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Vampire Diaries Poll: Are Stefan and Caroline Moving Too Fast?

Warning: This article contains major spoilers from Friday’s episode of The Vampire Diaries. Treat it like the Armory vault, and proceed at your own risk.

Friday’s Vampire Diaries ended with two fan-favorite characters pledging to spend the rest of their immortal lives together. My first thought: “Aww!” My second: “Is there any way this won’t go horribly wrong?”

And that’s not to say I don’t support Stefan and Caroline as a couple; it’s well documented (somewhere in the deep, mysterious archives of the Internet) that I’ve sailed the good ‘ship “Steroline” since the third episode of Season 2, when Stefan gave his future fiancée a lesson on chowing down, vampire-style.

Sure, the pair had a few obstacles to overcome, and a handful of other relationships to explore — including Caroline and Klaus, a connection I eventually came to terms with — but once it became clear that Damon and Elena were going to end this show together, so too was Stefan and Caroline’s future cemented in my mind.

So it’s really out of concern that I ask: Are Stefan and Caroline moving too fast?

When she assured him that she “wasn’t trying to rush” their relationship in the Season 8 premiere, my initial reflex was to balk. “Considering we only have 15 episodes left after this,” I wrote in my recap, “I would encourage everyone to start rushing.” Then I saw Stefan’s pseudo-proposal to Caroline, and I immediately ate my words.

With his brother on the fritz, Alaric busy at the Armory, and Bonnie laser-focused on saving Enzo, Stefan doesn’t have a close platonic friend to sit him down and ask him the important questions, so allow me: “Are you sure this is the right time? Do you really think your brother isn’t going to try to turn this into his own personal Red Wedding? And didn’t Caroline just end things with the guy who fathered her children? Honestly, have you journaled enough about this yet? Wouldn’t it have been simpler to propose during the series finale, then enjoy your drama-free nuptials via flash-forward?” (He might be confused by that last one, since he doesn’t know he’s on a TV show, but true friends ask the tough questions.)

My advice to Stefan: As long as Sybil roams the earth, this engagement is going to be a long and painful one. (Your real-life persona, Paul Wesley, even spoke of a “dark” turn ahead.) So get rid of the siren, fix your brother, and then we talk about who’s marrying whom around here. Remember, you have literally all the time in the world.

Do you agree that Stefan should have waited to propose until after this mess is cleared up, or are you looking forward to the inevitable emotional torment to come? Cast your vote below, then drop a comment with your thoughts.


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  1. Julia says:

    Klaroline is better

    • Emily says:

      klaroline is nonexistent.

    • Morgan says:

      No matter what you think about SC there’s something not right about this relationship. Someone has to die for this relationship to progress. Caroline’s mom dies before Stefan realizes he has feelings for his bf. Caroline has to tell him to bring her flowers and instead of Stefan asking Care to move in with him she tells him she’s moving in with him. He proposes to her right after losing Sarah and Damon. They have Stefan use an SE vision for his proposal? JP could’ve had Stefan propose a hundred different ways instead of putting the ring in a drawer. On top of all that Caroline has to tell him to ask her?!?!? If this doesn’t scream disaster then I don’t know what does. What is Julie doing? LOL

      • Desiree says:

        Ok Julie has a lot to do with caroline running the show she cry her way to stefan that’s a shame are you sure he love her because couple week ago he was leaving but damon told him what to do now he has elena stefan is out the picture.

    • Lala says:

      I was never a fan of steroline but I’ll take this engagement if it means Caroline never sets foot in TO after TVD ends…she needs to ride off into the sunset with Stefan in the series finale.

      • Kellie says:

        I would rather Caroline die than for Stefan to be shackled to this dull, whiny, baby voiced girl.

        • Get out of my head, never did like her.

        • Chelsey says:

          LOL, exactly!!!!!
          TVD’s died in Season 4 for about 80% of the fans.
          Ratings proved it.
          What would have kept this show in the top 10,
          Stefan should have stayed with Elena.
          Damon should have stayed bad and flirty.
          Bonnie is great, then and now.
          btw, could someone tell Candice that a WOMAN pushing 30 trying to talk baby talk is NOT cute. It’s pathetic and as embarrassing as putting her with her brother Stefan. LOL

          • Tina says:

            Yes Stefan and Elena! The way it started and the way it should end. Just like KW the creator said they are the epic love story of TVD.

          • Eate says:

            Thank you! The ONLY reason why the writers made Elena and Damon a couple was because Nina and Ian were (at the time) dating IRL and the “fans” were crying for it! As amazing as Ian and Nina’s chemestry was, Stefan and Elena are *my* OTP.

    • Jason says:

      Why would you wish such a fate on Caroline? The dude is an egomaniacal sociopath. Not exactly a guy you want to spend eternity with. Unless that’s your thing.

  2. Shaun says:

    Shipper wars begins in 3,2,1

  3. Sharon says:

    This engagement is such a joke. The proposal was awful.

  4. Kinz says:

    I don’t want it. At all. Pity proposals BC my bro is gone. This relationship is written so terribly. I hope they crash and burn.

  5. Abbi Fortune says:

    No, they aren’t moving too fast. They are best friends who have been in love for 4 years. Just because there is drama going on around them, doesn’t mean they shouldn’t declare their love for each other and be happy together. They are holding on to one of the only sources of happiness they have, which is each other. Their relationship has been growing and evolving for the last 8 years. It’s about time they took the next step. As long as they’re happy, we’re happy. STEROLINE FOREVER! ❤💍 #SterolineJuneWedding

    • Ay amusan says:

      U re such a fortune just like ur name u re so right about steroline they deserve to be happy no matter what is goin on around them they are match made in heaven i wish them nothing but happiness and how bout a way wedding instead of june its my bd month steroline for life

  6. Kathy says:

    This is an ugly article Andy. Not only are you encouraging shipper wars but you’re doing it in an ugly manner. Stefan and Caroline make each other HAPPY. And after what happened to Sarah it’s obvious that you can die at ANY time and I think Stefan knows that. He wants to be with his family, Caroline forever and tbh how are they rushing it they’ve been the biggest slow burn of the show and in love for YEARS. There’s only 14 episodes left.

