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Big Bang Theory: Why You Will Never See Howard and Bernadette's Baby

The Big Bang Theory Season 10

The following story contains spoilers about this week’s episode of The Big Bang Theory. Proceed at your own peril.

Halley is the new Mrs. Wolowitz.

Thursday’s The Big Bang Theory marked the arrival of Howard and Bernadette’s daughter, and, before we could even lay eyes on her, the little tyke was whisked off screen. And that’s where she will remain.

Showrunner Steve Molaro tells TVLine that the series’ newest addition will serve as an homage to Howard’s late, never-seen mother (and her portrayer Carol Ann Susi), right down to the ear-piercing shrieking (which viewers got a preview of at the end of the episode).

“She is a loving tribute to her grandmother — this is a nice way for us to keep [Mrs. Wolowitz] alive,” Molaro explains. “It also means we don’t have to have a baby on the set, so it solved lots of problems.”

Regarding the decision to name her Halley, Molaro says other monikers were explored, but, ultimately, he and his fellow EPs liked the connection to Halley’s Comet. “They’re all scientists and we decided to stay in the science and space arena,” he explains. “And since Howard was an astronaut and had been to space, we all just really liked [Halley].”

And as Molaro notes, “The thought of calling a little girl Hal seemed adorable to me.”

Did Big Bang‘s baby-themed episode deliver? Thoughts on little Halley being heard but never seen? Hit the comments!

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