Criminal Minds Vet Shemar Moore Talks 'Karma' After Thomas Gibson's Firing

Criminal Minds vet Shemar Moore has seemingly weighed in on the firing of onetime co-star Thomas Gibson.

In a video which has since been deleted from his Instagram account (but can be seen here), Moore — without directly addressing Gibson, who was fired on Friday after allegedly assaulting writer-producer Virgil Williams during a heated dispute — stressed the importance of knowing “that you’re not better than anybody.”

“Lot of birdies chirping out there; the gossip is real,” Moore said. “I hear it, I see it. I’m sure a lot of you do too, so I’ll just say this: I believe in karma. Good things happen to good people. Honest people. Hard-working people. Humble people. People who believe in basic goodness. … Good things will happen to you. … Treat people how you expect them to treat you. Celebrate yourself and celebrate your blessings — as you should — but just know that you’re not better than anybody.”

Both being original cast members, Moore worked with Gibson for 11 seasons before exiting the CBS drama in March. Per our sister site Variety, the duo had a contentious relationship, with Gibson oft frustrated by Moore’s well-known pattern of arriving late to set.

As reported on Saturday, Gibson has hired a pair of top Los Angeles litigators to determine whether it would be in his interests to pursue legal action against Criminal Minds producers for his dismissal.

It is not known at this time how the series will address Gibson’s abrupt departure in Season 12 (premiering Wednesday, Sept. 28). In a TVLine poll, 31 percent would prefer to see Hotch quit the FBI to focus on family, 23 percent think the character should be killed off and 7 percent are open to a recast.

Press PLAY on the video to view Moore’s full statement, then weigh in below.

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  1. David4 says:

    The man worked with the Gibson for 11 years and is pretty much, nicely, saying ‘He had it coming’ to being fired.

    Yet people here will still back someone with anger issues.

    • steve says:

      if u read whole thing u see why, shemar moore was often late to set which Gibson didn’t like, so they didn’t get along.

      seems to me its one man holding a grudge against another , nothing more.

      • Patrick says:

        Lots of actors seem to get reputations as being jerks, or problems, amongst their actor coworkers. Lea Michele and Alec Baldwin come to mind. Well, talented creatives and producers continue to work with them, and the directors and producers never have problems. Just the fellow actors.
        Well, some actors are really bad at their jobs. They come late, don’t prepare, and don’t take the job seriously. Most were hired because of their looks (or for more salacious reasons). I have, and will continue to, be angry at co workers that don’t arrive on time, aren’t prepared, don’t work hard, and just mess around. It seems like the actors that always have problems with the purported A-holes never work as much as the so-called jerks. Maybe that is because the directors and producers care more about effort and talent.

        • Amy says:

          Some actors are jerks. Producers hire them because they can deliver the goods when it comes time to shoot and the show will be more profitable for the actors presence. But plenty of people who have work with them-from hair and make up down to the PAs -have problems. The difference is that the crew or blackballed will get fired if they make their complaints public.

          I remember hearing a story from one actor about Marlon Brando. It was later in his career and he wouldn’t learn lines so the actor standing opposite him in the scene had the lines stuck to her face. So yeah – he might of had the talent but he sure wasn’t interested in working.

          • Kaz Williams says:

            As someone who has worked on both sides of the camera, I can assure you it often works both ways. I’ve spoken up on sets where I have seen extra’s or ‘cattle’ as they are so politely referred to by many, being treated terribly, by a crew. The other thing is, actors know that if you piss off crew such as makeup, lighting, camera, they can make you look very bad without breaking a sweat!!

      • Jeff says:

        That what I took from it. Seems like their contentious relationship stemmed from Moore being profusely late to work. I’m sure there’s more to it but but based on the article Moore has his problems on set as well.

        • skip says:

          That’s exactly what I think. Moore goes on his holier-than-thou sermon, when he can’t even get to work on time; Something very basic. He should keep his mouth shut until he’s perfect.

          • Chastity says:

            All of you should hush.. Because Shemar wasn’t speaking of Thomas in his video but of Keith tisdell.. Furthermore at what point does Shemar being late negate the fact that Thomas assaulted someone.. It doesn’t.. People should not throw stones when you live in a glass house.. Grow up people.

    • Emily says:

      His video might not be about Thomas Gibson, Shemar recently won a lawsuit against a friend who was on Criminal Minds who stole $60,000 from him.

      • sharon L graham says:

        Criminal Minds has been my very fave show since it first began. I love Thomas Gibson & he’s a great actor. If he doesn’t get re-hired I won’t be watching the show anymore, nor the Suspect Behavior one either. Or any other affiliated shows. If he launches a law suit, I hope he wins..everyone makes bad mistakes in their life at times….now am getting a mess’g back telling me I’ve already said this. First time I have been on here….

        • Tanya says:

          I am with you. I am not for confrontation but in the end we don’t know that full story, and the producers seem to believe that they can pull off this firing . Maybe they believe that Joe Mantenga can keep the viewers but he ws just the replacement for the other that left. Kiss and makeup guys and let him come back.

        • Tom Riker says:

          If you or I have a physical altercation with a co-worker, we’re getting fired. He got fired. Why boycott a show for doing exactly what any employer should do to an employee that raised their hands (or foot) to another employee?