    Now don’t get me wrong I think they’re gonna have a lot of drama and obstacles to stall this wedding or even break them up for awhile which I’m NOT looking forward too but we’ll have to see I just hope they get the happy ending they clearly want. It’d be stupid as hell to break Steroline up after having them be engaged like why even go there in the first place if you didn’t want them to be endgame. I’ve got high hopes for them. They will always find their way back.

    • Andy Swift says:

      Nothing “ugly” about it. If you can’t have a rational conversation about the plot of a television show, that’s on you.

      • Shaun says:

        why not have the poll during the recap then?

      • Val M says:

        Well saying Andy, we’re all grown-ups here, and less the Scers can’t take. But it’s true in most of the recaps are questioning the same as you Andy, we all are.

      • Sarah says:

        You literally put in the poll what’s Steroline I don’t know them, that is UGLY. There’s nothing rational about that.

      • zed says:

        The article is fine. In general, Steroline is all together a pathetic pairing. Screaming FORCED from the get go. I can remember how Damon and Alaric pushed it on Stefan in season 6- then- season 7 – they are like trying hard with the date thing and romancing- and Stefan goes off to be with Valerie for three years, who broke up with him, but if she hadn’t he would still be with her and then he comes back and realizes Caroline is all he wants- yeah, right. And I will repeat this- there was more chemistry in that last Klaroline phone call than in the entire Steroline so called relationship. Anyway, bottom line is – since yhey ripped apart Stelena, they had noone for Stefan, so they pushed them together. It would have been zillion times better if they paired Caroline with Enzo. They had both chem and amazing fire. That’s my take on it.

        • Tammy4423 says:

          I didn’t see the chemistry between Caroline and Enzo. Honestly, that’s my problem with her pairings in a whole. The writers think she has chemistry with every man they bring on the show and she just does not. I know chemistry is subjective but in their minds she works with everyone. If I had to chose the best pairing for her, it would have been Tyler. I say this again not really caring about any of her pairings. I think that is where the character was most interesting. I actually like Caroline but I have never been excited about anyone they put her with or hinted about putting her with. I just don’t see her and Enzo having the same fire he has with Bonnie. JMO. I didn’t get the Klaus thing either. In my opinion, they could have gone with Stefan and Rebekah after Delena and kept Caroline with Tyler. The relationships she has kind of loses it’s appeal when she’s been in love with them all.

  7. marydspain says:

    No, it’s time. There will always be drama, seeing them engaged can be fun, doesn’t mean they will get married tomorrow. #SterolineJuneWedding FTW

  8. Klaus says:

    Abbi, Dorito and Mary must have their fingers bloody for now. Keep voting girls, show how big the Sc fandom is with the only 3 of you ;)

  9. Sara says:

    we love steroline they will never move too fast if you’re in love you know when you wanna be with someone forever

  10. Lou says:

    Caroline deserves so much better than a guy like Stefan, we all know that she isn’t her first choice, it’s sad. Forwood, Klaroline and even Carenzo were all better relationships for her.

  11. Sarah says:

    I don’t think so at all! I think theres’ gonna be drama this IS TVD PEOPLE. But I think they’re madly in love and I think they’ll be endgame and get that wedding hopefully.

  12. Tess says:

    Hmm I don’t think so I think it’s been building for a long time personally.

  13. Lady M says:

    noo omg i hope it’s not doomed i love them

  14. Beegee says:

    When has waiting for the right time ever worked out for these characters? Their lives are supernatural shenanigans/death and destruction 100% of the time. It’s definitely going to be an angsty engagement, this is TVD after all. I say good for them, fingers crossed they make it. Gonna miss this ridiculous show.

  15. Tammy4423 says:

    I’m not a Steroline fan but I am happy for those who like the couple. They have certainly had a long battle to get to this point. However, irritating it is to watch Caroline forever in the cloud and oblivious to others around her. Alaric, Bonnie, etc. etc.

  16. Melissa says:

    In my opinion, this proposal felt as underwhelming as the whole relationship. Tvd hasn’t done enough to convince me that this is some epic romance, definitely not on the same scale as Stefan and Elena. The whole thing just feels flat. The romance, the proposal, it all seems like Caroline is a distant second to Elena for Stefan. And there’s not enough time in the series to change that for me.

    • Tammy4423 says:

      I say it all the time. It’s hard for me to get into any Caroline relationship because of how many men she has been paired with. Stefan and Elena was much better. That relationship was the only time I liked Elena. Honestly Bonnie and Enzo have way more passion and angst going on. I thought I would never get over them refusing to put Bonnie with Damon but Enzo definitely helped me there. Just sorry they wasted all these years on a steroline pairing when their focus could have been on Bonnie and Enzo. Again, happy for their fans but I pretty much sleep through their scenes until they get to the parts I really want to see.

      • Melissa says:

        I agree with you. I really wanted a Damon an Bonnie pairing but I like how they have handles Bonnie and Enzo. I think they have way more chemistry than Stefan and Caroline. Even in this episode, comparing the two relationships. Bonnie and Enzo’s scenes were way more emotional and romantic than the proposal. Oh well. At least there is one couple I like lol.

