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Jane the Virgin EP Previews Michael's Fate, Jane's 'Big Life Steps' and More

Will Jane the Virgin‘s new hubby make the narrator’s ominous words a reality by taking his last breath in the Season 3 premiere?

“A central question of the episode is Michael’s survival,” executive producer Jennie Urman tells TVLine about Monday’s premiere (The CW, 9/8c).

As the hospitalized detective fights for his life in the present, flashbacks of a defining moment in his and Jane’s courtship add another level of poignancy to the “devastating” and “very emotional” season opener.

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“We learn a lot about what happened with Jane and Michael after they had their first kiss,” the EP shares. “We learn a lot of unexpected things about the beginning of their relationship as she’s trying to get through the trauma and find out if he’s going to live or die.”

Below, Urman previews Jane’s upcoming milestones — she’s finally getting it on and moving out! — Anezka’s struggle, pregnant Xo’s choice and more.

TVLINE | The theme of the season is growing up. What does that mean for Jane?
There are a lot of big life milestones that all of our characters go through. Over the course of the season, she’s going to end up losing her virginity, she’s going to end up moving out, she’s going to end up doing all these big life steps — maybe not in the way that she expected to be taking them, but she’s going to be taking them. Because of certain events that happen, Jane has this letting go of the fairy-tale version of what she thought her life was going to look like and accepting of what it does look like. That challenges her in really interesting and important ways.

TVLINE | How far will the Rafael and Anezka storyline go?
It goes for a quite a while. Anezka has a plan that she’s trying to implement. The plan gets a little bit more complicated now that there are cops all over the hotel because of Michael’s shooting. So she has to adjust her plan a little bit. She’s not as good at thinking on the fly as Petra is, so it definitely brings complications. As for their relationship, Rafael will have a definite point of view on that and where the potential relationship should or shouldn’t progress.

TVLINE | How is Petra doing in her “Petrafied” state?
Petra is frozen. If Anezka doesn’t get back in time to give her another shot — she has to give her these shots every certain amount of hours — then she’s going to unfreeze. So there’s a little bit of drama in that first episode about whether Anezka’s going to get there on time.

Jane the Virgin SpoilersTVLINE | In terms of Jane and Rafael, what are they dealing with in the coming season? Is it mostly centered around parenting Mateo?
There’s going to be a lot around Mateo. Rafael has a surprising new attitude this season. After seeing Jane walk down the aisle with someone and all the subsequent events, he’s come to something new, and that’s going to continually complicate their parenting dynamic in good, interesting, challenging ways.

TVLINE | Will we be seeing a lot of Rose and Luisa?
You will see [them] in the premiere, and then we will get deeper into their screwed-up relationship in Episode 3. Can they survive what Rose has done in order to forge a future, because they really do love each other? That’s going to be a big question.

Jane the Virgin SpoilersTVLINE | Where do Rogelio and Xo stand now that they’ve parted ways?
They’re both going to be really trying to accomplish the things that they want to accomplish. The things that are keeping them from being together, they’re going to double down on. Those feelings aren’t going to go away. It’s not going to be easy, but they’re trying to make big life moves since they can’t be together.

TVLINE | What is Xo’s next step with her pregnancy?
She’s very clear about whether or not she wants to have a baby. Xo makes a choice that we’ll be exploring. After that choice, there are a lot of ramifications. Whether she has [the baby] or doesn’t, a lot of people agree or don’t agree.

What are you expecting to see when Jane returns for Season 3? (And what do you want to see?) Hit the comments and start predicting. 

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  1. Evan says:

    It certainly sounds like, per JSU’s answer, Xo will get an abortion. I think that will be a very interesting path for her story since the Villanueva’s are so religious. I know Michael will probably survive, but I’m interested to see how that story is handled in the premiere. Can’t wait for JTV to come back!!!

  2. LADY_in_MD says:

    I usually don’t look forward to Mondays but I can’t wait for this Monday!

  3. kiki says:

    So, I added the show back to the DVR but after reading this I am not sure how long I will last….
    This is the third unwanted pregnancy that these writers have written…Can’t they find something else to write about?

    Michael and Jane are obnoxious and annoying enough in the present do we really need flash backs to see how they got that way?

    Glad to see that Rafael the love sick Poodle is gone…I hope they actually give him a real point of view this season because last season they had him mad about things he should not care about…where Jane was going to live…and not giving a hoot about things he should..Petra stole his sperm and used it without his consent.

    That twin story line is just stupid and the only way it will work is by making Rafael stupid and gullible….

    How about a shocking relationship that will cause drama without a lot of stupid plot points. Xo and Rafael would add some much needed drama without using over the top plot points. That relationship would have serious consequences and offer a chance to write real raw emotions for all characters.

    Stop playing it safe JTV writers!! Go back to what made this show so exciting the first season.

    • dude says:

      The responsibility of bringing new life into the world has been an important part of the show so I see it more as them sticking to a theme than rehashing storylines. Jane’s and Petra’s pregnancies were vastly different and I assume Xo’s will be as well.

    • bigdede says:

      Thumbs up to this post!

    • Kiki, I empathize with your POV, but this is a telenovela, not Ibsen. It’s usually best to stop watching a show than to continually be disappointed about the direction that it’s going in.

  4. I’m so happy it’s coming back. It’s the show I most look forward to every week. I can’t wait to see more Jane/Michael flashbacks.

  5. Carmen says:

    I can’t stand to see Jane And Michael they r so boring go back to Jane and Rafael that love story was the best I think that really
    Michael is not the real Michael his imposter so the one in the hospital dies. After Jane loses her virginity to Rafael then Michael rcomes back but it will b to late because she will b to happy with raf and Mateo .

    • dude says:

      That is not going to happen. They’ve been pretty clear on the fact that Jane made her choice and that it would stick. The love triangle is dead.

      • Chris says:

        The showrunner never said that Jane’s decision to be with Michael will stick, it’s just her decision at the moment!

  6. JJ says:

    I’m still rooting for Jane and Rafael. They have soo much more chemistry than Jane and Michael!! Michael is boring.

  7. bigdede says:

    The ratings show what people think of Jane and Michael. I stopped watching once they hooked back up and Rafael changed. And an abortion? seriously? That’s not compelling stuff anymore. Fix this show

  8. I really HATE that Jane married Michael. They really had to rip into Rafael and change Michael to make it remotely believable. They essentially stripped away all that was interesting about Michael. I thought Jane and Rafael had a far greater chemistry. Jane and Michael are just so boring, I have no interest in watching them plan for more babies and argue over who’s turn it is to do the dishes. Personally, I think it would be far more daring and interesting if they did kill off Michael.

  9. Baileigh says:

    Out of curosity does anyone know when the second season of Jane the Virgin will be released on DVD/ Blu-Ray?