          • Heidi says:

            What about the other side of the story? Thomas Gibson gave his rendition of the incident. According to him, the Executive Producer came towards him.His foot was extended, a the hot-headed EP tripped. It sounds like the EP has anger issues. The other EP should reevaluate their partnership. They should bring Gibson back as the Director. A good transition, that makes sense. But first, one job should be eliminated-EPIC, and rehire Gibson!

        • Christina Herrera Eschbaugh says:

          Totally agree with you

      • napti says:


      • napti says:

        The article talks about an actor getting fired because he Assaulted a producer. Though it mentions another actor being late on set , it is primarily anout the actor that comitted the asdault. So why so many are focusing on the actor that was late to work??? In which workplace can an employee assault a coworker, sipervisor or manager and there be no consequences. Children are taught not to strike each other in school or there are consequencies. Those who did not learn at an early age are the same adults who resort to violence when they don’t have their own way or get angry. I recall assault is still considered a crime. right. Just curious.

        • Skip says:

          I’m surely glad you weren’t raised in my family- 2 boys, and 2 girls. We all got paddled a few times. Since it wasn’t a beating, I learned from it. Teachers paddled students back then, but we didn’t have students running the class room, as they do now. Children aren’t taught much from what I can see. I’m around adults all the time, that bumble along trying to read, and spell. The guy that couldn’t get to school on time was never given a pass, either.

          • Phyllis says:

            I fully agree with you, Skip. Children aren’t taught manners anymore. Not only their teachers but also their parents are afraid of discipline for fear of being accused of abuse. I don’t condone Gibson for the assault, but I don’t blame him for being angry at Shemar for being always late. Late people inconvenience everyone around them and act like only their life is worth consideration. The producer should have put Shemar on notice.

          • Nancy Farkas says:

            My sister raised 7 kids. All well behaved and decent. And guess what? She NEVER raised a hand to any of their behinds. It CAN be done. Parents are just lazy now. Don’t blame the kids. It’s the parents. The parents now think that they will damage their kids self esteem if they do anything to upset their kids. The kids not at fault for their parents stupidity. And what does Shemar being late have to do with Gibson having a temper? Nothing. he was warned once already and he did it again. How is that Shemar’s fault?

    • Eva says:

      Sounds like they’re both freaking babies. Just because one was wrong, doesn’t mean the other one is right. Lucky for CM team, they don’t have to work with either of them anymore.

    • jimmy woo says:

      Shemar is a jerk who is getting even for his fellow worker not being OK with his not showing up on time. Maybe it is the baby Shemar who needs a kick somewhere.

      • Chastity says:

        Whatever.. Shemar was t speaking of Thomas but of Keith tisdell.. I wish people would know their facts before speaking.

        • Valerie says:

          Come on guys we all have a really bad day at times. Dont say you dont. Slap his hands yes but youve got a good working show here, who ever was fhe one who got kicked.? Quit crying and get back to business. Boo hoo

        • Molly says:

          Shemar is not going to fall in love with you, so you freaking out and protecting him on everyone’s comments is a tad creepy. I don’t like him, bot because of this, but because he comes across as an arrogant jerk.

          • Chastity says:

            Obviously you have never met him, because he doesn’t at all come off as a jerk. He is actually very considerate of his fans and giving of his time.. now I’m sure if one comes off as a jerk to him that it may very well be reciprocated… if that’s the the case then I would call it deserved.. and nobody thinks he is going to fall in love with anyone. The fact is that he wasn’t speaking of Thomas but of his ex-friend Keith Tisdell.

    • George says:

      On the other hand, if you’re consistently late to work, that’s unprofessional, and others are going to be angry about it. It means everyone has to work longer, it’s irresponsible, and it’s inconsiderate.

    • Tanya says:

      Shemar is mad because no one has made a big deal that he left. Even if they brought him back I still don’t want to watch Criminal Minds without Hotchners character on it.

    • Karen Burns says:

      David… Shemar Moore was not referring to Gibson.

    • Karen Burns says:

      Moore was not talking about Gibson

  2. Daya says:

    Funny he said that no one is better than anyone else, yet Shemar himself has a problem with chronic lateness. Does that mean he’s too good to show up on time, or that he’s simply too lazy? Makes me wonder…

    • amysue4772 says:

      Because being late and repeatedly assaulting coworkers is totally the same thing

      • David4 says:

        It is in American 2016 where Trump will get 50 million+ votes while telling his ‘supporters’ to be violent and blame everyone else for their problems.

        • Marty says:

          You have that wrong it was the democratic supporters that are violent and blaming others. Nice try

          • Heather says:

            Exactly! And don’t get me started on why Gibson can get fired for an altercation but Hilary can run for president after all of the corrupt things she’s done!

          • Temperance says:

            Reality check. No.

          • Michelle Baker says:

            What planet are you from? Seriously??? No Democratic supporters being arrested. Those shining examples of humanity are all at the Trump rallies. Nice try.

          • tannerose5 says:

            This thread is about Thomas Gibson being fired, not the election. Can we keep on track?

          • will74 says:

            Very well put Marty.. We All Need To Be Responsible For Our Own Actions Period !!!
            If Someone Needs Help, Help Them And Move on. Don’t Support Them For The Rest
            Of There Lives…

        • Scott says:

          LOL! I bet you tried to type that with a straight face after Obama told voters to “get in peoples faces” that didn’t want to vote for him and then spent years blaming someone else for his problems.