        • Tammy4423 says:

          lol I hear ya. I don’t like Steroline and am not looking forward to the return of Delena. But as long as Bonnie gets a happy ending with Enzo, I’m fine. If they screw her over after all the crap Bonnie has been through over the years, I will be very disappointed.

          • Melissa says:

            I think out of all the characters, Bonnie will get a happy ending. Probably Caroline (with someone). Not sure about the rest.

        • Ally Oop says:

          Bonnie had chemistry with everyone. Caroline, in the other hand, only ever had chemistry with Tyler. I always thought it was a Shane that the show seemed to feature Caroline much more than Bonnie. I was never a big fan of Caroline and I always wanted to see more of Bonnie who was always an underused character IMO.

          • Lina says:

            Agree! I have never cared for Caroline as a character and always wondered why they wouldn’t utilize Bonnie’s character more. You’re right, Bonnie has chemistry with everyone which is why they kept her from the brothers because they knew everyone would root for them. If we had to have a friends to lover romance (with Stefan) I would’ve taken Bonnie/Stefan over sterosnooze any day.

      • ALL OF THIS, Tammy, Melissa & Lina. Thank heavens for Bonnie & Enzo. They got to them late and still underutilize them and waste time on other things that suck…but here’s hoping we get lots more. So many questions. And I just like having them on my screen as much a possible. Really the only reason to watch.

  17. Fari says:

    Alright so let me put my hate for steroline aside and my love for klaroline also aside and talk as a Caroline stan and only a Caroline stan here. Let’s start with the fact that Stefan left Caroline and travelled the world with Valerie for 3 years and ONLY came back just because Valerie dropped him and loved herself and realized she deserves better. Now if Valerie never dropped him, Stefan would’ve stayed with her. Anyway, he remembered Caroline, came back and gave her THE MOST failed apology ever and honestly I was shaking my head the whole episode and I still can’t believe Caroline forgave him so damn easily. Anyway onto season 8 where we haven’t really seen Steroline work through any issues as if s7 was completely forgotten and as if Stefan didn’t drop her for 3 years…ANYWAAAAY, season 8 started and they became a happy couple again and Caroline asked him to move in…while telling him that she doesn’t want them to move so fast even though they are because im still salty at how quickly she forgave him. So now they’re together and moved in all in 8×01. Now on 8×02 stefan decides to propose, and she says yes. Like my first thought was, did he even meet her daughters yet? Because Caroline would never marry a guy unless she sees him getting along with her twins I mean, Caroline Forbes would never who are they kidding. So if we wanna be technical here stefan and Caroline got back together, moved in together and got engaged all in 3 episodes. So YES they’re moving too fast that you’d think the writers don’t care about the ship because that’s not a SL anyone would take seriously, except for its fans who are only happy they’re engaged. I wouldnt want that for my ship though. *drops mic*
    P.S. I feel bad for Caroline because her character is so weirdly shaped now and i’ll always support her but damn stop changing her to suit stefan, if its not meant to be then drop it. Thanks xx. And Im sorry if its too long kdkskdks

    • Pam says:

      Everything you said was on point! The fact alone that they never actually communicated about the 3 years that they weren’t together is a big failure. How can anyone take this couple seriously? This rushed engagement considering what is currently going on in their lives has me shaking my head. Can’t wait for this to blow up in their faces!

    • Shaun says:

      Or you could take it as Stefan not forcing her to choose between the babies and him.She may be mad that he left,but he took the hit for that.

    • A. says:

      As a Caroline stan who is unaffiliated ship-wise, completely agree. Last season, Stefan kept putting her in second or third place. Damon, Valerie, even his abusive mother were more important in his life. It got to the point where Caroline didn’t want to bother him with her feelings about her pregnancy. She didn’t want to BOTHER him with her FEELINGS. And this is after he panicked and ran out on her when she told him she was impregnated against her will. His crazy mother had to convince him to go back to her and realize that this wasn’t about him, it was about Caroline, which apparently he didn’t get because he’s so self-involved it’s unbelievable. And when he called her after this, she thought he was about to dump her, *for being pregnant*, and she was basically giving him an out as though she had done something wrong and he could justifiably leave her over this? That was so OOC and gross, but anyway. Meanwhile, Caroline was getting insecure about Stefan’s relationship with Valerie and he didn’t do much to soothe these insecurities when he, you know, ran off to bang Valerie around the world for 3 years while Caroline sat around in Texas crying every night. To add insult to injury, he sent her letters from all the places he’d been with Valerie while she again, sat alone in Texas crying every night. Not only that, but Stefan did love Valerie in the end! Supposedly not as much as Caroline, but either way, Valerie knew what was best for her and skedaddled, which is what I hope Caroline does in the end. And after all this bull, Caroline forgives him for it all because he says that he won’t force her kids to do magic. That’s like, less than bare minimum. “There was a thaw”? After all that? And then we get a 2 second mention in the final montage about how “Stefan and I worked out our problems”. Incredibly lazy writing. This season isn’t shaping up to be any better since they went from that whole mess, to moving in, to engaged in three episodes. And it was the worst engagement to top it all off. It’s funny that last season, Stefan was mocking Alaric by saying that a meeting with the Justice of the Peace wasn’t very Caroline Forbes, but this entire proposal was not at all Caroline Forbes, either. This is the girl who likes it big and classic, the girl who wanted a royal caliber dress for her *high school prom*. She’s grown up a lot, but she still likes those things, hence Stefan’s rightful mockery of Calaric’s bland engagement last season. The only thing Stefan got right was the ring. The rest was so underwhelming and awkward.

      The engagement won’t last though, it’s too early into the season. I just hope that at the end of the series, Caroline doesn’t put up with the bare minimum.

