Hawaii Five-0 Steve New Romance

Hawaii Five-0: Sarah Carter Set to Return for Episode 150

Three of the special ladies in Steve McGarrett’s life, past and present, will be on hand for Hawaii Five-0‘s 150th episode.

TVLine has learned that in addition to Christine Lahti and Michelle Borth (who are returning as Doris McGarrett and Cathrine Rollins), Falling Skies alum/Rogue star Sarah Carter — who twice last season appeared as Steve’s new girlfriend, Lynn Downey — is confirmed to reprise her role in the milestone hour, as first teased by our Inside Line column.

Carter first appeared in the seventh episode of Season 6, when Lynn and Steve’s first date turned into far more of an island adventure than either anticipated. She returned briefly in February’s Valentine’s Day-themed episode, when Lynn discovered the ring Steve had planned to propose to Catherine with, and then (accidentally, honest!) strip-teased a shoe into his face, leaving him with a shiner.

Hawaii Five-0 Season 7 premieres Friday, Sept. 23 at 9/8c, now leading out of CBS’ MacGyver reboot.

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  1. nonnalola says:

    I hate seeing steve with anyone but cath unless it is used to create angst or regret that he is making a huge mistake. Lynn might be a great actress but she’s no catherine. Nothing replaces their history of love filled with sacrifice, altruism, putting other’s needs and our country’s needs ahead of personal needs. It’s who steve and cath are. Our hero deserves more.

    • H50fan says:

      I dont know if you know that after ep 150 Catheine wont return anymore on the show, this tiem seems is for real, ep 150 could be considered as her final and real final appearance on the show not bringing her back for one ep again in the future, none zero.

      Peter Lenkov kind of said she is not returning anymore after ep 150. Her story on the show is done once and for all. Episode 150 is not focus on rekindle the relationship between Steve and Catherine, is it said. Catherine will be there only for a work related issue, not to rekindle her relationship with Steve.

      Im glad.

      • Susan Schoppe says:

        Best news I’ve ever heard. Maybe he will break her heart for a change !

        • Wendy says:

          Have to agree with you on that one! I can’t believe some McRoll shippers are still holding on for a miracle, they’re delusional. I have a feeling this 150th episode may not be all about Steve and Lynn. If you recall the 100th episode went down way differently than others. Maybe we’ll alternate universe Danny again…that was fun!

      • Marci says:

        I’ve never liked Catherine and wish they would stop bringing her back. I hope you’re right, and this will really be her last appearance. I did like Lynn, though, and would like to see Steve in a relationship with her.

        • H50fan says:

          It seems ep 150 it be finally Catherine last appeareance on the show and she wont be call to return again to show up sparingly.

          • If Lenkov wanted that, he should kill her off; or never have any of the characters refer to her in any way in dialogues; but ti would be much better to kill her off to remove any doubt. It wouldn’t make sense though. Why would the writers allow the relationship to go so deep, for so long; make it so beautiful; and not have it as an end game? It males them seem inept. Maybe they are? We’ll see.

          • Vovc says:

            I don’t know.. they had killed enough women character already..

        • Ally says:

          I personally think PL never intended for the relationship to be more than we ever see with any of the other team members, but in season 3 Grace Park was on maternity leave and they utilized Catherine to replace Kong. Since she was Steve’s love interest it was only natural to show them spending a lot of time together. By season 4 if you’ll remember PL brought in Billy as Catherine’s former lover/business partner. I think PL was going to use either their job or rekindling relationship as a way to ease Catherine’s screen time, but the actor got offered another role and they killed him off. In the end lack of imagination ruined the character of Catherine for those of us not involved in the social media incident.

      • Biya says:

        Thank goodness she won’t be back. Didn’t like her with Steve and the way she deserted him over and over again. I sure won’t miss her. I do like Lynn and think she and Steve could become more than friends. I’m also glad to see Christine back. Love her!

      • How did you know this for sure?