          Try HBO, SNL or Showtime, you might get a gig writing comedy….

          • Annie Marsh says:

            What do Obama has to do with anything why???are or anyone bringing politics into this Obama said and I quote !!! don’t Go vote

          • David4 says:

            Thanks guys and gals for proving my point! Maybe some second amendment people can go and take care of problems… Oh wait, that’s not a threat. I was just being sarcastic.

            We need to kick all the two billion Muslims out of the USA. Never mind if they are in the military and actually got metals they deserved to get and not get from some crazy vet who clearly proves American health care is broke.

            We need to build a wall because Mexicans are rapists and murders, ever single one of them. Yet the USA has a gun murder rathe so high that it’s insane.

            It takes a weak person to blame others for problems they created. That’s what Gibson is doing, that what Trump and his supporters continue to do. This is why American 2016 can’t be as great as it should be.

            The second amendment people really should make America great again, take it into their own hands and point it at themselves. Oh I’m just being sarcastic! I never start violence.

        • Missy says:

          Racist 🎺 will never be President he’s a laughingstock racist bafoon who’and embarrassment to our country

        • Maggie says:

          Love how Americans can turn any discussion into a rant about your totally insane election. Way to stay on message!!

          • Moni says:

            Ha Ha Ha love it, love being Canadian… since we’re all on politics… how about that hot bod Trudeau photo bomb…

          • Corey says:

            Ya I was thinking that too. Please someone get back on track. :)

          • Tanya says:

            And this is exactly why so many Americans suffer from mental illness. here we are talking about Criminal minds or are supposed to be talking about Criminal Minds and not only can people not stayed focused they are pointing fingers and blaming, and have the nerve to judge another man who got into a fight, you hypocrites. Fights start when people are not focused on the bottom line, or when they are pointing fingers and blaming. We don’t know what happened in the studio between he and his producer, but I guarantee they both bare responsibility, only difference is the producer has the power to fire someone if he doesn’t like what you say or do towards him , but if they are in breach of contract in any way than they will pay and with the shows cancellation.

        • Elaine says:

          Could we, for once, have a conversation that doesn’t bring politics into it. The article is about Criminal minds people!!

      • opus says:

        @amysue: Once seven years ago and once now. Yes,violence is wrong any time, but your “repeatedly” is unfair. And being chronically late in the workplace is a mighty good way to get fired!!!

      • Kaz Williams says:

        Heres the deal amysue4772, in any work place, persistent lateness would be punished, possibly even with dismissal. A one of two time thing is bad enough but this went on for years. TG was NOT the only actor or crew member who had an issue with this. I know this for a fact. In this business in particular, it is a no no. Apart from it being incredibly disrespectful to your colleagues, it can have serious reprocussions with schedules = money. I work in the film industry, believer me, if he was anyone else, HE would have been gone years ago. Shemar Moore has a lot of little blips in his past but oddly they were all kept pretty quiet. He really should remember however that in such a fickle business as this, ‘Karma’ as he puts it, can take a sudden change, like a tornado changes its path. He won’t always be able to rely on taking off his shirt to get away with crap.

        • Night Owl says:

          Having an issue with someone being late, or having an issue with creative differences, etc., is one thing. However, It’s not the issues you have that create a problem, it’s your response to them that determines the outcome. Everyone has issues with one thing or another. We don’t know how TG has responded when he hasn’t actually hit someone. Needless to say, we don’t know the circumstances, but one thing I do know is that if you choose to respond by having a physical altercation, then you get the results of said altercation. End of story. You choose how you respond, nobody else does it for you.

          • Reality Check says:

            Sorry, but in the real world conflicts occurs and men have a certain code. Like it or not, macho BS or not, they do. And, in the real world most men would realize the situation for what it is and work it out. Thomas and Virgil might not like each other or get along, but for the good of the show you’d expect them to work it out. The truth is the show can easily survive without Virgil Williams (people like him are a dime-a-dozen), but the show won’t last long without Thomas Gibson. Virgil obviously didn’t want to play ball and didn’t care about the future of the show (including all the people it employs). He could have easily fixed the problem, but he didn’t want to. Based on his Twitter posts (which are a window into his mind), it’s pretty obvious – ego and payback. So, he ruined a successful show/brand that generates millions of dollars and employs hundreds of people because he couldn’t see beyond himself and his ego. This was a dispute that got out of hand between two guys (happens all the time) and if Virgil were a “normal” guy, it would be over now without any drama. The reality is no one will take this guy seriously after the show’s done, because career-wise, after what he’s done, he’s finished. (And, the funny part is, he probably doesn’t even know it.)

          • Night Owl says:

            “Virgil obviously didn’t want to play ball and didn’t care about the future of the show”? Cite your source for that information please, or is this your opinion?

          • Mary says:

            Sorry in the real world one who resorts to violence would have been handed the door that day in most work place. You are trying to justify Gibson behavior when in fact there is none. Ever heard the expression, everyone is replaceable. I guess Gibson found that out.
            I actually like the show and I am glad the higher ups fired him. The show is old so if it fails it won’t be because of Gibson being gone. The majority of us knows the higher up did the right thing.

      • rowan77 says:

        No, it’s not but, being chronically late shows a lack respect for those who are waiting for you. There is no reason why someone shoudl hit someone else – especially at work – but to be late all the time when you know the entire cast and crew have to wait for you to arrive is actually rude – no matter how charming and nice the person is once he arrives. It’s disrespectful.

