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Code Black Season 2 Cast

Code Black Season 2: Heroes Vet Among 3 New Doctors Checking In

Code Black is getting an infusion of new blood, adding three actors — including a Heroes alum Noah Gray-Cabey — in major recurring roles, TVLine has learned.

Also joining the CBS medical drama’s rejiggered Season 2: Flesh and Bone star Emily Tyra and One Life to Live alum Nafessa Williams. The trio will fill help fill the void left by departing series regulars Bonnie Somerville (Christa) and Raza Jaffrey (Neal).

The 20-year-old Gray-Cabey, who reprised his Heroes role of Micah Sanders in last season’s NBC revival, will portray Elliot Han, a sweet and affable new doctor at Angels, who excelled in school but is completely overwhelmed by the catastrophes that regularly burst through the doors of the busiest ER in the country.

Tyra, meanwhile, has snagged the role of Dr. Noa Kean, a street-smart surfer who sailed to the top of her class at a California university, despite the tough neighborhood she grew up in. Noa is confident and defiant, never pretends to be something she isn’t, and has zero patience for the foolish or the over privileged.

Lastly, Williams — who has a role in Showtime’s forthcoming Twin Peaks continuation — will portray Charlotte Piel, a former child star of an iconic movie franchise who left her acting career to become a doctor instead, now returning to Los Angeles, her adoptive home, to be a resident at Angels Memorial.

Producers are still on the lookout to play the new male co-lead opposite Marcia Gay Harden.

Code Black‘s second season bows Wednesday, Sept. 28 at 10/9c.

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  1. Bella says:

    I’m still mad they let Neal and Christa go.

  2. Maggie says:

    I love this show and was thrilled when it was renewed, but I do not like that they cut Neal and Christa from the cast. I don’t care anything about Will or Heather, and we don’t need these new actors either. If they can afford to have 5 new regulars, they should have kept Neal and Christa instead. I don’t see where this is a cost savings at all. I don’t think the show will be as good now.

    • Sophie says:

      I agree. I used to really look forward to this show. I am thinking that I probably will not even like it anymore. Not looking forward to the new season at all.These 3 new characters, BLAH!!!

    • Kathy says:

      I agree. I hated they didn’t bring back Neal and Christa……I don’t know anything about these 3 and am really disappointed

    • Nancy Farkas says:

      They NEVER said it was about money. Can any of you read? It was for ‘Creative” reasons. BIG difference.

      • celtic says:

        It’s always about the money. And where’s the money, there’s no creativity, hence there’s no creative reasons

  3. Dave says:

    Wait, I have a question. I didn’t view the Heroes reboot. That is little Micah? Damn… Dude grew up. 😮

  4. I am bummed about the folks we lost – especially Bonnie Somerville (Christa) – shows seem to let go of older females and their characters more often then not. I appreciate newness but I wish that at least one of the new ladies was someone older.

    • ppat says:

      +1. I could care less about these newbies! They don’t even sound interesting or old enough to be out of med school.

  5. dan says:

    The new guy doctor is 20? Is this a Doogie Howser storyline?

  6. arial2 says:

    So they traded two great characters for a Doogie Howser and two apparent geniuses who finished med school years earlier than is realistic? I guess CBS is changing its desired demo to under-30s only.

    • Eric H says:

      Besides Grey-Cabey (who’s their Doogie Howser-type,) I’m not seeing how the other two could be perceived as graduating med school faster than normal since Emily Tyra is 28 years old and Nafessa Williams is 26. Considering med school is an extra 4 years after college, their age is about typical for first-year residents, which is what they’ll be playing.

  7. wrstlgirl says:

    I welcome change and will always give it a chance before passing judgement. It’s never any fun losing characters you like but who knows, I might also enjoy the newbies so I’m all in.

  8. Steve F. says:

    Seeing how I didn’t watch Heroes Reborn – dang, did Micah grow up, or what?!? Feeling really old now…

  9. Marcy says:

    So disappointed they are getting rid of my favorite characters. Don’t know if I will continue to watch

  10. Anne Normandin says:

    Neal and Christa gone, why? See ya later Code Black.

    • James says:

      Rotating cast of characters as doctors come and go in real life.

      • Megara says:

        If that’s really the reasoning, it would make better sense for the oldest three to go. Not someone 1 year into a 3-year residency, and not someone who just left the ER for a promising career in surgery. Leanne, Jesse, and Rollie have been in that ER for decades. The ones to leave in real life would be them.

        Basically, the “rotating cast” line is a weak excuse to cover their desperate scramble to hook younger viewers, and their need to get rid of their 2nd and 3rd leads in order to do so. They wouldn’t get rid of their Oscar winner, nor her faithful sidekick, and getting rid of Rollie wouldn’t accomplish much since he’s only in half the eps anyway. Raza and Bonnie were next in line (and not young enough to fit into this new creative direction of theirs), so they got the axe. There’s no realism about this. Just cold-hearted Business.

        • James says:

          We just have to see where things go in Season 2. It’s not like the show’s creator left as a result of these changes when he himself imposed the change.