    • innerjuju says:

      I agree. Steve and Catherine had so much chemistry that anything less falls flat.

      • nonnalola says:

        I love long burning stories that have twists and turns, create obstacles, including other people. misunderstandings, angst, sacrifice, altruistic love. I do not like instant gratification, especially for our heroic disciplined navy seal. When Steve was captured Catherine probably called every contact she had to save him, including CIA and that’s when she probably started working for them, in large part to save Steve’s life, as they have repeatedly done for each other in the past. Remember Freddie in korea? When cath returned steve only told the boys he had plans for a future with cath, not Catherine. She asked how long she should stay and he said nothing. He could have said forever. She may have accepted he would never want anything serious – that he was always going to put his missions 1st, being a lone wolf with a thing on the side, and she was not the kind of girl to try to change him. Cath may have left to save the world, or Doris, or someone else who saved her life, and was ordered to lie to him by her bosses. The fact is they are both trained to put the country’s needs ahead of personal needs. It’s part of what makes them heroic. Ep 617 with the Russian Anna and NSA Chris stealing the black ops intel was one of the most awesome romantic action episodes and Cath wasn’t even in it, but Steve became superman to save our country & cath from afar, even though he just spent val. day with Lynn. I have faith that Peter will ultimately keep the great stuff coming. He always does. Much aloha to all the H50 lovers.

      • Peggy says:

        So true, tgey can out him with someone else but ultimately, i don’t think it will work

    • Steve didn’t let Catherine go. She left because the stupid writers let her go. I have been unhappy with th

      • I don’t like Catherine at all, but yes IF they had wanted to get them back together they shouldn’t have wrote her in fit that short story arc. It just makes her look self centred. I still don’t get why they wrote her in. It didn’t seem to do anything, just like the Billy arc. A completely random story not needed. Admittedly I disagree with you aboit the character, but the writers have made some strange and really predictable story ideas.

        • Wendy says:

          I agree, the writers made her look really bad in season 6. I think it’s possible that theh reason she left again had something to do with Doris. The Billy arc had such great potential, then they went and killed Billy! I think Catherine really loved him and Steve knew it. Catherine’s personality really changed after that.

      • Peggy says:

        SO true. They are the most naturel couple on the show….they make sense and has been shown steve is a one man woman. Let his be catherine!

    • How did you know this for sure?

    • It was pretty obvious. especially after EP20 of Season 3, that Lenkov intentions for Catherine were for her to be the end game for Steve. This is the reason why she hasn’t been killed. Otherwise, why would he keep having her return? Most definitely the relationship will not re-ignite in Episode 7; it can’t happen that way. I think we will see it gradually rebuilding under our eyes.

    • Peggy says:

      I completely agree with the above comment,

  2. Kevin K says:

    This could possibly be a setup for a Steve/Catherine/Lynn love triangle.

  3. Zeph says:

    Hi Matt,
    Is your opening sentence really accurate? Unless there’s’ something you haven’t told us, the episode is still missing Taryn Manning who plays his sister… Wouldn’t she be one of the ‘special ladies’ in his life along with his mom and various girlfriends?

  4. Lee says:

    I’ve been waiting for this great news since your original tease! It is wonderful to see their relationship has continued. The set-up couldn’t have been better even down to the black-eye which didn’t seem to bother him at all when Lynn was there with him at the end of the episode.

  5. Maria says:

    This is obviously the Steve needs to make a choice between a rebound girl and the love of his life episode. I think it has been made clear over the last 7 years that Catherine is endgame. The writers want a little more angst before finally letting Steve and Catherine live happily ever after. Perhaps this is the episode Steve realizes he made a mistake letting Catherine go.

  6. Brooklyngirl says:

    Yes, finally! There’s no mistake that Steve’s with Lynn because our hero is with the only woman in his life who hasn’t lied or deceived him. Nothing more needs to be said!