    • Johnson says:

      Before I go any further Fari, I must call you on the irony of supporting the abusive and virtually non-existent relationship that is Karolin, while also calling yourself a Caroline stan. Before I discuss Steroline, let me just highlight a few things: 1) Candice King, the woman who plays Caroline and knows her better than anyone else, has repeatedly stated that she dislikes Klaus and that relationship. Pretty dresses and other material gifts don’t make a beautiful relationship, but a a toxic and superficial one. Klaus has physically harmed Caroline and her friends on several occasions. Klaus has killed the loved ones of those that Caroline loves, and he has repeatedly manipulated her. He tried to sleep with her while he was in Tyler’s body!
      As for “Caroline being weirdly shaped” I don’t even know what you mean. She is still incredibly strong and compassionate, showing great concern for Bonnie once she realized her mistake. She is still tremendously loving and neurotic, trying to help her kids, Alaric and Stefan. I fail to see how being with a Klaus, a man who she felt so guilty and horrible for sleeping with, she sought reassurance that she wasn’t a bad person FROM STEFAN! Caroline is still a great character who is what she has always been: loving, kind, neurotic and optimistic. She hasn’t been shaped in anyway. She hasn’t been changed to suit Stefan. She didn’t forgive him immediately, it wasn’t until she was scarred and realized that she had to run to protect the ones she loved that she realized Stefan didn’t want to abandon her. She came to appreciate that he did what he did to protect her, because he loved her. As for Valerie, while he likely would have stayed with her out of loyalty in the short term, but he never loved her. He didn’t go back to to Caroline because Valerie dumped him, he went back to her because he loved her and wanted to be with her! Beyond that, Stefan was the one that proposed they moved to Dallas because he wanted to be around Caroline.
      I agree with you that Stefan mistreated Caroline in season 7, and that he was a very bad boyfriend, but season 8 is showing how much he has changed, and how much he loves her and values her now. At the start of 8×01 we see Caroline ranting about the nanny and how Caroline mistrusts her. This signifies that Stefan and Caroline are both capable of expressing their opinions and sharing their problems. Stefan is no longer only thinking about Damon, or his personal problems. We see this further in his choice to renovate the house and make a bedroom for her girls. She didn’t ask him to do it, he chose to do it. He was considerate of her situation with her children, and he wants the kids to be apart of their life together. He isn’t thinking solely of Damon, but he is also thinking of Caroline and their relationship. That shows tremendous growth and maturity on the part of Stefan.
      I absolutely adore Steroline, and I loved the proposal scene. I thought it was beautiful. To all the Stelena fans that thought it copied the Stelene proposal…get over yourself. I love Stefan and Caroline together and as individuals, and nobody has ever made Caroline as happy as Stefan has, despite his constant screw ups, and Stefan Salvatore…after living for over a century in self-imposed darkness proposed to a woman! The man who has hated himself for so long and believed he did not deserve happiness just asked the woman he loved to marry him. That is monumental, and it is something he did’t do for Elena, since the Stelena proposal was fake, and Klaus certainly never proposed to Caroline. The proposal wan’t rushed, as they have known each other for eight years, endured countless hardships together, and “have more history in the past five years than most do in a lifetime.” Stefan wasn’t waiting for the perfect moment like he did in season 6, because he appreciates that life will never be perfect. All he can do is make the best of the chaos and not allow it to dictate how he lives his life. He loves Caroline, and he wasn’t going to wait to marry her at the perfect time, because that doesn’t exist. But marrying her and being with her makes the chaos and the darkness bearable and less daunting.
      I understand that you are all upset that your ships no longer reign, but anyone can see how happy they are together. They love each other so deeply, and they both deserve to be happy. If nothing else, why can’t we just accept that canonically Caroline is happy when she is with Stefan and that they love each other so dearly. As fans of Caroline, let’s celebrate that she is with someone who WANTS TO MARRY HER! Nobody forced him to propose, and she certainly wasn’t expecting it. She isn’t a consolation prize, but “something that is even better” than the love he had with Elena. He chose to marry Caroline Stelena fans, so stop talking. The relationship is absolutely beautiful, and I believe uniquely epic. They are best friends that fell in love! That is a magical story in fiction or in the real world.
      P.S. I would feel sorry for Caroline if she was forced back into a relationship with a guy that has tormented her and her friends and has tried to kill her on multiple occasions. But hey, he gave her a pretty dress so it is all good. That doesn’t sound like a toxic, abusive relationship at all…

      • Kellie says:

        Hopefully Caroline dies and then no one has to be with her.

      • Melissa says:

        Nobody has to stop talking just because you say so. Just like you, everyone is entitled to their opinion. This is a forum for stating one’s opinion. I think her relationship with Stefan pales in comparison to Elena. You don’t. I don’t live and die with the ships. Whoever she ends up with or doesn’t end up with. Life goes on.

      • A. says:

        Trust me, I’m no Klaroline fan and I agree with your opinion of them for the most part, but Candice is not automatically the ultimate authority on Caroline just because she plays the character. I think she’s the best of the cast at being critical and understanding of her character and the story, but she has her own biases at play. And look at actors like Ian, he doesn’t know his own character at all. Either way, I think you’re giving Stefan WAY too much slack. He ran away just to protect her? Then why did he need to hook up with Valerie for three years and come to love her? And the huntress was locked up during the majority of that time. It wasn’t all about selflessly protecting her, he could have been there for her for most of that time. He saw her being happy with her kids and fled, and then had a relationship with the one woman Caroline was really insecure about. That was not done for Caroline’s benefit by any means.