    • Kaz Williams says:

      Exactly. And boy does this guy think he is gods gift to the planet. Anyone else in that business would have been out the door, with that attitude.

      • Daya says:

        Ego or no, if he was a regular Joe, he would’ve been written up for chronic tardiness–and the probably fired. He certainly wouldn’t lasted ten or eleven years!

    • grys03 says:

      I’d like to contribute but where you guys have Obama, Trump & Hillary we have our own woes when it comes to politicians :(

  3. Andrea says:


  4. L3t3m3atc8k3 says:

    I’m glad CBS supported the writer in this. If I were Gibson, I’d cool off before attempting to pursue anythin legal because the writer may have him arrested for assault or battery.

    • Patrick says:

      CBS wanted an excuse to get rid of an expensive actor on a show they feel will not miss him that much. Usually, when firing a guy like TG, there are all sorts of clauses that trigger full or partial payment on the event of his firing. Conversely, there are some clauses that let the studio fire the actor and pay him nothing. Like, say, fighting with co-workers. As I read this, it sounds like TG had a problem with the writing and started yelling at the writer. The writer yelled right back. The writer has a history in MMA/professional fighting. As the fight escalated, TG interpreted something as aggressive or combative, so he kicked the writer.
      As an attorney, I will go ahead and say that there is a lot of he said she said (two he’s, but you get it) about this. CBS may end up apologizing or writing a big check when this is all said and done.

      • Linda Rummage says:

        No matter whose right or wrong if Gibsn leaves it will be the end of Criminal Minds. It hurt the show when Shermon Moore left but this will finish it, In my opinion.

        • Julia says:

          Yes i fully agree it won’t be the same

          • Susan says:

            News flash… Thomas Gibson’s character was my favorite, so I think you’re right, shows over, writer’s will need new jobs too. Shemar probably should have taken the high road and stayed out of it… apparently he doesn’t live in a glass house.

        • sharon L graham says:

          totally agree Linda Rummage…but if it doesn’t finish the show, it will be finished for me & any show affiliated with Criminal Minds!

      • Temperance says:

        I agree. There are any ways to be abusive, and there is little doubt that producers are skilled at it. Just because it doesn’t leave a mark doesn’t mean it’s not damaging. I’m not excusing the clearly inappropriate physical contact, but I’m sure there was something equally as ugly (or worse) working in the other direction.

        • Night Owl says:

          The same can be said of TG. I mean, we can create many scenarios, but we don’t know the truth. “There are many ways to be abusive”. We don’t know if the writer was being abusive or not, and we don’t know if TG was abusive. Original poster said that perhaps “TG interpreted something as aggressive or combative.” They could have traded aggressive moves. We weren’t there. Liking the actor is not enough of a reason to side with him/her, and we really don’t have enough information to reasonably and logically choose a side. Just sayin.

      • sharon L graham says:

        Criminal Minds has been my very fave show since it first began. I love Thomas Gibson & he’s a great actor. If he doesn’t get re-hired I won’t be watching the show anymore, nor the Suspect Behavior one either. Or any other affiliated shows. If he launches a law suit, I hope he a lot of the comments on here…how did so many get on the political bandwagon & Moore’s tardiness, which has nothing to do with TG….

    • Reality Check says:

      Assault? A kick (with no damage) in a heated dispute between two men acting aggressively towards one another? Please. No one would waste their time with this in real life. Virgil Williams is a wuss – as a man he should have acted like a man and worked it out. It’s pathetic how he escalated this situation and it’ll ultimately cost everyone their jobs. Hollywood is a macho world and Virgil just gnawed off his nuts.

      • Susan says:

        It will cost the show in the end… the producers don’t have good judgment when it comes to charaters value on this show. Maybe the should hace required counseling or something… for both of them, but no just react. Don’t kill him off kill the show off.

  5. Brandi says:

    Not sure why but the audio isn’t working. That having been said, I’m not 100% surprised, I thought there might be some bad blood there. SM posted all kinds of BTS pics of him & other cast members but very few, if any, of just him & TG. Maybe now we know why he left the way he did.

    • Kaz Williams says:

      Actually TG posted quite alot of BTS pics of him ans Shemar. He came back to Instagragm recently and alot of fun shots from set, most poking fun at Shemar, but in total good spirt. Other crew etc were involved. He also had numerous pics with the alleged victim..they actually worked together on alot of episodes as writer/director, which makes this whole thing even more pathetic on Williams part. Most of the rest of the pictures on his TG’s Instagragm are of his kids, him with his kids etc. Shemars Instagragm on the other hand, is pretty much Shemar, no shirt Shemar and another and another, oh some girls, and Shemar with no shirt….

  6. Kevin K says:

    Don’t know if CBS is thinking about a possible end date for Criminal Minds with Shemar Moore already exiting and Thomas Gibson getting the pink slip aka “being fired”.

    • Stacy says:

      CM is a fairly strong ensemble cast, and they just added 2 or 3 regulars. Aisha Tyler was upped to regular and Wilmer Valderrama was added. Paget Brewster is also returning for several episodes. If they can keep ratings above water, this will almost help them. They lost 2 vets which *might* affect viewership, but also brings down the salaries with newbies a lot.

  7. Jared says:

    What type of legal action could he possibly pursue? He got physical with a co worker on more than one occasion. Sounds like a warranted termination to me. It would be in his best interest to lay low for awhile, let the buzz die down, then find a new project to work on.