  7. Sonya says:

    It is amazing how some people seem to forget how much Doris and Catherine has hurt Steve. Even though this is fiction what man in thete right mind would keep on letting a woman hurt him I’m glad they stopped making him look like a wuss. Yeah it’s endgame alright, it should have ended in season 4 when the chemistry faded. This whole thing is old and tired and needs to be closed, hopefully, this ties up loose ends

    • Susan Schoppe says:

      My thoughts exactly, all she ever did was lie & let him think he was #1 with her when clearly he was ALWAYS #3, after herself & the cause of the week . No man is going to take that, especially for yet a third time. Time for us to see Steve kick Cathrine to the curb for a refreshing change!

      • Denise Sayer says:

        Seriously!!!!! Are you forgetting all the times Steve asked for and got favors from Catherine,even ones that put her job in jeoardy? And there were all the times Steve’s job took precedent over Catherine and she always understood and suoorted him. Can’t see Lynn doing that long term!

  8. Jason says:

    I know she has an obligation to Rogue but I wish they could get Sarah Carter on the show more than once or twice a year. And not just because I have a massive crush on her, (though that’s certainly part of it). Steve and Lynn have great chemistry and if the show is letting go of Catherine once and for all, then you couldn’t ask for anyone better to fill that void. I’m sort of living vicariously here but Sarah Carter is pretty much a dream girl. Don’t mess it up McGarrett!

  9. Susan Schoppe says:

    I’m so excited that PL got Lynn for the 150th show. Hopefully that means sence he said he is not putting Cath & Steve back together, that there’s too much that has happened for that, ( his words ) maybe we will get to see Steve tell Cathrine that Lynn is his new girl, he gets to break her heart this time !

  10. Why can’t characters be single and happy? Not everyone wants or has to be in a relationship. I liked Lynn, loved the Valentine’s day episode.

    I hope the don’t have Catherine and Steve as an endgame. Take a step back and ignore it’s these two characters. The first time she left there was something more important. She did it by phone, while he was injured. She then comes back and implies that she is staying, obviously a lie because her job meant she would have to leave. As soon as Danny brought up, she was gone. Him and Hawaii weren’t enough for her. She needed to do things for herself, which is fine. It revolves around what she wants, these decisions has nothing to do with him. It’s all about her, what she wanted is more important than them being together. What would happen in the future when once again something more important came along , she would pack up again (lol I know it’s not a real character, but that is how they have written her). There are certain things on tv that I find it hard to get around this is one, and Ziva was another lol.

    Doris is another selfish characr and crappy mother. Will wait and see how they deal with that storyline.

    • Denise Sayer says:

      And Steve never put his career or wants before Catherine!!!!! I understand people not wanting them together but Lynne is to miquetoast for Steve and nothing in her character suggests she understands Steve. People also seem to forget that Steve constantly took Catherine for granted and used her for favors all the time and she always came through for him, including helping him get his friend’s body back.

      • I agree he did use her at the start. She also knew it, hence the booty calls. She isn’t stupid, and i guess they werent actually togethet then. He didn’t disappear when she was injured with just a phone call saying there was something more important. He didn’t come back after telling him to move on, say she would stay as long as he wants and as soon as Danny mentioned her bag was packed. I don’t like the character, but it’s not about that. I hate how they write this. I wouldn’t like any character treating another this way. I definitely wouldn’t mske excuses. At times I habe hated how they wrote Steve and Danny, I could list them.

        • He used her at the start, the middle and the end. He decided it was time to get married and forgot to tell her – nothing that was shown could possibly lead us to believe Catherine thought it was anything different than what was. Acutally, we were shown that he couldn’t make time for her – not even to have any sort of talk, it seems. You’re right – it’s written horribly, but I’m gobsmacked at how this is all Catherine hurting Steve. Nothing going the other way?
          And don’t get me started on how they’ve shown Steve and Danny these past years. They’re like frenemies.