        I don’t think Caroline is any less the wonderful character she’s always been, she’s one of my all time favorites, but she has been pushed into the background of her own story lately. In season 7, we barely got to see how she felt about being impregnated against her will, but we got a lot about how Stefan felt about it. This was something huge that happened to her, but most of it got turned into a gag on her side while Stefan was off sorting through HIS feelings about it (on top of not being there for her). When Stefan left for three years, he got to be in a sexual relationship with at least some amount of happiness, while Caroline was in a non-romantic, sexless engagement. It’s like she was being kept loyal to Stefan while he wasn’t returning the favor, and it was gross. This season, I love that she gets to be a mother, but otherwise, her story is about Stefan. I wish she’d get to work with Bonnie on getting Enzo back, or with Stefan to get Damon back (or both? get some Bonnie/Caroline/Stefan trio thing going), but that’s not happening like 7×22 lead us to believe. I’m holding judgment for now because that could change, but it doesn’t seem like it’s going to get much better based on the promo for 8×03 where she’s focused on planning her big old June Wedding when, as two vampires, they could put that on hold, and let Caroline get involved in the main plot. That would be fun to see her doing towards the end of the season when things are levelling out before endgame, but now? It’s not the time, and she deserves more action than this.

        I personally hate Stelena so I won’t say that any fake Stelena proposal was better than this real one, but I do agree that the drawer part of it was unnecessarily similar and they could have done something more original for Steroline. A lot of Steroline scenes have come off as derivative and this did not help. And yes, it is rushed. You can’t act like this is a smooth continuation from the start of their romantic relationship. After the disaster that was season 7, they need to rebuild; instead, they swept that under the rug, said that they sorted through their issues, and jumped into a deeper relationship. They went from a reconciliation in 7×22, to moving in in 8×01, to engaged in 8×02. That’s the definition of rushed, no matter how long you as a shipper have been waiting for this.

      • Fari says:

        Yo Johnson, You here starting the negotiation with Candice’s opinion which is basically a normal opinion. Just like mine, just like yours. Anyway, moreover, I started what I wrote by saying i’m putting both ships aside which you clearly missed since you wanna start a ship war by putting the problems my ship faced but that article ain’t about that love, its about if I agree with stefan and Caroline’s engagement or no, and why. Moreover, the fact that he treated her like shit for an entire season and she want back to him in an episode is ugly af and everyone was hella disgusted by THAT kind of writing. Also, on “Caroline is now weirdly shaped to suit stefan.” I doubt you’d ever admit that Johnson since you’re clearly a VERY hardcore sc shipper lmfao. Have you seen the way she treated bonnie last episode? Thats not her. Now about how Steroline had 8 years, so I got a bestfriend who i’ve known for 14 years does this mean if we date for 6 months and he proposes its cause we’ve known each other for 14years, 6months. Lol! Its about how much they’ve been together and if you forgot, they haven’t for the past THREE years. I don’t mind Stefan to be happy but yo, he just lost Sara and is probably losing Damon. There’s a thin line between “being in the dark for too long so he wanna be happy” and between “got lost in the moment because his shock of losing everyone around him took over.” Which by the way he TOLD caroline while proposing? Nothing romantic in that! Now about those pretty dresses and tormenting friends, didn’t she and Stefan abuse each other when they had their emotions off? Didn’t Stefan’s brother rape her? Oh wait in s7 didn’t stefan lie to her? And actually told her to drop her twins for him? Didn’t he leave her for another chick? Didn’t he and Alaric talk about her sleeping status which is HELLA disrespectful to a woman? Didn’t he get told by lily to tell her I love you? Didn’t he get called out by Klaus on the way he’s treating Caroline? Listen Johnson, its sad you feel sorry for Caroline if she gets back with a guy who wants to show her the world and thinks nothing will ever be worthy of her, but hey at least you now know how I felt when she got back with a guy who disrespected her, always puts her second and actually got with her just after Elena and Damon happened. :)

      • Katie says:

        What a beautiful, well crafted argument Johnson. I completely agree. I can’t deny that I was curious about Klaroine when they were in the beginning stages of their dynamic but I’m happy, regardless, for her and Stefan. He has always cared for her and treated her with kindness and compassion and their friendship evolving into romanic love was one of the few cases in TV where that type of change made sense.

  18. Sharon says:

    No Steroline Forever :)!

  19. steroline is a disaster, seriously. Caroline’s character ruined since s6 because of this “ship”. Caroline forced herself to forget about her feelings for Klaus, because he’s a bad guy, but this bad guy would do anything for her, because he knows how to treat a girl he loves. when it comes to Stefan, I don’t think he loves Caroline that much, he barely cares for her, but when it was Elena, he was ready to kill his own brother.
    it’s just… they’re great friends, but that’s it. I just hope Caroline will figure this out and we’ll see Klaus and Caroline, drinking champagne in Paris, Rome or Tokyo, Ed Sheeran singing about love, they’re dancing, they’re so happy and so are we : )

    • Xandra says:

      Caroline’s character has been ruined since they make her Klaus’ love interest. She grew up when she was with Tyler and that were her only good times in TVD. She lost her character when she started to m@sturb@te to Klaus’ drawing.
      #forwood forever

  20. what? Not at all ! we’ve waited 7 seasons for this! This article is so funny Now the Klaroline shippers will take advantage to launch their poison! -.-

  21. Starshut says:

    Steroline proposal was beautiful :)

  22. Xandra says:

    Stefan should be with Klaus. Steroline is awful.

  23. Lala says:

    Andy, your thirst for shipper-wars gives me life…I’m enjoying this comment section. As a hardcore DE fan I love having the heat/hate off the DE shippers for a while. I know it’s only a matter of time until we are back in the ‘hate spotlight’ again.