  8. Diane says:

    That set must have been fun.

  9. luvprue1 says:

    They couldn’t just give Gibson a warning, they instead fired him. The writer is still going to sue. Gibson will likely sue too, and the show will likely be cancelled. Therefore everyone , (including the writer Gibson hit) will be out of a job.

    • Michael says:

      He’d already had multiple offenses against him. A warning doesn’t work. He’s been slapped on the wrist enough already. They had no choice but to fire him. Does it suck for all involved? Of course. Will I still be watching. Heck yes.

      • tannerose5 says:

        I agree. This was not Thomas’s first offense. The show had every right to fire him. And, as much as some of you seem to hate Virgil, he is the victim here. Who cares about his fighting ability? He’s not the one who started this whole mess. I say let the attorneys do their job. But, yes, I will be watching. I love the show. Hotch was not one of my favorites, it won’t bother me. I’m hoping TPTB allow Emily to take over while another unit chief is found.

    • David4 says:

      The show was almost canceled last year, so that wouldn’t matter much.

      And he got a warning in 2010 THE LAST TIME HE DID THIS! You go to work and hit your co-workers and see how long you have a job.

      • They show wasn’t almost canceled last year. It took longer to renew it even though it was one of the highest rated CBS shows because of CONTRACT negotiations. They want the show to go on. They even just given it a brand new spin off and kept it. Hopefully, with Gibson gone, the set will run smoother.

        • Stacy says:

          Exactly. And the reason contract negotiations took longer is because the cast knows they have a leg to stand on. CM still gets decent ratings and is a good “brand”, so it was worth holding out, salary wise.

        • Carol_R says:

          It’s not getting good ratings.

          • Check the frenemy website. Still one of CBS’s bests.

          • Maxwell says:

            Ratings may not be as high as it once were but it still is one of CBS’s highest rated shows. The ratings are pretty good for a show with 11 seasons too. And no, the show didn’t suffer ratings-wise since Shemar’s departure either.

    • Goonie says:

      He was suspended for 2 weeks while an investigation into the incident was pending. He wasn’t fired on the spot. Not to mention he had hit another crew member before this one. The show will suffer, it sucks for Gibson and his fans but the network was right to fire him.

  10. Iris says:

    I do think that Gibson’s gesture had to be sanctioned, but I don’t like people who kick others when they’re down and don’t even have the guts to spell it out clearly.
    I like even less the ABC/CBS PR machine launched full speed against one individual/actor. Networks have allowed toxic work environment and tolerated the “antics” of worst offenders over the decades. I’d love to believe in their concern for legality or in their righteousness when it comes to Gibson’s dismissal, but I suspect that something else (very probably money) is also at play here.

    • Stacy says:

      I see your point, but in all fairness I think money issues are more likely at play in situations where a toxic person is KEPT versus let go. It’s still possible, but less likely.
      I don’t think “concern for legality” is the same thing as being concerned about opening themselves up to a lawsuit, in this case from the kicked producer, should they not take care of the situation.

  11. Annie Marsh says:

    People make mistakes he should be given a second chance all the good actors are leaving or being fired Hotch and Morgan are not replaceable no one can play their rolls the way they did

    • Natalie says:

      He’s been given a second and third chance. He’d been violent before plus he’s had a DUI. Any other actor would’ve been gone after the first time. I don’t like it, but it’s the right decision and I’ll for sure still be watching.

      • Kaz Williams says:

        Should we mention at this point Shemar’s DUI? Oh you did not know about it? Wonder why. Would you like to no a few of the other (many indiscretions) have been kept nice and quiet?

        • Emme says:

          Agreed. Calling BS on the DUI being part of Gibson’s firing. Alcohol and drug use tends to be over looked in that industry so long as it doesn’t interfere with their jobs or their bosses’ profits. It’s more of a case of 2 strikes (physical altercation on the set) and you’re out.

          And considering how Moore and Gibson had an acrimonious relationship in no small part because of Moore’s habitual tardiness, something that would have likely gotten Moore fired in pretty much any other line of work, I’m going to take what Moore says about Gibson’s firing with a rather large grain of salt.

          • Stacy says:

            “as it doesn’t interfere with their jobs or their bosses’ profits.”

            YEP! Moore may very well have had his own problems, but Gibson’s are the ones putting the spotlight on the brand and causing issues that could cost them money.

        • Heather says:

          Amen Kaz!

  12. Judy Bossier says:

    I think that you are making a huge mistake firing the man who plays Hitch off of Criminal Minds. He is the one who makes this show what it really is. Without him the show will not have as great ratings as it does right now. I hope that you will take this into mind. I am a long time fan of Criminal Minds. I try to never miss a show.

  13. Lisa Loi says:

    I love this show, & was heartbroken to read about the ugly situation that occurred. However, if we all look to our own profession, would we get a free pass for kicking a fellow employee, or would we be fired on the spot? Sure, showing up late is unprofessional, & I’m sure there were consequences for Shemar, but the real issue is that Thomas Gibson kicked someone because he was mad & didn’t get his way. He’s a grown up, not a pre-schooler just learning how to deal with others.

    I hope they don’t kill off his character, give him a graceful way out, family first kind of thing. I’m sure he feels bad about his actions, hopefully he’ll get help, maybe we’ll see him back.