        • Denise Sayer says:

          Yes, the writing for Catherine has been terrible – but I have to disagree on the more important via phone call – Steve chose to go with Catherine to Afghanastan and further, specifically told her to get the children to safety. Since she had not yet recovered the boy she went there to save, her staying in Afghanstan made sense and was what Steve told her to do. Now the crap after that, was just weak writing.

          I also think it was imlied that Catherine was going to stay (seson six) but got called back by the CIA unexpectedly.

          Both characters have put their jobs and the counrty before relationships, it’s one of the reasons McRoll would work but Lynne won’t.

          It was stated all the way back in season 3, episode 20 that Catherine was the “real deal” so at some point the writers were thinking McRoll end game but weak writing for Catherine’s character ruined how many of the fans feel about the pairing and the writers caved.

          • Leigh says:

            Quite frankly, it’s not how the character was written that soured me on it so much as the way the actress has behaved. Calling fans “filthy little monkeys” and engaging in online bullying for criticizing your character is never acceptable, and to be honest, if she ever came back for more than one-off, I’d stop watching. I refuse to tune into her episodes at all.

    • Sharon says:

      I really did not like the Valentines
      day episode, but then I hate anything related to that pointless
      day anyway. In agreement about
      Doris being a bad mother. How
      any woman do such a thing as
      fake her own death for 20 years
      then come back expecting to play
      happy families? Especially when she has made some powerful dangerous enemies due to leading a double life? No, sorry, but that
      won’t wash. Because no matter
      how far or how fast you run, the
      past is always going to catch up with you. Steve should understand
      that by now, since every member
      of Five O has also attracted some
      very powerful, dangerous enemies.

  11. Grace says:

    We all know the most special lady in Steve’s life is Danny. Lol, in all seriousness, sounds like Steve is going to have a lot to handle in the big 150th episode.

    • Sharon says:

      Seriously, how would people feel
      if Steve had a woman in his life
      who speaks to him the way Danny
      does? They would hate it, whining
      about things like why is she so
      mean to him, why can’t she just
      do it with him already, stop yanking McGarrett around, just
      admit that you love him. Or is this
      what people mean when they say
      Steve needs a woman who will challenge him?

  12. Rochelle says:

    What about Danny’s love life??? He’s a stand up kinda guy whose raising his daughter – why can’t he find a good woman?

  13. US says:

    I am really excited for Hawaii Five-0 return, it’s one of the BEST cop drama next to Blue Boods and NCIS, only wish Scott Caan (Danny Williams) father James Caan could make cameo as Danny’s father.

    • Maria Quinn says:

      James Caan was on the show in S2, in the episode Lekio (Radio), playing Tony Archer, a private eye/retired NYPD cop who was the best friend of the victim of the week–a “pirate radio” host played by Dennis Miller.

      Tom Berenger played Danny’s father, retired firefighter Eddie Williams, in the 4th season ep Ma lalo o ka ʻili (Beneath the Surface), the end of the 3-episode arc that introduced Melanie Griffith as Danny’s mom, Clara.

      So James Caan can’t play Danny’s dad, or any other relative of his on the show.

  14. Laura says:

    Instead of spending all the extra effort on the romantic …why dont you work on better story lines for him

  15. lilon says:

    I liked Michelle Borth as an actress, but it would really destroy McGarrett’s character if he got back with her as if nothing ever happened.. Let the man have at least a crumb of self-esteem..They ruined Cath when they tried to make her something more than Steve’s girlfriend with not enough screen time available.. I could hardly care about her story arc..

  16. Joey Padron says:

    So happy Sarah Carter is coming back for big 150 episode! She did great on the show last season!

  17. Lila says:

    Not a fan of Lynn to be honest, I’m abig fan of Catherine though not how she left things with Steve. I still secretly hold on to hope that Lori will pop back up one day though she was one of my favourites.

