Hawaii Five-0 Recap: Hot, Hot Date

Hawaii Five-0 Steve New Romance

This Friday on CBS’ Hawaii Five-0, McGarrett threw himself back into the dating pool — and boy did he make a splash.

Steve was ambitious with his first date with nature enthusiast Lynn Downey (new recurring player Sarah Carter, Falling Skies), choosing an island exploration over, say, coffee. Alas, the nascent couple turned out not to be alone, having stumbled up the landing site for a prisoner transport plane that was reported as crashed four years ago, but in actuality safely landed.

Steve and Lynn were met by gunfire instantly upon uncovering the plane, and quickly made a run for their boat — only to see that Logan, the mobster who had years ago faked his death with the help of a bribed guard, had torched their ride home.

Upon seeing that Logan and his lady accomplice had transportation of their own, Steve created a distraction by firing a flare gun into their hut, while Lynn grabbed and dragged their boat. Logan caught up to Lynn and held her hostage to draw Steve out, but McGarrett feigned having zero concern for the woman he had just met. When Logan then went to escape the island, Steve got the drop on the goon and proceeded to take him back to Honolulu, where he was returned to prison.

After the whirlwind first date, a playful Lynn asked Steve what his “Plan B” was had Logan reacted differently after threatening her life — and Steve says he’ll tell her “next Saturday,” on their second, much quieter date.

What did you think of Lynn’s introduction and Sarah Carter’s hip cuts chemistry with Alex O’Loughlin?

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