          If you ever watch this other medical ER-based drama, Casualty, they have a rotating cast as well. The doctors, nurses, porters and receptionists either leave to retrain, retire, or get killed in the line of duty or move to another hospital to work, suspended and forced to leave the hospital premises, resign, among other things.

          • Megara says:

            Casualty has been running for decades (and is technically a soap opera). ER had been running for years before any popular main characters left. Both of these shows had large audiences. Usually that kind of cast change is a result of the actors wanting to move on, and they usually give the characters a good send-off. That isn’t what’s happening here. It’s not a revolving cast. It’s two actors getting fired because the show was under threat of cancellation and the show’s creator was grasping at straws for a way to convince the studio he could increase viewership. As a result of his s2 pitch of a “revolving cast” and younger residents, he had to get rid of two characters who, quite frankly, were a large part of the reason the show made it through season 1. In my opinion (and the opinion of a large percentage of the show’s fans), that was the decision that will end Code Black. It simply isn’t successful enough at its core with a large enough number of loyal fans to handle a change this dramatic.

          • James says:

            We just have to wait and see how things go.

            And I disagree that letting go of two cast members would spell the end of Code Black. As long as Marcia Gay Harden can carry the mantle like Charlie Fairhead did for his 30 years of service in the Holby ED and Meredith Grey with more than a decade residing in Grey-Sloane/Seattle Grace, then we should have nothing to worry about for now.

            And “soap opera” is just a nickname describing televised drama series.

  11. Mandie says:

    Though I’m not too thrilled about the show’s ‘rejiggering’, I’ll reserve my judgments until after the premiere.

  12. Leanne says:

    doesn’t make sense to let 2 GOOD characters go for 5 new ones. Are they clueless. that’s not savings. This was a good show. We will see what happens but fans bond with characters and these were 2 of the main characters. My bet it wont make season 3

    • wrstlgirl says:

      Well it was lucky to get season two so who’s to say it would have made season three without the cast changes.

  13. Maryann says:

    To me, Neal and Christa were at least on par with Marcia Gay Harden’s role and “Mama”. The only reason I can figure they were let go is on the mandate of some network exec who wanted younger, “prettier” people on the show in order to renew. I will give the revamp a chance, but it is back to square one in terms of winning me over. But I will definitely be following the let-go actors’ careers, and for me that has higher priority than the show.

    • Iris says:

      Any show that hires Bonnie Somerville or Raza Jaffrey will get my viewership for a couple of episodes at the very least.

  14. amy says:

    i would still have rather kept Raza and Bonnie; talented and competent actors. Raza had great rapport with Marcia, too. I was surprised the writers pretty much took away the great dynamic they had so early on and now i’m upset we won’t see that again, and more than a little confused how they’ll explain away Neal leaving.

  15. Iris says:

    Extreme Makeover: Tweener Edition is of no interest to me. No way I’d ever watch Code Black without Bonnie Somerville’s Christa and Raza Jaffrey’s Neal.

  16. Megara says:


    Getting rid of two powerhouse actors playing two much-beloved characters, and replacing them with this. No offense to these young actors, but come on. This is a major downgrade. If I hadn’t already decided to quit watching Code Black, this would have done it.

    • Nancy Farkas says:

      much beloved? By who exactly? I thought they were okay characters but I would not go so far as to say they were “beloved”. That’s pushing it. You people are too busy whining and don’t even want to give it a chance. It’s not like they had been on the show for years like PD was on Greys. They were barely on for a year.

  17. Nicole says:

    If they’re still looking for a co-lead then they need to call Raza Jaffrey back.

  18. Pamela says:

    You can tell by their looks they want to make this show more of a soap like greys. I hope I’m wrong.

  19. Diane says:

    There too many in cast now adding more is ridiculous!

  20. Nancy Farkas says:

    Seriously people? If the ONLY reason you were watching was for these two then you were not really fans of the show imo. Yes Christa and Neal were good characters but they were going in circles. I was tired of hearing about Christa’s kid every 5 minutes and Neal was a player. Shows do this all the time. Who knows? Maybe this will get the ratings up? Clearly the issue was NOT money as they have 3 recurring cast members and they bumped up Heather and someone else to full time. I am sure the actors will get other jobs. Life goes on.

  21. Mara says:

    Clearly they want a younger skewing audience so they got rid of interesting characters with depth played by talented actors for teeny boppers. I don’t like the BS of saying it’s about money when they are spending money getting a bunch of new actors. Too bad. I think they will lose a lot of the audience that loved the first season and not gain enough to keep the show going.

    • Nancy Farkas says:

      Um they NEVER said it was about money. They said it was for “Creative reasons” not even the same. You can’t speak for everyone. Don’t watch then. But don’t tell others what they will fell.

  22. Joyce M says:

    So glad show was saved..but disappointed they cut Neal & Christa.

  23. Holly Dowell says:

    I watch for:
    (1)Luis Guzman
    (2) Marcia Gay Harden

    if it turns into the Rob Lowe show, no matter how much I like him,I WILL TURN IT OFF!!! Not nearly enough Guzman & Harden as it is….I don’t need anyone stealing my sunshine…and it’s a credit to those two actors that I’m even hooked as I’ve given up on most TV…PLEASE RETHINK CUTTING the show that was…missing Raza, too.