  18. Ray says:

    Very happy to hear this. I loved the chemistry between Steve and Lynn. Maybe he’s finally moving on from that whatever he had with the Catherine character. No disrespect to Ms. Borth because she’s a decent actress but her character just didn’t mesh with McGarrett’s, romantically, no matter how much the writers tried to make it so. Hope Ms. Carter’s character sticks around for many more episodes to come.

  19. Mary says:

    Couldn’t care less about Catherine. Didn’t like her. I did like Lynn. I mean that first date and she went back for more? She is a MUCH better fit for Steve.

  20. Michael Rose says:

    Best news yet! Lynn has much more spark than Catherine and a better actor as well. Love to see her and Kono hook up on some undercover work. The bad guys wouldn’t have a prayer…

  21. Bozo says:

    I still can’t understand how this is still on..
    But then people like to watch trash now anyway……
    if I want 5-0 I will watch Jack Lord & the guys….
    Not this bit…

  22. An article about Lynn, and all the comments are about Cath.


    • Lea Connor says:

      The fact is she’s only been a few episodes. She’s in maybe one more. The only connection is through her romantic relationship. Not through Five-0 or the military. Apart from saying we like her and it’s nice to see her in that one episode there isn’t a lot else to say. I guess you would prefer a thread of just that??? As a discussion yes Catherine will be brought up because of her past, and that she is also in that one episode. So I assume LOL that there will be a story around his romantic life. I prefer that they stick to case episodes personally. I like the odd personal one, but it tends to go to far for me.

      • There’s nothing else to say about her because she’s pointless. A plot device. So instead of just saying they are happy about the news, they need to bash another character, Catherine, who actually has a reason to be there, a part of the storyline. And they HATE that.

        Whether or not she will continue to appear is not known. If I had a dollar for every time people said she wasn’t coming back, this was it, everyone has moved on – I could buy a nice Camaro of my own. I don’t think this is the last we will see of Catherine, and I think that others realize that too – hence the bashing.

  23. Rebecca says:

    Catherine is the one.

  24. Ally says:

    At the risk of offending everyone. Steve’s greatest love is Steve. It’s about Steve. Always about Steve. Even we as fans are either defending his broken heart or trying to fix it by getting him back with his mother, I’m sorry I mean Catherine. Yeah send her back to a man who never addressed her even as his significant other and said “you know I love you” on her to a mission that might get her killed. He ain’t no prize, but love the actor.

    Instead of the back and forth on who he should be with I have a different idea. Catherine initially told him she was teaching some school and made a life for herself in Afghanistan and should move on. Teaching just like Doris. CIA just like Doris. Let’s not put the man with mama issues with someone just like his mama. Let her have found someone else and moved on too. However I want Lynn to realize he’s not over Catherine ending the relationship. He will then get the therapy he so desperately needs and then he can start dating.

    All the drama that has come from this even between fans and MB can be attributed to the writer’s. They decided to make the remake different by adding more layers to the characters. Instead of delving into their true personalities and motivation they just put them in relationships causing people to ship like it was a soap opera instead of an action drama. I think they are starting to realize this and trying to get back to that this season.

    • lonak says:

      well that’s a lost battle, cause they would have shipped mcdanno anyway..
      Social media totally ruin the viewers experience.. Few obsessed fans are never happy and very loud about it..

    • Denise Sayer says:

      Have to say I agree with you – I like Alex and even the remake of the show, but he does treat others (Catherine, Danny, etc) pretty poorly most of the time.

  25. Belle says:

    This is fabulous news. I really enjoyed watching the relationship between Steve and Lynn start to develop last season. Now that it will have been established they have been seeing each other for a year I look forward to watching even more of these two together. I hope that at some point we may see Lynn’s background with child welfare come into play. A storyline with Nahele, Samantha, Grace or Will would be perfect. Her unwillingness to give up on a kid she cares about is only one of the things that makes her a perfect match for Steve.

