Vampire Diaries Recap: 'Who's Elena?' — Plus: A Shocking Twist for 'Steroline'

The Vampire Diaries Recap

The Vampire Diaries‘ new Big Bad may identify as a siren, but since we’re talking about a world where hybrids and heretics are possible, might I suggest that Sybil is also part troll?

Friday’s episode proved Nathalie Kelley’s character capable of probing her victim’s memories and using their strongest emotional triggers against them — no matter how hard they attempt to throw her off course. Case in point: Despite Damon attempting to hide Elena’s existence from her, Vanessa Lachey’s evil doppelganger was able to not only discover their connection, but also replace her. (I swear, if this chick starts walking around in Converse, writing in diaries…)

Enzo also tried to keep Sybil from going after Bonnie by convincing her that his true love was Sarah Nelson (aka Sarah Salvatore). As you can imagine, this didn’t turn out super well for the last of Stefan’s living relatives, who died at the hands of Sybil’s brooding vamp-slave.

Elsewhere this week…

CROSSING A MAJOR ‘STEROLINE’ | Ladies and gentlmen… Stefan Salvatore and Caroline Forbes are engaged. (Excuse me for not making this the focus of my recap, but truth be told, the big moment caught me completely off guard.) He popped the question — though it was really more of a statement — after showing her the room he’d prepared for her twins, and telling her, “You are my family now.” Color me crazy, but it looks like the ‘shippers might get their #SterolineJuneWedding after all.

‘YOU HAVE TO LET ME GO’ | Speaking of surprising relationships, I have a confession to make: I never really felt Bonnie and Enzo’s connection — not because of their lack of chemistry, but rather that we didn’t get to see their bond form — until this week. Their back-and-forth about her not wanting to lose him again, then him telling her she has to let him go… it all felt very Elena-and-the-Salvatores, and I’m 100 percent here for it.

‘SHUT UP, GEORGIE’ | Having a crush on your boss is one thing, but Alaric’s new intern is so unabashedly thirsty, I’m surprised she doesn’t wear a bib to work. Honestly, I feel more sexual tension between them than I have with any of Alaric’s previous relationships — a list that includes his ex-fiancée and the woman who bore his children. That said, it’s probably good that Ric is insisting on keeping their relationship strictly professional, especially if she does have a “PhD in hell.” (Don’t text and drive, guys!)

OK, we’ve got a lot to talk about — from Georgie’s freaky hell tattoo to, you know, Stefan and Caroline’s engagement — so drop a comment below with your thoughts on this week’s episode.

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