    Shemar Moore, miss your character so much, I watch reruns just to see you!!

  14. Crewmate says:

    Always hated Shemar’s ego. So many were thrilled when he left. Inconsiderate, narcissistic, unprofessional and incapable of seeing himself as others do. Look past the fangirl blinders, mate. Then bite your tongue off before critiquing Thomas. At least he didn’t keep everyone waiting while he sauntered around swimming in skin-deep talent. At least he can act. Most of us figure you’ll lean on pseudo-friendships for work and eventually get spit out the bottom of the porn industry. Take your own advice. And deleting the vid is a sad comment on your own actions. Too late. Busted, ego-boy.

    • Michelle says:

      You know He got scammed out of 60k and not everything is about Angry TG

      • Crewmate says:

        I know waaaaay more than you ever will… Shemar sucked. We’re glad he’s gone, and as far as Thomas goes, we’re all going to keep our mouths shut because the producers told us to. And in Hollywood, if you want to keep your job, you do the expedient thing, not necessarily the right thing.

        • Chastity says:

          He sucked so bad that he kept his job for 11 years and he left on his own, and I’m pretty sure if he wanted to come back they would take him back… You were told to keep your mouth shut yet hear you are running it… Hmm sounds like someone is in need of some attention .. If you know so much and were told to keep your mouth shut, perhaps you better do that.. You might be the next one unemployed

  15. Strypes says:

    I hope it does get cancelled, without Moore and Thomas the show isn’t going to be the same

  16. Tim says:

    Horrible things happen to good people all the time and bad people get away with murder.

  17. Shannon says:

    There is more to the story with Thomas and Virgil with what happened that day. Just wish we had the full story. Virgil is no saint either

  18. Jerri says:

    In any job where an employee would come in late time and again, they’d be fired. Shemar should get off his ivory tower a tad. Sure, Gibson had it coming given his behavior, but Moore isn’t one to talk. He likely walked away before he could get fired or the studios didn’t want to lose Gibson at that stage. And yes I know striking an employee isn’t the same thing as being late, but both relate to unacceptable behavior on the job.

    • Night Owl says:

      I’m sorry, but for some jobs and positions you would not be fired for being late. Many managers in different industries come in late some days and early other days, depending on the needs of the business.

      • Kaz Williams says:

        Night Owl. That is if your schedule is set that way. This was totally different. This was supposed to be on set at say 8am, which actually means ready to go at 8am and not turning up till 9am, constantly. In this business, that is a total no no an there is very little tolerance even for an occasional slip up.

  19. Xyz says:

    Isn’t this video old?

  20. Chastity says:

    Of course you all would go there. Shemar was not speaking of thomas Gibson but of his personal experience that was hashed out in court on Wednesday. I wish you all would do a little research before posting stuff that isn’t true. It was unfortunate timing and he realized which is why it was deleted.

    • Stacy says:

      I highly doubt that. There’s no way he wasn’t aware of Gibson’s firing, and there’s no way he spoke vaguely of rumors on accident, not thinking it would be connected. I don’t buy that for a second.

    • Kelly says:

      Exactly what I was thinking. Shemar doesn’t name names so we don’t know who he was talking about. I don’t know if I’ll be watching anymore. I was already on the fence when Shemar left.

    • Angela says:

      Yeah, I’d initially thought this was referring to his court case, too.

  21. Lynda Leza says:

    I have been a fan since the beginning I just hope they don’t cancel the show because of immature behavior. Gibson should grow up and learn the Golden rule

  22. Karen Smith says:

    I will not watch criminal mind anymore.

  23. annette says:

    I say keep him on the show.Work things out like adults .it is some creative difference on set .So Come on please work this situation out. I love his role on this show. I vote to keep him on .This network will loose a lot of fans.

  24. Patricia says:

    Makes you wonder if that might be why Moore left the show.

  25. Julia says:

    I never missed a eposide of criminal minds it’s my favorite show….i dont know Gibsons as a person but as Aaron he is my favorite character his passion for his job family and team i just feel like the show won’t be the same i hope he isn’t fired. We already lost such important characters Emily, Jason,Morgan we can’t lose hodge. Business is business but for the sake of the show let’s keep him.

  26. c-mo says:

    I really wish this wasn’t a topic of discussion. I understand that this site is reporting the news of someone’s departure from television show, however it has devolved into pure gossip and dispersion casting. I was not there, most likely nobody commenting was there. None of us can legitimately or factually comment on anything having to do with this topic, the only thing we can do is provide our opinions, opinions which everyone believes is 100% accurate. Well guess what, we just don’t know. Speculation based on gossip or what people are claiming to know because “everyone says so” is still just that, speculation. In this particular situation speculation = opinion. May none you ever be involved in a workplace situation where your dirty laundry is aired for all of your former co-workers and the rest of the world to see and provide commentary.

    • Stacy says:

      This article is about actions, based on gossip. It isn’t throwing wild speculation from unnamed sources. It’s sharing a video Moore created in the aftermath of a big television shakeup and behind the scenes dust up. That certainly falls under the heading of entertainment news.

      • Chastity says:

        Yes it is, because Shemar wasn’t referring to the stuff with Thomas as he was referring to his own personal stuff that was hashed out in court on Wednesday, bad timing yes.. Malicious towards Thomas, heck no.