    Both Alex O’Loughlin and Sarah Carter really seemed to relish filming together and I imagine being able to develop a new character and relationship is just the sort of interesting character storyline actors love to sink their teeth into. It’s like bringing a breath of fresh air into an established series like Hawaii Five-0.

    • nonnalola says:

      Lynn was matched with the wrong guy. They should have put her with Danny. He’s the one who needs to verbally vent everyday. I like danny, our detective daddy woody allen, but Melissa is not his match. You could see the love in his eyes when he did scenes with rachel, If he can’t go back to rachel the mother of his 2 kids, who he really belongs with, he needs a mate who is a talker, like him, to help him maintain all his anxieties and neurosis. It’s too big a job for steve alone. Steve maintains his stress level through action, not talking. A social worker with a psych degree would help fill danny’s needs on a daily basis. Unfortunately, it would be gross to match Lynn with danny after val. day episode. I think Lynn was the rebound girl anyway. The writers could do some fun things with Lynn as an ex, or I hope Ms. Carter gets a great job as a full time character on another show. I vote Catherine all the way.

      • Belle says:

        You say Lynn was matched with the wrong guy but since Alex O’Loughlin said she was “perfect match” for McGarrett l’ll give his opinion more weight.

        You say you like Danny but your characterizations of him seem to reveal differently. Your argument seems to be that he needs a counselor vs. a girl friend and I find that to be insulting to his character. Are he and McGarrett different personalities? Of course and that’s why I enjoy watching them interact. I think it’s interesting that you believe he is best matched with a woman who has broken his heart, left him behind and kept secrets from him. It seems you have a type of relationship you root for and you’re entitled to that.

        We obviously have different opinions about the type of relationship Steve needs and that’s fine. I’ll respect yours if you respect mine.

        And I’m happy you wish Sarah Carter well. She is an extremely busy, working actress. That’s one reason I’m so happy she is able to fit Hawaii Five-0 into her schedule and I hope it continues.

        • You have a very odd way of “respecting opinions” with this response.

        • Brooklyngirl says:

          I hope Lynn/Steve continue as well. Lynne’s not a good match for Danny. Danny needs a special woman, Gaby comes to mind, and Lynn isn’t it. As for the return of Catherine. I hope not she lied to and deceived Steve too many times for him to ever trust her again. And we know all about Steve and his trust issues. Hopefully Michelle will be able to find gainful employment very soon and not on H5O.

      • jlopie1 says:

        Lynn and Danny? Oh, I don’t think so! Not that there is anything wrong with Lynn. I love her character and it fits quite well with Steve’s at this point in time.

        Danny does not need a shrink for a girlfriend. He doesn’t need someone to always be analyzing him. Danny is a broken character, just like everyone else on the 5-0 team. Will he ever find the right woman he can be happy with? I think he already has. It is obvious in the early seasons that even with everything that had gone down between them, he still loved Rachel and would do anything to make it work again. Even though I would be very happy to see Rachel and Danny walk off into the sunset with Grace and Charlie at the end of the series, I don’t expect it. After the Charlie episode, there has been too much anger, hurt and betrayal for the two of them to ever forget. They might ultimately forgive, but you just don’t forget that kind of hurt. Still, I think it was Danny’s one and only real love affair in his life. There will be others that will fill the lonely hours, and there might eventually be someone that can make him happy, but the give and take, the pull on the heartstrings – the reason he can’t fall unconditionally in love with anyone else – is because of Rachel.

        This sounds a lot like what people say about Steve and Catherine’s relationship, but it’s not. Steve and Cath have never really been unconditionally “in love” with each other. They’ve never lived together as man and wife, they’ve never made a child together. Their relationship has never been as deep as Rachel and Danny’s.

        • lindamstein says:

          “After the Charlie episode, there has been too much anger, hurt and betrayal for the two of them to ever forget. They might ultimately forgive, but you just don’t forget that kind of hurt.”

