Code Black Creator on Season 2 Cast Cuts: 'Nobody Enjoyed This'

Code Black Season 2

The instant backlash surrounding Code Black‘s Season 2 cast overhaul prompted the show’s creator to make the Twitter rounds on Saturday.

In an impromptu Q&A with fans, many of whom were fuming over news that Bonnie Somerville (Christa) and Raza Jaffrey (Neal) had been let go, exec producer Michael Seitzman conceded that losing both actors “sucks for sure,” before adding, “But I’m still excited about the new characters we haven’t talked about yet!”

Seitzman went on to write, “No answer I give will be satisfying…. It sucks. Nobody — nobody — enjoyed this.” The EP then urged fans not to play the blame game, noting, “Decisions like this aren’t easy and are very complex.”

Seitzman also defended the decision to promote recurring players Boris Kodjoe (Will) and Jillian Murray (Heather) to full-fledged series regulars. When one fan remarked that Will and Heather “don’t gel” with the rest of the team as well as Christa and Neal did, the EP replied, “Two things to remember. They didn’t appear ’til late in season, and they’re in the OR not ER. I have some ideas.”

The medical drama, which snagged an 11th hour renewal last month, will produce a full-season’s worth of episodes, Seitzman all but confirmed. “[We’re] told we’re slotted for 22,” he said. He even dropped an “unofficial” Season 2 premiere date: “I think it’s now Sept 21.”

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