    • Nancy Munoz says:

      I know these two guys personally. Gibson was dedicated, professional and too much passionate about his craft (ok. That was finally a big mistake). He always was nice and gentle except when he felt ignored or someone arrived late (ok, more mistakes). Moore was flirty, self- centered, with tendency to retard the beginning of his takes, running late to the make-up sessions, forgetting names and dialogues
      (I had to said him the name of Jennifer Love Hewitt’s character once because he forgot it) and of course very hot and handsome. Shemar is a good actor but sincerely Joe Mantegna and Thomas Gibson are out of his league. They were remarkable, really gifted men, gracing the CM set. Besides that, Moore talked bad about Gibson and Gubler with me. And when I heard Gibson talking about Shemar, he only said good things. So you can imagine what I think about the video: pure BS

      • Kaz Williams says:

        Nancy, you mean TG was not actually hated by everyone on set? Was so difficult to work with, they kept renewing his contract??? Took his work seriously as a trained and committed actor? Surely not. Surely this man should be locked away for the safety of any future sets he may work on…..!

        • Nancy Munoz says:

          No. He was not hated for everyone on set. If you have worked with him you should know that And there was so much behind his contracts renovation that people really knows. He took his work seriously (too much in my humble opinion) And if you worked in both sides of the camera, how you could wish a fellow actor be locked away. YOU KNOW that the hardest moment on the actor’s life is being without a job. Moreover the Shemar’s video is about his former friend K Tisdell. Keep calm

          • Kazza says:

            Nancy, maybe lost in translation, but it was bing sarcastic, or at least trying to be ! I’m sickened by the way this has turned out and more so by the campaign to destroy TG career wise. I’m with you lady.

    • Saiph says:

      Yep, welcome to the Internet. Depressing here, isn’t it?

  27. Sara says:

    Didn’t Shemar Moore just win a lawsuit the same day Gibson got fired? Are we sure the video wasn’t about that?

    • Nancy Munoz says:

      Yes. The video is about that. K Tisdell really liked Shemar but you know….Where is money involved stuff happens…Even the media could manipulate the intention of a video for attract our attention 😉

  28. Pat says:

    Wow, I have been a devoted fan of this show, since day one and this is sad that there was friction going on behind the scenes. I am not sure how or if this show will survive but I will continue to watch because I have liked all the characters on it and I will not quit watching, because a couple of actors have been let go.

  29. Donna Sutton says:

    He is the reason I watch. Guess I won’t now

  30. Eddie says:

    SVU has survived and been sooooo much better since Chris Melonhead left. Criminal Minds will be just fine, too.

  31. Samantha says:

    Not watching criminal minds anymore!!!!!

  32. Nancy Munoz says:

    I know these two guys personally. Gibson was dedicated, professional and too much passionate about his craft (ok. That was finally a big mistake). He always was nice and gentle except when he felt ignored or someone arrived late (ok, more mistakes). Moore was flirty, self- centered, with tendency to retard the beginning of his takes, running late to the make-up sessions, forgetting names and dialogues
    (I had to said him the name of Jennifer Love Hewitt’s character once because he forgot it) and of course very hot and handsome. Shemar is a good actor but sincerely Joe Mantegna and Thomas Gibson are out of his league. They were remarkable, really gifted men, gracing the CM set. Besides that, Moore talked bad about Gibson and Gubler with me. And when I heard Gibson talking about Shemar, he only said good things. So you can imagine what I think about the video: pure BS

    • Chastity says:

      Hmm.. I done forget JLH characters name too.. Whatever say what you will this video was not about Thomas but was about a personal matter that Shemar had.. Obviously everyone must have not been to upset with the tardiness he kept his job for 11 years and left on his own.. I’m sure every actor and actress has a few things they could change. I like Thomas and hate that he lost his job, but you can’t kick people.. But with that being said Virgil should lose his job too.

      • Nancy Munoz says:

        You can forget JLH. You are not shooting with her lol. I know this video was about K Tisdell. I knew the guy too. Shemar treated him like a brother. I was saying that the video is BS

      • Emme says:

        I just want to say upfront that if Virgil is “talking smack” about the incident on Twitter, I can’t abide “sore winners”. If it is indeed true (haven’t read the statements myself) then I doubt I would be interested in anything this guy would be involved in. I also think he would be naive, if not down right foolish, to that potential employers won’t notice, remember that, and think “this guy is a troublemaker” and pass on hiring him (because, let’s face it, Criminal Minds isn’t going to be around forever, and the series might last longer than his job).

        All that being said, firing him would be extreme, IMO. Give the guy a warning, perhaps even a final warning (one more mess up at all and he’s out on his ear), absolutely. Outright firing him? No. That would likely open the network up to a lawsuit that would likely not find in the network’s favor.

        • Maxwell says:

          The thing is Virgil hasn’t posted anything related to the incident on his Twitter other than a quote about the truth coming out in the end so it’s not like he was talking smack about it. He has been liking tweets directed against him so CM fans are saying that he is gloating over what went down with TG and the network. According to reports he is also under investigation by CBC and ABC so he is not in the clear just yet.

          • Emme says:

            Thanks for the info, Max, I appreciate it. Him saying that “the truth coming out in the end” does kind of make wonder if he thinks he’ll be vindicated. That’s usually not a statement made by someone who thinks that they were in the wrong (or not being used as a patsy? Though I’m not really buying that speculation).
            I think a lot of people out there who think that the work environment is much more lenient (letting “hostile work environment” stuff slide) on the networks than other non-Hollywood companies seem to forget the whole debacle with Charlie Sheen. Do people really believe that the networks didn’t learn anything or create any S.O.P.s from that?