          I love this because it’s not only 100% true with regard to Danny and Rachel it can also be applied to Steve and Catherine. Without going into all that’s gone down between them, what some see as lies, what others see as duty, there is still a fact of “all that these two have gone through” as Peter Lenkov said. She came back, made him believe she was there to stay, to stay for as long as he wanted her to, even though she knew she was leaving and very soon too. Steve may “ultimately forgive, but you just don’t forget that kind of hurt.”

    • Brooklyngirl says:

      Belle couldn’t have said better myself. Steve and Lynn have a genuine like for each other and it’s evident unlike the forced relationship with Cathetine. Who can blame him she’s lied to and deceived him a lot. Lynn, like Steve, is a fixer of broken things. I can’t wait to see how this relationships grows over this season.

      • Angie says:

        Nor Catherine or Lynn could fix Steve love life cause cat lie him and Lynn is rebound love.Steve need to take year off rethink about what kind live or love is suitable for him just remember he almost die last season.

        • Lee says:

          Steve has been pretty much alone since the end of season 4. He took months after Catherine left again in Season 6. He started dating slowly and his relationship with Lynn has evolved quite naturally. At the time of the 150th episode they will have been seeing each other for a year. In real life not many people would have waited as long as he has.

  26. ally says:

    In all honesty Danny and Steve both need individual counseling not couples therapy. Neither one of them is currently relationship material and no woman will fix that. I don’t care who she is .

  27. Peggy says:

    So, obviously steve hasn’t seen lynn since valentines episode. Nothing was keeping them apart so why didn’t that hapen if he’s over catherine? CAtherine nd steve hve been together from the beginning so i don’t think another relationship will work. Abby and chin only together. Short time and now they are getting married. Let steve and catherine be together. It’s the ONLY relationship that makes any sense on this show!

  28. I thought the Wo Fat storyline lasted too long so, when it comes to Doris/Cath I think it is beyond time for a change. Maybe Lynn can uncover something damning to put an end to the Doris/Cath line for good! Time for new characters! Thought the parkour was awesome and no it didn’t last too long. Also, did I watch a whole episode of H50 without any guns being fired? Interesting. I’m a gun guy but it’s nice to have action without them at times. It’s too bad you killed off the freerunner. Aloha

  29. Ed Sammut says:

    Love new H5O

  30. Karl says:

    Watching episode tonight and reaffirms that this is the most poorly written show on tv. How does the whole five-O team go to Morocco to rescue Steve’s mom. They are a city police dept!!

  31. Peggy says:

    Well, they could have killed catherine off. That would have been final. So, i say, it’s not over until the show ends. Just get rid of lynn

  32. Patty says:

    Steve McGarret needs a new girlfriend. This blond is not for him.

    • Sharon says:

      It’s not her hair colour that bothers me. She’s too plastic-looking and too much on the skinny side- the type A O’L has no chemistry with. And she doesn’t challenge him enough or
      call him on his BS. Honestly, the people writing for this show and in charge of casting have NFI.

    • Sharon says:

      What Steve really needs to do is grow up. Stop acting like he is in
      his twenties, because he’s not. I wish he would start acting like a responsible adult male in his forties is supposed to act (or at least should be acting). Aim for a relationship with an equally mature woman based on mutual love and respect, not just sex and physical attraction. Seriously, isn’t it time the character of McGarrett evolved and became more mature?

  33. Sharon says:

    Who came up with that inane story-line about Steve and Danny going to therapy? Because of their arguing, no less? Just turn the hose full blast on the pair of them, that’s all that needs to be done. Seeing Alex dripping wet wouldn’t exactly hurt (wet hunk, aahhh!). Not so sure about Scott, since I see him more as a brother-type, but if anyone likes him in another way, I won’t object. But could the innuendos about them being gay stop already? I’m not anti-gay, just anti-insinuation. If that gorgeous man Alex is gay, then I’m Nicole Kidman. And don’t even dare suggest my brother-from-another-mother is that way inclined, either.