Criminal Minds Fires Thomas Gibson: Will Hotch Die? Quit? Or Be Recast?

Criminal Minds Gibson Fired Hotch Dies

If firing Thomas Gibson was a difficult decision for the producers of CBS’ Criminal Minds, abruptly writing out Special Agent Aaron Hotchner may prove to be an even stickier wicket.

Earlier this week, Gibson was suspended for at least one episode after reports surfaced that he kicked a writer-producer during an on-set argument. A little more than a day later, it was announced that the original cast member had been fired, effectively immediately — meaning, the show won’t have the option of him filming any semblance of a goodbye scene. And that poses big problems for storytelling, especially since Hotch has been with the BAU since the series premiere.

How could the show possibly write out the character on such short notice?

Down below (or at this link) is a slideshow of a half-dozen possibilities, including the pros and cons of each. Give them a proper read, then vote for what you think the show will choose.

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