris and I hope Barry and co. will find a way to keep her safe. Hoping for some more Caitlin and her struggle with her meta side Killer Frost too. All the characters are great, I would hate to lose any of them! Hoping for some sweet Westallen scenes when the show starts back up, they’re adorable!