  24. Ile says:

    I do not want steroline !!! I love STELENA !! MY dream is Stefan and Elena in SEASON 8!!!!!

  25. Tvfangasm says:

    They’ve know each other for 8 years.
    3 of those years they were friends. Another 2 years they were best friends. Another 2 years and they were romantic.
    A 3 year time skip and they were still in love with each other even after breaking up.
    Also discussion is cool but I don’t appreciate the 3rd option. It doesn’t even contribute an answer to your original question. Just felt like an un- need attack to get the haters be a part of this poll. Anyway still love you Andy, thanks for the coverage.

  26. Alexander says:

    I don’t think so at all. I look at it in Stefan’s perspective, he has nothing good going on right now, at all, Caroline is all he’s holding on too, so he decided to take a step further

  27. Fernanda says:

    Yes, they’re rushing them. The writers obviously want them to end up together but they can’t keep them together without some angst. I used to ship them hard together, thought they would be the healthiest tvd relationship, thought they’d be like Monica and Chandler, perfecting the trope “friends to lovers” but this man literally went away with another woman for 2 years and Caroline takes him back right away like nothing happened and now one day they moved together and the next they’re engaged? That’s the laziest writing imo, but if their shippers are happy with their mediocre SLs as long as they end up together, I guess no one else cares, definitely not Plec, who seems to even without having Dobrev on the show, care more about how she handles Delena.
    Sidenote: That proposal was so lame but then again, it’s Stefan so I guess it was to be expected, seems like he only had a romantic bone with Elena.

  28. Nick says:

    Just wait until Elena show’s up to mess with their heads ;) It’s very peculiar how things can change in this show! Since 2009 we have had so many relationships :) I remember when all people wanted Elena and Stefan, and later Klaus and Caroline together! :) What has happened with all of those people?! I know that things have changed quite a lot, having now Elena and Damon in love, but still I know that there is a huge amount of people who still believes in Stelena :D Who knows what will happen next?!

  29. Hallie says:

    Like steoline hate them I have a headache from all the ship wars but since JP and company decided to get them engaged in episode 2 rather then episode 14 or 15 tells me that this couple won’t last. The reason they feel rushed is because they are rushing them they are upping the stakes by having them engaged just to tear them apart in the end.

  30. Jason says:

    Vampire Diaries owes us a successful wedding so I’m looking forward to that, but their mo is to put us through as much torment as possible. In a way, it’s good to que up the hurt now, as it gives them plenty of time to fix things during the end stretch.

  31. Rose says:

    Lol, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that they’re t rushed up. Also – forced, lacking chemistry and never failing to make us cringe.

  32. SM says:

    I don’t like Steroline, never have and never will. I don’t care for this forced relationship. They’re only put together cause Elena was taken away from Stefan and his storyline was getting boring. Caroline is and always will be second choice to Stefan. I hope this ship burns up sooner than later.

  33. luna says:

    we are waiting from season 2 and in the last season where is only 14 episode left you guys are saying they are rushing it.. lol

    • Tina says:

      NO one was waiting for them since s2. S2 Stefan was all up IN Elena. Just because he helped her transition and became friends doesn’t mean they should end up together. Most fans of the show don’t see romantic chemistry between them and see Julie Plec forcing them because and I quote “Stefan needs someone since Elena is with Damon” – This is from Plec herself. This along with every other contrived s/l going on is why TVD is below 1mil in views.

      • luna says:

        lol Julie said herself so many times including the latest sdcc tvd panel that she is rooting for them since season 2.. most of the steroline shipper started to ship them from season 2..and tvd made it canon and made Stefan say in 7X04 that he and Caroline has more history than most people have in a LIFETIME..“Stefan needs someone since Elena is with Damon” is to all Stelena shippers to say that as Elena moved on Stefan has right to move on to..

        • Lina says:

          That’s funny that she said that considering she was all about Stefan and Elena until s5 and the way she has written SC has been awful. LOL

          • luna says:

            Stelena died in season 3 finale when Elena died and s5 explained why it happened just because of a curse.. she pretty much destroyed Stelena in s5.. lol

  34. Wendy says:

    Ugh, let’s put shipping aside for a moment and think about what it means for a vampire couple to get engaged.

    I get that it seems romantic at first. Two people pledging to be together forever. But forever is a very long time when your a vampire. You get married and then what? They cannot have their own children, they cannot grow old together. They will constantly have to change careers and move when people start to realise they don’t age. Forever gets very boring. You have to keep moving with the times and reinventing your life and what you want.

    So they may get a nice few years out of a marriage, but eventually it will fade. And they will go their own ways and meet other people. Besides, the entire show has lost it way. It did so years ago. It no longer has it’s charm. It’s just contrived and built for the crazy thing called shipping. It was terrible enough when it was Stelena ve Delena! Now it’s everyone!

    A question – in the eyes of the law, wouldn’t their marriage eventually be invalid anyway because they should have died sometime in the last 100 years?

    • Cara says:

      A lot of people don’t really think “long term” threw. Not even in regards to forever but this is something that happens in most relationships in general and I find that people don’t know how to let go even when they should which is normal for everyone since humans hate change. I am no longer invested in this show so I don’t care if they marry or not but I am sure that anything that we see in the end is going to be a “happy for now” instead of “forever after”. And if people can’t find a precedent, look at the Original siblings. They love each other even after all the things Klaus has done to them but not even Eliyah could remain with Klaus every single day (for clear reasons) of their 1000+ years of life.And quite frankly, I don’t think Stefan and Caroline have the connection to last even a human life span together.