    • I wish you had never said that about Moore and Gubler. Now I’m always going to wonder…

      • Myth Buster says:

        Why would you even bother? It’s an anonymous comment on Tvline. I’ve been checking comments on this site for years now and I know not to take any “inside sources” seriously. Much less sources that don’t seem to know basic English.

  33. Nice try Marty. You cons are the ones always going around playing the victm

  34. Traci Foster says:

    I am so tired of seeing my cast from Criminal Minds be replaced. The directors and other people involved in CM have been causing problems for the ones who made CM the show and hit it is today. Now they are finding ways to replace them, the orignal cast made CM what it is today. I am not going to watch a show to give them an award, when you did nothing to make it a Hit. The Orignal Cast made it a hit. Hot hot Shemar Moore, and Thomas Gibson, along with my other favorite stars A.J. Cook, Baby Girl, Pretty Boy, Dr. Spencer Reed, You already replaced Pagent Brewster Emily. You just keep replacing one after another. You killed Criminal Minds from being # 1

  35. Terri spoonemore says:

    Shouldn’t he be given another chance? Work things out somehow through talks? We all have tempers some more than others. I wish he could be given another chance. Maybe everyone needs to growup! !

    • Wendy says:

      This isn’t his first offense. This WAS his second chance. How many “second chances” should someone with a hair-trigger temper have?

  36. Mary White says:

    Please do not fire this man. He is an important character in this series. I am a super fan. Everyone looses their cool every now and then. He makes the show.

    • Nancy Farkas says:

      This is his SECOND incident! Why do people want a man with anger issues on set? Seriously? This is not a 2 year old hitting. This is a grown man. He already got sent to Anger Management years ago and it clearly did nothing. It’s time for him to go.

  37. Mark says:

    Not all coworkers get along, no matter where you work it seems to me he did good work and I hope that he can be returned to his job. Why are people bring politics into this question. REMEMBER, MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

  38. Monica Banis says:

    Hotch is so soft spoken and quiet on the show Hard to believe he is this other person.

  39. Early reports had him in a confrontation with a producer and now it’s a writer? Shemar is apparently talking about him yet that video could also be regarding the person he is taking to court over the fraud. Erm. It isn’t like they fired people before on Criminal Minds and then had to rehire them….

    Oh and the comments that are talking about politics. Guys, you’re on an entertainment site do you really think that anyone will care what you say about any candidate?

  40. Faithfully CM says:

    The show has always had a Hotch and besides Derek left the BAU for a while. So if getting rid of Hotch is another solution then you guys might consider cancelling the entire season!!!!!

  41. mlaiuppa says:

    Kill off Hotch so there is no way Gibson can return.

    I think Gibson is going to have a hard time finding other work. Sorta like Mel Gibson.

  42. Joyce says:

    He should stay on the show

  43. Cas says:

    So I could see both sides. I mean I don’t care when my co workers are late but their job doesn’t affect me. If it did and say I had a family I wanted to get home to and we always had to wait on someone to get started I would be annoyed too. Not that kicking someone should ever be done but it does seem to have esclated quickly.

    • Kaz Williams says:

      Totally different situation on a set. Someone late, even a few minutes can be massive. The fact that this was the norm, says alot about SM’s opinion of his greatness.

  44. Rina says:

    Will not watch Criminal Minds anymore.

  45. Cindi Buckel says:

    I’ve watched Criminal Minds since it’s inception September 22, 2005. I’ve seen many changes to the cast but have also enjoyed seeing the same faces for many years. I watched Mandy Patinkin (Gideon) play an incredible role. I’m not happy about Thomas Gibson (Hotch) leave the show over kicking someone in the chin. I’ve also learned that Shelmar Moore (Eric Morgan) will also be leaving the show. This leads me to believe Criminal Minds is on its way out as Law and Order SVU did. With two of the largest as well as longest running stars leaving, I have to think it will lose it’s believability. Thus leading to poor ratings. Hotch needs to stay unless it is the plan to end the serious by killing off Hotch and having Eric leave for personal reasons. It makes me sad to see such ridiculous reasons to fire someone who has provided so much entertainment

  46. Myra says:

    Bring Thomas back or kiss your show good bye

  47. Matthew says:

    I won’t watch Criminal Minds now after 11 seasons. Bad move by producers

  48. Matthew says:

    Why did they let Thomas Gibson go? I won’t watch Criminal Minds now!

  49. boblosan says:

    I think they should hire Shemar back to fill the empty position! He subbed for Gibson and did a very believable job. Just a thought.

  50. Why do we all assume he’s talking about TG and not someone else….like VW? Ugh. Everyone, websites included, are so quick to paint him as some kind of barely-restrained red-faced Tasmanian devil. He’s largely carried a top show for 11 years. What about a little loyalty to the fans who’ve dug in and stuck out the bad episodes – in no small part because we love Hotch and his place in the team – and watched the show diminish. And hmm, who only joined five years ago? Seems to me that just as an economic decision, it would be smarter (not to mention better for the fans) to keep the star…..unless they really are just using this as a way to hasten the show’s death. If so, then they really DON’T care about the fans.