  35. They may of been friends for so long, and have had a romantic relationship for 3 years (on and off, mostly off), but they have only just moved in and been back together for a few months. Not enough to prove that their relationship is stable plus shouldn’t she have thought about the twins? I would of thought that Caroline would be more rational and think through first. The fact that it’s rushed and too early, I hope that it doesn’t last. Plus I can’t imagine vampires doing something so human as marriage. You don’t see many married vampires in TVD/TO world – not counting Mikael and Esther because they were married before becoming vampires.

  36. Once again these writers put people together that have little chemistry as a sexual couple. They put Caroline with everyone under the sun. They should have put her with Enzo if Tyler was no longer around. So let’s see, they’ll put bestfriends together aka steroline But won’t put Bamon together who happen to be bestfriends that actually have the UST chemistry going on for 7 seasons. There was no bonenzo build up to justify her going against her principals, with Damon there were years and bonding while dying together too… Now this engagement that seems so forced in the middle of a real war seems perfect! Lol I am rooting for the worst ending for TVD I mean it has been a train wreck since season 4 is it? or 3? Don’t remember since I jumped ship due to dullena.

  37. Stacey says:

    Steroline is the most disgusting ship on tv. Can’t wait for this ship to die. Klaroline is endgame!

    • Molly says:

      How is it disgusting? At least Stefan has never tried to kill/hurt Caroline. Klaus tried to kill her many times. He has stabbed her, killed and hurt her friends, wrecked havoc on her town and then tried to make out he is deeply in love with her and she should forgive him. She tells him she will sleep with him if that means he will go away and never come back. How the hell is that romantic!? You can believe in your own Klaroline story if you want, and make changes to their relationship in your mind so these things didn’t happen, but there is no way they would be right for each other in the context of how the show portrayed them.

      • Stacey says:

        At least Klaus has always put her first unlike Stefan. Plus Stefan vervained and kidnapped Care last season taking her choice away and decided for her. Anyway, it doesn’t bode well for SC, when they reunite 7×22 and get engaged 8×2, they are heading to a break up. Care is the girl who was never picked first and according to the spoilers, Stefan’s constantly putting Damon before Care as well as his attraction to Sybil causes them to break up. And Care slept with Klaus because she has feelings for him and wanted too. It wasn’t under duress as much as you SC fans want to believe. Enjoy your ship now, because it definitely is heading towards it death.

        • Molly says:

          Look, I don’t want an argument. I neither ship KC nor SC. I am not blinded by a strong favour for either of them.

          Klaus doesn’t always put her first. He loves his family – his daughter will always be first. He would even save Rebekah and Elijah and maybe even Kol before he saved Caroline. They are his family, just like how Damon is Stefan’s. I don’t think Caroline would even expect either of them to save her before their own family. You should understand that, think of your own family. Look at how he turned against her when Finn and Kol were killed. And Caroline wouldn’t save Stefan or Klaus first if it came down to them or her daughters either.

          If you hate Stefan that much for vervaining her once, then you have to hate Klaus for the many things he did to her too, which were far worst. I started to make a list but it goes on and on!

          She only slept with him because she made him promise that he would leave her alone once she had. That is not romantic. It’s wrong. She may have fancied him, but that does not make it alright. You are romanticising it.

          Yet, people love to romanticise the bad guy falling in love with a person who will redeem him and therefore, they will forgive anything he does because of it. I am not doubting she fancied him. And I don’t doubt he may have loved her. I actually like Klaus. But you are shipping a relationship that has never been healthy and being hypocritical about her relationship with Stefan.

          I don’t think Stefan and Caroline will last forever. Nothing does. I don’t think they are that great either when I think about it tbh. But they are far more healthy than KC. And KC wouldn’t last forever either if they ever get together properly.

          With so little episodes left before the end, don’t expect a great KC reunion and her running off into the sunset with him. She might break up with Stefan but she has children. She is tied to Alaric. She is tied to the people she has known longer than Klaus. Klaus is tied to his family and daughter and friends. He has his own show and his own life.

          • Liz says:

            I hate to disagree with your reply, but it’s not entirely accurate. There have been a few times when Klaus has put Caroline before his family. Circumstances change, I agree. He does have a new set of priorities, but so does she. The biggest issue I see with the SC couple is they never resolve the big issues. Damon raped her in s1 and no one talks about it. No one has come up to her said I’m sorry we didn’t stop it. Stefan who is currently the love of her life and yet he never once acknowledge the her past relationship with his brother. The one where he did nothing for the good of others. I’m sorry this is a one of many big issues.

            SC friendship, to me, was as good as it gets. When they went to coupledom well this where everything started to fall apart. Stefan in s7 was like an absent bf. He was there but not there. Why didn’t he ask how she felt when she magically impregnated? Did they not talk about what was going to happen afterward? They are a couple, and these questions should of been asked. For him to not know how she felt shows me this couple was not meant to be. He is suppose to be this perfect bf.

            In the crossover episode, it was Klaus who put his family endanger to help Stefan for Caroline. It was also Stefan who admitted it took the mark not for Caroline, but for Damon. Yes he did think of her after he did it, but that was a little to late. I am all for helping family,but when a family hits rock bottom and doesn’t want to come back up there is this thing called walking away. Tough love, Damon needs alot of it.

            I feel that Caroline felt more than attraction for Klaus. Because why would she barter sex for him to leave. She isn’t a hooker, and she obviously had no problems saying no to him before. She also stated afterwards that she was just going to kiss him and then it felt really good and she then decided to sleep with him.

            Obviously SC is the more healthier of the two. But just cause it’s good for you doesn’t make it right for you.

          • Ok, I have to comment because while I agree that people romanticize a lot of the negative aspects of Caroline’s relationship with Klaus, one of the things that Klau did not do was manipulate her into sleeping with him. He asked her to admit that they had a connection, not that he wanted sex. I don’t see how you translated this into him getting her to sleep with him as a way to get rid of him. She slept with him because she wanted to and it’s clear that she wanted to for some time precisely because of the connection that she tried to deny because of who he was. We had the discussion years ago when Caroline began questioning her goodness as a result of her feelings for Klaus and some of us arrived at the conclusion that there was little that separated the main characters of TVD from the Originals. They would kill just as quickly as the Mikelson when they felt threatened. The only difference between them is how we, the viewers, rationalize the fears that led to the action the characters took. I admit my bias, not towards romanticizing Klaus, I always knew who he was and what he without a doubt would do when he felt threatened, but I’ve always loved Klaus character because I study psychology and I understand how his defense mechanisms play out. I’ve always seen Klaus as a product of his childhood and a lot of people don’t understand the impact early experiences has on who we will become as adults. His childhood and the fact that he has the power to maintain his form of thinking without challenge is going to, naturally, lead to someone who is going to keep hitting the same wall repeatedly. This is why I loved the dynamic his relationship with Caroline created for both of them. In her he found someone who challenge his thought patterned and in him she found someone who brought her desires to the surface and made her realize just what she would face as a vampire that she clearly had not thought through until then; her immortality and power. He made her think about her future. You may think that his Paris, Italy, or Tokyo line was him trying to get some but that carries a lot of implication as to where a slice of her forever could take her and will without a doubt take her, whether its with him, someone else, or alone. One of the things I hated about S4 was that the answer to “who is evil” was never truly answered and the show relied on the fact we rooted for the main characters and normally took their side without much question. Though quite frankly, I don’t think JP is capable of doing justice to such a question in her story board because she is so receptive to the viewers opinion. I too believe that nothing last forever but I do believe that when people are together (in whatever form of relationship) for the right reasons and the relationship is willing to change when it has to, I don’t see what could prevent “forever and always”.

  38. Ally Oop says:

    I haven’t ever been a huge fan of Steroline. I preferred them over Klaroline though. I actually thought Stephen had more chemistry with Valerie and was disappointed to see her leave the show.

    • Lina says:

      Me too! If they weren’t going to circle back to SE then I would’ve been on board with Stefan and Valerie they at least had the romantic chemistry to pull off a relationship.

  39. Michelle Kellogg says:


  40. Michelle Kellogg says:

    I want Stefan and Elena back together…like they were in the beginning…Come on…get it together😡😡

  41. Stephanie says:

    Of course not! This is the last season, when do you all expect they could get married? I’m so happy for them. Finally they’re truly happy! Steroline is endgame <3

  42. Becca says:

    Yes this was way too fast. They were hardly together last season and broken up for most of it and Julie has yet to convince me that Stefan is happy with Caroline. LMAO Caroline had to make him ask her the question!! And yes all the proposal did was make me think about s5 SE vision proposal and them married with kids…the life they always wanted WITH EACH OTHER. SE is the TRUE ENDGAME OF TVD!!! ALWAYS!!

  43. Angie says:

    We don’t like them! We hate this uglyyyy ship and the ratings proved it!

  44. Fansy says:

    Uh. Steroline are obvz doomed!!!

    And I don’t care. Gimme a Bonenzo “happy ending” and the rest of the universe can burn, quite frankly…

    Seriously, though, they deserve it on so many levels. Whether it’s their individually crappy past lives, current chain of obstacles or just clunky dialogue, somehow these two keep making even the asinine sublime. Reward them (eventually/permanently), TVD!

  45. Minnie says:

    Of course it’s rushed! They never worked on their issues (writers just swept everything under the rug) and got back together like two episodes ago. I think only Stefan and Caroline shippers think otherwise.
    Ships wars aside. What really bothers me is that we are discussing marriages and rushed proposals in a vampire show, I repeat vampire show! TVD lost its charm a long time ago for me.

    • zed says:

      I had to come back and read the verdict on Steroline. Anyway, it is interesting what you put- it is a vampire show- well, yeah- but more like Days of Our Vampire Lives.

  46. Jenny says:

    klaroline is a dead s̶h̶i̶p̶ parrot.

    ‘E’s passed on! This parrot is no more! He has ceased to be! ‘E’s expired and gone to meet ‘is maker! ‘E’s a stiff! Bereft of life, ‘e rests in peace! If you hadn’t nailed ‘im to the perch ‘e’d be pushing up the daisies! ‘Is metabolic processes are now ‘istory! ‘E’s off the twig! ‘E’s kicked the bucket, ‘e’s shuffled off ‘is mortal coil, run down the curtain and joined the bleedin’ choir invisible!! THIS IS AN EX-PARROT!!

  47. Leah says:

    Nice to see that most people thing they’re rushing it/don’t want it. Please, JP check the ratings. This relationship is TANKING the show. I want VAMPIRE GENRE. NOT SOAP GENRE.

    • blueberry says:

      lol 50% said they don’t think they are rushing it and 30% are bitter shipper and rest are the morons who said they never heard what is steroline! it is the last season.. do you really think they care about some childish mean girls who can’t take a hint rather then giving the characters their well deserved ending? you are hilarious!! tvd has been supernatural soap opera from the biginning

  48. Selena says:

    We want KLAROLINE

  49. Amber says:

    Thing is, in one of the seasons, Markos gets Stefan and Elena to have visions of eachother in some alternate universe. In the visions, Stefan puts the engagement ring in a drawer where someone WOULD find it. In season 8, Stefan puts the engagement ring in a drawer for Caroline to find. What I’m saying is, Stefan didn’t plan that engagement. Markos did. And he’s dead.